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Ireland’s Drascombes Celebrate Historic 12th July With All-Ireland Boyne Rally
Aboard a Legendary Boat: Herreshoff NY30 ALERA
The grindhouse rules, powering the AC75 with Harken
JOG Great Escape Race
Classic Yachts: Peters reflects on family boat building links at Ida relaunch
How AIM45 Wants To Popularise And Demystify Data Analysis
Wave Regatta team foresees a 'redesign of major sailing events'
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Dhream Cup Start
Click on image to enlarge the course map.

Dhream Cup Ireland's 'Figaro Duo' teams are racing in the 400-mile Drheam Cup and after a 1 pm start this afternoon are neck and neck in the seven-boat Figaro division.

Dun Laoghaire Harbour's Kenny Rumball and Pamela Lee are making their double-handed debut for Ireland and joining them on the Figaro Beneteau 3 fleet start line are County Meath and French combination Tom Dolan and Mini Transat Winner François Jambou.

As Afloat reported previously, both Rumball and Dolan are looking for a performance boost after both Irish solo sailors posted mixed results in the Solo Maitre Coq last month.

The race represents the start of the Irish campaigns for double-handed keelboat selection for Paris 2024.

It is the first time the Figaro Beneteau 3 fleet has been invited to race in this 100-plus boat event which has become a multi-class French offshore Grand Prix, set to feature the Ultime and IMOCA fleets too.

The third edition of the Drheam-Cup, from July 16 to 24, 2020, will be marked by some major changes which illustrate the organizer's desire to constantly innovate.

- A reverse course
The big race, whose start will be given on Sunday July 19, will change direction on this third edition compared to the previous one, since it will start from Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and will end at La Trinité -sur-Mer, hence a new name: the Drheam-Cup Cherbourg-La Trinité.

- Drheam-Cup 1100: the Ultimate Guests
In its desire, claimed since the first edition, to make the Drheam-Cup an “OPEN” race open to all sizes of boats, the organizer created on the Drheam-Cup Cherbourg-La Trinité a third 1,100-mile course for Ultimate trimarans of around 30 meters, invited to take part in this great celebration.

Classes participating:
Class 40
Mini 6.50
Open large monohulls
Multi 2000
Multi 50

Foil for Life Challenge
The European summer of 2020 is providing plenty of days with superb sailing conditions, but a distinct lack of events in which to share the camaraderie and experience of being on the water. Lockdown has though brough disparate groups of sailors together online, discussing ideas and formulating plans.

The Waszp class has been renowned for its community spirit since its inception in 2016, and a group of enterprising British and French sailors, filled with a spirit of adventure, put together the 'Foil for Life Challenge', with the aim of crossing the English Channel between Lymington and Le Havre, raising money for the UK's National Health Service (NHS) and the French Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Paris (APHP).

Six sailors will be taking part in the challenge are Hattie Rogers, Edward Higson & William Heathcote from the UK and Pierre Leboucher, Mael Garnier, Corentin Horeau from France.

In this time safety is paramount and the team will have three support RIBs in attendance throughout the crossing. A window of 12th - 20th August for the challenge historically should provide a day of these conditions. If suitable conditions aren't forthcoming, then further windows will be found, but compromising on weather criteria will not be considered.

The team are looking for a sponsor, either corporate or an individual benefactor, to cover costs ensuring that all money raised can go directly to the charities. All the support crews are volunteering their time and RIBs for the challenge to keep costs to an absolute minimum. If you are interested in supporting costs for the challenge the please contact Hattie Rogers via

Seahorse July 2020
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine

Seahorse Magazine

One Vendee Globe technical team breaks rank, an awful day in Emsworth, skullduggery from the outset, leaky keels are slow… and an unexpected success amid all the frustration of lockdown. Christian Fevrier, Jack Griffin, Patrice Carpentier, Sam Davies, Hans Zuiderbaan, Jon Emmett

World news
The Vendee Globe is a go, after a chilly warm-up, getting that foil balance right, while trying not to break anything, BURLING and TUKE on the back foot (true), experts versus rookies - a tale of two lockdowns, a formidable track record… and lots to teach. Plus making the most of a (US) bargain. Ky Hurst, Ivor Wilkins, Patrice Carpentier, Blue Robinson, Dobbs Davis, Paul Meilhat, Guillermo Parada, Alex Pella

Paul Cayard - Take the good
Ironically for some the world being turned upside down brought unexpected consolations

IRC - Doing good (too)
The curious advantages of reducing stability. And electric power - is it (yet) for real? Tim Powell

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Ireland’s Drascombes Celebrate Historic 12th July With All-Ireland Boyne Rally
Click on image to enlarge.

