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Sebastien Simon "The start is very emotional"
Patriot: Pedal Down
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Sailing And Windsurfing Are Reinstated
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Fireworks Continue at 70th Bermuda Gold Cup, 2020 Open Match Racing Worlds
Hamilton, Bermuda: If the conditions on Day 1 of the 70th Bermuda Gold Cup and 2020 Open Match Racing World Championship were spectacular, today they were nearly perfect. What's the difference? A steadier, stronger breeze more oriented to the length of Hamilton Harbour as opposed to the width.

The southwesterly wind between 10 and 16 knots propelled six crews into the Quarterfinal Round. Chris Poole's Riptide Racing, Phil Robertson's China One Ningbo and Eric Monnin's Capvis Swiss Match Race Team advanced from Group A while in Group B Ian Williams's Team GAC Pindar, Torvar Mirsky's Mirsky Racing Team and Taylor Canfield's Stars+Stripes moved on.

The six will be joined by two crews from tomorrow's Repechage Round, which will feature Nicklas Dackhammar's Essiq Racing Team, Johnie Berntsson's Berntsson Sailing Team, Anna Östling's Team WINGS, and Matthew Whitfield's Dragon Racing Team from Group A and Jeppe Borch's Borch Racing Team, Team Dutch Wave, Mati Sepp's Gleam Energy Sailing Team and Lance Fraser's Team RCYC from Group B.

Cumulative Standings Through Stage 1
1. Chris Poole (31, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA) - Riptide Racing, 6-1
Crew: Sam Barron-Fox, Matthew Cornwell, Chris Draper
2. Ian Williams (43, Lymington, England) - Team GAC Pindar, 6-1
Crew: Christian Kamp, Gerry Mitchell, Richard Sydenham
3. Phil Robertson (33, Auckland, New Zealand) - China One Ningbo, 6-1
Crew: Bradley Farrand, Peter Nicholas, Johanna Thiringer, James Williamson
4. Torvar Mirsky (34, Sydney, Australia) - Mirsky Racing Team, 6-1
Crew: Nick Blackman, Kinley Fowler, Mal Parker
5. Eric Monnin (45, Immensee, Switzerland) - Capvis Swiss Match Racing Team, 5-2
Crew: Simon Brugger, Hugo Feydit, Mathieu Renault, Ute Wagner
6. Taylor Canfield (31, Miami, USA) - Team Stars+Stripes, 4-3
Crew: Mike Buckley, Victor Diaz de Leon, Mike Menninger, Eric Shampain
7. Nicklas Dackhammar (30, Gothenburg, Sweden) - Essiq Racing Team, 4-3
Crew: Nils Bjekas, Bjorn Lundgren, Jakob Wilson
8. Johnie Berntsson (48, Stenungsund, Sweden) - Berntsson Sailing Team, 4-3
Crew: Herman Andersson, Anders Dahlsjo, Eric Malmberg
9. Jeppe Borch (23, Copenhagen, Denmark) - Borch Racing Team, 4-3
Crew: August de la Cour, Seabastian Pieters, Nikolai Rasmussen
10. Jelmer van Beek (25, The Hague, Netherlands) - Team Dutch Wave, 2-2
Crew: Robin Jacobs, Jorden van Rooijen, Rutger Vos
11. Mati Sepp (52, Tallinn, Estonia) - Gleam Energy Sailing Team, 2-5
Crew: Ago Rebane, Karl Tagu, Aleksei Zigadlo
12. Lance Fraser (27, Toronto, Canada) - Team RCYC, 2-5
Crew: Andrew McTavish, Rob Scrivenor, Katrina Williams
13. Anna Ostling (36, Lerum, Sweden) - Team WINGS, 2-5
Crew: Julia Lines, Annie Wennergren, Linnea Wennergren, Janel Zarkowsky
14. Matthew Whitfield (23, Plymouth, England) - Dragon Racing Team, 1-6
Crew: Quentin Bes-Green, Max Brennan, Carson Crain
15. Kelsey Durham (26, Smiths, Bermuda) - Triangle Racing Team, 0-7
Crew: Alex Ellis, Charlie Lalumiere, Edward Lebens
16. Pauline Courtois (31, Brest, France) - Match in Pink by Normandy Elite Team, 0-7
Crew: Cedric Chateau, Thierry Douillard, Sophie Faguet, Maelenn Lemaitre

(Note: The top six advance to the Quarterfinal Round. Places 7 through 14 advance to the Repechage Round. The final two crews are eliminated from further competition.)

