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Hugo Boss Races On Without Alex Thomson
Alex Thomson has made the decision to remain in England to be able to closely monitor the progress of his infant son Oscar who was diagnosed with a heart condition called coarctation of the aorta. HUGO BOSS will continue in the Barcelona World Race with substitute skipper Wouter Verbraak (NED) and Andy Meiklejohn (NZL).

The couple's baby Oscar, who was born 7th January, was further examined by medical consultants in the UK this morning (Tuesday) where they determined that his condition has stabilized.

Alex Thomson and his partner Kate have been advised that further close monitoring will be necessary over coming weeks.

Thomson has made the decision that he will not be joining HUGO BOSS in the Barcelona World Race as he had hoped following his recovery from an emergency appendectomy on 29th December.

He will remain in the UK to be with his baby son and partner.

The IMOCA Open 60 will continue in the Barcelona World Race with skipper Andy Meiklejohn and substitute skipper Wouter Verbraak.

So it could be something of a strange night aboard Hugo Boss as Andy Meiklejohn and Wouter Verbraak buckle down to the task that now faces them, For sure the good thing for the duo is that they now have it in black and white, a clear view of the future, there are no more decisions to be made, no more waiting and wondering.

Meantime they have company, a race on their hands with FMC just 3 miles to windward of them and surely still within sight.

Gerard Marin, co-skipper of the Catalan boat confirmed he had seen the British boat early today as they passed the Cape Verdes.

As the quickest boat in the fleet this evening them spirits will be up on GAES Centros Auditivos as the girls drag race against Pachi Rivero and Toño Pires on Renault ZE Sailing team, their FNOB Barcelona based counterparts who have spent months preparing their boats alongside each other. Company indeed. The Gaes girls have a nice position 65 miles to the west of Pachi and Talpi and are giving it all they have this evening, knowing their Doldrums will start to impact on them tomorrow.

And up at the front Estrella Damm keep gnawing at the lead of Virbac-Paprec 3 and don't seem to have slowed much at all...Poised?

Jean­-Pierre Dick and Loick Peyron have 75 miles to go to the Equator at 1930hrs.

Sixth Entry Confirmed For 34th America's Cup
America's Cup event organizers have confirmed the sixth entry for the 34th America's Cup in 2013. The official announcement by the team is expected soon.

"What a great way to start off the new year, with our official host city San Francisco in place and now the announcement of our sixth entry," said Iain Murray, Regatta Director for the 34th America's Cup and CEO of America's Cup Race Management (ACRM). "I'm looking forward to having more good news to share, with the launch of the first AC45 later this month."

This sixth entry joins previously announced challenges from Italy (Mascalzone Latino), France (ALEPH), and Sweden (Artemis Racing). A fourth challenger has been accepted but has yet to disclose any details of its entry, while ORACLE RACING from the United States has been accepted as a defender candidate by the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

The entry process and validation procedures are set out in the America's Cup Rules and can be found at

The entry period for the 34th America's Cup runs November 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011.

* Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom has been named Ambassador at Large for the 34th America's Cup.

"Gavin Newsom was the driving force behind the 34th America's Cup coming to San Francisco," said Russell Coutts, CEO, ORACLE RACING, the team owned by Larry Ellison that won the Cup for San Francisco's Golden Gate Yacht Club in February 2010. "We expect the next America's Cup to attract fans from around the world and Lieutenant Governor Newsom will help ensure that the Bay Area will be presented in the best possible way."

As the first-ever Ambassador at Large for the America's Cup, Newsom will support the America's Cup Event Authority in its efforts to create a superior fan and participant experience both on and off the water. In addition, the Lieutenant Governor will help assist in attracting and welcoming visitors from other states and abroad to California and San Francisco for America's Cup events.

Henri Lloyd - Experience The Shockwave
Henri Lloyd Shockwave is the world's only fully integrated and modular system of protective foul weather clothing for Offshore to Round the Cans racing. One system that lets you choose and modify the level of performance you require from the elements and impact protection.

Deck Armour - Putting the Shock Resistance into Shockwave.

The DECK ARMOUR system revolutionises the way sailors protect their bodies from impact and injury - a shock resistant and super lightweight 3D mesh which can be integrated within Shockwave garments at critical areas whilst still guaranteeing freedom of movement for the wearer. The lattice design of the DECK ARMOUR also ensures the breathability of the Shockwave products is not compromised.

