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World Sailing confirms International Olympic Committee financial support
RORC Lockdown Live Series | Time Over Distance
It's a Winch, it's a Ratchet Block, No it's SnubbAir!
Online Bermuda Race
International Laser Class Association (ILCA) dinghy launched in Virtual Regatta Inshore
New 18ft Skiff Teams Wanted For 2020 - Apply Now!
Radical gestation - Baltic Yachts
The DRHEAM CUP will start on 19 July!
4,000-year-old boat
RS:X IP Rights Transfer Keeps the Class Still Open for a Business
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• • Starkel Star 60
• • Alfred Mylne 54 Ft Cutter - Irina VII
• • BoatThree
The Last Word: Oscar Wilde

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World Sailing confirms International Olympic Committee financial support
World Sailing, the world governing body of the sport, has received confirmation of financial support from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) following constructive dialogue.

The IOC is supporting World Sailing in addressing the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequence on postponing the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In the challenging times experienced as a consequence of COVID-19, World Sailing has engaged with the IOC on how best to address the impact experienced within the sport with detailed and transparent discussions. The support and dialogue underlines the outstanding partnership shared between the IOC and World Sailing.

"Receiving the support and the encouragement from IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach means a lot for World Sailing," commented World Sailing President, Kim Andersen. "I am looking forward to continuing the great partnership between the IOC and World Sailing with a focus on our great sport and our sailors."

The financial support will enable World Sailing to continue plans for developing and promoting sailing worldwide and delivering the highest standards for the Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games. Furthermore, World Sailing will continue to develop formats in line with the IOC Agenda 2020 and the World Sailing Strategy with gender equality and sustainability strategies as a strong focus for promoting the sport in the future.

RORC Lockdown Live Series | Time Over Distance
Vol. 12 - Jon Holt/Greig City Academy - Scaramouche Sailing Trust

For the 12th edition of the RORC Time Over Distance Series we will be revealing the awe-inspiring work of the Scaramouche Sailing Trust. The Greig City Academy in North London started the sailing project in 2016 and since then, hundreds of inner-city kids, as young as 13, have fallen in love with sailing. A select few have raced as teams in qualifying races and the last two editions of the Rolex Fastnet Race, finishing on both occasions.

We all have an affinity with the sea. Every sailor has felt the forces of nature and the experience becomes compulsive. Witnessing young people getting this compulsion is uplifting and inspirational.

Live interview by Louay Habib with Greig City Academy's Jon Holt and members of GCA Sailing Club - the first inner-city London school to have its own sailing club.

RORC Lockdown Live Series

It's a Winch, it's a Ratchet Block, No it's SnubbAir!
SnubbAir It looks like a winch, acts like a ratchet block, but it's Harken's SnubbAir. First designed as a fix to a bruising deck layout challenge for J70 sailors, but now it serves as a creative rigging solution for other sailors too, when needing more holding power. J/70 jib trimmers were tired of getting hurt every time they moved over sharp winch edges. They liked having the winches there when they needed them but not the bruising.

In the past year Harken has sold close to 400 SnubbAirs. Why? First, the class-legal SnubbAir weighs less than half of the B8A. Second, they are 30% lower to the deck and feature two races of Delrin® ball bearings like a block with very little friction. And third, SnubbAir can be used with an adaptor that lets crews use a conventional winch handle.

Even though SnubbAir was originally designed as a J70 solution, its versatility hasn't gone unnoticed. It has been used as a large ratcheting foot block and line diverter on other boats as well.

And best of all, it's super low maintenance. It only needs a rinse from time to time with soap and water and installation takes less than 10 minutes.

You'll understand why pros like the 2019 J70 World Champions use SnubbAir when you try it yourself. Ask your Harken dealer to demonstrate it - today.

Harken At the Front.

Online Bermuda Race
Instead of 200 boats starting the 52nd Newport Bermuda Race as planned, a digital version began off Castle Hill Lighthouse at 1pm local time on June 19 with more than twice as many boats competing. In partnership with, a popular sailboat-racing simulator, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee created the 2020 Online Newport Bermuda Race (#N2BOnline), and sailors have responded.

The Dehler 46 is the chosen boat for traditionally the biggest division in the on-water race. Boats in the St. David's Lighthouse Division are steered by amateurs only and most range from 35 to 50 feet.

The XP 55 from X-Yachts in Denmark is the longest boat model in the online race, so it's been chosen for the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division, which normally features the fastest boats in the on-water race with professional sailors among their crews.

