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Confidence Steady For IMOCA Leader Roland Jourdain
In the IMOCA Open 60's class it's a tactical battle which is at times painfully slow, testing skippers' patience and durability, but the for the moment it remains Roland Jourdain who is in control of the IMOCA Class, consolidating his position neatly with an advance of 76 miles on Armel Le Cleac'h (Brit Air).

The main group are dealing with the equivalent of a meteorological marsh, a barometric bog which traps the unwary or unlucky for hours in sticky pools of calm.

With just under 340 miles to go to the finish and a protective zone of light winds and calm fencing off the islands, it is going to be a case of finding and knitting together the corridors of breeze to get down to Guadeloupe.

Jourdain is in buoyant but objective, pleased today to have the fleet directly behind him, that is with the exception of the duo in the east Michel Desjoyeaux and Arnaud Boissieres who are now further behind Jourdain than he has to sail to the finish line.

The Akena Verandas skipper has recently only made 95 miles in 24 hours.

In second Armel Le Cleac'h is known as the Jackal, for his dogged persistence, sticking close and ready to pounce if an opportunity presents itself.

What is certainly good for the breadth of competition of the IMOCA class is seeing the 2007 launched duo, the Farr designed Veolia Environnement 2, and the Finot designed Brit Air, proving so far that it is seemingly not essential to have a latest generation IMOCA Open 60 boat to do well.

The leaders are now expected Point-a-Pitre Saturday or Sunday.

* Breaking the finish line off Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe at 00hrs 58mins 38secs today (Friday, CET/Paris) (Thursday 23hrs 58mins 38secs GMT/ Thursday 19hrs 58mins 38secs local time (CET -4hrs)) Yann Guichard on the 23.5metres trimaran Gitana 11 took fourth place in the 9th Route du Rhum-La Banque Postale solo Transatlantic race which started from Saint-Malo, France at 1302hrs (CET) Sunday 31st October.

The elapsed time for Gitana 11 is 11 days, 11 hours, 56 minutes, 38 seconds. His average speed is 15.79 kts for the distance he sailed of 4356 miles. Over the theoretical course distance of 3539 miles Yann Guichard's average speed is 12.83 knots. Guichard finished 2 days, 8 hours, 41 minutes, 51 seconds behind Franck Cammas (Groupama 3) the race winner. Cammas finished 16h 16min 47secs (CET) Tuesday 09th November.

* Three times winner of his Multi 50 class in the Route du Rhum-La Banque Postale, Franck-Yves Escoffier (Crepres Whaou!) has made the difficult decision to retire from this edition of the race after fighting on for four days after damaging the bow of his central hull. Effectively left with a bluff bow, Escoffier's Multi has been badly compromised, but particularly when the wind rises. The solo skipper from Saint-Malo would under most conceivable circumstances, rather carry on and fight in the fleet he is so passionate about and has championed for 12 years, but after having to use his engine going back for an hour to try and consolidate his repair, Escoffier decided that he should abandon. He announced his decision to race direction at 1555hrs (CET), this afternoon.

End of an Era
The Louis Vuitton Trophy regatta hosted by the Dubai International Marine Club at the Mina Seyahi Marina starts on Sunday after an official opening ceremony on Friday. It will signal the end of 20 years of racing action for boats designed to the International America's Cup Class rule.

IACC boats were used in five America's Cup and five Louis Vuitton Cup regattas from 1992 to 2007. The four Version 5 boats racing in Dubai - two from BMW Oracle Racing and two from Emirates Team New Zealand - were amongst the last boats built to the rule. Altogether 100 sail numbers were issued for trial horses and race boats under 13 national flags.

Albert Jacobsoone, pitman aboard the French entry All4One, knows the boats by heart. He sailed FRA 2, the second IACC boat launched.

"The first America's Cup Class boats came out in 1991," Jacobsoone said today.

"We've been sailing them for 20 years! These are heavy monohulls with big spinnakers. I might not be attached to these boats but still, it's the end of an America's Cup period."

