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set up another back and forth roller coaster ride for Bruce Golison and Stu Robertson as they dominated the fleet and duked it out for nine races over two days.  Here's the press release by Rich Roberts (photos by Rich Roberts as well).

"The Lidos were a battle all the way between Golison and crew Dina Corsi and the class's most determined veteran competitor, Stu Robertson, with young Sammy Elsharhawy as crew. Golison won by three points, but only after a hard-driving start in the first of four Sunday races when both boats were over the start line well before the horn.

As the two boats ran the line side by side, Golison said, "Dina kept saying, 'Don't be over … don't be over!' But it was the old thing of trying to be aggressive … like I've told Dina, 'As [the Great Dane] Paul Elvstrom used to say, if you aren't over early once in 10 starts you aren't trying hard enough.' "

Both were unsure if their sail numbers had been called by the race committee so they continued to sail upwind for about 50 yards until Golison finally turned back.

"I thought I was over early," he said, "but the key is not to panic."

Robertson kept going but dropped out much later and took a 10th. Golison had time to recover and finish fourth in the 10-boat fleet, but it wasn't over yet. He still had to outscore Robertson in the last three races, 4-1-3 to 6-4-1, to secure the three-point win.

The Lido actually is a training vehicle for Golison's Etchells class campaign over the next two years---the North Americans, which he won in 2010, at Newport, R.I., and the Worlds in 2014. The strongest Etchells competition is on the East Coast."


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