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Golding Down But Back Up Again
Mike Golding (Gamesa), was back up to speed on Sunday afternoon after Forties roared at Gamesa in the early hours of the morning. After a frustrating Friday in a hole, Golding was just starting to enjoy himself in 20 knots of wind when, at 0400hrs (UTC) a 35 knot gust broke the line used to furl his code zero headsail. The huge sail was flapping wildly at the bow of the boat, confusing the autopilot, but not Golding, who dumped the boat on its side (presumably by the canting the keel and dumping the ballast). That took the pressure off the rig and then he was able to haul down the sail in a giant mess on the foredeck.

It was an even more frightening moment on reflection for Golding as he was keenly aware that it was almost four years to the day and probably only 300 miles away from where he dismasted in the last Vendee Globe.

"There was certainly a point where I thought, 'Here we go again, please, not another Christmas in Perth'," Golding said. "But I am reasonably sorted now, I am not going to go mad. I just have to consolidate with the boat a bit and accept that I wont have my best day. Otherwise there is the propensity to get right into that downwards spiral and that's when bad things start to happen."

"I'm back on course now. The Code Zero is a bit of a mess with all the sheets inside it. I'm in repair mode now and have to sit and stitch the cover back on the furler line. I have not had a chance to really inspect the line, but I am certainly hoping the damage is only to the cover and none of the core is gone. That would make life difficult.

"I am a bit out of sequence now [behind in his sail change pattern to match the wind forecast] so I need to get to the Solent and two reefs and just not go mad. The main thing is I am now down to the line of Jean Le Cam, so I need to consolidate now.

"When all this was going on I had the flashback to four years ago. It is so dangerous now because you have 20kts and are lulled into a false sense of security and then suddenly there is a big 35kts gust."

Golding, in seventh place, has slipped back to 170 miles behind Jean Le Cam (SynerCiel) and 1,700 behind the leader, but he was back to over 17 knots by midday.

* Overnight from Saturday to Sunday, the West Pacific ice gate, located almost in the centre of ocean between New Zealand and Cape Horn, was moved to 180 miles to the north. It is now on a latitude of 49 degrees south, instead of 52 degrees. Like previous changes it was driven by the presence of icebergs towards Cape Horn.

The Vendee Globe race office, Richard Silvani from Meteo France, and CLS, (the body responsible, among other things, for identifying icebergs along the route of the Vendee Globe), gather satellite photos of the oceans. Their goal: to assess the position of the drifting ice and avoid the skippers crossing a white minefield, if necessary by changing the position of safety gates. They must warn the skippers at least two gates before any changes, so their routing strategy is not so affected

That was the reason for this latest change, with the race leaders three thousand miles from the West Pacific gate. It was moved three degrees north - forcing the skippers north as they must pass through one end of it - after icebergs were identified at 54 degrees south, the road the sailors would potentially have gone down. The leader Francois Gabart (Macif) and Armel Le Cleac'h (Banque Populaire) are passing south of Australia at 53 degrees south at the moment.

Rankings as of Monday 17 December 2012, 05h00 (FR)

1. MACIF, Francois Gabart, 12830.1 nm to finish
2. Banque Populaire, Armel Le Cleac'h, 41.4 nm to leader
3. Virbac Paprec 3, Jean-Pierre Dick, 459.1 nm
4. HUGO BOSS, Alex Thomson, 778.3 nm
5. Cheminees Poujoulat, Bernard Stamm, 823.7 nm
6. SynerCiel, Jean Le Cam, 1558.0 nm
7. Gamesa, Mike Golding, 1713.0 nm
8. Mirabaud, Dominique Wavre, 1894.8 nm
9. ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered, Javier Sanso, 1998.3 nm
10. AKENA Verandas, Arnaud Boissieres, 2523.9 nm

Russians Hold While Young Guns Close The Gap
Glenn Bourke & Club Marine crew. Photo by Hamilton Island Photography. Click on image for photo gallery.

UON SB20 World Championships At the half way point at the UON SB20 World Championships at Hamilton Island, the Russian team spearheaded by Oleg Zherebtsov and his helm Rodion Luka is still leading the international fleet of 42 sportsboats.

In a first-class display of tactics and crew work, sailing wunderkind Ben Saxton and his Great Britain team closed the gap on the clubhouse leader with a bullet in today's only race. Saxton's Bango Powered by SLAM is now seven points off the leading Team Russia.

