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Etchells Sir Kenneth Preston Trophy at the Royal Yacht Squadron
5.5 Metre Europeans
Harken Fly Blocks: Big Power in a Small Package
Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 6: In the Boat Hall: The Dinghies
Rolex Swan Cup: A Meeting Of Kindred Spirits
Unstoppable- Doyle Sails
The ultimate form of isolation for one Hampshire sailor
Jib Trim Pro Tip
Thousand Islands Race
New Ocean Race Calendar
Featured Charter: Leopard 3
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• • Soto 65 - "Camiranga"
The Last Word: Arnold H. Glasow

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Etchells Sir Kenneth Preston Trophy at the Royal Yacht Squadron
2 socially distanced crews entered the Sir Kenneth Preston Trophy which was run in the central Solent, unfortunately Saturday's storm meant that racing was held only on Sunday and the RYS organised an early start and 4 races, planning 2 windward leeward laps of just under an hour duration. To ensure the races were completed before the cut off, all were started under the "U" flag.

Initially a strong flood tide with a westerly breeze ranging from 10-20 kts was the day's racing conditions. However, the varying cloud cover meant that big shifts and pressure variations were available for all crews to try and find. Unfortunately, as frequently happens, getting from one favourable shift to another meant sailing through light patches, so the pack was frequently shuffled.

Robby Boyd and his crew of Quentin Bes-Green and Hugh Ward were the 2020 overall winners, and Cat 1 Corinthian winners, and now Robby has his name on a prestigious trophy winners' board in the Royal Yacht Squadron.

Final top five
1. Sumo (Corinthian), Robby Boyd / Quentin Bes‑Green / Hugh Ward, GBR, 18 points
2. Strait Dealer, David Franks / Graham Sunderland / Ryan Orr / Vita Heathcote, GBR, 18
3. Jolly Roger, Mark Lees / Hannah Peters / Lauren Mead / Toby Yeabsley, GBR, 18
4. Exabyte, Shaun Frohlich / Bedford / Truswell, GBR, 18
5. Audrey (Corinthian), Jon Warwick / Will Bedford / Fraser Woodley / Hannah Hunt, GBR, 19

Kusznierewicz and Schon dominate opening day of 5.5 Metre Europeans in Sanremo
The 2020 5.5 Metre Europeans got underway on Tuesday in Sanremo, Italy, after a four-hour delay waiting for wind, but with two great races late in the afternoon in 7-10 knots of warm breeze and flat water. Aspire (POL 17, Mateusz Kusznierewicz, Przemyslaw Gacek, Simon Fry) won their first race on their first day racing in class to lie second overnight with a 1,5, while Momo (SUI 229, Dieter Schon, Markus Wieser, Thomas Auracher) had the best of the day with a 3,1 to take the overall lead. Third is Caracole (SUI 214, Bernard Haissly, Berthoud Nicolas, Daniel Stampfli) with a 4,3.

The day began hot and windless with a two-hour postponement to wait for the wind, which then drifted to nearly four hours. The fleet was finally sent out late afternoon in a building breeze.

Aspire were fast out of the blocks in Race 1, soon tacked and were gone. They had at least a 100 meter lead at the top, and though Ali Baba (BAH 23, Martin Manrique, Flavio Marazzi, William Alloway) reeled in some distance, they could not pass and ended up second. Otto (NOR 68, Bent Cristian Wilhelmsen, Lasse Berthelsen, Luka Strahovnik) had a great first upwind to round third, but Momo sailed well to cross the finish in third.

Momo then gained a jump out of the start in Race 2, tacking quickly to the right while New Moon II (BAH 24, Mark Holowesko, Christoph Burger, Peter Vlasov) favoured the left. Momo led round the top to lead all the way to the finish and take the win while New Moon II chased hard but could not quite catch up. Marie-Francoise XXI (SUI 232, Jurg Menzi, Jurgen Eiermann, Bo Selko) were in third for a long time, but Caracole came past on the final downwind.

Racing in Sanremo continues until Saturday 29 with a series of 10 races scheduled.

