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Events Committee Approve Submission to Re-Instate RS:X
The Events Committee approved submission 055-12 which would see men's and women's RS:X in the 2016 Olympic Games. This is their recomendation to the Council and the final Council vote is to be held on Friday the 9th. So there is still another hurdle to overcome, it's a bit like watching a "three-card-trick" game.

Submission 055-12, by the International Raceboard Class Association requests that - They re-instate windsurfing for the 2016 Olympic Sailing Competition and select the best events and equipment to represent sailing in the Olympic Games - And - To amend the slate of events currently selected.

Proposed that Regulation 23.1.4 is amended in accordance with regulation 23.1.7 as follows:

Men's Kiteboarding replaced by Men's Windsurfer - RS:X
Women's Kiteboarding replaced by Women's Windsurfer - RS:X

Report by Gerald New:

* The Events Committee of the International Sailing Federation has voted to re-instate Windsurfing for the 2016 Olympic Regatta in Rio de Janeiro.

The meeting is the first by the ISAF Committee since the ISAF Council decision to drop Windsurfing and substitute the new sport of Kiteboarding.

In May, at its Mid-Year Meeting, the Events Committee voted by a 17-2 majority to retain Windsurfing as an Olympic Event, however that was overturned by the ISAF Council, who decided to insert Kiteboarding into the Olympic program.

On the basis of such an overwhelming vote in May at the Events Committee, the latest decision is hardly surprising. It will go onto Council for review.

In the end, despite a raft of submissions from national authorities and other bodies for the return of windsurfing, the Events Committee selected and approved a single submission 055-12, from the International Raceboard Class Association which would see Men's and Women's Windsurfing back in the 2016 Olympics and using the RS:X.

Report by Richard Gladwell in

* HOWEVER... this late report from Daniel Smith, on the conference blog:

"Final blog posting of the evening from me and it's an Events Committee update...

They approved Submission 020-12 which keeps kiteboarding and 055-12 which reinstates RS:X."

Submission 055-12 (PDF):

Submission 020-12 (PDF)

ISAF Blog:

If you're confused by that statement, so is your humble narrator. The text of submission 020-12 reads in full:


2016 Olympic Events and Equipment

Regulation 23.1.4 A submission from the Executive Committee

To enable the Council to decide to change a part of Regulation 23.1.4. closer in time to the Olympic Games than permitted in regulation 23.1.3.

That Council may decide at the November 2012 Council Meeting, to change a specific part of regulation 23.1.4 closer in time to the Olympic Games than permitted in regulation 23.1.3. The specific part is indicated below in Italics (note to text email readers.. the italicized part refers to Men's Kiteboarding and Women's Kiteboarding


Olympic Events and Equipment:

Men's Kiteboarding
Women's Kiteboarding
Men's One Person Dinghy - Laser
Women's One Person Dinghy - Laser Radial
Men's 2nd One Person Dinghy - Finn
Men's Skiff - 49er
Women's Skiff - 49erFX
Men's Two Person Dinghy - 470
Women's Two Person Dinghy - 470
Mixed Two Person Multihull - Nacra 17

Current Position

Current Regulation 23.1.4


The Executive Committee is aware there are several proposals to change Regulation 23.1.4 and it is the Executive Committee's proposal that a discussion and possible Council vote can take place, in accordance with the Regulations that apply regarding this process.


I'm sure we'll hear from a raft of ISAF watchers and delegates in the morning. My reading of the plain text of this submission does not match the blog report. It speaks only to the Council being able to change when they can change!

Quote from a press release in October:

"The Olympic events and equipment are defined in Regulation 23.1.4 and it is also defined that Council can only make changes to this Regulation and the timeframes detailed in Regulation 23.1.3 if at least 75% of votes cast are in favour of a motion to do so. If this 75% is not reached then the Events and Equipment confirmed by the ISAF Council in May 2012 will stand."


