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Kiwi PM pours cold water on America' Cup border exemptions
France and Spain loosen boating regulations
Combine a C-MAP chart with a selected B&G chartplotter and save up to €300
Spectacular parade of boats to mark 80th anniversary of yacht club's 'finest hour'
INEOS Team UK launches STEM education platform
ITCA World launches new website
Kiel Week Sets a Sign
Statement on eligibility of Mikes Lab Bullet 3L / 3LC foils in Formula Kite competitions
Another day at the office - King Marine
Vale Howard McMichael
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Kiwi PM pours cold water on America' Cup border exemptions
As New Zealand prepares to move down another COVID-19 Alert level, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it very clear that under current criteria, America's Cup teams would not get a carte blanche to enter New Zealand.

Responding to questions at a media conference on Wednesday afternoon (NZT) Ms Ardern made it clear that the admission of over 50 people associated with the Avatar2 production was done on an individual basis, and not a blanket approval for anyone the production team wanted to bring into New Zealand.

Over the weekend it emerged, after a Facebook posting by Avatar producer Jon Landau on Sunday, that the group had arrived in Wellington and were entering a 14-day quarantine. Typically an America's Cup team, without partners and families who would normally relocate to the venue, are at least twice the size of the Avatar team that has been allowed into New Zealand.

The exemption to pass through a closed NZ border was "given for a group of individuals for Avatar. It was as though it was a carte blanche for the entire production. That is not the case," Ms Ardern said.

Asked specifically as to the status of the America's Cup applications, Ms Ardern explained that the applications from the America's Cup teams went initially to MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment).

They then make a judgement as to whether the case should go to the Minister for consideration.

"My recollection is that roughly 10% make it to that point", she explained. -- Richard Gladwell's full article

France and Spain loosen boating regulations
French and Spanish maritime sectors have this week relaxed their Covid-19 restrictions as the respective governments look to open the sectors as Europe enters the summer holiday season.

In France, a new decree this week repealed the decree of 11 May 2020, meaning nautical activities are no longer subject to authorisation by the prefect in individual departments, at the request of the Mayor. Prefects, however, retain the power to implement restrictive measures locally if they feel the situation warrants it.

The French measures focus predominantly on 'sea and river activities', beaches and lakes, etc. but there are still strong restrictions in place for water-borne passenger transportation such as ferries.

In Spain, the industry's national association ANEN reported this week that a 'progressive de-escalation for recreational boating continues'. The new Order SND/487/2020 stated that recreational navigation would be allowed to 'all people who are in the same province, island or autonomous city in which the boat is moored.' Occupancy on board is extended to 75% of the people authorised on the boat's certificate, up to 10 people.

Recreational boats (jet skis etc) can be rented, including leasing, by people who are in the same province, island or autonomous city where the rental companies are located. In all cases, use will be limited to the nearby waters of the territories of the province, island or territorial area of reference.

The Spanish government has deemed this to be Phase II, with Phase III being recreational nautical activities with no limitations. -- Neil Eaves

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Spectacular parade of boats to mark 80th anniversary of yacht club's 'finest hour'
Click on image for photo gallery.

Jersey's St Aubin's Bay will be filled with the colourful sight of dozens of boats on Sunday 14 June when members of St Helier Yacht Club commemorate the 80th anniversary of the evacuation of St Malo.

The annual race and rally to the French port to mark the club's 'finest hour' has had to be cancelled, with all craft being confined to local waters during the coronavirus restrictions.

Instead there will be an Evacuation 80 Parade, giving club members the chance to cruise in procession across St Aubin's Bay close to the shore, giving Islanders on the promenade the opportunity to share in the celebration while maintaining social distancing.

The individual boat crews will be from the same household or, if the vessel is large enough, practising social distancing.

The participating boats will gather close to St Aubin's Harbour before proceeding eastwards across the bay, around Elizabeth Castle breakwater and into St Helier Harbour, ending the parade by passing in front of the yacht club.

The boats will be dressed overall for the occasion but of all the flags the most important will be the club's defaced Red Ensign bearing the gold crossed axes of St Helier upon an Admiralty pattern anchor - a unique battle honour recognising the members' response to the request for help.

It was on Sunday 16 June 1940 that Jersey's Lieut-Governor, Major-General J M Harrison, received an urgent telegram from the Admiralty asking that 'Jersey send all available craft to St Malo to help the evacuation of British troops from there'.

That evening the first convoy of five club boats - an ex RNLI lifeboat (owned by the Commodore, W S Le Masurier), Klang II, Teaser, St Clement and Clutha - left Jersey with the States of Jersey launch, arriving at St Malo early the next morning.

