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SAS 2020 vs Coronavirus
James Joseph Giltinan: The Man Behind The Name On The Trophy
Refits come to an end: the IMOCA fleet gradually moving again
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At the Sharp End: Louis Vuitton Trophy
I took off my ski gloves and handed them to the driver. His need was greater than mine. 7.30am and the press boat was positioned near the start line. It was the Louis Vuitton Trophy in Nice…in November. The Alps in the distance had a full dusting of snow. Racing lost earlier in the championship meant being up with the larks that morning afforded a chance to catch-up.

The IACC yachts rotated eight teams. Team Origin helmed by Sir Ben Ainslie duelled Azzurra in the semi-finals but relinquished a win while Team New Zealand vanquished Synergy to go head-to-head with the Italians. The latter chalked up two bullets to claim the silverware.

This image of Team Origin alludes to the atmosphere of the early morning on the Côte D'Azur. The print is one of a selection of Limited Edition offered online this month.

More images can be seen at:

Time Over Distance Volume 9: Brad Butterworth
Brad Butterworth will be lifting the lid on fascinating stories from the America's Cup, Steinlager II and a special feature on Rambler 88 in the 9th edition of the RORC Time Over Distance Lockdown series of interviews.

Brad Butterworth has competed in seven editions of the America's Cup in the afterguard, winning the America's Cup four times in succession. Butterworth's winning streak of 16 consecutive races is unequalled. Butterworth was watch captain for Peter Blake's Steinlager II, winning all six legs of the 1989 Whitbread Round the World Race. In recent year's Butterworth has been tactician on George David's Maxi Rambler 88, taking line honours in the Rolex Fastnet Race, Rolex Middle Sea Race, and both line honours and the race record for the RORC Caribbean 600.

Louay Habib interviews Brad Butterworth for an hour-long show featuring: pictures, videos and stories from a phenomenal career. Tune in on Friday 29 May 1700 BST at or watch below

Italian Borders Open June 3
3rd June 2020 will see Italy open its borders to the rest of Europe. No restrictions to cross Italian borders.

Confindustria Nautica, the Italian Marine Industry Association, shares the latest information

On 19th May, via its Decree n. 34/2020 the Italian Government established that, starting on 3rd June 2020, all borders between Italy and the rest of Europe will be reopened, including those separating member states of the European Union, countries part of the Schengen area and Switzerland. For this reason, starting 3rd June 2020, all movement to and from foreign countries can only be limited by state regulations, including those relating to specific states and territories, provided they be adequate and proportional to the current level of epidemiological risk, and in line with the restrictions that derive from EU legislation and international obligations (art. I, paragraph 4, D.L. n. 33/2020).

On 3rd June 2020, all limitations that would apply to those travelling across Italian borders to and from Europe will be lifted. There will no longer be a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days and travellers will be able to move freely to and from Italy once again.

The Ministry of Transport has already issued guidelines for recreational boating, both private and charter, and for marinas. These activities are already operational. Until 3rd June, all sailing will be allowed within Regional borders. Moving units for work-related reasons, to deliver yachts, maintenance, etc., is not restricted anymore; until 3rd June all personnel arriving from abroad must a) leave the country within 72 hours, b) complete, onboard if necessary, a 14-day quarantine period.

As an overview, here is a list of countries and their current restrictions with regards to crossing Italian borders. (updated as of 23rd May 2020)

France: open borders with Italy for confirmed essential reasons; movement is permitted up to 100km from one's residence

Spain: open borders with Italy for confirmed essential reasons; mandatory 14-day quarantine

Germany: open borders with Italy for confirmed essential reasons; mandatory 14-day quarantine except for brief stays due to work/logistics-related reasons

UK: no current restrictions are in place, however from 8th June visitors must self-isolate for 14 days

Austria: access via land is allowed for a limited number of reasons provided you can provide a medical certificate confirming you tested negative for Covid-19 or you self-isolate for 14 days. Breaking news from ANSA - BOLZANO, 23rd May - Tourists from Germany and Switzerland may travel through Austria in order to enter Italy. As the Ministry of the Interior in Vienna has stated, it is now possible to travel through Austria, provided travellers do not plan to stop along the way.