Drascombes In keeping with their able boats and individualistic approach that the Irish Drascombe Association should see the history-laden links of the 12th July 2020 - the 330th Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne - as providing the ideal occasion to hold a Boyne Rally using the cruising potential of the partially restored Boyne Navigation, with the fleet made up from the north and the south of Ireland for a cruise-in-company involving sea passages and river transits.

As is expected with the 12th July and the days around it, many flags were flown by a fleet of eleven Drascombes (five from the north and six from the south) along the Boyne water. But it was all in a spirit of the warmest friendship and a shared enthusiasm for special boats and the unique exploration opportunities they provide, with a potentially complex six-day programme involving distant launching points and coastal passage-making, with a growing fleet and stopover ports towards the Boyne.

Full story in Afloat

Aboard a Legendary Boat: Herreshoff NY30 ALERA
Because her restoration is so historically precise, when you step aboard the New York Thirty Class ALERA, you'll feel like you're stepping all the way back to 1905, the year Herreshoff NY-30 ALERA was launched by the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company.


The grindhouse rules, powering the AC75 with Harken
In the 36th edition of the America’s Cup, the role of the grinder is more important than ever before. AC75 class boats are powered by both human energy and battery power. Whilst the batteries control the main foils and rudders, everything above the waterline, including every sail control, is powered by the onboard grinders using pedestals supplied by official Winch Systems and Deck Hardware partner, Harken.

Needless to say, the more power generated, the more accurately both the mainsail and headsail can be trimmed. That is why on INEOS TEAM UK’s AC75 ‘Britannia’ there will always be eight or nine people turning the handles on the Harken grinder pedestals and generating power for the trimmers. One of those grinders is British/Australian Graeme Spence, now in his second America’s Cup campaign - read an exclusive interview with Graeme.

powering the AC75 with Harken

JOG Great Escape Race
The JOG Great Escape Race offered some brisk conditions and a revised course enabled competitors to finally escape the Solent around the needles Fairway buoy and back to the finish with a few separator marks in between.

Over 80 entries for this race adapted with covid precautions to limit crew numbers proved a great success with all three class winners racing with no more than 4 crew made up of family plus one groups.

Congratulations to Class 1 winners Bellino with Rob Craigie and Deb Fish, who were also 2nd in the Double Handed Class. Not many risked a kite from the fairway buoy to North Head but Bellino certainly weren’t going to allow the 20 knots + wind to stop them. If you haven’t seen Deb’s slot on the double handed webinar, you should watch to see why they are such confident sailors in these conditions. (See video below)

Class 2 winners were White Cloud ix, skippered by John Donnelly, sailed with 3 of his family plus one. We are certain that John will be celebrating his family success with this excellent result.

Class 3 winners Eros skippered by rising star Azat Ulutas, part of project Scaramouche who continue to impress with great results. Their second boat Riot should also be applauded for pressing on through the rough seas of the Needles Channel and completing the course in what must have seemed a very small boat in high seas.

Double handed winners Ziggy sailed by Kevin Downer and Timothy Eccles finished in just under 5 hours.

Full results

JOG Great Escape Race

Classic Yachts: Peters reflects on family boat building links at Ida relaunch
Photo by Richard Gladwell. Click on image for photo gallery.

Classic Yachts Ida, the latest addition to Auckland's classic yacht fleet had her ceremonial relaunch on Sunday afternoon, in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister, Winston Peters.

Originally launched in 1895, Ida returned to New Zealand from Sydney in October 2018, by the Classic Yacht Charitable Trust (NZ), having been in Australia since 1984. She is the 11th yacht in the classic fleet comprising indigenous New Zealand yachts.

Chairman of the Trust, John Street explained how he heard of the existence of Ida, a Bailey design, through Peter Mirams, a university accountancy colleague who had sailed on Ida, then owned by his uncle. However, the family had lost track of the yacht.