At 33 feet, the Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 is the smallest boat in our online race and was selected for our Double-Handed Division (two sailors per boat).

The new 50-foot Italia 14.98 is a Maurizio Cossutti luxury performance cruiser chosen for the Finisterre Division for cruising boats typically ranging from 40 to 65 feet long.

* Race Blog 5: "rafa" Earns Line Honours by 99 Seconds

Juan Barclay/rafa captured first to finish honours and first place in the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division by crossing the line off St. David's Lighthouse in Bermuda at 23:08:01 UTC tonight, about 8:08 local time. rafa sails under the flag of Peru, and is likely the first boat to win a race to Bermuda from that country. How did he feel to win? "Relief!!" then added "Congrats ij, robert and top finishers in all divisions. Happy to see so many "new" boats racing. Hope everyone enjoyed the experience."

Making a textbook finish at the port end of the line, rafa took line honours and first place in the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse Division, beating ij by 99 seconds.

Ilpo Jarvinen/ij finished second, a mere 99 seconds behind. While ij almost took the lead at one point Sunday, rafa's position closer to the rhumbline gave him a windward position, and he could sail a little lower and faster on the long reach to Kitchen Shoals on Monday. In the process he built a slightly more comfortable lead of 0.2 nautical miles!

International Laser Class Association (ILCA) dinghy launched in Virtual Regatta Inshore
Global eSailors will now be able to race the International Laser Class Association (ILCA) Dinghy, with the boat set to launch in Virtual Regatta Inshore on Saturday 20 June.

The ILCA Dinghy will launch in the Kieler-Woche event in Virtual Regatta Inshore allowing eSailors to race on the boat virtually. The ILCA Dinghy is widely recognised as the world's most popular boat, with more than 200,000 in circulation.

World Sailing and Virtual Regatta, the leading digital sailing platform, are constantly striving to bring the sport seamlessly into the virtual world, and expanding the boats offered in the game is a perfect way to engage with the large community of ILCA Dinghy sailors worldwide.

ILCA have enabled the addition of one of the world's most popular adult and youth racing class boats into the game. The Laser is a hugely versatile boat, offering fun for sailors of all ages, whilst also providing high level competition as an Olympic discipline.

The ILCA Dinghy is the latest Olympic boat to be created in the virtual world for the eSailing World Championship and joins the established 49er and Nacra 17. eSailors from around the world will be able to experience the thrills and tactical nuances of sailing the high-performance Olympic disciplines from the comfort of their home.

Kieler-Woche, one of the world's best known sailing events, and a number of other international Olympic class sailing events have been cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. World Sailing and Virtual Regatta have worked closely to hold virtual challenges during the same dates, allowing the sailors around the world to compete virtually and remain connected throughout this time.

This challenge will provide an opportunity for three eSailors (one from the 49er, one from the Nacra and one from the laser) to qualify for the eSailing World Championship Playoffs.

Success at the Playoffs will give eSailors a chance at qualifying for the Final later this year, where the 2020 eSailing World Champion will be crowned.

The game can be played on desktop and via iOS and Android devices by following the links below

Desktop - iOS - Android.

New 18ft Skiff Teams Wanted For 2020 - Apply Now!
Click on image for photo gallery.

18ft Skiff The Australian 18 Footers League has long had a policy of introducing new and young teams into its fleet to ensure the continued growth and quality of the club's 85-year-old tradition of 18ft Skiff Racing on Sydney Harbour.

It comes as no surprise that the League's administrators have launched an initiative to entice a new group into the class as it moves into the new decade, and they are taking applications now for the 2020 season.

Over the past 20 years, the club's racing has produced numerous world, Olympic and several international champions as well as crew members for winning America's Cup teams.

The experience gained from sailing the high-performance 18ft Skiffs has also given many sailors the opportunity of competing on the best international ocean racing yachts.

Australian 18 Footers League Director Stephen Quigley, is the 1996 Giltinan world 18ft Skiff champion, a crew member of the Sydney-Hobart super yacht Wild Oats XI team, and recently one of the most successful junior sailing coaches for young sailors joining the 18s fleet.

Steve says: "we see our 2020 program as one that will be beneficial to the ongoing strength of the League as well as being a wonderful opportunity for many new individuals and teams to enjoy the thrills of sailing the flying 18s."

"Where else can you get the keys to a F1 boat to sail every Sunday on Sydney Harbour for FREE."

"We are specifically looking for two, or possibly even three, new teams for our 2020 fleet and are calling for expressions of interest from three-person teams to take on a fully sponsored boat."