Slovenia: access from Italy is permitted; mandatory 14-day quarantine except for when transporting goods or passing through

Croatia: access granted to EU citizens for work-related or essential reasons; access is also granted to owners of real estate or boats across the border; no quarantine necessary

Montenegro: access has been suspended except for exceptional circumstances such as transporting goods; mandatory quarantine (14 days) followed by 14 days of self-isolation

Greece: access suspended except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days); movement heavily restricted, smaller islands are now inaccessible

Malta: access granted for confirmed essential reasons; mandatory quarantine (14 days); partial curfew in place

Turkey: access suspended except for exceptional circumstances; movement heavily restricted; curfew in place

Russia: access denied to foreigners; mandatory quarantine of 14 days

UAE: access denied to foreigners except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days)

Qatar: access denied to foreigners; mandatory quarantine of 14 days

Singapore: access denied to foreigners except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days)

Hong Kong: access denied to foreigners except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days)

USA: access suspended from the Schengen Area, except for exceptional circumstances

China: access denied to foreigners except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days)

A different (round the) world - Inmarsat
Without modern media tools and satellite communications there would be no modern round the world racing... it's that simple

'The Volvo Ocean Race, formerly The Whitbread, and now renamed The Ocean Race doesn't happen without Inmarsat, that's how important it is,' Brian Carlin says. 'For the teams and their sponsors it totally hinges on being able to show people what's happening on the boats in real time. It's no good coming ashore after 26 days with a hard drive full of amazing footage and photos. People expect to see it happening in real time, that's a much bigger pull for viewers.'

In a career that has covered many spectacular races and regattas including the astonishingly fast-paced SailGP circuit and the America's Cup, some of Carlin's most groundbreaking work has been done during his stints as an onboard reporter and media team leader in the last two editions of the Volvo Ocean Race. If you've seen the gut-wrenching footage of Team Vestas Wind slamming at high speed into the Cargados Carajos Shoals in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the crew's subsequent ordeal in a liferaft, that's Carlin at work.

Full article in the June Issue of Seahorse

SAS 2020 vs Coronavirus
After long discussions between Les Sables d'Olonne Vendée Course au Large association, Classe Mini, Armando Castro, our host in the Azores, FFVoile and Les Sables d'Olonne city, the decision not to go to Horta has been taken.

All the competitions are forbidden until July 31st, thus the organizer asked the FFVoile to move the SAS from August 1st to 31st 2020.

We are working on an exceptional new format, which could be with 3 legs. A first one corresponding to a C-level race, the second leg corresponding to a B-level race and a third leg to a A race. The course will be adapted according to the current regulations, giving priority to the protection of everyone.

We will give you more information as soon as we have it...

We look forward to seeing you, take care.

James Joseph Giltinan: The Man Behind The Name On The Trophy
Taree, winner of the first Giltinan world Championship in 1938. Click on image for photo gallery.

Since January 1938, the JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship has been regarded as the world championship for all 18 Footer Racing and the names on the James J Giltinan Trophy include some of the greatest sailors in the world.

While most sailing enthusiasts know the men whose names are recorded as winners of the championship, not many will know about the man after whom the trophy was named - James Joseph Giltinan.

Mr. Giltinan was a sports enthusiast, promoter and administrator who came to prominence in Australia in the early 1900s when he was heavily involved with the establishment of Rugby League, and is regarded as the game's founding father in Australia.

Determined to introduce the sport into Australia, the promoter/administrator became very active and he organised meetings with politicians and businessmen to set his plan in motion.

The breakaway from Rugby Union was aimed at finding a better deal for players and perhaps a better game, more suited to the style of Australia's early explorers.

Despite the threat of life disqualification by Rugby Union, and the possibility of losing their jobs, many players signed to the new game in August 1907.

Even though the risk factor was high, Giltinan and two of his associates took a horse-drawn cab from the city to Double Bay, where they spoke to Mrs. Annie Messenger, mother of the great Rugby Union player of his time, Dally Messenger.

With Mrs. Messenger's approval, the great Dally Messenger signed to play the new game. It remains one of the great all-time coups of Australian sport.

In less than seven months, the Sydney Rugby League premiership was up and running. Within twelve months, the first interstate match had been played and the first Kangaroos (Australian team) were off to England.

During the first half of the 20th century, there was a 'natural' association between Rugby League and the 18 Footers with many winter battles on the football fields being transferred to Sydney Harbour during the summer months.

When a major split developed in the 18 Footer ranks, and the NSW 18 Footers League (now known as Australian 18 Footers League) was formed, Mr. Giltinan was back in Double Bay once again. This time as President of the new organisation.

His entrepreneurial skills were soon evident.

He was determined to "promote international competition" and the JJ Giltinan Trophy for World 18 Footer Championship was created as a symbol of supremacy of 18 Footer racing.

The first World 18ft Skiff Championship, for the JJ Giltinan Trophy, was staged on Sydney Harbour in 1938.

The first day's racing, according to the League's 27 January 1938 programme, "Eight steamers (ferries) were there to carry the crowds, and everything was set for the greatest conglomeration of sailing enthusiasts ever to follow a race."