This act of heroism is recalled every time a member hoists the club's defaced Red Ensign and is normally also remembered each summer with a race and rally to the French port.

A reception will be held at the yacht club later in the year, once social distancing rules have been relaxed, at which the members taking part in next month's parade will be presented with a commemorative burgee to mark their participation.

INEOS Team UK launches STEM education platform
1851 Trust, INEOS TEAM UK's official charity, launch new online STEM education platform to further support remote learning as summer term begins

The 1851 Trust has launched the Pupil Portal on STEM Crew, supported by INEOS, giving young people direct access to their STEM learning resources, based on INEOS TEAM UK's America's Cup challenge, so that no child misses out.

The STEM learning resources are designed for Key Stage 3 & 4 pupils, the majority of whom across the country are still home schooling as the summer term begins.

The STEM Crew education platform has seen a 100% increase in usage since lockdown began with a third of UK secondary schools now registered on the platform and over 170K young people engaged across the UK in the past year.

With students across the country getting back to school work with the start of the Summer term, the 1851 Trust, INEOS TEAM UK's official charity, has launched a new online platform, the Pupil Portal, on STEM Crew, supported by INEOS, providing young people with direct access to their learning resources inspired by Britain's challenge to win the America's Cup.

In the current circumstances with most students still unable to go to school, home schooling has become more prevalent than ever. That is why the 1851 Trust is creating new ways of connecting pupils, parents and teachers, by taking science beyond the textbook to engage young people in the cutting edge technology of high performance sport.

The Trust has opened up their STEM Crew online platform, supported by INEOS, and created free digital learning resources, including the launch of the Remote Learning Projects, allowing students to continue their learning whilst studying at home. These projects span areas from across the team's America's Cup challenge including human performance, design, the environment and technology.

ITCA World launches new website
The International Topper Class Association (ITCA World) is excited to announce the launch of a new and enhanced website,

As the parent body of all the national Topper Class associations around the world, ITCA World is the global home of Topper sailing with a mission to promote International Topper sailing with fun, fair and competitive racing in what is the perfect dinghy for junior, youth and light adult sailors.

The new website is designed to be the global hub for both potential and current Topper sailors to find all the information they need on how and where to get into Topper sailing, contact existing fleets, guidance on buying used boats, how to set up new national Topper Associations as well as news on the major international and world championships. Whilst the 2020 Topper 4.2 and 5.3 World Championships at Riva del Garda, Italy, had to be sadly cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the new website looks forward to the 2021 Worlds in Cork, Ireland and a return to Lake Garda in 2022.

There are also sections on the exciting Learn to Dream project, where redundant Topper hulls can be reactivated and brought back to a new life as training boats for charitable foundations and underprivileged sailors in World Sailing designated Emerging Nations. As one of the world's most recyclable dinghies due to its unique Polypropylene (PP) injection moulded construction, Toppers can be recycled up to 4 times and can be brought back up to specification even after several decades of use. Given its inherent flexibility, PP can be recycled back into many different products.

ITCA World is working on a full academic study of the recyclability of Topper polypropylene hulls, allowing those beyond the scope of reactivation to be ground down to pellets and reused in the injection moulding process.

As a global leader in young people's sailing and reflecting the inherent recyclability of the plastic Topper, it is only natural that ITCA World should take a lead in helping Topper sailors across the planet learn about the increasing dangers of ocean plastic pollution that threatens their generation and beyond. The new website includes a dedicated sustainability section, with access to educational resources from the Ocean Race 'Champions of the Sea' programme as well as links to the ITCA World partner Captain Planet Foundation. From here Topper sailors have the opportunity to join the Ocean Heroes project to create their own local project to reduce the amount of plastic waste entering our oceans and even win a free trip to the annual Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in Vancouver to work with young leaders from around the globe to develop campaigns to reduce ocean plastic pollution.

Kiel Week Sets a Sign
Maximum number of registrations in all classes. Concentration on the classes that have contributed to the success of Kiel Week in the past years. Flexibility in dealing with registrations and cancellations. No late entry fee. Wednesday as a full changing day between the Kiel Week halves without races and creative ideas for Offshore sailing - Kiel Week (September 5th to 13th) is setting a sign and has one main goal for 2020: to offer sailing regattas. The result: many classes have reached the maximum number of registrations and the waiting lists are filling up. The sailors are voting with their feet and are looking forward to Kiel.

