Lido 14 Association Objective

Lido 14 Class Association Objective

The Lido 14 Class Association is a non-profit corporation whose object is to promote one-design racing of the Lido 14 Class sloop under uniform rules so that all may do so affordably and fairly.

As is stated in its by-laws, the policy of the Association is to:

  • Cooperate with other yachting organizations and, in return, to insist on strict observance and compliance with the rules of the Lido 14 Class Association.
  • Keep the cost of acquisition and upkeep of the Lido 14 Class sloops within modest limits without sacrificing high standards of performance and seaworthiness,
  • Promote and maintain a one-design class of Lido 14 sloops in which racing shall be to determine the skill of skipper and crew under uniform rules and specifications.

To help meet the specific needs of Lido 14 sailors around the nation, the Association recognizes Fleets of three or more Lido 14 sloops.

 Link to Association By-Law related Documents

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