Thirty-six hours after that discussion, Street tracked Ida down in Sydney. "She was in a sorry state", Street recalled.

As many of the original parts as possible have been used in the restored yacht - including the original 125year old rigging screws. "We had them x-rayed, and they are in perfect condition," Street explained. "Ida was the first yacht in New Zealand to use rigging screws to tension the rigging, instead of the usual system of wooden deadeyes," he added.

Missing is a plaque marking the occasion in the 1920s when then Prince Edward VIII sailed aboard Ida during a Royal Visit when there was a transport strike, and no-one could leave Auckland.

Ida's skipper is Andy Ball, former multiple national champion in the Javelin and Flying Dutchman class before moving onto the offshore scene. He played a key role in Ian Gibbs' Admirals Cup campaigns, being top individual boat in 1981, with Swuzzlebubble competing as one of the 16 national teams of three boats each. Ball has moved onto classic boats and also owns and races Aramoana. -- by Richard Gladwell/

Full article and a ton of photos in

How AIM45 Wants To Popularise And Demystify Data Analysis
Those amazing images of foilers flat out, raising delicate, directed spumes of spray remind us that sailing is in the midst of a new sporting and technological era. But behind the flying, foiling revolution there is another, perhaps less visible paradigm shift, the explosion of data.

"It really was the arrival of the Ultims and their high frequency sensors that changed everything", explains Olivier Douillard, who is in charge of performance within the Gitana Team. A "simple, straightforward" boat generates around thirty sources of data; an Ultim, which has about 120 measurement points on board thanks to fibre optics, produces 750 different data sources. On a round the world circumnavigation this represents 37 billion data against about 8 million for a stage of the Solitaire du Figaro!

After more than 25 years spent at the highest level - two Olympic preparations, two America's Cups, many years at North Sails and Adrena, - Olivier Douillard, 52, founded AIM45 to develop M2, a collaborative data analysis platform. "Our objective is to transform a data flow into objective information which is accessible to all, in order to optimize performance", he summarizes.

In addition to the classic sensors - anemometer, wind vane, compass, speedo, GPS - modern boats measure the heel, trim, rigging loads, the hull and appendage deformations, the actual positions of the appendages, and so on. But what is there to do with all of this? "There is such a volume of data that the risk of missing out on the really relevant, important information is quite high", points out Olivier Douillard. "There is an incredible wealth of information there that can be overlooked."

Yes, the biggest Imoca and Ultims teams have their own dedicated resources, but this is far from being the case for all teams, and even less so for racers in Mini, Figaro, Class40 or Multi50. Hence Douillard's idea of designing a tool that automates the very time-consuming processing of data collected during sailing and that including the notes and photos that are circulated on the Whatsapp or other networks.

From last week's Tip & Shaft newsletter

Wave Regatta team foresees a 'redesign of major sailing events'
During months where many of us were learning how to cut our own hair, do our own nails and make our own coffee, the Wave Regatta team was meeting online to consider the ever-changing route ahead. Their initial and early decision to defer the event from what is hoped will be its regular schedule (that is every second year on the June bank holiday and carefully dove-tailing with Dun Laoghaire Regatta) was intended to see-off the Coronavirus and to find a suitable weekend in what would normally be a busy national sailing schedule.

Alas, the pandemic will still keep us guessing, but with the help from the versatile and agile team in Howth and with guidance from Irish Sailing, they are planning to deliver an excellent event on the weekend of the 11th of September. The redesigning of Wave Regatta for 2020 has centred around the provision of safety for competitors and as such has meant that there will be tight restrictions on visitors this year - with the result that after-sailing entertainment program will be significantly curtailed.

However, sailing affords lots of fresh air and the wide-open spaces from Fingal's unique coastline will give the team at Howth the opportunity to showcase the club's world-class racing resources with a team that is anxious to do what it does best. The decision to combine Wave Regatta with the Irish Cruiser Racing National Championships will demonstrate a natural synergy and presents the regatta as Ireland's focal sailing event of 2020.

Newly appointed Mayor of Fingal David Healy acknowledged the work that the Wave Regatta team have been doing and was delighted that the regatta was being carefully planned during such a difficult year. It is understood that this will be one of very few major sailing regattas to be held in the World during 2020.

Event details at

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