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To The West Of Madeira
Flat out in the depression! This Tuesday afternoon, Groupama 3 was negotiating a course to the West of the low pressure settled over the archipelago of Madeira, in order to benefit from a steady NE'ly wind, which is set to back round to the N in the late afternoon as it eases. With these great downwind conditions and a relatively manageable sea, Franck Cammas and his nine crew have been able to rack up 560 miles in the past 24 hours and since leaving Ushant on Sunday at 13h 55' 53'' (UTC), the giant trimaran already has 1,060 miles in her wake... An average of 22 knots of boat speed then, which has enabled the crew to quickly make up her deficit on rounding Cape Finisterre. Furthermore, they are now dramatically picking up the pace, which should enable them to rake in a lead over Orange 2's reference time during the coming days.

This 2nd February, Lionel Lemonchois was once again celebrating his birthday at sea, as he did five years ago aboard Orange 2... At fifty years of age, the winner of the last Route du Rhum was delighted to be at sea again at this turning point in his life.

Attention remains key though as they prepare to tackle the wind shift due to take place this afternoon: the N'ly wind will give way to a NW'ly breeze, which will drop off to the South of the Canaries. Once again a barrier of high pressure will move across and it is imperative that Groupama 3 quickly locates the NE'ly tradewinds, which are reorganising themselves offshore of the Mauritanian coast.

America's Cup Jury Denies BMW Oracle Request For Redress
The ISAF appointed international jury denied BMW Oracle's request for redress regarding measurement of the competing yachts

The ISAF International Jury for the America's Cup issued an interim decision late Tuesday night rejecting the challenger, BMW Oracle's latest complaint regarding the position and volume of the water ballast onboard the racing yachts during measurement.

"We are pleased that the jury upheld the New York Supreme Court and expert panel decision of November 2009. This is a positive step towards the America's Cup - we are glad that measurement can go ahead as scheduled and that the challenger's request for redress has been denied. With just a few days to go before the first race of the 33rd America's Cup, the team is fully focused on race training and preparations," said Grant Simmer, Alinghi design team coordinator.

* Summary Of Decision
The Jury is satisfied that the Measurer has made a reasonable interpretation of the decision of the Supreme Court of the State of New York dated November 19th 2009 in the published Measurement Procedures, and in the proposed implementation of those procedures as presented in the hearing. The procedures will include the Measurer being satisfied that the position and volume of water ballast on board when the boat is presented for measurement is consistent with that used for the purpose of enhancing racing performance.

The Jury interprets the term 'as much water ballast as might be used at any time during the race' to mean the maximum amount used for enhancing racing performance, at any time during any race.

Paragraph 20 of the Expert Panel's Opinion, adopted by the Supreme Court of the State of New York in its decision, applies only to multihulls and it is reasonable to conclude that this does not mean 'equally fore-and-aft' as that would also apply to monohulls.

The Jury therefore accepts as reasonable the interpretation used by the Measurer that 'distributed equally in the available ballast storage areas' is for the purpose of presenting the boat in an upright position, laterally, for measurement.

The Requests are therefore denied.

A full written decision will follow.

* "It puts the onus on the measurer to guarantee that the amount and location of ballast aboard for measurement is solely to enhance performance, not circumvent the waterline requirements of the Deed of Gift," said GGYC spokesman Tom Ehman.

The Deed of Gift sets an absolute limit of 90ft on the load waterline (LWL) for single-masted vessels.

"This means Alinghi might squeeze under the 90ft limit for measurement, release the ballast and then may race a boat longer than 90ft LWL," Ehman said. "We don't fully agree with the decision, but GGYC accepts it, and are ready to race."

Henri Lloyd Working with the Green Blue
Henri Lloyd As part of Henri Lloyd's long term strategy to become a more environmentally sustainable company, Henri Lloyd is delighted to announce their new partnership with The Green Blue, the environment initiative of the Royal Yachting Association and the British Marine Federation.

The new partnership will see The Green Blue provide training to Henri Lloyd staff members on sustainable boating and advising Henri Lloyd on the latest energy saving technology and services. The Green Blue staff and volunteers will be wearing Henri Lloyd's technical clothing including the DAME Award winning Blue Eco Jacket and Hi-Fit trousers.

Eight Teams to Compete at Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland in March
In just six weeks time, during the Southern hemisphere Summer, eight of the best sailing teams in the world will race a Louis Vuitton Trophy match race regatta in Auckland New Zealand.

Just over a year ago the inaugural regatta was sailed in Auckland, the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. Ten of the best sailing teams in the world, including the current Challenger and Defender of the America's Cup, competed over two weeks in a match race regatta in two pairs of supplied boats. The boats used were ACC yachts from the 2007 America's Cup and all teams rotated through the four boats.

The formula was renewed at the Louis Vuitton Trophy Nice regatta in November last year, a regatta whose provisional media return resulted in a value of over nine million Euros gathered from over 1200 articles, 354 hours of TV on 400 channels in 163 countries. The next regatta will be the Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland from 9- 21 March 2010.