Australia's Glenn Bourke and his Club Marine crew have held onto third overall but lost their grip on the countback that had them on equal points with Saxton at the close of racing yesterday.

"There were a couple of opportunities we didn't grab with both hands but in the light airs we are not unhappy with our sixth today," said Bourke, the CEO of Hamilton Island.

Ian Brown's One Design Sailing has moved into fifth overall. Dual Olympic gold medallist Malcolm Page, who is on the mainsheet, said "Conditions today were fickle. When you got it wrong you paid big. There's a lot to play for, and a lot to lose."

Tomorrow is the one and only layday for the SB20 sportsboat fleet contesting their world title. Racing will resume on Tuesday and conclude on Thursday, December 20.

Top five after 5 races:

1. Team Russia, Rodion Luka, RUS, 16 points
2. Bango Powered by SLAM, Ben Saxton, GBR, 23
3. Club Marine, Glenn Bourke, AUS, 28
4. WKD, Geoff Carveth, GBR, 35
5. One Design Sailing, Ian Brown, AUS, 35

Results at and

Key West Is Calling!
Key West Race Week Northern hemisphere temperatures are dropping and warm and sunny Key West is beckoning sailors from around the world. Don't miss out on the great competition and shoreside fun! The first entry deadline of December 21 is just a week away.

Enter now and save late fees and last minute scrambles. Quantum Key West 2013 is sure to be a great week for all.

Entries and details:

EFG Bank Becomes Title Sponsor for Sailing Arabia The Tour
Oman is steadily strengthening its position as one of the forces in sailing worldwide with many international events visiting the country in 2013. But Oman is also building the sport of sailing in Arabia too.

The 2013 'Sailing Arabia - The Tour' has a new title sponsor from the financial services sector. EFG International Bank will get naming rights for the event which visits several key centers in the region.

EFG International will also participate directly in the race with its team EFG Bank Monaco, named to reflect the "EFG Bank Sailing Academy" partnership with the Monaco Yacht Club, and pointing to the bank's business presence in 30 locations around the world.

Starting in Bahrain on 10 February and finishing in Oman's capital city Muscat on 25 February, EFG Bank Sailing Arabia - the Tour 2013 is expected to attract a good sized fleet.


Event site (English and Arabic):

Return To Southern Ocean for 'Cannonball' Guo
Guo Chuan, who earned the nickname 'Cannonball' during his time as an MCM on Green Dragon two races ago, is back sailing with an even bigger ambition - to become the first Chinese sailor to sail solo, non-stop around the world.

Guo set sail from Qingdao in his Class 40 boat on November 18 and the first Chinese sailor to take part in the Volvo Ocean Race has just sailed east of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

His 21,600-mile journey should take him around Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope before he reaches the Indian Ocean. He is expected back in Qingdao some 125 days after his start.

Guo Chuan trained for two years to learn how to handle alone his 13-meter boat - a different approach from the Green Dragon entry led by Ian Walker in 2008-09.

An aircraft controller by trade, he made the career move into sailing at the age of 33. Now aged 47, he is still three months away from the finish line but declares he is very confident.

WSSR Rules 2013
There have been a number of rule amendments and clarifications for the 2013 WSSR Rules and these are published on our web site

New items for 2013 are printed in red.

Perhaps of interest to intenting offshore record competitors, is the introduction of the new "doublehanded category" - see rule 20.b. This reflects the interest and increasing incidence of doublehanded offshore races.

John Reed
Secretary to the WSSR Council

39270 - The Official Pictorial Record of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011 - 12
Volvo Ocean Race 2011 - 12 The 11th edition of this legendary round the world race was arguably the most visually dazzling yacht race ever. Seldom has photography documented the quest to master the oceans or the ingredients of world-class sporting endeavour better or more vividly than in this Volvo Ocean Race.

From intense racing to the high emotion of life onboard and the festive atmosphere of the race villages, this magnificent fleet captured the imagination of millions through the media.

39270 provides the ultimate hard-copy keepsake of this global spectacle. Published for an international audience with text translations in English, Spanish, French and Chinese, this book documents one of the all-time great adventures by compiling the very best photography from all angles of this global event, to tell a visual story more vividly than every before.