As the regattas are held without spectators on land, even more emphasis is placed on digital public relations. "We will expand the work in the social networks and make the regattas accessible to sailing fans via Kiel Week TV", adds Ramhorst. In this way the Kiel Week is to be experienced virtually worldwide. The state capital Kiel will be responsible for the TV area in 2020 and will bear the costs. In this way, the state capital is underlining its responsibility for the sport of sailing and relieving the financial burden on the organising clubs.

"This will be a different Kiel Week than usual. But it will be sailing," says the organisation manager. As the total number of people in the event area in the harbour in Schilksee is limited to around 1000, the area has to be cordoned off. The active participants are among themselves with trainers and organizers. Event tents, the Sponsors' Mile and sales stands will not be present. The regatta house, the boot-Düsseldorf-Club as a check-in tent and the Vaasahalle are the cornerstones on land, which may be extended by the KYC boat hall in Strande.

On the water up to six lanes per Kiel Week half are planned. Even if the course distribution and the maximum number of entries are roughly in place, adjustments are still possible, which may result in particular from a possible cancellation of the keelboat classes due to the existing regulation. Already at Whitsun it became apparent that many athletes from all over the world would like to take the chance to compete in Kiel. The Olympic classes 49er, 49er FX, Laser Radial, Laser Radial Standard and Nacra 17 as well as the junior classes 29er, 420er, Laser 4.7 and Laser open have waiting lists.

The Kiel Week is still in discussion with the 470s, which the DSV would like to see at the starting line. There are also inquiries about championships of the 29ers (Eurocup), Musto Skiff (German Open) and the Lasern (German Junior Championship).

"We have calculated the number of participants based on the registrations of the previous year", says Sven Christensen, Managing Director of the marketing agency Point of Sailing, knowing full well that one or two classes are unlikely to reach their class goal and that there will be chances for the successors in the remaining classes. There are also three more classes in the waiting loop.

The new tender/notice of race is now available on the net at: and

Statement on eligibility of Mikes Lab Bullet 3L / 3LC foils in Formula Kite competitions
In the process of evaluating equipment (re-) registration applications for the 2024 Olympic Cycle, the IKA Technical Committee has become aware of discrepancies in the dimensions of the Mikeslab Bullet 3L / 3LC foil.

The dimensions provided by the manufacturer for the re-registration of the equipment differ from the dimensions of the same equipment registered in May 2017, with several of the dimensions provided with the re-application being outside of the accepted tolerances.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide the IKA with information on when these dimensions may have changed, and which parts and serial numbers may be affected.

In order to protect competitors and teams from travelling to events with equipment that may not comply with the registered dimensions and therefore the Formula Kite class rules, competitors in possession of a Mikeslab Bullet 3L/3LC foil should verify that their equipment complies with the class rules and the registered dimensions.

Another day at the office - King Marine
Nevertheless for the skilled and experienced composites team at King Marine in Valencia the recently-launched Botin 85 Deep Blue was their biggest project yet. But only just...

It's the largest project to date for yacht builder King Marine, if only by a small margin. One more milestone in the impressive history of this yard that has built all Azzurra / Matador MedCup / Super Series winners, many state of the art performance yachts and high-profile Grand Prix racing boats including Volvo 70 and AC 72 catamarans and an AC monohull. For project manager Micky Costa, this new Botin Partnersdesigned IRC 85 is a welcome challenge in a size that he is well accustomed to. He has also worked with Germán Frers and was involved with several Wally Yachts projects, among many others.

This brand new IRC 85 has turned out be a rocket, as expected. Built with top-of-the-range composite technology as a pure maxi racer (as opposed to most other yachts in this category which are in fact performance cruisers), its most striking feature - which has been the most challenging to construct - is a seven-metre lifting keel. The main ingredients of its very sophisticated construction were high and intermediate modulus prepreg carbon fibres and Kevlar honeycomb cores moulded in CNC female moulds, 3D scanned for best fit, in order to see the geometry and the perfect position to start laminating. Several key parts of the boat, like the rudder, were autoclaved. This is absolute cutting-edge build technology. Or as King Marine boatyard manager Pablo Santarsiero puts it, 'pretty much top-of-the-range composite construction.'

Full article in the June issue of Seahorse

Vale Howard McMichael
Click on image to enlarge.

A sad day indeed. A legend of the marine industry has sailed on to the favored side of the course, where all the shifts are lifts, and the current is always pushing toward the mark.

Whether in the boatyard or the brokerage office, Howie was the consummate professional. And his clients all considered him a great friend. It was an honor and a privilege to be a broker in his office, and a pleasure to simply be around him.

RIP Howard McMichael (front and center as the patriarch of the McMichael clan) you will be dearly missed by all who knew you. -- John Glynn

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