Following the informal testing and training completed this week, there will be two days of official practice tomorrow and Saturday for the six competing teams, ahead of the first day or racing on Sunday.

There is a new regatta format featuring two round robins, with winners in the first scoring single points in each back-to-back match against the same team. In the second round robin, each win is worth two points. The top four boats will advance to a best-of-three semi-finals and those winners to a best-of-five finals.

Bainbridge International at METS 2010
Bainbridge International There have been some exciting developments at Bainbridge this year. At METS we'll be showcasing some of these projects, like our new Ocean Premium Plus weights, 766 and 866. After an extensive development programme, we launched a new concept in woven polyester sailcloth. OPP has been designed specifically for the discerning boat owner who requires durability, high performance and a prestigious look, all in one package.

Also at METS this year will be new DIAX2 Membrane - designed to give the sailmaker a stronger, lighter, high performance sail made to their exact specification. DIAX2 Membrane utilises advance fibre stringing techniques and is available in a variety of fibre types, with the race version featuring clear films and a cruise version with double taffetas. We also offer a bespoke design service.

In addition to our sailcloth, we will also be showcasing our brand new range of Bainbridge products, like the new D-Type Anchors, available in stainless steel or galvanised, and our range of cost effective and fully certified Storm hatches. Featuring a lockable venting position and self supporting lid, these smoked hatches are both robust and stylish.

Come along and see us on stand 11.117.

For more information and to request samples of our products, please email

Theatre Racing
Click on image to enlarge.

49er The International 49er class will be performing a second test of "Theatre Style" racing in Perth, Australia on November 14th. The overall goal is to trial a style of racing that results in a worthy champion, gives close access to media and the general public, and has the winner of the last race be the winner of the regatta. By using the 49er, the quickest Olympic class sailboat, excitement of quick moves and agile boat handling will showcase the sport of sailing in all it facets; athletic, tactical, and beautiful.

Designed to last only 8-10 minutes, 5 fleet races will be run on a width restricted course, framed by swimming lane lines which will keep the competition tight The top 2 boats will move on to a match race final to determine the winner. Within a 2 hour time slot the top 8 boats from qualifying will face off to determine a champion with nerves of steel and a broad skill set for 'Theater Style' sailing and match race skills. Given the prevailing breeze typical for Fremantle, the racing will be highly exciting and entertaining.

The first test was held in Weymouth, England in September of this year with favorable reports from the sailors, coaches and the sailing media.

Updates can be found on Facebook,

Extreme Sailing Series and 49er Class Announce Partnership
With growing acknowledgement that high performance classes are the best way to showcase the sport of sailing, the Extreme Sailing Series and the International 49er Class Association have today announced a strategic partnership to help broaden the media appeal of sailing.

Starting in 2011, the Extreme Sailing Series will see the 49er racing alongside the Extreme 40, as part of the 'Stadium' showcase entertainment that the award-winning professional sailing circuit is renowned for.

OC ThirdPole's Sailing Events Director, Gilles Chiorri, commented, "The Extreme Sailing Series combines top professional racing with challenging and innovative short-course race formats that are also entertaining for a growing fanbase around the world - at the events and online. The 49er is the current Olympic class that offers the most attractive way for us to add another small boat 'act' in support of the Extreme 40 racing - as part of a strategy of providing up to 8 hours of entertainment for the public and VIPs who visit our events around the world. The 49er is also a class that has been a stepping stone for 2009 and 2010 Extreme Sailing Series winning helmsmen Chris Draper and Paul Campbell-James. The collaboration with the 49er Class is an exciting addition for us as we scale up the event for 2011 and beyond."

The 49er Class is still relatively young, but over the last 10 years many of its top sailors have gone on to achieve successful professional sailing careers: 49er Class sailors made up half of the eight helmsmen in the last edition of the Volvo Ocean Race.

ISA All Ireland Sailing Championship Final
The ISA All Ireland Sailing Championship Final 2010 will take place in Kinsale on Saturday the 20th of November 2010 with Sunday the 21st of November serving as a reserve day. A minimum of three races must be completed for the competition to conclude and the ISA Helmsman's Trophy awarded.