39270 - the official pictorial record of the Volvo Ocean Race 2011 - 12
192 pages
280 x 220mm Hardcover with dust jacket
Text: English/Spanish/ French/Chinese
250 emotive pictures
Official Race Statistics + full crew lists
Price reduced! £ 24.95 + P&p. + postage and packing

Available from

Running The Rhumblines
Airlie Beach and Pioneer Bay recognised as Queensland's most popular tropical sailing destination has the reputation to become a tactically tough racing venue during the warmer months of summer.

The combination of warm temperatures and a reliable sailing breeze blowing across Pioneer Bay provides the Whitsunday Sailing Club's Tropical shirt sailors with a welcome escape from the 'summer blues'.

However the wind failed to reach a peak gust of 8 knots when the competitive fleet faced the start for the first race of the Edge's Boat Yard aggregate point series on a near windless Pioneer Bay.

It is rare for the crews to race in a soft and tactically testing breeze; however they were forced to bring their light wind skills out to play.

As to be expected the race proved to be a supreme test of concentration to produce the required all angle sailing speed to outsail their respective corrected handicaps.

Some mastered the challenge while others including the Craig Piccinelli skippered Wobbly Boot which recorded a runaway win in the Edge's Boat Yard yacht of the year for 2012 finished eighth 15 minutes and 25 seconds astern of corrected handicap winner the John Galloway skippered Queensland Marine Services.

Skipper John Galloway and crew did no harm to their respected reputation when they became locked into a duel with the higher handicapped Swan 45 Tulip (Bernie Van't Hof), and the Charles Wallis helmed Murray, Burns and Dovell designed Reignition.

The Tulip crew progressively secured a firm grip of the line honours by selecting the best options from the breeze that blew over the deck and her owner skipper remained confident of steering the sloop to a rare line and handicap win after they handed the fleet a light wind sailing lesson with a runaway 7 minute 8 second line honours win over Reignition.

As the seconds ticked away it seemed that the Tulip crew had outpaced their 1.180 time correction factor but the Queensland Marine Services crew spoilt the post race celebrations for the Tulip crew when they managed to record the faster corrected course time with 2 seconds to spare leaving skipper Bernie Van't Hof to hold the second best handicap result 1 minute 2 seconds ahead of Reignition. -- Ian Grant

Submit Your Recipe to the Boats.Com Holiday Cheer Cocktail Guide
We're gathering holiday drinks recipes from the fans of boating and Will you help us out?

In some parts of the world, the holidays are chilly. In others, the boating season is full speed ahead. Wherever you're located at this time of year, we want to know what you like to put in your glass at the end of the day, whether the resulting liquid is high-test or virgin state. What is your favorite?

Among our editorial team, an informal poll suggests rum, vodka, and beer are preferred ingredients, but by no means the only ones. Checking in with two of the bars in the running for the 2012 Wight Vodka Favourite Yachting Bar, we noted that the Original Painkiller is the specialty drink at The Soggy Dollar on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. And the Gladstone's "Queen" Mary, reputed to be "As majestic as the ship herself" is at Gladstone's in Long Beach, California.

Submit your recipe here:

And VOTE for the 2012 Wight Vodka Favourite Yacht Bar here:

Read more:

* Editor: At press time the top three bars are:

Sint Maarten Yacht Club
Navi Bar, Glucksburg Germany
King & Queen, Hamble, United Kingdom

With a total of 2312 votes cast so far, and 10 days to go...

18ft Skiffs NSW Championship, Race 2
Wing Mast on Lumix. Photo by Frank Quealey. Click on image for photo gallery.

18ft Skiffs NSW Championship, Race 2 Sydney Harbour, Australia: Today's 18ft Skiff race on Sydney Harbour was both Race 2 of the NSW Championship as well as the concluding race (brought about by last week's postponed race) of the AEG 3-Buoys Challenge series.

Provisional results at this time have Lumix (Jonathan Whitty, James Hozack, Aron Everett) as winner of Race 2 in the NSW title, Fisher & Paykel (Gary Phillips, Ewan Duckworth and Tim Baraclough), winner of Race 8 of the AEG 3-Buoys Challenge and Pure Blonde (Tom Clout, Rob Bell and Matt Wark) the overall winner of the 3-Buoys Challenge.

Aside from the provisional results, the rest of the day was something to rember as we were treated to the most unusual finish anyone could remember.

