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Groovederci First Ever Triple Farr 30 World Champion
Newport, Rhode Island, USA: With mountainous leftover seas rolling through the offshore racing area, Race Officer Peter Reggio brought the final day of the 2013 Farr 30 World Championship off the Atlantic Ocean and inside beautiful Narragansett Bay. It was a perfect backdrop for one of the most exciting and dramatic finishes seen in a World Championship in years. For the entire week, Deneen Demourkas and her two-time World Champ Groovederci battled class stalwart Jim Richardson's polished Barking Mad and Rod Jabin's new-to-the-fleet Ramrod for every inch and every cross. Richardson and Jabin swapped the overall lead with Demourkas throughout the event, but when it really mattered, it all went Groovederci's way - for the third straight year.

Despite their late start, Richardson and Jabin both passed Demourkas during the first run, though somehow the reigning champ found a way past both on the final leg, giving her a 2 point lead over the other two boats - which were tied. This set up a final race where Demourkas needed to finish no worse than two behind Richardson, and one behind Ramrod, to take the Championship crown.

Despite being soaked in champagne and sea water from the obligatory victory dunk in the basin at Sail Newport, Demourkas shared her gratitude for a job well done. "In all my sailing I don't know any Class that requires more of a team effort, and my team is just incredible," she said. "Without the perfect prep and logistics work we get from Rob Huntingford we'd never have won even one of these, and the same goes for my racing crew of Cam Appleton, Darren Jones, Flip Werheim, Andy Hudson, Kate McKay, and Zack Maxam. I love them all."

Top five final standings:

1. Groovederci - Deneen Demourkas, 36 points
2. Barking Mad - James Richardson, 37
3. Ramrod - Rod Jabin, 40
4. Seabiscuit - Kevin McNeil, 51
5. Bliksem/Menace- Piet Taselaar, 59

Artemis Launches "Blue Boat"
Photo by Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing. Click on image to enlarge.

Artemis AC72 Artemis Racing held a private team gathering this morning at its base in Alameda to christen the team's second AC72.

Syndicate founder Torbjorn Tornqvist attended the early morning ceremony along with 300 members of Artemis Racing, including family and friends. The team's new yacht, christened Artemis Racing, looked sharp with its navy blue hulls.

The team's Swedish roots are recognized with the Swedish flag painted on the sterns and three crowns on the bows. The tres kronors is a national emblem of Sweden.

"This is a great day for many reasons," said Tornqvist, who spoke before the crowd. "It's the culmination of a heroic effort to put together this beautiful boat. The shore team has put so much into this, and now for our sailing team to get out there and give her justice. I am proud to share with you this great moment."

Artemis Racing suffered an accident on May 9 in which the team's first yacht capsized and broke apart and crewman Andrew Simpson perished. That accident was just two and a half months ago, and since then the team has been working many hours to get back on the water.

"I don't think anyone fully appreciates the hill Artemis Racing has climbed to get to this point," said Regatta Director Iain Murray. "It's a substantial rebuild of the team in terms of building the confidence back, the morale, and I've seen the momentum gathering. They've worked tirelessly, and I have my admiration for the way they've gone about it."

The team said that the yacht, dubbed "Big Blue," will undergo dock tuning in an effort to get it ready for sailing.

Tricky Sailing Conditions at Topper Worlds
A lack of wind made the fleet of 117 Toppers wait all morning to finally reach the starting line at 13h30.

Because wind speed was not b enough to overcome tide, the racing committee could only launch the first legs of the race in the early afternoon.

The first legs of the day took place in a six to eight knots wind and lower at the end.In addition to that a powerful current , sometime overcoming the wind, worsened the already tricky conditions. Eventually the committee members had to reduce the length between marks so that all the contesters could finish the race in time.

A hour later, time used to rearrange the marks for the new course, the Toppers went up on a second leg with more stable weather conditions but still very light wind. Within four to six knots, the fleet of 117 single-handed dinghies crossed the starting line but went no further.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is quite similar... competitors will have to wait until Wednesday to get a deserved constant twelve knots wind speed.

