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At the Sharp End: Brazil
Te Aihe Returns
Robline Rigging Service - Eyesplice in a Doublebraid
Team Rockwool Racing to hit Danish waters this summer
Yacht Racing Podcast Episode 16 - Terry Hutchinson
Italian Borders Open June 3
Phased Reopening Of Ireland's Waterways
EA Waterways To Reopen
Northern Ireland Navigator Ian Moore on The New Rolex Fastnet Race Course
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The Last Word: Charles P. Pierce

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At the Sharp End: Brazil
Get to Heathrow. You’re flying to Brazil. Tickets at the desk”. Right. Arriving at the airport my work colleague and I approached the check-in desk. Names given. No seats. No seats? No names listed. The travel manager had decided which flight we’d be on but had forgotten to place said booking. After an hour of pacing the floor like a cat on a hot tin roof we were given the thumbs-up.

Arriving in Salvador the media team convened at the motorboat due to whisk us out to meet the fleet arrival. Warning the driver it could happen at any time of day or night he agreed to sleep onboard. The call came sometime between midnight and dawn as I dashed down to the pontoon. Cameras check, camera man and DoP, check. Driver, no driver. Was something lost in translation? After getting to the country by the skin of our teeth the much anticipated yacht arrival was missed.

Better luck was had in Jamaica. This time daylight images of a fleet were a must as yachts often arrive at night. In order to find the class some sixty miles offshore a sizeable engine was required. Bring on a one hundred foot Jamaican Defence Force Coast Guard vessel. This was not the captain’s normal task but he and his team seemed happy to humour me. Lines slipped, the boat accelerated to source the fleet. My stable platform edged up and down but even a 600mm lens with 1.4 teleconverter was not close enough to fill the frame at the allotted distance. The captain called for plan B. The 12 metre RIB was to be launched to gain a closer view. I didn’t think six servicemen were required yet they seemed keen to tag along. Like something out of a James Bond film the bright red escape button was pressed, a cable spat out and the RIB catapulted off the back of the ship. Slick reversing belied hours of previous fun on the water for the driver.

Stabilised astride a jockey seat to take a shot, suddenly four pairs of hands attempted to steady my shoulders and before I knew it was being held up by my lifejacket, legs going round like little pistons. “Put me down” I cried despite their best intentions. Years spent on photos boats had to be explained. But my new photo team had taken on the challenge with gusto and a successful photo shoot was in the bag. It was time to return to shore for a hearty breakfast. -- Ingrid Abery

More of Ingrid’s action images can be seen at:

Ingrid Abery

Te Aihe Returns
Auckland, New Zealand: It is not so much a triumphant homecoming from Europe for the Emirates Team New Zealand AC75 ‘Te Aihe’- rather a low key but very welcome return in the dark hours of Tuesday morning having been in a state of transit since leaving the teams viaduct base on Sunday February 2nd.

Its last sailing day on the Auckland harbour was January 15th. How the world has changed since that day due to COVID19.

Since then Te Aihe, and 16 containers storing workshops, chase boats and everything an America’s Cup team would need to work remotely in Cagliari and Portsmouth has been packed and shipped to Italy and back without so much as the seals being broken.

They have traveled on 4 ships, visited 15 ports including loading on and off in Tauranga, transhipped in Singapore each way and been loaded off and on in Gioia Tauro Italy.

Te Aihe was transported by road from Tauranga back to the Emirates Team New Zealand base arriving to a small welcome party - Andy Nottage, Jack Taylor and James Graham, to offload the truck ready to return to its shed and be prepared for sailing in the weeks ahead.

“It is good to see her back sooner than expected,” said Emirates Team New Zealand logistics manager Andy Nottage, who has successfully managed to juggle the fluid timeframes and shipping schedules to keep track and control of the precious shipment.

“She has been on quite the adventure, but it is good to have her home in one piece thanks largely to the ongoing support of Maersk.

A positive is that everything was sent away in a relative state of readiness to get set up and ready to go sailing relatively quickly in Cagliari, so that should mean it is not too long to get her back out sailing on the Hauraki Gulf again.”

“We have had some new components and systems that were ready for the ACWS racing so the guys are chomping at the bit to getting back out testing the new set ups and continuing our developments and obviously making up for lost time.”