While the day in Sydney started out with brilliant sunshine and a nice Nor'Easter, things deteriorated to a point where the race was delayed due to a lack of wind.

The fleet finally got away in a light Nor'Easter but a variety of wind pressures and directions kept all teams on their toes over the first two laps of the course.

Just when things looked normal and reigning Giltinan champion Gotta Love It 7 (Seve Jarvin, Scott Babbage and Peter Harris) held a 1m50s at the final windward mark, nobody could have foreseen what was still to come.

As the champion Gotta Love It 7 team raced under spinnaker to the wind mark off Shark Island, the wind dropped while the rest of the fleet came down to join '7', which was 'parked' near the buoy.

With just the final short spinnaker run to the finish off Double Bay, there were 10 boats all in a single line

Lumix, featuring a radical new wing mast, and Mojo Wine (James Dorron, Ricky Bridges and Mike McKensey) were the first to pick up the new breeze and resulted in Lumix taking the honours by 18s.

A video coverage of the race can be seen on

There will now be a three weeks break from racing. The season will resume on 13 January with Race 1 of the Australian Championship. -- Frank Quealey, Australian 18 Footers League

International Rolex Regatta
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands: A highlight of the Caribbean racing calendar with its unique blend of island-style hospitality, competition and camaraderie, the St. Thomas Yacht Club's International Rolex Regatta will celebrate its 40th year in 2013. Rolex has been a partner since the very beginning.

The event features IRC and CSA (Caribbean Sailing Association) handicap racing, as well as one-design racing, in a beautiful setting. The distance race from Cowpet Bay to Charlotte Amalie Harbour and back showcases the coastline and offers competitors a great view of St. Thomas' beautiful capital.

NOR and other information at

Desmond Scott To Lead Cruising Association
The Cruising Association has a new president who sails a 32 footer. Desmond Scott has been elected taking over from Stuart Bradley, who has spent the last three years in the role.

Mr Scott has been an active member of the CA for the past 15 years and has also served on Council, a number of CA committees and has been a Vice President of the Cruising Association on two occasions. Living in Somerset he sails his Rival 32 from London and keeps a 44 ft motor cruiser in the south of France.

According to a CA spokeswomen : 'He believes the sea is in his blood and joined the Association in 1997 when he gave up ocean yacht racing to become a cruising sailor.'

Judith Grimwade stands alongside Desmond as the Association's Vice President and new Chair of Council. Ms Grimwade joined the CA in 1986 and with her husband Mark, has been cruising the coast of Western France for 10 years. Their sailing base is Rochefort-sur-mer.

Yachting Monthly:

Letters To The Editor -
Letters are limited to 350 words. No personal attacks are permitted. We do require your name but your email address will not be published without your permission.

* From Michael Brown: It is not often that I agree with Mike O'Hagan but on the subject of sponsorship I am with him wholeheartedly. You only have to read the "blurb" about the Yacht Racing Forum to realise that "they" think they run the world of Yacht Racing, where is the representation of the over 3 million amateurs?

Sponsorship of events great but individuals & their yachts no. Let the professionals have their own World Match Racing, Vendee Globe, Volvo/Whitbread & America's Cup, although the latter two were, in my opinion, much better when one took part as an amateur.

In my experience when both are in the same crew the professionals remain arrogant in spite of frequently being carried by the amateurs & I have yet to meet one who will buy his owner dinner for the privilege of being allowed to sail on the yacht.

* From Tom White: Sponsorship allows a group of self-serving individuals - known as "professionals" to make a living. The trickledown effect of professional sailors and their "advances" to general sailing does not advance sailing except in their own minds. Boats are faster not safer is the 1st thing that comes to my mind. Keels falling off, rigs falling or failing - sails last for 3 races.

I have been sailing competitively for 45 years (self-financed) and have yet to want or have the desire to purchase the next generation anything. BS I say - "professionals" are a bunch of self-serving pigs at the corporate money trough - taking far more FROM sailing than what they give back - and I dare say "ruining sailing".

Who about getting attention - "the professional" wants it - I do not or even care.

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 2011 Akilaria Class 40. EUR 295,000. Located In Gosport, Hampshire, United Kingdom.

GOR Race winner, up for sale post large refit and new paint job. Yacht will be sold absolutely ready for another lap.

Brokerage through Berthon International:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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