"It's a wonderful opportunity for 29er or 13ft skiff youth teams or 49er Olympic aspirants, to develop their skills as they experience the unbridled thrill of racing an 18 on Sydney Harbour, and become a part of the sport's rich history."

All prospective teams should apply to Lisa Gilbert, , with a sailing resume, details of the team, and why the club should choose the team.

The club will favourably view video entries, so anyone wanting to join the glamour and excitement of 18ft Skiff Racing on Sydney Harbour should contact Lisa now. -- Frank Quealey, Australian 18 Footers League Ltd.

Radical gestation - Baltic Yachts
Baltic Yachts Baltic Yachts' most complex, sophisticated and ambitious superyacht launched to date just keeps on improving with every outing

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. After several years in development the most eagerly awaited superyacht of 2019, the 142ft Canova, was launched late in the season by Baltic Yachts with the minimum of fuss.

Unlike the launch of a brand new racing yacht where you launch, step the mast, fit some sails and go straight into sea trials in a matter of hours or days, the coming together of this extraordinarily complex yacht takes a long time to complete. Baltic Yachts excels at balancing the desire to get sailing against the need to ensure all systems work safely and effectively, while respecting the boundaries that were pushed in the design offices. The Finnish summer weather was less than ideal for a team looking for testing conditions to push the yacht to the aforementioned boundaries. Nonetheless, in between the summer vacations of suppliers and balancing the wishes of all the interested parties, some meaningful sailing was somehow managed and boxes ticked.

Full article in the July issue of Seahorse

The DRHEAM CUP will start on 19 July!
The third edition of the DRHEAM-CUP will take place! On 10 June, after discussions with the competent authorities and the approval of the French Sailing Federation, the coast is clear for obtaining the Prefecture's authorisation and launching the first major multi-class race of the season on Sunday 19 July. There will be three courses between Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and La Trinite-sur-Mer, open to the Ultime, Imoca, Multi50, Class40, Multi 2000, Large Monohull Open, IRC, Classic Yacht and Figaro Beneteau classes. Entries are open until 30 June.

Following several weeks of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected France and the world, the French Sailing Federation, after discussions on 5 June with all the competent authorities, gave its "sporting green light" for the DRHEAM-CUP on Wednesday 10 June 2020 to Jacques Civilise, the organiser, as well as the Cherbourg-en-Cotentin town hall.

The start of the third edition of the DRHEAM-CUP, organised jointly by the Yacht Club de France, the organising sporting authority, the UNCL, the Yacht-Club de Cherbourg and the Society Nautique de La Trinite-sur-Mer, will now take place on 19 July . Remaining loyal to its OPEN ethos, the three courses (for crews, two-handed and solo sailors) between Cherbourg-en-Cotentin and La Trinite-sur-Mer will be open to all: the DRHEAM-CUP 1100, for Ultime trimarans only, the DRHEAM-CUP 700 (Multi50, Imoca, Class40, Multi 2000, Large Open monohulls) and the DRHEAM CUP 400 (Figaro Beneteau, the race is a qualifier for the Solitaire du Figaro 2020, IRC, Classic Yachts).

The programme:
Thursday 16 July: Arrival of boats in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin
Friday 17 and Saturday 18 July: Technical and safety checks
Sunday 19 July: DRHEAM-CUP start
From Tuesday 21 July: arrival of boats in La Trinite-sur-Mer

4,000-year-old boat
A bored schoolboy who abandoned his homework to go paddling in a lake uncovered an ancient boat that could be more than 4,000 years old.

The 17ft longboat was lodged in the mud in the lake at the back of 12-year-old Cathal McDonagh's home in Lisacul, Castlerea, Co Roscommon.

Archaeologists have told the family the ancient vessel could date back as far as 2000 BC.

A team will travel down from Dublin this week to examine the amazing find, which Cathal tripped over as he paddled in shallow water.

While a river may have flowed through the area thousands of years ago, the lake is inland, and is home to at least one crannóg - an ancient artificial island usually built for defensive reasons. They are the oldest dwelling places in prehistoric Ireland.

RS:X IP Rights Transfer Keeps the Class Still Open for a Business
NeilPryde Ltd. transfers the RS:X IP (Intellectual Property) to the International RS:X Windsurfing Class Association. During the worldwide Covid-19 lockdown, the RS:X Class Association has continued to work in the background in supporting its sailors and MNA's with a range of issues and concerns.