Fabric Technology - Minimal Contact, Maximum Airflow. A hydrophilic laminate is applied directly to a microporous coating that further increases breathability and ensures the fast transition of internal moisture to the outside.

Optivision Window Panels - See the Advantage. Following the huge success of our OPTIVISION Hood System that has received critical acclaim from racing teams and media alike, the system has been extended into watch and course map windows being engineered into Shockwave garments - aiding the perfect start and race strategies.

Dragon Worlds Day 3: Waiting, Waiting. Always Waiting.
At 3.27pm the course boat, Tarni, indicated they were on station and at the 3.30, the Answering Pennant, which had been up for most of the day, finally came down. A course of 150 degrees had been set and at 3.45, the race was away!

Regrettably, all the pent up adrenalin had the fleet well over and so the general recall was sounded. Race Management also reset the line to allow for a course change to 165 degrees. There was a second general recall at 4.05, which meant the black flag went up, to let all and sundry know that you had to play nicely on the next start or go home. At 4.20, which was around the time when a lot of people thought the breeze would finally kick in today, the race did get away. It would have been lucky to gust to 10 knots although by the finish it was easily a more solid nine knots and far less variable. It was unfortunate for two boats, who got the dreaded call over the radio and so for them, the day was over. Mark Woodland, Nigel Henderson and Matt Dundas aboard the Australian entry, Lyla, along with Sweden's Martin Palsson, Goran Alm and Johan Norem on Bendira will now be hoping that this can count as their drop, when there are more than the five races completed, which are required for the championship to be awarded.

As per yesterday, the fleet spread out from the near as half a nautical mile long start line, with a few new crews trying the Lucky Left. Not as many went to the right side as yesterday, but a lot went way, way left. Typically, the middle was the place to be, by the time they got to the top.

Former World Champion, Tommy Müller, led the fleet there, but the top 50 or so boats were packed in very tightly. Infringements were bound to occur and there were at least five penalty turns performed by crews in this batch. For overnight series leader, West Australia's Richard Lynn, this meant his crew lost easily 20 places, as they not only had to perform the turn, but then get going again in the very disturbed air that all the other yachts going by had created. Great Britain's Lawrie Smith was certainly happy to be back up the pointy end of the fleet and took Bunker Prince right out to the edge of the hitch mark. The other feature of the first rounding was a good number of crews going for the gybe set of their spinnakers. -- John Curnow

Racing will begin again on Thursday.

Top five after three races:

1. Markus Wieser / Sergey Pugachev / Matti Paschen, UKR, 20 points
2. Martin Palsson / Goran Alm / Johan Norem, SWE, 25
3. Yevgen Braslavez / Sergey Timokhov / Yevgen Kuschienko, UKR, 28
4. Lawrie Smith / Timothy Tavinor / Ossie Stewart, GBR, 29
5. Richard Lynn / Ian Olson / Ron Rosenberg, AUS, 30

Fleet Splits As Tactics Come In To Play
To go east, or not to go east - that is the question facing the VELUX 5 OCEANS skippers as they approach the south of New Zealand, less than 1,000 nautical miles from the finish line in Wellington. After four gruelling weeks at sea sailing through one of the most inhospitable oceans in the world, the end might be in sight for the tired ocean racers but the race is by no means over.

At the front of the fleet Brad Van Liew, Zbigniew 'Gutek' Gutkowski and Derek Hatfield are separated by less than 400 nautical miles. Despite being exhausted from extreme sleep deprivation and the sheer physicality of the Southern Ocean, all three must now make one of the toughest decisions of the leg so far, one that could mean the difference between victory and defeat - whether to get to Wellington by sailing west of New Zealand through the Tasman Sea and then the Cook Strait, or via the less traditional route round the tip of the South Island and up the east coast.

"When setting the course we purposely left it up to the sailors to decide their own route into Wellington as a final test for them," VELUX 5 OCEANS race director David Adams explained. "Each route has its benefits and its drawbacks. The Tasman Sea can be pretty fickle and the Cook Strait is notorious for its funnel effect, channelling strong winds down in between the North and South islands. The easterly route however is also pretty tricky - it would see the skippers sailing due north into the strong, seasonal Wellington northerlies."