Te Aihe Returns

Robline Rigging Service - Eyesplice in a Doublebraid
Robline Some of you might love doing this on their own, others rather give their ropes to a specialist. No matter what group you belong to we have here a small YouTube tutorial on how a double braided Eyesplice is properly done. No matter if mooring line or halyard, the principle is the same. We used the well-known Robline Sirius 500 as a sample since this is a very common type of double braided rope on the market.

Have fun watching and if this seems a little too hard but you still would like to have your rope spliced just contact your local dealer or directly our rigging service:


Team Rockwool Racing to hit Danish waters this summer
Click on image to enlarge.

WHAT Rockwool announces a unique collaboration with the Denmark SailGP Team athletes, kicking off with an action-packed summer of training, racing and record attempts in preparation for SailGP Season 2 in April 2021.

During a virtual press conference today featuring Rockwool’s Mirella Vitale and Denmark SailGP Team athletes Nicolai Sehested and Martin Kirketerp, Rockwool launched Team Rockwool Racing - a new initiative to support the training of the Denmark SailGP Team athletes over the coming months.

The news follows the postponement of SailGP Season 2 events to 2021 to ensure safety in light of the global COVID-19 outbreak. The first event of Season 2 will take place in spring 2021 in San Francisco. The results from the event that took place earlier this year in Sydney, Australia are null and void.

Team Rockwool Racing will see the Denmark SailGP Team athletes training on board a fully branded GC32 catamaran, and will also feature a series of youth workshops and academy sessions, corporate activation opportunities and record attempts.

Sehested also revealed that the team plans to take on a series of historic record attempts - including the Round Fyn and the Round Zealand (‘Silver Spinnaker’) records - in the coming months, and will also be present at Kiel Week in Germany, with more activities to be confirmed in the near future.

“We want to stay fast, and we see the record attempts as a great way to test ourselves against the clock and keep the pressure on. Of course, there’s no substitute for the F50, which is the fastest sailing boat on Earth. But the GC32 is quick and challenging to sail, and does share some fundamental similarities to the F50 in that it’s a big, foiling catamaran.

“The priority for us is to keep fresh and build our experience for SailGP Season 2, but if we can beat a few records along the way, then even better”, he added. “Hopefully we’ll be fully prepared to race against the world’s best in SailGP when next year comes around. We’re looking forward to getting back on the water”.

For the full calendar of events and activities, visit ROCKWOOL’s website at

Yacht Racing Podcast Episode 16 - Terry Hutchinson
The latest episode of the yacht racing Podcast sees NYYC American Magic skipper Terry Hutchinson make a return appearance with an update on the syndicate’s response to the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Speaking to Yacht Racing Life website editor and podcast host Justin Chisholm via Zoom from his home in Annapolis, Maryland on Memorial Day in the United States Hutchinson gives a characteristically frank and open assessment of the American campaign’s current status.

During the fast paced 50-minute conversation the pair cover off a wide range of topics, including:

- the support he received from team’s three principals - Doug Devos, Hap Fauth and Roger Penske - when formulating the team’s response to the pandemic
- the impact on the team of the cancellation of the Italian and American America's Cup World Series events
- what Hutchinson thinks of the four teams’ differing first generation AC75 designs and which one of his rivals he likes the look of most
- how the American Magic sailors have tried to offset lost on the water time with in-house two boat sparring on the simulator and the ensuing banter between him and principal helmsman Dean Barker
- why Hutchinson says his own role on the boat as tactician/strategist is not guaranteed
- some fascinating insight into what racing the revolutionary AC75s might actually be like
- latest details of the team’s second AC75 and why Hutchinson is yet to see it in the flesh
- the timetable for the team's ongoing move to Auckland and their action plan for once they get there
- whether the lack of ACWS racing prior to the Challenger Selection Series might well be to the advantage of the three Challengers?

Terry Hutchinson

Italian Borders Open June 3
Confindustria Nautica 3rd June 2020 will see Italy open its borders to the rest of Europe. No restrictions to cross Italian borders.