The Final, originally scheduled to take place in Royal Cork Yacht Club on the 26th of September, had to be abandoned due to an absence of wind.

The competition will be sailed in the ISA SailFleet J80's which are currently based in Kinsale Yacht Club. Due to the difficulty in safely sailing the fleet from Kinsale to Crosshaven the venue had to be changed, however the host club remains Royal Cork Yacht Club who are now kindly assisted by Kinsale Yacht Club.

8 teams will be competing for the ISA Helmsman's Trophy. As this competition is recognised as a new event, no previous points shall be carried forward. Each competitor begins with a blank score card.

The finalists are:
Anthony O'Leary
Ewen Barry
Garrett May
James Espey
Neil Kenefick
Niall Henry
Nicholas O'Leary
Nick Walsh

J Class Fleet Coming To Solent Refit In 2012
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Solent Refit The J Class Association has selected Solent Refit as the base for their Solent Regatta in 2012. The deep water superyacht facility on Southampton Water is able to accommodate the Js and their motherships in one place. The event will run from July 18th - 20th, with the Hundred Guinea Cup, around the Isle of Wight on the 21st July. Racing will be run by the Royal Southampton Yacht Club.

Solent Refit is able to provide support for all superyachts visiting the UK, with full on-site facilities and technical expertise.

Solent Refit will be at METS in the Superyacht Pavilion - stand 10.710

Patrick Shaughnessy, Farr Yacht Design and the Volvo Ocean Race
Twenty years ago when Patrick Shaughnessy started as a fresh-faced draftsman in the offices of Farr Yacht Design, the highlight of some days was plotting the progress of race icons like Steinlager across the paper charts.

Now Shaughnessy is president of the company, and as they reach the busiest phase of designing what they hope will be the winning Volvo Open 70 for Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing, he expresses some of his thoughts on the challenges of the race and his wider perceptions and opinions.

Q: Are the stakes higher now for Farr with regard to the Volvo Ocean Race?

"I think the stakes are probably more important now. For sure, more people in our sport are exposed to the race as it is goes on with more media, more position reports, so more of our sport is able to follow it. If you say that you are trying to design boats for a lot of people in our industry (as we are), more people are exposed to it so it is more important."

Q: And what will differentiate this programme from previous ones, to produce a winning boat?

"Last race (with Telefonica) we were conceptually a little bit different from some of the competitors' boats, but we did not really get to see whether that was a successful path or not after we hit a couple of rocks, and breakages; you want to see the whole package.

"So we feel like we are much closer to the mark and in a slightly different place this time. The big difference is that the majority of our research has been done with CFD, whereas before we had a CFD and tank testing-based research package.

"Another big difference is the amount of working going into the aero research (the rig and sails profile), the sail wardrobe; the amount of effort that gets spent there is much larger. You have a budget, an amount of time and you make a pie chart and say: where should our budget be spent?

"In this race the aero side is featuring much larger, because there are fewer sails. That is where the boats will separate.

Andi Robertson's full interview with Patrick Shaughnessy at :

Battle For Podium Positions Ramps Up
With less than 2,300 nautical miles to go to the finish line, the competition for a podium position in the first leg of the Velux 5 Oceans is as hot as ever. While Brad Van Liew on Le Pingouin and Zbigniew Gutkowski on Operon Racing fight it out for first place, a similar battle is raging between Derek Hatfield and Chris Stanmore-Major for third.

British skipper Chris, 33, has reduced Derek's lead over him by more than 200 nautical miles in the last week and is now within touching distance of the Canadian's Eco 60 yacht Active House. The pressure is now on Derek, 57, to protect his lead in the final sprint of the first leg and take a podium position.

The latest position report put Derek 2,100 nautical miles from Cape Town with Chris 220 miles behind. In the last 24 hours Derek covered 261.2 nautical miles compared to Chris' 275.4nm. However Derek's average speed in the 30 minutes before the last position report was logged at 12.1 knots, with Chris travelling slightly slower at an average of 11.4 knots.