ISAF Conference site:

Sevenstar Commit to RORC Round Britain & Ireland Race 2014
Eddie Warden Owen, RORC CEO and MD of Sevenstar, Richard Klabbers/ Photo by RORC / Click on image to enlarge.

RORC Round Britain & Ireland Race 2014 At the UK (Southampton) offices of Sevenstar, the Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) confirmed the leading Dutch specialist yacht transport company as title sponsor of the 1,802 nautical mile non-stop race starting from Cowes, Isle of Wight on 10th August 2014.

Sevenstar sponsored the race in 2006 and 2010 when 30 yachts from nine different nations competed in a thrilling and world record breaking event. Three records were broken in what was a very memorable race, highlighted by the monohull record set by Franck Cammas' French team aboard the Volvo 70 Groupama, completing the course in5 days 21hrs 2mins and 55 seconds, breaking Dee Caffari's 2009 record on Aviva by over half a day.

Sevenstar also announced a significant new incentive for competitors in the race - a prize for the first boat under IRC rating will receive a US$20,000 voucher for yacht transport to their selected destination in the world.

"As organisers, The Royal Ocean Racing Club is delighted to secure this long term partnership with Sevenstar Yacht Transport who have now supported the race for the last three events," says RORC CEO, Eddie Warden Owen.

The race attracts a diverse fleet including multihull, IMOCA Open 60 and Class40, but the overall winner will a yacht racing under the IRC rating system which is expected to attract top professional teams as well as seasoned RORC members and the less experienced offshore sailors.

Two Volvo Open 70s used the Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race in 2010 as a trial before the start of the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race. It was the first time the Volvo 70s Telefonica (ESP) and Groupama (FRA) had raced against each other.

Today, Volvo Ocean Race CEO, Knut Frostad confirmed their support for the 2014 edition which starts two months before the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante.

Marlow at METS
Marlow Ropes METS will see the introduction of 8 new products to the Marlow Ropes 2013 'Rope Catalogue'. 1. Doublebraid Marble Colours - Marlow has introduced 4 new colours into the Doublebraid range.

2. Excel Elite 90 - Excel Elite 90 utilises the super high strength Dyneema SK90 yarn, which is 15% stronger than the SK78 equivalent. The cover features a highly durable blend of Technora and polyester which improves abrasion resistance 300% compared to a full polyester cover.

3. Excel Racing GP 78 - The cover features a highly durable blend of Technora and polyester which improves abrasion resistance 300% compared to a full polyester cover of Excel Racing.

4. Marina Grande Dockline - The optitwist polyester cover is optimised for High Elongation and Durablity. Polyester will maintain its strength when wet and will not harden over time when exposed to the elements.

5. Formula-X - Marlow have redesigned the existing world class Formuline to add a textured finish that will grip in the ratchet systems.

6. Kiteline Race -The thinner diameter reduces wind resistance and ensures the line remains responsive even in the lightest winds while maintaining the cruicial 300kg break load.

7. Kiteline Freestyle - Adds extra strength and durability with a slightly larger diameter will add confidence for the rider when performing the highest power moves.

8. ProDrive - ProDrive is a torsional furling cable designed for top down furlers. Visit the Marlow Stand 03.301 to speak to a member of the Marlow Team and see the new products.

Mike Golding at the Vendee Globe
Mike Golding has been talking about retiring from racing boats around the world since before some of the children visiting his boat on the pontoon were born, so it would be easy to be surprised to see him here at the start line for his fourth consecutive Vendee Globe - unless you knew him. The desire to win it keeps him bringing him back and the pain of being defeated by technical failures when leading the last two editions is evident. At 52, the former fireman, born in Great Yarmouth, is definitely not here just for the adventure

"It crossed my mind can I really do this? But I did two years on the Extreme 40s (catamarans in 2009-10), which not exactly a wimp's circuit, so I kind of proved my point that I'm still pretty fit," he says. "And I enjoy doing the Vendee, when you come back into the canal after sailing around the world there's no greater feeling than that."