The WSTA member teams entered for the Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland regatta are from seven countries. Unlike last year, the host Emirates Team New Zealand, skippered by Dean Barker, will not get an automatic pass to the regatta finals, but will have to earn the right to be there by passing through the round robin and semi final stages with a winning record. The seven other teams hoping to also make it to the finals and ultimately prevail are:

Aleph, France, skipper Bertrand Pace
All4One, France/Germany, skipper Jochen Schumann
Artemis, Sweden, skipper Paul Cayard
Azzurra, Italy, skipper Francesco Bruni
Mascalzone Latino Audi, Italy
Synergy, Russia, skipper Karol Jablonski
TEAMORIGIN, Great Britain, skipper Ben Ainslie

Following the Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland regatta the WSTA's member teams will race in La Maddalena, Sardinia (22 May - 6 June), then in Dubai, UAE (13 - 27 November) before Hong Kong in early 2011 (9 - 24 January).

Festive Farewell from Singapore for Clipper 09-10 Fleet
Clipper Singapore Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore: The 68-foot ocean racing yachts competing in the Clipper 09-10 Round the World Yacht Race set sail from Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore, this morning to a rousing send off featuring live music, a mass of flags and huge confetti cannons. The loudest cheer was reserved for the home team, Uniquely Singapore.

After ten activity-filled days in Singapore, the crews were eager, if a little nervous, to get back to sea for what is widely regarded as one of the most gruelling legs of Clipper 09-10.

Race 6 got underway at 1400 local time (0600 GMT) and Uniquely Singapore was third across the start line in five knots of easterly breeze, just behind Hull & Humber and California. Team Finland, Cape Breton Island, Jamaica Lightning Bolt and Qingdao followed, with Spirit of Australia and Edinburgh Inspiring Capital completing the order over the line.

The 2,600-mile race will take them through extremes of weather with light winds and searing heat to begin, followed by strong headwinds and counter currents producing an extremely choppy sea state and bone-numbingly freezing weather as they beat their way north towards the Olympic sailing city of Qingdao.

The fleet is due to arrive in Qingdao between 19 and 22 February.

Standings after Race 5
1. Spirit of Australia, 50 points
2. Team Finland, 48
3. Jamaica Lightning Bolt, 36
4. Cape Breton Island, 33
5. Hull & Humber, 33
6. Uniquely Singapore, 25
7. Cork, 23
8. Qingdao, 20
9. Edinburgh Inspiring Capital, 15
10. California, 13

Seahorse March 2009
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine

How do you improve a proven-winner? Simon Rogers And James Day try to work it out with Rogers Yacht Design's newest Class 40

Suddenly in the spotlight, Simon Rogers has been knocking down doors for a while. Louay Habib explores the history

At the heart of every truly great design is an easy to sail boat... Dave Hollom looks back at two early scientific exponents of a key principle

Eric Steinberg is finding good demand among 'position-hungry' crews for his latest GPS

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Haiti Needs Used Sails And Donations
Haiti needs your used sails, especially large main sails. Even people who survived the quake and were healthy are now becoming sick from exposure to the elements. Tents, Rice, Cooking Oil, Beans, Pasta, Feminine Hygiene Products, Water Purfiers, Water Makers, Medical Supplies and more money to purchase these disaster relief supplies are the top items needed to help Haitian earthquake victims.

Haul your used sails and old lines out of lazarettes, lockers, attics, garages and closets and make a tax-deductible donation to, a non-profit, 501c3, organization.

Please deliver your sails and neatly coiled line to:

Shake a Leg Miami at 2620 South Bayshore Drive
Miami, FL 33133-5424
(305) 858-5550 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.
Identify them for shipment to Haiti by writing "HAITI" on them.
Please call in advance with large donations.

If you are heading to Miami for a Snipe or a Melges regatta or the Miami Grand Prix, bring your old sails with you.

Follow the progress of Sea Flower, a privately chartered cargo ship, which will leave for Haiti with 15,000 pallets of supplies, including used sails, as soon as it is fully loaded with relief supplies.

The Sea Flower will set off from the Miami River with used sails from North Sails Fort Lauderdale loft, Second Wind Sails and Coconut Grove Sails and Canvas. Said Carla Shieffer of Coconut Grove Sails and Canvas, "I have been thinking about getting rid of some sails for a while. That's a good use. I'm happy to do that." For some of Mike Toppa's clients at the North Sails loft in Fort Lauderdale, news was enough to make the decision to donate rather than hold onto them for another season.

NGO's, shipping and logistics and volunteers are doing everything in their power to coordinate the collection, shipping and delivery of desperately needed supplies.

Your support is appreciated. -- Lynn Fitzpatrick

Short Tacks
* - the global information website for cruising sailors - today launched a unique service for cruisers wanting global weather and routing advice. The new 'weather and routing forum' has developed from 10 years of experience assisting cruisers with their varied queries regarding routes around the world.