As the VELUX 5 OCEANS race tracker shows, race leader Brad Van Liew in Le Pingouin and Derek Hatfield in Active House appear to have opted for the westerly route through the Tasman while Polish skipper Gutek on Operon Racing has split to the east in a gutsy tactical move.

Ocean sprint two positions at 00h00 UTC:

Skipper / distance to finish (nm) / distance to leader (nm) / distance covered in last 24 hours (nm) / average speed in last 24 hours (kts)

Brad Van Liew, Le Pingouin: 817.3/ 0 / 286.8/ 11.9
Zbigniew Gutkowski, Operon Racing: 1103.5/ 286.2 / 236.7/ 9.9
Derek Hatfield, Active House: 1200.9/ 383.6/ 210.9/ 8.8
Chris Stanmore-Major, Spartan: 2032.3/ 1215/ 110.6/ 4.6

'Swallows and Amazons' Film Dinghy at London Boat Show
Click on image to enlarge.

Swallow Swallow is a vintage lugsail dinghy, the star of the 1974 feature film 'Swallows and Amazons', based on Arthur Ransome's book. She is on display at the London Boat Show and has already delighted many fans. She will be on the Classic Boat stand until the 16th January when the show closes.

The first day of the show saw one of the original cast reunited with her vessel. Sophie Neville had a leading role in the film at the age of 12 and had not seen the boat since recording concluded. She was delighted to greet Swallow in all her newly-varnished glory, as were many visitors to the stand. Those with an eye for old-yet-beautiful woodwork caressed the gunwhales thoughtfully, whilst children ran back and forth examining everything, thrilled with the chance to speak to Sophie.

Between 1974 and 2010 Swallow had laid unused in Turks boatyard at Chatham until she was sold at auction. A group of dedicated Arthur Ransome fans clubbed together to buy her, and a very sensitive restoration was undertaken by Patterson Boatworks in the Lake District. -- Magnus Smith in Yachts and Yachting:

More on Swallow at

Yacht Broker - Lymington
Humphreys Yacht Design Humphreys Brokerage Ltd, a division of the Humphreys Yacht Design studio, is looking for an experienced Yacht Broker. Applicants must be self motivated, have a 'can-do' attitude and excellent interpersonal skills. In addition the candidate must have a good working knowledge of power and sailing yachts, the used boat market and the wider aspects of the yachting industry. He or she must also have strong marketing sense and good writing skills, with an ability to generate brochures and work up specifications.

The position represents a significant opportunity for the right person. Current brokerage listings include many existing Humphreys designed production yachts such as Oyster, Elan and Southerly as well as a number of larger yachts. Our most expensive central listing at present is €9m. New Yacht Sales listings include the exciting new 'Tempus Class' range of classically-inspired cruising yachts from 85-170ft. The diverse nature of the brokerage and new yacht sales listings requires the individual to be adaptable and enterprising in order to operate successfully with customers in all sectors of the market.

Competitive salary and commission opportunities.

For more information about the company, please see our website

Interested individuals should apply by email to

Carnage at Slam 12ft Skiff Interdominion
Photo by Rolf Lunsman. Click on image for photo gallery.

12 Skiff It was a day of carnage at the SLAM 12ft Skiff Interdominion as a big gusty east-nor-easter picked off one boat after another in Race 7 at Hunters Hill today - and not even the top starters were immune - startled river cat passengers saw all off Cockatoo Island as the out-of-control skiffs barrelled downwind under kite.

It was a day that belonged to 2009 Interdominion champion and reigning national champion, Garde, crewed by Brett Hobson and Alex Johnson from Woollahra Sailing Club who came home with two wins and big grins.

"It was pretty gusty - pretty gnarly," Johnson said of the winds that peaked at 30 knots. "You had to pay attention the whole time or you'd find yourself in the drink. You had to keep an eye on the traffic, the gusts and the shifts, but we had a big win in Race 7," he said.

In what is now a close series, the reigning Interdominion champions Dimension Polyant (AUS) leads Garde by three points, with Gemmell Sails third on 20 points with two race drops in place. So the SLAM Interdominion and the Silasec trophy will go to one of the top two.