"In response to the League's efforts to promote a world's sailing championship, the crowd thronged to the wharves, and it was estimated 8,000 people saw an epic struggle for the first heat."

The JJ Giltinan Trophy has remained the world's premier 18 Footer event.

Thank you James Joseph Giltinan for the magnificent legacy you left us to enjoy. -- Frank Quealey, Australian 18 Footers League Ltd.

Refits come to an end: the IMOCA fleet gradually moving again
Just over a fortnight after the lockdown ended, the sailors and their teams are now busy catching up on lost time. Many IMOCAs have been relaunched after their winter refits, which took longer than planned. There have been more and more measurement checks and trips to check out the changes made during the winter. Other sailors have to wait a while before heading back out to sea. We look at what has been happening at the end of the refit season.

Preparation for the Vendée Globe: ease of handling and reliability are the watchwords
Work in the yards was more or less able to continue during the lockdown, but at a much slower pace than usual. As this is a round the world race year, reliability has become key. The boats were taken completely apart and the parts examined in detail and if necessary replaced. On some of the IMOCAs, reinforcements have been added to some parts of the structure. That was the case aboard Isabelle Joschke's MACSF in particular. "These reinforcements were necessary. This boat dates back to 2007 and was not designed to be fitted with foils, which offer higher speeds, more violent shocks and heavier loads," explained Alain Gautier, team manager for the MACSF project.

Varying degrees of optimisation
All of the teams also aimed to make improvements in terms of performance. Aboard each of the IMOCAs, there have been a wealth of changes made.

One of the consequences of these long refits, is that the measurers have been kept busy, in particular carrying out the famous, spectacular 90° test, as René Boulaire, the chief measurer explains: "Thanks to talks we continued to have with the teams during the lockdown, we were able to get the test going quickly. We put in place a protocol to carry out the checks in order to respect public health rules and distancing. All of the teams have done what was required. IMOCAs are being relaunched practically every day at the moment. These are complicated boatswhich are regularly being changed, so we are being kept very busy during this period."

Swan American Regatta postponed to 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the New York Yacht Club to postpone 2020 Race Week at Newport presented by Rolex, which was to include the Swan American Regatta, from its scheduled dates of July 14 to 18 to a to-be-determined date in September. As September is quite a busy month for Nautor's Swan, including the Rolex Swan Cup in Sardinia among other European events, the decision has been made to cancel the 2020 edition of the Swan American Regatta

Last June, for the first time in over a decade, Nautor's Swan hosted the Swan American Regatta in the iconic setting of Newport as part of the New York Yacht Club's 165th Annual Regatta, North America's oldest annual event. The three-day regatta was a success, and earlier this year Nautor's Swan and the Club agreed to host the regatta each summer through 2022.

"Our American Swan owners are very important for us, and we want to be sure they feel like they are a part of our family," says Giovanni Pomati, Nautor Group CEO. "This year we are not able to be part of the event, but we remain committed to reestablishing the Swan American Regatta as an annual tradition in the United States. We look forward to sailing with our American Swan owners in 2021 and enjoying the fun and the excitement that is fundamental to the Spirit of Swan".

Industry News
No more Evinrude engines...

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) has announced today it has re-oriented its marine business by focusing on the growth of its boat brands with new technology and innovative marine products. It will discontinue production of Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard engines. Its Sturtevant, WI, facility, will be repurposed for new projects to pursue its plan to provide "consumers with an unparalleled experience on the water."

A statement just released reads:

"We remain committed to our Buy, Build, Transform Marine strategy which has been underway since 2018 with the acquisition of Alumacraft and Manitou boat companies in the U.S., followed by the acquisition of Australian boat manufacturer Telwater in 2019.

"Our outboard engines business has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, obliging us to discontinue production of our outboard motors immediately. This business segment had already been facing some challenges and the impact from the current context has forced our hand," said José Boisjoli, President and CEO of BRP. "We will concentrate our efforts on new and innovative technologies and on the development of our boat companies, where we continue to see a lot of potential to transform the on-water experience for consumers," he added.

Discontinuing outboard engine business and signing an agreement with Mercury Marine
Following our decision to discontinue E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard engines, we have signed an agreement with market leader Mercury Marine to support boat packages and continue to supply outboard engines to our boat brands.

We will continue to supply customers and our dealer network service parts and will honour our manufacturer limited warranties, plus offer select programs to manage inventory. These decisions will impact 650 employees globally.


The Caribbean islands are in the early stage of opening up after tough lockdown regulations were put in place to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Dutch Antilles island of Aruba has announced that it will open from June 15 and Grenada has also received its first yacht arrivals with appropriate health and distancing rules being met.