Seahorse Sailor Of The Month
This month's nominees:

Maya Podesta and Family (MLT)
Firstly, as ever, top marks to the Royal Malta Yacht Club and the RORC for successfully running the 2020 Middle Sea Race while all around was being cancelled or postponed. And congratulations to the three Podesta siblings who have protected the family reputation by completing the double, winning the race overall in 2020 to add to their victory in 2019. The Podesta family is a 'constituent element' of the RMYC so it's 'trebles all round' in Valletta

Timothy Long (GBR)
Fifteen-year-old Tim Long now holds the title of the youngest person to sail solo around Britain - at the same time raising over £7,000 for Ellen MacArthur's young person cancer charity. A nice symmetry since it was Ellen's own round Britain solo adventure when she was 18 that kick-started what turned into a half-decent long-distance sailing career. Tim sailed 1,600nm on his way to undercutting the previous youngest lap of a then 17-year-old Tom Webb in 2011

Last Month's winner:
Peter Harken (USA)
Peter being represented here by Mac, back from custody (again). 'Finest men to ever touch the sea and lakes - Peter and Olaf - Go Peter Go!' - Cam Lewis; 'One of a kind. They broke the mould' - Jonathan Harley; 'There is nobody in our sport (or in our parking lot) like Peter Harken. But seeing as he's just another employee now, I don't feel the need to suck up to him. My vote's for Armel!' - Bill Faude; 'Simply the nicest person I have ever met' - Magnus Wheatley. Seahorse Sailor of the Month comes to you with Musto, Harken, McLube and Dubarry

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Big Daddy - Rolex Fastnet Race
Rolex Fastnet Race Tactical, demanding, rewarding, every offshore sailor who gets even half a chance needs a Rolex Fastnet Race on their CV. Few regret it, particularly once they have had time to dry out…

Much gin may have been spilled last December when the Royal Ocean Racing Club announced that the finish of its flagship event, the Rolex Fastnet Race, was moving from Plymouth, its home for the last 95 years, across the Channel to Cherbourg. However, the best part of a year on, even the staunchest traditionalists are warming to the new finish venue and its benefits, such as actually being able to get a free berth alongside until the prizegiving, the potential for fine dining and the public interest that only yacht races taking in la Belle France seem able to create, especially when the fleet gets to moor in the heart of one of the country's most historic ports.

France is the world's top offshore racing nation. It is home to Rolex Fastnet Race competitors in the Ultim, Imoca 60 and Class40 grand prix offshore fleets, among them some of the world's fastest offshore multihulls and monohulls, many of whose skippers are household names and whose sponsors – including some of France's biggest companies – will gain value from the move to Cherbourg.

Full article in the November issue of Seahorse

Mariner's Museum Virtual Evening Lecture Series
Beyond the Known: How Exploration Created
the Modern World and Will Take Us to the Stars
Presented by author and SpaceX mission manager Andrew Rader
Thursday, November 12 at 7 PM (EST)

Join us virtually with author and young polymath Andrew Rader on Thursday, November 12 at 7 p.m. for a brilliant evening lecture! All of our virtual lectures are FREE and most are hosted on Zoom. Registration is required, so please remember to sign up in advance!

Rader, an MIT-credentialed scientist, popular podcast host, and SpaceX mission manager, spotlights an illuminating chronicle of humans' insatiable desire to continually push into new and uncharted territory, from civilization's earliest days to current planning for interstellar travel.

Divided into four accessible sections, Beyond the Known examines major periods of discovery and rediscovery, from Classical Times, when Phoenicians, Persians and Greeks ventured forth; to The Age of European Exploration, which saw colonies sprout on nearly every continent; to The Era of Scientific Inquiry, when researchers developed brand new tools for mapping and traveling farther; to Our Spacefaring Future, which unveils plans currently underway for settling other planets and, eventually, traveling to the stars.

The Ingrid Abery Sailing Calendar 2021 is now available!
Ingrid Abery Sailing Calendar Recently awarded a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society, photographer Ingrid has hand-picked twenty five artistic, dramatic, modern and classic regatta images. Popular events featured include the 35th America's Cup, J-Class, Classics at Les Voiles de St Tropez, IRC Championship Cowes, TP52, J70 World Championship, St Barths Bucket, SailGP, Superyacht Cup, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup plus a smidgen of carnage.

Opening up to A2 each month boasts two striking images. Every page has a direct QR code link to the image on Ingrid's site and date boxes to note regattas. All calendar pages are displayed online. £20 + p/p.

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Sebastien Simon "The start is very emotional"
The 30-year-old Sablais, who dreamed of the Vendee Globe from a very young age, is living these three weeks before the race with serenity. Sebastien Simon's ARKEA PAPREC foiler is ready, and the man does not hide his impatience to go. Final words to the pontoon before its confinement.

This is your first Vendee Globe. The preparation for the start and this pre-race are they what you expected?

For now, I'm fine, I'm pretty calm and confident. We did one last outing, it was super fun, it feels good to sail in Les Sables d'Olonne with the ARKEA PAPREC boat . This is my last day of "freedom" because I am going to confine myself this evening (Friday October 23). I try to make the most of my surroundings before isolating myself, to put myself in my bubble for the start. The boat is ready, we are really on the last details. We have organized ourselves with the team to do "visio" twice a week when I will be in confinement to ensure the follow-up on board the boat. It is still special not to be present, but we will live with it. Everything is fine, the atmosphere is rather relaxed, so it's nice.

