Wight Vodka Best Sailors Bar Congratulations to Bermuda's RHADC for an amazing come-from-behind victory in this 11th annual competition. The final vote tally was 1632, up from just 260 (and third place) at Christmas. That club has a seriously loyal membership!

Among the hundreds of letters received, these were some of our favorite comments:

- Staff and general ambiance of the bar/club. Very welcoming to all sailors.

- Great place to sit out a hurricane

- Great, relaxed sailors hangout after day of the water, or multiple days on the ocean.

- Fabulous atmosphere, amazing view., great hospitality and excellent food and drink!

- New manager Mr. Cassius Fevriere is terrific and it is clear his he is eager to pass on his extensive knowledge of mixology.


The owners of Wight Vodka, Dan Hiza and Ritu Manocha, will be in touch with the club to arrange for delivery of a prize bottle of their premium vodka and the winner's award plaque.

Latitude Kinsale will design, build and deliver a made-to-order custom 3D map; a beautiful addition to the club's walls.

More specialty drink recipes coming soon from the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club...