"I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity I'd be absolutely barking mad to miss it. I wouldn't have wanted to do it in any way, I only wanted to do it with a competitive entry. It's not a notch in the headboard."

Does it feel possible, close even, this time?

"It's close, but there are a lot of good guys, a lot of good boats and I'm not immune to the scale of the challenge, it's significant. In a way because it's the first time I've arrived in a boat I did the previous Vendee in (he had new boats in 2004 and 2008), that's a new feeling. Normally I'm one of the new boats and that jumps you up the favourites list immediately. I feel we're here in quite a low profile, but I quite like that, I think a lot of the French guys would rule us out on the basis that I dropped out of the scene for two years because I was on the Extreme 40s and I just did the two races last year, we didn't have a great time on the TJV (Transat Jacque Vabre), we did better on the B2B solo race. But I think they're clutching at straws because, the reality is I can still sail the boat like I sailed it four years ago. I feel I'll be in the game."

If not him, who does he think will win?

"I think Armel (Cleac'h). He is a steady performer, consistent, sensible, mature, experienced. He's got all the right parts and now he's got a great boat. Also, Jean-Pierre (Dick, Virbac-Paprec). Jean-Pierre has more experience in this field but Armel is very steady. Since I've been here (in Les Sables for the last three weeks), I've moved away from boats at the extreme, like PRB, only because I feel they may not finish the race."

Public Invited tT Vote For "Yacht Racing Image Of The Year 2012"
Sailing enthusiasts are invited to vote for their favourite yacht racing image on the World Yacht Racing Forum Facebook account:!/worldyachtracingforum

The 'Yacht Racing Image of the Year 2012', presented by Mirabaud & Cie Private Bankers, is open to professional photographers from all over the world. Over forty of the world's best photographers have submitted their best photograph taken in 2012.

The 24 best photographs, chosen by the public, will be printed and displayed during the 5th World Yacht Racing Forum from 11-12 December in Gothenburg, Sweden. Delegates from the Forum will then select the five photographs they consider as 2012's best yacht racing image.

A professional and independent jury, made of personalities from the world of international yacht racing, including professional photographers and yacht racers, will then select the Yacht Racing Image of the Year 2012.

The winning photograph, and its author, will be celebrated during the World Yacht Racing Forum.

Southern Spars at METS 2012
Southern Spars Southern Spars will once again be exhibiting at METS in Amsterdam this year.

Visit Southern Spars at Stand number 01.108 in Hall 1 to have a chat to our sales and marketing team. You can see our extensive and innovative technology first hand; including the new and now proven-in-competition TPT technology, CF (Carbon Foils), AC72 Wing technology and our EC6 composite rigging.

Southern Spars specialises in the design and construction of carbon fibre spars and components, rigging, and rig servicing.

As the industry pioneer, Southern Spars built its first carbon spar in 1990. Since then the company has pursued a passion for delivering world class superyacht and racing spars, carbon rigging and service.

Its operation extends to four corners of the world with centres in the USA, Denmark, South Africa, Spain and Sri Lanka, with headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand.

Let us take you on a journey of pure excellence...


For more information on Southern Spars please visit or email

Industry News
French naval defense group DCNS stops its support towards Hydroptere's oceanic program. Alain Thebault's hydrofoil trimaran, originally set to attempt the Transpac record this summer, had to post-pone her departure due to the absence of favorable weather windows. This new calendar doesn't meet with the group's expectations which does not have a market in the US.

Alain Thebault and his team thank DCNS whose support helped launch the 'flying boat' oceanic campaign. The team also acknowledges the work done by the group's engineers and by all those who have supported the project over the year.