Regatta racing results

Topper 4.2 (15 boats)
1. Millie Aldridge, GBR
2. Matthew Sanders, GBR
3. Lowri Boorman, GBR

Topper 5.3 (51 boats)
Yellow fleet:
1. Oliver Aldridge, GBR
2. Crispin Beaumont, GBR
3. Harriet Ward, GBR

Blue Fleet:
1. Elliot Kuzyk, GBR
2. Emily Hill, IRL
3. Peter Gillmore

Cercle nautique de Loctudy:

Alegre 3 Looks Good With Ocean Safety Ultralite Liferafts
Ocean Safety Newly launched 72ft mini-maxi racer Alegre 3, designed by Mark Mills, hit the water for the first time a couple of months ago sporting her sleek lines and clean deck layout. Barely noticeable and yet right where you need them are a pair of lo-profile carbon fibre cases containing two Ocean Safety Ultralite liferafts.

"We are delighted to see Alegre 3 on the water," comments Charlie Mill of Ocean Safety. "She is immaculately prepared in every detail, to achieve optimum performance without compromise to safety. It's a natural choice for Alegre 3 to use the Ocean Safety Ultralite liferaft."

Alegre 3's debut regatta was the Rolex Capri Sailing Week Volcano Race. Equipping with the Ultralites puts her in a club of pedigree racers along with the likes of Wild Oats which was carrying two of Ocean Safety's superlite liferafts when she stormed across the Sydney Hobart Race finish line to break the record in December.

The Ultralites are designed specifically for grand prix racing yachts. Shaving weight from every extra kilo saved can count when it comes to finish line position. The Ocean UltraLite Liferaft uses carbon composite technology to achieve an amazing 30% weight reduction compared to standard ISO liferafts.

... And Light Winds Across Europe
It was a slow start to the 2013 Open and Junior European Championship in Warnemunde, Germany as the sailors waited patiently onshore all day as the wind failed to stabilize at anything more than a paltry 4 knots. It was finally abandoned for the day at 17.00.

On the plus side it was a beautifully sunny and hot day, but there is little that is more dangerous than 100 Finn sailors with nothing to do. The sailors were given regular updates all day but were told to be prepared to go afloat at any time in case the wind arrived. There was a light breeze in the harbour but it was clear that outside the situation was different with a maximum of 4 knots recorded and an average of 2-3 knots. Finally at 17.00 the wait was over and the sailors sent home with no racing.

* All racing was cancelled today in the Nacra 17 Worlds in Scheveningen, The Hague. This morning at 10 AM the AP flag (postponement) was hoisted for both fleets, yellow and blue. In the afternoon a light sea breeze seemed to be coming in and the yellow fleet left the beach. Once in the starting area the wind was gone again and the multihulls couldn't even sail against the current. At 4 PM the committee decided to send the boats back to the beach, but still hoped for wind. At 6.30 PM the verdict came: all races cancelled for the day.

Three races were scheduled today for both fleets. The race committee will look into the possibility to schedule as many races as possible in the time left. Wednesday was originally a lay day, but weather permitting will be a racing day as well. Normally with these weather conditions in the afternoon a sea breeze will come in. Therefore sailors and committee are keeping their hopes up for tomorrow and the days after.

First Of The Flying 52's
Photo by Sharon Green, Click on image to enlarge.

Transpac A few years after the ULDB 70 Sled heydays of the 1980's and 1990's, the Transpacific YC commissioned a new class of fast offshore race boats to provide similar speeds but in smaller more modern shapes to do its signature Transpac race to Hawaii, but to also be fit for other races around the world.

The TransPac 52 was born, and ever since the this box-rule design has evolved from being designed for coastal and offshore races in California to being used as one of the world's premier inshore racing class at venues in the Mediterranean and beyond. A total of sixty-six TP52's have been built around the world over the past 12 years to plans made by the world's best designers.

Division 2 in this year's fleet represents a unique section across a few generations of TP52 design. The latest and greatest of these started to arrive at the finish of Diamond Head today, led by Isao Mita's Judel/Vrolijk-designed Beecom, who competed in the 52 Class SuperSeries only last year as Audi All4One. In fact, the mixed Kiwi/Japanese team on Beecom had only a few weeks to take possession of the boat, paint her blue from red, refit the boat for sailing, sail the qualifying passage in rough weather off the Farallon Islands west of the Golden Gate, and then head south to prepare for the race.

Next across the finish in this division was another Reichel/Pugh design, a more modern boat from 2010 called Vincitore, owned by Ricardo Brockmann from Mexico. And after that an even more modern design, Jens Kellinghusen's Ker 51 Varuna from Germany, configured more for all-around rather than just downwind performance.

The remainder of the class is due in tonight, while the first of the ULDB Sleds makes their way in a few hours before dawn.