The carnage continued into Race 8 and even the top guys had their moments.

Hosted by Lane Cove 12ft Skiff Sailing Club, with the cooperation of Hunters Hill Sailing Club, the 51st SLAM 12ft Skiff Interdominion finishes on Friday, 14 January. -- Di Pearson

Top eight overall after eight races and two drops:
1. Dimension Polyant (Nick Press/Brad Yabsley LC 12s), 9 points
2. Garde (Brett Hobson/Alex Johnson, WSC), 12
3. Gemmell Sails (Murray Press/Ben Gemmell, LC 12s), 20
4. Nuplex (Alex Vallings/Cameron McDonald, ASC, NZ), 22
5. C-Tech (Chris Reid/Ben du Fluiter, ASC, NZ), 25
6. Frankenskiff (Tim Bartlett/Adam Miller, ASC, NZ), 31
7. Andrew Short Marine (Michael Spies/Damian Vlotman, LC 12s), 32
8. As Good As It Gets (Glenn Armstrong/John Shultz (Well, NZ), 38

Industry News
Daniel Smith (GBR) has joined the Secretariat of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) as Website and Media Co-ordinator.

Daniel is responsible for developing and delivering ISAF's communications and internet strategy. Daniel will be delivering ISAF and sailing content on a daily basis and includes working on ISAF's major events such as the ISAF Sailing World Cup, ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship. the Perth 2011 ISAF Worlds and the Olympic Games.

Daniel has previously worked for Surrey County Cricket Club and Henley Royal Regatta in the communications department and at high profile events for Fast Track Agency.

Daniel joined the Marketing, Events and Training Department at the ISAF Secretariat in Southampton on 4 January 2011.


Lymington-based composite yacht builder, Green Marine, is to move its production facilities to Hythe Marine Park. The move should see the company take on 60 more staff, doubling its workforce to 120.

The move to the former Palmer Johnson yard was facilitated by strategic support provided by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA). It will also enable Green Marine, recently acquired by the Dutch company Vitters, to merge its existing production facilities in Southampton and Lymington into one facility at the park.

This will give the company the flexibility to increase its production and secure new boatbuilding and refit contracts, boosting the local economy.


Worldwide boat transportation firm, PSP has announced that it will continue to sponsor the PSP Southampton Boat Show for another two years.

The Fareham-based company made the announcement at the 2011 Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show.

PSP's three year sponsorship officially ended after last September's show, however, after serious consideration, the worldwide logistics firm decided to sponsor the show for another two years.

The deal means the Southampton show will continue to be named the "PSP Southampton Boat Show" for the next two years and will benefit from substantial investment.


The Volvo Ocean Race announced today that it has appointed Action Images, the leading sports photography agency, as a global content distribution provider for the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race.

Throughout the build-up to the 11th edition of the race, to the start in Alicante in October 2011, all the way through to the finish in Galway in July 2012, Action Images will be distributing digital content to the worldwide media.

Action Images is the specialist sports arm of Reuters


The 2011 Marine Industry Regatta will be launched at the Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show at 17.00 on Thursday January 13 on the Sunsail stand - D85 - in the North Hall.

This year's MIR will run on Tuesday April 19 and Wednesday April 20, sailing in Sunsail's brand new fleet of Benétéau First 40.7s, with two entry types to make it easier for individuals to enter.

And this year, the overall winner of the MIR gets a free entry to Sunsail's Challenge of Champions which is held in November. This is Sunsail's season ending regatta for all the main winners of their 'primary' regattas/events during the year.

For more information contact Andy Wallace at Sunsail on 02392 222221 or Peter Nash on 07796 173606.

Featured Brokerage
Morris Yachts Not Too Late To Get What You Really Want
Owned by famed recording artist and author Jimmy Buffet, AILERON is a great opportunity to own not only a collector's item, but a beautiful and fast daysailer. Designed by Joubert and Nivelt with a concentration on esthetics and maneuverability, AILERON is boat ownership simplified as she comes with a custom trailer and is easily towed. And for a limited time delivery of the boat anywhere in the continental US is included. She is located in a heated storage building here in Maine and can be seen anytime. $169,000

To view the complete listing go to or call +1-207-244-5509

The Last Word
Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter. -- Jack Benny

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