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With thousands of votes cast, we’re proud to announce the winner of Wight Vodka’s Best Sailor’s Bar competition of 2009 to be the Peter Café Sport, located at 38° 35N 28° 42W on the mythical ‘Blue Island’ of Faial in the Azores.

‘The Peter’ won due to the faithful voting of the thousands of yachters who have experienced the warm hospitality, great food and excellent cocktails there. Yachtsman Bill Stone wrote a rather passionate description of the Café Sport when he cast his vote:

“To a sailor, the ‘best sailor’s bar’ is quite obvious – she has no peer in the Atlantic, or, it can be argued, any place else on earth. It has history and tradition, it is not easy to get to, and once within its walls there is a rare camaraderie that permeates this hallowed berth. The memory of a seat is a sirens song to passaging itself, imbuing memories impossible to forget. This is Peter *Café Sport*. Those fortunate enough to have laughed with their mates at Pete’s carry with them their own Shangri-La.”

The Café Sport won hands down and will receive a trophy and bottle of Wight to celebrate their win! Honourable mentions must also go to the overall top ten including

1. The Peter Café Sport
2. The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
3. IYAC in Newport, Rhode Island
4. Maddie’s Sail Loft in Marblehead, Massachusetts
5. The Candy Store in Newport, Rhode Island
6. Le Select in St. Barts
7. The Bitter End in the British Virgin Islands
8. The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
9. Foxy’s in the British Virgin Islands
10. The Willy T in the British Virgin Islands

Ritu Manocha, owner of 50° North, the company behind Wight Vodka, said “This contest was a total blast to run and a fabulous success. We’re glad to confirm that this will be an annual event and details on the 2010 contest will be announced in October.”

Throughout the contest, participants were asked to write a comment about their top bar. A few posts that made our own favourites list are:

  • You drink and feel well when you go there at nights during the regattas.
  • Champion sailor or rookie, you’re made equally welcome.
  • In the "old days" you could run into Ted Turner, DC or Bruno.
  • Like King Lear coming in from the heath, one feels safe from a storm here (whether of your own doing or not), and upon entering, prefers staying until it blows over.
  • I was weaned on Mount Gay.
  • It usually takes only 4 or 5 hours to have all the problems of the world sorted out.
  • Its gehaktballen are the best you can get!

We’re looking forward to hosting the second annual Best Sailor’s Bar competition again toward the end of the year, and in the meantime, please congratulate the Café Sport on their win and remember the Wight Vodka philosophy to Tack & Gybe Responsibly!

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