Other finishers today include the last of the Division 7 boats starting on Monday, July 8, and the last of the Division 1 fast boats that started on Saturday, like Tom Holthus' STP 65 Bad Pak.

* The Team Phaedo boys are home

Lloyd Thornburg and his crew are safely back on dry land after their adventures in the Pacific Ocean. They cut through the yellow reserved tape of the Newport Beach Shipyard in California on Saturday morning and tied to the dock. All the crew were happy to be home and really grateful to all of the people who helped them on the safe journey back. Another big thanks to the Crew of the MY Bear Flag, Pete Carson, Ryan Marshall and Tyler Wolk.

Solo Around Britain and Ireland
Alan Rankin has completed his mission to sail and run solo around Britain and Ireland and has raised thousands of pounds in aid of six charities.

Alan Rankin sailed into Ullapool on Saturday 20th July to a fanfare of supporters after navigating 2,400 miles around the British and Irish coasts and clocking up 100k by running 10k in each of the 10 ports he arrived in.

Alan's 45 day voyage started at Ullapool on 8th June and stopped at ten ports taking him around the Shetland Isles, down the entire length to the North Sea, along the English Channel to the Scilly Isles, around Ireland and St Kilda before returning to Ullapool.

The challenge sought to raise funds for charities working in areas that Alan refers to as having visited his family, these being; Parkinson's' UK, MS Society, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation and Ocean Youth Trust Scotland.

The challenge also had low carbon ambitions with his F27 trimaran Trade Winds fitted with solar panel and wind turbine. During the trip Alan did not require to connect to shore power for any of the electricity required for on board electronic systems. Using wind wave and tidal power and working with food producers with high sustainable values Alan sought to maintain a low carbon profile and leave as little trace of his epic trip.

The ports of call were: Ullapool Lerwick, Blyth Lowestoft (via a stopover in Grimsby due to weather). Brighton, Poole, Falmouth, Dingle (Eire) Broad Haven Eire Stornoway via St Kilda, Ullapool.

The trip threw up many challenges including sail and rig failures that required repairs at Lerwick, Blyth, Brighton and at Poole. The trip also featured many miles of beating against adverse head winds particularly on the approaches to Muckle Flugga, Blyth, Lowestoft, Brighton and Poole. However a favourable south westerly sent Alan and Trade Winds north from Broad Haven to St Kilda at an average of 7.9 knots.

Future Fibres Continues Multihull Growth
Future Fibres Future Fibres has announced its first complete multihull mast and rigging package will be on the water this August, with a second due for launch in September and a third already on the books.

Although Future Fibres' composite rigging is already commonplace in the multihull sector, the Valencia based composites specialist has just completed its first full multihull mast package for the Nigel Irens Design A65 catamaran, utilising a bespoke, high performance rotating wing mast, along with a full set of Future Fibres' latest carbon rigging. The catamaran is expected to be ready for summer sailing in Abu Dhabi, where the boat has been built by Abu Dhabi Mar.

The second project, expected on the water within a matter of weeks, is the Rapier 550 for which Future Fibres has supplied another complete mast and rigging package. The rig utilises the same tooling as the A65 but offers some unique characteristics, with the mast and sail controls being led inside the main saloon for a truly 'armchair sailing' experience.

Future Fibres has also announced the signing of its third multihull contract for Nigel Irens Design' latest catamaran, the APC78.

Channel Race Attracts 90 Yachts
Photo by Mark Lloyd, Click on image to enlarge.

Channel Race 90 yachts are expected to start in the Channel Race this coming weekend, the tenth race of the RORC Season's Points Championship and the last RORC race before next month's Rolex Fastnet Race. Weather conditions are predicted to change with an uncertain weather pattern and thunderstorms likely.

Racing in IRC Canting Keel is the IMOCA 60, Artemis, skippered by British Jules Verne winner and multiple solo round the world sailor, Brian Thompson. "The Channel Race is part of our build up to the Fastnet," commented Brian. "We will be fully crewed and part of the crew will be injured servicemen from the Toe in the Water charity, the Channel Race is a perfect opportunity for testing out the boat and the crew under race conditions and I am really looking forward to sailing in home waters. I love sailing with the Toe in the Water team, I consider it a very special experience and one that fills me with a lot of satisfaction."