The primary concern raised has been about the supply of equipment for those sailors looking to Tokyo 2020 (to be held on 2021) who will need to train on fresh equipment as well as continuing their equipment selection processes. Alongside this, NeilPryde Ltd. who have been overseen the production of the RS:X for 4 Olympic cycles, has been looking to move away from the single manufacturer option to a more open market for manufacturers. This reflects the anti-trust concerns that have dominated discussions at World Sailing over the past two years.

As such NeilPryde feel that now is the right time to transfer the IP of the RS:X to the Class Association and allow a process for multiple manufacturers to exist, appointed by the Class, provided that the consistency, quality and supply is maintained. This transfer of IP gives the Class and its sailors control over who is building their equipment. Whatever the future holds for the Class, this set up will be able to adapt to changing circumstances.

Under the arrangement, manufacturing will continue at the existing suppliers of boards, masts, sails and booms. The appointed manufacturers will now supply product directly to distributors, at the same time as becoming directly accountable for product quality. NeilPryde Ltd. will remain a part of this manufacturing group, responsible for the production of the sails in its China factory, where it specialises in the high quality, tightly consistent production of sails for other Olympic and Youth One Design Classes. Athletes will be able to continue to buy equipment from their local distributor, and will benefit from an 8% average drop in the retail prices.

The RS:X Class have also been looking at the next 12 months and beyond as the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games also offers up some different opportunities. The Class is keeping a close eye on its events in line with the whole sailing calendar to ensure that when events start to happen again, the overlap is reduced to ensure that conflicts are minimalised. As more RS:X sailors start to receive their iQFoil equipment, making sure that RS:X events represent value for money is important to the Class.

The RS:X Class have also been invited to put forward an equipment bid by World Sailing for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games, due to be held in Senegal. The Class are considering this alongside the wider windsurfing community to ensure the best equipment for the sport as a whole is put forward.

Finally, the RS:X Class Association hopes that its sailors, coaches and supporters, wherever they are in the world are safe and well and that we will see you on the water as soon as possible.

International RS:X Class Association
NeilPryde Ltd.

Featured Auction
59' Herreshoff NY40 1926 - Marilee. Originally Listed: $1,850,000 | No Reserve, Selling to the Highest Bidder.

Bidding Opens: June 19, 2020 4:00 PM EDT USA
Bidding Closes: June 25, 2020 4:00 PM EDT USA

The Herreshoff NY40 is one of the most admired designs of all time. This classic design represents the genius and artistry of Captain Nathaniel G. Herreshoff - a name that truly exemplifies and frames American yacht design, building, and innovation. As one of the MIT’s earliest students, N. G. Herreshoff (MIT Class of 1870) set new standards in design and manufacturing, realizing remarkable influence and success over a 75-year career. His legendary design genius, engineering innovations and manufacturing efficiency led to the production of six America’s Cup winners and hundreds of other highly regarded vessels. Nathaniel, and his older brother John B, founded the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in 1878. Among the many accomplishments to their credit was the design and build of every Americas Cup winning yacht from 1893-1934. Those yachts that defended the Auld Mug truly defined the limits of engineering, materials, and technology, much like the NY40’s.

See auction details at Boathouse Auctions



Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only 2005 Starkel Star 60. 580000 EUR. Located in Viareggio, Italy.

Supremely elegant wood epoxy and carbon performance cruising yacht, custom built to the highest standards and extensively updated and refitted in recent seasons. A very special yacht!

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Lead Broker: Alex Grabau
Tel: +44 (0)1590 673715


Raceboats Only 1935 Alfred Mylne 54 Ft Cutter - Irina VII. 625000 EUR. Located in France.

This beautiful Alfred Mylne designed Fife yard built cutter is pedigree indeed. Both cruising and racing she is a yacht for the connoisseur most certainly.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Barney Sandeman

+44 (0)1202 330077
22 Market Street
Poole, Dorset
BH15 1NF
United Kingdom


Raceboats Only Aquarius Alfa - Swan 100S. Located in Valetta, Malta.

Aquarius Alfa is a sleek looking semi raised Swan 100 S which was designed by German Frers. She is the first SWAN 100S to feature the ‘Semi-Raised Saloon’ configuration incorporating a low-level coach roof. The yacht has four en-suite guest cabins sleeping up to nine people. This yacht is beautifully appointed and in excellent overall condition. Viewing is highly recommended - she is VAT paid. Aquarius Alfa is Malta registered.

See listing details in Carrswood Yachts Brokerage


Tel: +44 (0)7476 888639

See the collection at

The Last Word
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. -- Oscar Wilde

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