"We are surprised and obviously disappointed but we remain hopeful. This is the first time a hydrofoiler attempts an ocean record. DCNS gave us the means to start the adventure and we will go all the way. The project demonstrated it can generate a great enthusiasm and we hope that this pioneering challenge, in which we strongly believe, will find new support in France or abroad", says Alain Thebault.

Supported by the Consul General of France in San Francisco, sailors Alain Thebault, Jacques Vincent, Jean Le Cam and Yves Parlier will create "Hydroptere Pacific", a Californian structure with the objective of encouraging potential American partners to be part of this adventure.


The BVI Watersports Centre is worth googling as a unique Royal Yachting Association Training Centre in a very special part of the world. The British Virgin Islands - one of 'nature's little secrets' has had a high quality, community sailing school based on her shores for many years, teaching six year olds through to adults, including very successfully, persons with special needs with their Sailability BVI and Special Olympics BVI programmes.

Sadly for the Principal and Chief Instructor Alison Knights Bramble and Colin Bramble, the Centre is for sale. But maybe its not the end of the world for the Virgin Islands if someone out there would like the challenge of picking up the reigns in the ultimate place in the world to teach sailing. The training centre is running year round and has an impressive fleet of dinghies, powerboats and small keelboats; some hulls are new this year. It is based on calm, protected water with access to the Caribbean conditions that thousands seek every year for their blue water sailing experiences.

Want to buy a sailing school in the stunning surroundings of the BVI? Contact Alison and Colin


Sailing Team Germany (STG) has announced the partners that will help the team achieve at the next Olympics in Rio. Themes of sport, media and technology are at the heart of the campaign which will see Audi and SAP extend their commitment to the sport. German sailing apparel brand Marinepool will also be a partner.

Hans-Peter Kleebinder, Head of Marketing Germany at AUDI AG commented that there is a fit between German sailing and AUDI AG fit. The auto-maker will keep title sponsorship rights of STG for another four years with a goal to make Germany the world's top sailing nation.

SAP AG will use sailing to showcase its technology platform including techniques for media transmission of races as well as the use of SAP technologies to optimize performance.

Marinepool has been official supplier of various national sailing federations and national teams since 1996. The brand is a partner of the French Sailing Federation FFV, the Austrian Sailing Federation ÖSV, the Estonian Yachting Union EYU and the Cyprus Yachting Association CYA.

As a result of the deal with STG, Marinepool has added another position to it´s design team. The company will focus on a renewed dinghy collection with designers dedicated exclusively to dinghy and racing wear.



Valencia, Spain: Future Fibres has announced the appointment of Hugues Jacquemin as its new chief executive officer, following the retirement of outgoing CEO, Ewan McLellan.

Jacquemin served most recently as CEO of 3B The Fibreglass Company, where he maintained his reputation for driving growth, following the company's LBO from former parent, Owens Corning. Under his leadership, 3B established itself as a key player in the composites industry, expanding its customer base throughout the financial crisis and increasing turnover to €160m Euro, before successfully completing a competitive sale process of the company in early 2012.

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 1936 Sparkman & Stephens New York 32. EUR 400,000. Located in Spain.

The Sparkman & Stephens New York 32 always had a hard act to follow the legendary Hereshoff designs but over the years in every type of race, they have exceeded expectations - evolving from the iconic designs of DORADE and STORMY WEATHER, the New York 32s were the expression of a trend with their reduced sail area, easy sections and outstanding sea-keeping.

SIRIUS, after a long and meticulous restoration completed by the Cantiere Navale in Argentario in 2006, has to be the most stunning New York 32 afloat (of the 20 boats built, one was destroyed by fire, the others are all still sailing or being restored).

The boat lacks none of her original New York 32 precious detail, allowing the interior to keep her 1930s ambience; on deck her brass and wood fittings relate also to another time - but the standard of her rebuild allows her to be sailed hard.

Brokerage through Sandeman Yacht Company Ltd.:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
My favorite things in life don't cost any money. It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time. -- Steve Jobs

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