In IRC Zero Harm Prins' Dutch Volvo 60, Pleomax, took class honours for last weekend's race to St Malo and leads the class for the RORC Season's Points Championship for the first time, deposing Derek Saunders' CM60, Venomous, from pole position. Both yachts will be racing this weekend.

Piet Vroon's Ker 46, Tonnerre de Breskens 3, leads the RORC Season's Points Championship overall and in IRC One but the class lead is only a marginal one. Andrew Pearce's Ker 40, Magnum 3, and Edward Broadway's Ker 40, Hooligan VII, are definitely still in contention. All three yachts will be hoping for fair winds that will suit their fast reaching designs.

With 25 yachts entered, IRC Two is the largest class racing in the Channel Race.

In IRC Three Pascal Loison's French JPK 10.10, Night and Day, will be hoping to make it a hat trick of wins racing with the RORC having won class in the last two races.

Kevin Sussmilch's Sigma 38, Mefisto, with Olympic multihull specialist Will Howden amongst the crew, leads IRC Four for the championship.

12 yachts will be taking part in the Channel Race racing Two-Handed, including Ireland's David Kenefick from Crosshaven, County Cork, who has just completed Le Solitaire de Figaro racing his Figaro II, Full Irish. -- Louay Habib

Charles W. Morgan Relaunched
Photo by Mystic Seaport. Click on image to enlarge.

Charles Morgan Yesterday the Charles W Morgan was relaunched on her 142nd birthday, after a major rebuild; much of her remains original including the keelson. The live oak in her massive double sawn frames was salvaged after a southern US hurricane, and she has been rebuilt absolutely true to her original design and methods of construction. She was originally launched from the Hillman Shipyard in New Bedford (The Hillman family came from Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts) on July 21, 1841, and sailed on 37 voyages with the last voyage in 1921.

During her working life she sailed on all oceans and when she was relaunched yesterday the bottle was full of a blended mix of water from the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans. In the interim between retiring from whaling (during part of her working life she was homeported in San Francisco) in 1921 she was on display at Round Hill in Padanaram but her owner died and the city of New Bedford struggled to find a way to preserve her. Failing a solution, Mystic Seaport Museum agreed to accept her and she was towed to Mystic, Connecticut and the Museum in 1941 -- only a few weeks before Pearl Harbor. Given war time conditions (and intervening bad weather) if she hadn't arrived in late November, she would not be with us today.

The Museum has cared for, repaired and rebuilt her and preserved her ever since. She has been a lucky ship. Over the next year her accomodations will be re-installed and she will be rerigged. She will be taken to New London to be ballasted down (cannot transit the Mystic River in sailing trim). Her 38th voyage, to the east and to visit ports on Martha's Vineyard, Cape Cod, and most particularly New Bedford, Massachusetts, as well as Stellwagen Bank, will commence in June of 2014. Accompanying her as one of the support vessels, will be the FV ROANN, originally built for the late Captain Roy Campbell of Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts. Roann has been rebuilt by the Museum as well.

If you watch the video at, you will hear a lot of semi political rhetoric (the Connecticut politicians) -- you will also hear why our maritime heritage is so important. It is a bit off putting to realize, but the Morgan and her many sisters were the forefront of the petroleum tankers of today. Now the MORGAN -- rather than carrying whale oil, or Gulf crude -- serves as an exhibit and emissary for education and conservation of the whales she once so successfully hunted -- at the Museum. Not exactly Greenpeace but with the Museum moving into using the internet to allow school kids (of any age) anywhere in the world to access the Museum collections pictures of and information about her life will help to promote a proper respect for and conservation of maritime resources -- whales or clean oceans! -- Ginny Jones

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 2006 McConaghy Reichel Pugh 55. A$ 880,000. Located in Sydney, Australia.

Wedgetail is one of Australia's best pocket maxi's available in todays racing. A highly competitive Reichel Pugh design, fully optimised for both inshore and offshore racing - available for purchase with Vicsail Sydney. Designed and built specifically for the Sydney to Hobart challenge, recently overhauled and fully prepared - ready for a full assult on the race. A spectacular inventory of sails, now with full dedicated suits for inshore and offshore (brand NEW not used North 3Di) racing. Re-painted hull and deck, new fastenings and running rigging. An incredible yacht with a professional management program; walk on and enjoy the fruits of a leading IRC contender.

Brokerage through Vicsail International:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
To all the revolutionaries fighting to throw off the yoke of tyranny around the world: look at British democracy. Is that what you want? -- Andy Zaltzman

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