The new forums are shared with the parent site - so that all users can benefit from the shared experiences of the ARC and other rallies.

'Weather and Routing' which will host discussions on all aspects of route planning and cruising weather, with responses from sailors from across the globe and a new 'watch this topic' feature which allows users to track discussions on any item of interest across the site.

Using the forums is free and the one time only registration simple for new members; existing members can log in with their email address and password.

* ByssMobile has joined forces with Kos Picture Source, the world's leading sailing picture library, to develop a new sailing game "Caribbean Racing : Sailing" for iPhone and iPod users worldwide. There are nine challenging courses with variable wind conditions, full yacht control and an animated sea.

Caribbean Racing : Sailing

An automated online high score ranking system allows international competition against both friends and the best sailors in the world. Future updates will allow 1-2-1 racing and a whole host of other features. Introductory price of $0.99 (59p) for a short period only (full price $2.99).

Download it now through or directly through your iTunes account.

* Six months after the two Spanish boats returned to their home port of Alicante at the end of the 2008-09 race, Telefonica Blue is back in the water carrying out equipment and materials tests.

Given that the 2011-12 Race Rule and Notice of Race show a number of changes from their predecessors, aimed at containing costs, Pedro Campos and his team have made an early start to their preparations for a Spanish campaign in the next race.

Campos said: "We want to start to get ready for the next Volvo Ocean Race as soon as possible, so it is fundamental to begin the testing phase before the future sports team starts to arrive." --

* Now Available: The Alinghi iPhone app.

Alinghi has recently launched an iPhone application, the first one of the America's Cup history. Already 750 people are using it.

Get it here, it's free :

Letters To The Editor -
Letters are limited to 350 words. No personal attacks are permitted. We do require your name but your email address will not be published without your permission.

* From Richard Allen: In response to Mr Carders comments, at no point can I recall saying that anyone wanted a return to the old monohulls, indeed I am sure the multihulls would be amazing to watch, should they ever actually race each other on the water and not in court. What would have been even better to watch was the ten other teams that were excluded also competing to challenge for the cup.

The teams that were excluded from competing will now undoubtedly find it hard to get sponsorship for any future AC, as what sponsor will want to take the risk of the same thing happening again. Who will risk millions with a chance of not even getting to race? Likewise this will impact the amount previous AC sponsors want to spend in other forms of sail racing.

* From Catherine Rawson, Club Secretary: Queen Mary Sailing Club is planning a reunion dinner this summer for all Flag Officers since the Club was founded and is trying to contact the following people:

Alan Hancock, David Spragg, John Bates, John Haryett, John Winson, Paul Whitlock, Peter Bullard, Richard Nussey and Tom Webb.

If any one has any contact details for them, please could they contact

* From Gerald New: Ref from . . . * From Tyler Carder:

It really depends on what you want the America┬┤s Cup to be, a

The 33rd AC has been hijacked by a couple of billionaires for a personal grudge match.

Undoubtedly this has produced two fantastic, extreme sailing machines, but how many other competitors are lining up to pour 100 million or whatever into an unrestricted design drag race?

And when they finally take to the water, will we see a close fought series or will it be clear after the first couple of minutes that one team got it right - game over!

This latest series has returned the AC back to the days of the J-class and rich megalomaniacs strutting their egos.

If the AC has any reason to exist as anything more than a antique curiosity, and that must now be questionable, than a complete reformat is required. Possible leaving the winner of this contest to wait for another challenge in the existing, anything goes format, with the courts deciding when they cannot agree.

And a new separate series sailed in large monohulls within a closely restricted rule i.e. cheap enough for normal millioners to afford, to provide a Grand Prix supercup circuit for the top sailors/designers to aspire too.

I am not counting the present LV event, which is reduced to an over blown match race event to keep the pro sailors employed while the billionaires play their mind games.

* From Euan Ross: From the Alinghi website today, as per the link on the other Scuttlebutt: "So they turned to Frenchman Nigel Irens and his design partner Benoit Cabaret for help conceiving the boat." Maybe not all these 'inconsistencies' in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions are quite as disingenuous as it appears; maybe the left hand really doesn't know what the right hand is doing (or even who's hand that other one is)? RIP Ben Lexen and the late and unlamented designer residency rules of the NYC.

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 1975 Dynamo 25, EUR 7,250. Located in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland.

This racing boat is in great condition for her year. She has been winning races all round her. If you are looking for a well priced boat to get you, on to the race course this is the boat for you. In 2007 SUNDANCER won The Autumn League in both IRC and ECHO in RCYC Class 4, 1st in SCORA League ECHO 2009 and 2nd in SCORA League IRC 2009, 2nd in IRC Winter League RCYC and 3rd in ECHO Winter League RCYC.

Brokerage through HM Yachts Ltd.:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
Will and intellect are one and the same thing. -- Baruch Spinoza

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