What do you ship as replacement equipment?

I took everything, we have enough to fix everything, almost duplicate. The team, which has a lot more experience than me in the Vendee Globe, has worked a lot on this. Everyone has their role, mechanics, hydraulics, electronics ... They tried to work on all the breakdowns that I would be likely to encounter in the Vendee Globe.

Full interview

Patriot: Pedal Down
New York Yacht Club American Magic, the U.S. Challenger for the 36th America's Cup, just completed their first week of training on the brand-new AC75 racing yacht PATRIOT.

Patriot: Pedal Down

America's Cup: Patent problem with AC75
The prospect of litigation is increasing for the America's Cup defender as the AC75 Class, which they revealed for the 36th America's Cup, may have violated patents held by Brazilian naval engineer and boat builder Manoel Chaves.

Following the report (in Scuttlebutt), Threat of lawsuit for AC75 design, Anton Huggard, a patent engineer who works for the patent attorney representing Chaves, contacted Scuttlebutt Sailing News to provide the following information:

Our client believes the AC75 foil cant system as mandated in the AC75 Cup Rules and as used by Emirates Team New Zealand's AC75 boats was copied (or at least inspired) by his design. Chaves' Sail Booster System (or SBS foil cant system) was filed for in 2015.

This foil cant design for sailboats was widely publicized before ETNZ's victory in the 2017 America's Cup. ETNZ claim development of the AC75 began in late 2017, at a cost to the taxpayer of $3 million.

Our client has tried to obtain recognition for this but ETNZ have failed to answer his correspondence. He is now considering legal action for patent infringement. His attempts to arrange a settlement conference were unsuccessful and he has been unable reach a negotiation

Sailing And Windsurfing Are Reinstated
Sailing and windsurfing have been reinstated for GCSE, AS and A-level physical education (PE) qualifications.

The activities have been included in the Department for Education's (DfE) revised activity lists and will be assessed in 2021 for AS-level and 2022 for GCSEs and A-levels.

"It's fantastic to see sailing and windsurfing 'officially' reinstated within the PE activity lists," said Amanda Van Santen, chief instructor of the RYA sailing and windsurfing training schemes. "The RYA has worked closely with AQA (an awarding body) over the last year to develop the specified criteria for assessment, and we're delighted to now see this come into effect."

And she said she hoped the decision will inspire more people to get afloat and take part in both sailing and windsurfing.

The RYA is to continue to work with other awarding bodies to assist with the development of assessment criteria and reinstatement of the activities. The final decision and content of the criteria will remain with each individual body.

David Barnes
The New Zealand sailing community lost a revolutionary figure this morning with the passing of David Barnes. He was 62 year of age.

Barnes won three 470 world titles with Hamish Willcox in the early 1980s and went on to be involved in six America's Cup campaigns between 1985 and 2003, and was famously skipper of Team New Zealand's 'Big Boat' challenge of 1988 when they took on Dennis Conner's catamaran.

Willcox teamed up with Barnes in 1980 and remembers the helmsman as a deep thinker who was always pushing the boundaries when it came to both technique and the technical side of the sport.

The pair were the first New Zealanders to win an Olympic class world title and their first, in 1981, happened to also be their first regatta in Europe. They did it having come up with a different way of sailing the 470 - lower and faster - and became known for making significant changes to their mast and sail setup, centreboard and rudder.


A shining light has gone out in Sailing

David Barnes gave much to sailing and had so much more to give.

David always retained his cool and dignity. From the high and success of winning world championships to the low and disappointment of Olympic selection. David never dodged an interview. Then came MS and the biggest challenge. David was still always dignified and pleased to see you. Another good man has crossed the bar for the last time and gone far too early. -- Peter Montgomery

Featured Charter
Raceboats Only XP44

The XP44 combines impressive performance with simplicity of handling, appealing to all.

A highly optimised hull shape offers exemplary performance in a range of wind conditions, on all angles of sail, under both ORC and IRC handicap systems. Key elements of the hull design include reduced upright beam and wetted surface area, while the transom shape ensures that as windspeed builds and the boat powers up, the overall waterline length increases for additional speed.

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Raceboats Only HH88 - NEW BOAT. POA USD.

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Raceboats Only 1977 Nautor Swan 65 'Eden'. 590000 USD. Located in St. Martin, Caribbean

This Swan 65 has been extremely well cared for throughout her life. Her list of upgrades is endless and her previous owners have all treated her incredibly well. In recent years she has had sails, bow thruster, generator and rebuilt engine.

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The Last Word
The death of a single human being is too heavy a price for the vindication of any principle, however sacred. -- Daniel Berrigan

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