Statistics from 12pm UTC position report:

Skipper; distance to finish (nm); distance to leader (nm); distance covered in last 24 hours (nm); average speed in last 24 hours (kts)

Brad Van Liew: 915.3; 0; 300.5; 12.5
Gutek: 1,347.9; 432.6; 149.7; 6.2
Derek Hatfield: 2,100.6; 1,185.2; 261.2; 10.9
Chris Stanmore-Major: 2,221.6; 1,306.3; 261.2; 10.9
Christophe Bullens: N/A

Sea Sure Launch Three New Products At METS 2010 - Two Dame Award Nominations
Seasure Sea Sure's three new products, launching at METS have undergone extensive design and engineering analysis throughout the year - the Radial Rudder Stock, Slick Release tiller extension connection and keelboat transom fittings.

The rudder stock, a DAME Award nomination, is a revolutionary lightweight design, allowing total precision of easy adjustment, when in shallow water or launching. The second nomination, the Slick Release offers a 'no snag' design both while locked in to the tiller for use, as well as when being disconnected and operates a 'click and closed' system.

For more information visit the Sea Sure stand at METS: stand 01.461.

Hong Kong Invitational Sportsboats Championship
So while it's not quite what was planned (no shipping deal so unfortunately few overseas entrants) we're still looking forward to an awesome weekend of sportsboats racing. With the promise of sponsored kites for the mixed SBR fleet we've got 13 Magic 25s, two Longtzes, an FT10 as well as the Hugh Welbourn/DSS "Brace Brace Brace" set to grace the start line.

Possibly the best Magic fleet turnout worldwide since the heyday of the Hong Kong fleet in terms of numbers, there is also some serious talent at the top end of the fleet. The favourite has to be reigning HK Magic Champion Frank van Kempen on "Fly by Wire", but he can expect to be pushed very hard by Peter Backe ("Black Magic") who has been examining the edges of the sail development envelope and Steve Bourne ("Merlin") who has finally quit complaining about the holes in his sails and brought a new set.

Seven races will be run in forecast 17-20knt winds on the "world's" race course off Lamma in the South China Sea.

The Hong Kong Invitational Sportsboats Championships kicks off with welcome drinks on the lawn of the RHKYC on Friday 12th November, and continues for two days of racing on the 13th and 14th November.

Results will be published online here:

and race tracking will be published here:

Early Entry Close Friday 12 November For Sail Sydney
Get your entry in today and take advantage of the early entry fee as early entries close at 1700hrs on Friday 12th November 2010.

Classified by ISAF as a Grade 1 event, Sail Sydney is not to be missed. Sail Sydney is a great event to test your speed, tactics and technique before heading to Sail Melbourne for the World Cup.

Currently 175 entries have been received from twenty one countries.

The Laser fleet has 33 entries to date. Tom Slingsby a NSW sailor and ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year will be amongst those competing at Sail Sydney.

In the Laser Radial Marit Bouwmeester currently ranked number 1 by ISAF will also be sailing in Sail Sydney. Marit will have tough competition as she will sail against fellow Netherlands sailor Claire Blom and former Number 1 Krystal Weir.

To enter Sail Sydney go to

To view the list of entrants to the regatta go to

If you have any questions about the regatta please contact Daniel Williams at

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 2008 King 40, £250,000 (Tax Paid). Located in Kip Marina, Scotland.

The King 40 has been one of the most successful IRC forty footers in the last few years winning on four continents and being awarded the Sailing World 2009 Boat of the Year. Designed for the IRC rule with non-overlapping headsails and masthead spinnakers the King 40 has been leading the way on the race track and Argie Bargie's results are no different. Built in 2008, always dry sailed and presented in ready to go condition for a new owner to quite literally launch the boat and start winning. Please contact Ancasta Lymington for more information or to arrange a viewing appointment. All sensible offers are invited.

Brokerage through Ancasta:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition. -- Alan Turing

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