By all accounts Grenada is the first Caribbean island to welcome yacht arrivals following the lockdown. The island's seaports were closed in late March, but the government has indicated that yachts can now be welcomed. In a statement the government said: "Grenada is facilitating yacht arrivals under strict health and safety protocols."

This includes Grenadian Ministry of Health officials being present to perform the testing of yacht crew and passengers including temperature testing. The first yacht passengers are due to arrive at Port Louis Marina, operated by Camper & Nicholson Marinas, making use of a designated dock within the marina.

Any yacht or superyacht arriving in Grenada must pre-register using the island's LIMA database before they gain pre-clearance. Once they have arrived, the yachts are then allocated to one of two approved locations to undertake a 14-day quarantine period. Once this quarantine is completed, the crew will be given the necessary immigration clearance once they have had a COVID-19 test and the required health clearance.

The Grenada marine authorities have instigated provisioning protocols for the two designated quarantine sites which are Port Louis marina and Carriacou Marine. These protocols will allow the yachts to secure water and necessary supplies for the period of the 14-day quarantine.

A government source indicated that over 700 yachts have registered to visit Grenada. They are scheduled to arrive over the coming months and for which the quarantine plan has been initiated.


Australia-based sailboat hardware manufacturer Ronstan International Pty Ltd has appointed Bucher+Walt SA as their new distributor for the Ronstan product range, including Andersen Winches, in France.

Bucher+Walt operates from offices and a 3000m2 warehouse in St. Blaise on Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland. Founded in 1966 by sailing friends and entrepreneurs Manfred Bucher and Pierre Walt, the company now employs a team of 50 people and represents many of the finest brands in the sailing industry. The two founders enjoy working with their sons Romain Walt and Julien Bucher and their team of experienced professionals.

Ronstan has a long history of collaboration with Bucher+Walt, going back more than 50 years to the early days when the company became Ronstan's distributor for Switzerland.

Bucher+Walt has built a strong reputation for its dedication to customer service and long term business relationships: requests and orders are processed within hours, and same-day dispatch is common. Their customer focus and expertise with Ronstan products are backed by a well stocked warehouse and formidable IT resources to ensure an efficient and positive B2B experience.

Alongside the range of Ronstan and Andersen products, Bucher+Walt offers a wide array of complementary brands and products to their trade customers in France, such as Clamcleat, Henri Lloyd, Blue Wave, Trem and Da Kine.

Ronstan is based in Melbourne and has 140 employees worldwide. Ronstan also has offices in the United States, Indonesia and Denmark.


Pandemic drives US boat sales

"Sales have exploded over the past four weeks." That sentiment, expressed to IBI by Clarks Landing Yachts Sales general manager Dave Patnaude, is seemingly shared by a variety of boat dealers across the US. His two locations in Maryland and one in New Jersey have seen around US$4m in sales ...


ICOMIA and P&O Marinas have postponed the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference to October 2021 due to the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

ICOMIA and the event host and organiser say they are working on a possibility for an online event at the end of this year and will share more information about the plans in the coming weeks.

The original main theme was to have been 'Marinas empowering tourism and economies'. Organisers say the 2021 conference to take place in Dubai will continue to focus on planned topics such as regulatory frameworks and barriers, best investment practices, changing the public perception of a marina, new technologies, as well as climate change and environment sustainability.

In addition, speakers and attendees will have the opportunity to broaden topics and discussions into a more comprehensive perspective, including the impacts of a world pandemic in the nautical sector.

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2017 Cape 31 One Design. 85000 GBP. Located in Cape Town, South Africa.

FLAME is hull #1 of the popular CAPE 31 series of sportsboat. She comes with a complete inventory, and priced to allow the next owner to add sails of their choice for class racing or optimise for local conditions and rules. One-piece Carbon mast, with optional carbon boom.

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Ben Cooper
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2003 Swan 77-010 Mascalzone Latino. 2,200,000 EUR. Located in Porto Ferraio, Italy.

Delivered by Nautor's Swan in 2003, MASCALZONE LATINO, is the last Swan 77 built therefore benefits from the experience gained during the construction of the previous nine yachts.

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Giorgio Passarella
Nautor's Swan Brokerage
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The Y7 was created in collaboration with US designer Bill Tripp, considered one of the world's best naval architects. Our goal was to combine comfortable sailing performance with competitive sailing performance, even on the regatta course.

In conditions where other yachts still use their engines, the sails are already set on the Y7. A displacement of only 29 tons and almost 300 square meters of sail area at wind make move the yacht even in light winds; Y7 owners don't have to worry about the perfect weather all the time.

All halyards, sheets and stretchers run hidden to the steering columns - so the helmsman can operate the Y7 alone at any time. This is not a matter of course for a 70-foot yacht and allows the owner to sail with a very small crew or even on his own.

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