Results after 2 races
1 Momo - Dieter Schon, Markus Wieser, Thomas Auracher, SUI, 4
2 Aspire - Mateusz Kusznierewicz, Przemyslaw Gacek, Simon Fry, POL, 6
3 Caracole - Bernard Haissly, Berthoud Nicolas, Daniel Stampfli, SUI, 7
4 Ali Baba - Martin Manrique, Flavio Marazzi, William Alloway, BAH, 8
5 New Moon II - Mark Holowesko, Christoph Burger, Peter Vlasov, BAH, 9
6 Marie-Francoise XXI - Jurg Menzi, Jurgen Eiermann, Bo Selko, SUI, 13
7 Shaolin - Cujean Lucien, Andreas Kindlimann, Hans Von Werdt, SUI, 14
8 Otto - Bent Cristian Wilhelmsen, Lasse Berthelsen, Luka Strahovnik, NOR, 14
9 Black & White - Daniel Schenker, Mark Dangel, Anthony Shanks, SUI, 15
10 Forza Del Destino - George Prapopoulos, Simon Pfandler, David Schneeberger, SUI, 20

Full results

Harken® Fly™ Blocks: Big Power in a Small Package
Harken® Fly blocks are designed to provide strength beyond mass, offering big holding power in a low-aero package. Designed specifically for use with very small-diameter line, these friction-fighting blocks have an incredible working load for their small size. Fly blocks are in their element rigged in cascade systems aboard foiling dinghies, catamarans, sportboats - even in multi-part control-line purchases aboard TP52s.

Fly Blocks are available in 18, 29, and 40 mm sizes. The 18 mm blocks feature an integrated stainless steel inner race and rivet, stainless steel ball bearings and composite fiber-reinforced sideplates, and are available in single, double, and before long, triple sheave models. The 29 and 40 mm blocks feature a one-piece titanium sheave that doubles as the outer bearing race for their stainless steel ball bearings.

See Fly blocks in our online catalog or at your local Harken dealer.

Herreshoff Marine Museum, Part 6: In the Boat Hall: The Dinghies
"Pay attention to her delicacy and the workmanship... look at how well she's lasted!"

As with their world-beating yachts, the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co.'s method of critical ingenuity created beautiful, useful, and robust dinghies.

Part 6 is the final video of Off Center Harbor's HMM Tour as we take a look at the Herreshoff Manufacturing Co.'s amazing dinghies.

Rolex Swan Cup: A Meeting Of Kindred Spirits
As sport begins its careful resumption following the lengthy interruption caused by COVID-19, the biennial Rolex Swan Cup will take centre stage in early September as one of the first international sailing competitions. The 21st edition is scheduled to take place from 6-13 September in the renowned sailing environment of Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

Racing commences on Tuesday, 8 September and runs through to the following Sunday. The combination of intense short-course windward/leeward races and longer-distance coastal courses, which thread through north-east Sardinia's rugged yet beguiling Maddalena Archipelago, provides professional and Corinthian sailors alike with compelling competition.

Rolex Testimonee and United States sailing legend Paul Cayard will be among the elite talent competing at this year's event, racing as tactician on the ClubSwan 50 Cuordileone.

While the Rolex Swan Cup draws an array of leading sailors, it is the yachts that are the stars. Immaculately maintained, they elicit a shared pride among Swan owners. This solidarity is demonstrated in the sense of fair play that prevails throughout the week. According to Leonardo Ferragamo, the owner of Cuordileone and chairman of Nautor's Swan, "Swan owners have passion and a noble approach, which is characterized by the racing and the spirit that shines through at the Rolex Swan Cup."

This year, more than ever, the ethos of community will be felt most keenly even if it is socially distanced. Rolex is proud to support such a respected event through enduring partnerships with like-minded organizations.

Unstoppable - Doyle Sails
Doyle Sails's high speed journey to the top of the sailmaking industry continues unabated. No wonder one of the most successful yachtsmen of the modern era renounced his agnostic stance to join them for the ride.

Doyle Sails has become a global leader in sailmaking by working with some of the most successful sailors in the industry. So when CEO Mike Sanderson was deciding what the next phase might be with Doyle Sails' US presence, he called Tony Rey. For most of his career, Tony had been "agnostic" about sailmaking brands, but coaching and racing with Doyle programmes had impressed him with their sailors-first approach.

'Owners decide what sails to buy. What they're actually buying is the people who are going to help them,' Rey says. 'I love that we're a small entrepreneurial company. Very much owner-operated, and all the partners have a little skin in the game.' As a Rhode Island local, Newport made sense for him and Rey set up an office at Newport Shipyard just in time for the 2019 summer season.

Full article in the September issue of Seahorse

The ultimate form of isolation for one Hampshire sailor
Photo by Thomas Deregnieaux / Alan Roberts Racing. Click on image to enlarge.

Back on the 13th March, Alan Roberts was on the pontoons in Les Sables-d'OLonne in race mode, preparing for the first race of 2020, the Solo Maître Coq. Within 48hours he was on the last passenger ferry out of France. France was ahead of the UK going into lockdown, the organisers pulled the race and Alan had an 18-hour sail back to his home port which was already shut to all boats except the Figaros returning home. Special arrangements had been made to lift them out. Alan's Figaro was packed up and left on the hard and the paperwork arranged so he could make his way across France and through the police roadblocks. Arriving at the ferry port, he was told the ferry after his had been cancelled and he was on the last one out of France.

Spending lockdown back in Hampshire, Alan was able to continue his work on developing his navigational and weather skills as well as picking up his naval architecture tools to do some composite design and build and not to mention the copious amount of fitness to keep him busy. The 10 weeks in lockdown is the longest he has spent on land for a very long time. A highlight being a dinghy sail across Chichester harbour when the restrictions were lifted.

Two races then followed, the rescheduled Solo Maître Coq and the Solo Guy Cotten with a Second place finish in the latter. Today though the delivery to the big race begins, The Solitaire Du Figaro.

This year's edition will include three classic stages of 500 miles or more, and one final 24-hour sprint, with the course taking just under a month to complete. Among the highlights, the Fastnet and Wolf Rock stand out on this racecourse that includes several Channel crossings, the need to deal with the shipping lanes and sandbanks to Dunkirk, and then the rocks and tidal currents down to Loire-Atlantique. The race begins on August 30th.

The Solitaire is sailed in strictly One Design Boats (all the same) of 32 foot in length (9.75metres) by just one person, over four offshore legs. This makes it a very tough race with no contact so Alan will be very much on his own during the race.

Alan is very grateful to his sponsors Seacat Services, Kilchoman Distillery, Chartwell Marine Ltd, Marine Results, Zhik, Survitec, Exposure Lights, Alert and Find, Lyophilise & Co 727 Sailbags, We would also like to thank the invaluable support of Hugh Styles (Coach) and Brian Thompson (Meteorologist ).

Jib Trim Pro Tip
Barry Hayes (UK Sailmakers Ireland) and Pat Considine (UK Sailmakers Chicago) explain headsail vertical camber and why it's so important to boat speed and. Understanding headsail vertical camber is the modern headsail trimmer's main tool to getting optimum speed and power out of the sail.

Headsail horizontal camber is always spoken about regarding how the sail needs to develop the right shape; but vertical camber is also critical to the performance of the sail.

UK Sailmakers' sail designers use vertical camber tools in their design program to optimize a sail's horizontal camber. The superior shape-holding characteristics of today's moulded sails require proper setting of the car, halyard, and inhauler to get the horizontal and vertical camber correct.

Full article:

Thousand Islands Race
Rijeka - Porto Montenegro - Rijeka: 17 - 27 September 2020
A bit more than a month to the start of the 8th edition of the Thousand Islands Race, organisers are committed to held the race as planned despite difficult times caused by Corona pandemic. Entries are already received from Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia and Spain with more expected in weeks to come. Double handed division may attract attention particularly as this event may be great test for those crews that already started campaigns for new Olympic discipline. Also, new ORC Double Handed certificates will be used for this division to rate reduced crew weight and sail inventory more appropriate for double handed sailing. Boats racing double handed will compete in the same class as full-crewed entries, but be scored separately for special DH prizes.

Thousand Islands Race is scheduled to start with first leg from Rijeka to Porto Montenegro in Tivat on Saturday 19th September on a course going through more than 1000 islands of the Adriatic Sea and second leg on the same course in opposite direction with start on Thursday, 24th September. However, circumstances connected to corona crisis are putting new challenges that may not be easily predicted therefore organisers are considering alternative routes for unlikely last minute changes should it become necessary, following any decision and recommendation by local Public Health Authorities in Croatia and Montenegro.

Safety and health of participants is top priority. Therefore, Guidance for Event Organizer of Offshore Yacht Races published by World Sailing will be incorporated. Social gatherings will be tailored to suit no-crowd policies. Organizers are determined and excited to conduct race despite challenging times and looking forward to meet all crews on the best course nature could design.

Charlie Enright: The New Ocean Race Calendar Gives Us More Time To Make The Right Choices
Charlie Enright, the co-skipper of 11th Hour Racing, believes the new schedule for The Ocean Race - with the next race due to start in October 2022 - will give his team and rival IMOCA entrants more time to make the best choices on all aspects of their campaign.

Enright spoke to the IMOCA website on the eve of his departure last week from Concarneau for Newport Rhode Island, leading a crew of six on board the team's VPLP-designed foiler that it acquired from Alex Thomson's syndicate last year.

Enright and his crew have been looking forward to getting back on the ocean after the hiatus caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and are using the transatlantic to test out a radical new foil design that the team has developed in partnership with the Mer Concept group.

As a fully-committed entrant into The Ocean Race, Enright and co-skipper Mark Towill have had to re-think their schedule around the new timetable, but they are already eyeing it as an opportunity.

Full interview

Featured Charter
Leopard 3. POA EUR.

Private yacht charters, thrilling corporate sailing days and top-level racing.

Leopard is one of the most stylish and technologically advanced yachts ever to be launched and is aimed at a multi-faceted role including thrilling corporate sailing days, exclusive private yacht charters and top-level racing on the International race circuit.

Whether competing for line honours in some of the world's greatest yacht races or offering exhilarating charter days for our discerning corporate clients, Leopard provides an unforgettable voyage for all who sail on her.

Available for:
RORC Transatlantic Race 2021
RORC Caribbean 600
ARC Trans Atlantic
RORC Caribbean 600
Heineken Regatta
Antigua Sailing Week
Antigua Superyacht Challenge
St Barths Bucket
La voile st Barths

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Featured Brokerage
2005 Starkel Star 60. 580000 EUR. Located in Viareggio, Italy.

Supremely elegant wood epoxy and carbon performance cruising yacht, custom built to the highest standards and extensively updated and refitted in recent seasons. A very special yacht!

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Lead Broker: Alex Grabau
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2001 Botin Carkeek 52 'COYOTE'. 90,000 EUR Located in Herault.

B&C 52 ex CAIXA GALICIA - 2001. Botin & Carkeek's design. Winner Cupa del Rey 2002, IMS World Championship 2001 and 2002. Very good condition. Ideal IRC and IMS racing. Ready to race 2019 season. SPARCRAFT carbon mast, boom and spinnaker pool. 2005 BROOKS AND GATEHOUSE instruments with 6 jumbos repeater. All LEWMAR winches. HARKEN blocs, travellers and rails. SPINLOCK jammers.

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2013 Soto 65 - "Camiranga". 2,049,000 EUR.

CAMIRANGA from Soto Acebal is a 65-foot canting keeler, best placed to tackle offshore's with a sail area compatible to a V70 and an interior that provides far greater comfort. Pretty lines and more forgiving than her sparring partners on the race track, this is an exciting boat for any yachtsman.

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Sam Pearson - Ancasta Race Boats

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