Confindustria Nautica, the Italian Marine Industry Association, shares the latest information

On 19th May, via its Decree n. 34/2020 the Italian Government established that, starting on 3rd June 2020, all borders between Italy and the rest of Europe will be reopened, including those separating member states of the European Union, countries part of the Schengen area and Switzerland. For this reason, starting 3rd June 2020, all movement to and from foreign countries can only be limited by state regulations, including those relating to specific states and territories, provided they be adequate and proportional to the current level of epidemiological risk, and in line with the restrictions that derive from EU legislation and international obligations (art. I, paragraph 4, D.L. n. 33/2020).

On 3rd June 2020, all limitations that would apply to those travelling across Italian borders to and from Europe will be lifted. There will no longer be a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days and travellers will be able to move freely to and from Italy once again.

The Ministry of Transport has already issued guidelines for recreational boating, both private and charter, and for marinas. These activities are already operational. Until 3rd June, all sailing will be allowed within Regional borders. Moving units for work-related reasons, to deliver yachts, maintenance, etc., is not restricted anymore; until 3rd June all personnel arriving from abroad must a) leave the country within 72 hours, b) complete, onboard if necessary, a 14-day quarantine period.

As an overview, here is a list of countries and their current restrictions with regards to crossing Italian borders. (updated as of 23rd May 2020)

France: open borders with Italy for confirmed essential reasons; movement is permitted up to 100km from one's residence

Spain: open borders with Italy for confirmed essential reasons; mandatory 14-day quarantine

Germany: open borders with Italy for confirmed essential reasons; mandatory 14-day quarantine except for brief stays due to work/logistics-related reasons

UK: no current restrictions are in place, however from 8th June visitors must self-isolate for 14 days

Austria: access via land is allowed for a limited number of reasons provided you can provide a medical certificate confirming you tested negative for Covid-19 or you self-isolate for 14 days. Breaking news from ANSA - BOLZANO, 23rd May - Tourists from Germany and Switzerland may travel through Austria in order to enter Italy. As the Ministry of the Interior in Vienna has stated, it is now possible to travel through Austria, provided travellers do not plan to stop along the way.

Slovenia: access from Italy is permitted; mandatory 14-day quarantine except for when transporting goods or passing through

Croatia: access granted to EU citizens for work-related or essential reasons; access is also granted to owners of real estate or boats across the border; no quarantine necessary

Montenegro: access has been suspended except for exceptional circumstances such as transporting goods; mandatory quarantine (14 days) followed by 14 days of self-isolation

Greece: access suspended except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days); movement heavily restricted, smaller islands are now inaccessible

Malta: access granted for confirmed essential reasons; mandatory quarantine (14 days); partial curfew in place

Turkey: access suspended except for exceptional circumstances; movement heavily restricted; curfew in place

Russia: access denied to foreigners; mandatory quarantine of 14 days

UAE: access denied to foreigners except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days)

Qatar: access denied to foreigners; mandatory quarantine of 14 days

Singapore: access denied to foreigners except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days)

Hong Kong: access denied to foreigners except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days)

USA: access suspended from the Schengen Area, except for exceptional circumstances

China: access denied to foreigners except for exceptional circumstances; mandatory quarantine (14 days)

Phased Reopening Of Ireland's Waterways
Waterways Ireland is planning the phased reopening of The Erne System, the Shannon Erne Waterway (within Northern Ireland) and the Lower Bann Navigation.

Private boaters are able to take short trips with caution as some navigations and associated facilities may require attention following the coronavirus lockdown period.

The organisation is finalising the phased return of its workforce and hopes its navigations will reopen on May 29.

Pump-out facilities are available for use but owners must ensure that travel to pump-out facilities is taken in a responsible manner minimising the amount of essential movement out on the water.

Locks and service blocks will remain closed however a roadmap towards fully reopening facilities will be issued in the next few days.

EA Waterways To Reopen
The Environment Agency’s waterways will reopen to powered boating by June 1 following the coronavirus lock down.

EA teams are currently carrying out inspection of channels, marking and removing hazards such as sunken boats, shoals and fallen trees with the aim that powered boats can resume leisure cruising.

On the Medway, some reaches of the Great Ouse, The Nene and the Thames could reopen within a few days while the remainder of the Thames and the Anglian waterways will reopen by June 1.

“We know there are some hazards out there such as sunken boats, shoals and fallen trees and our teams will be identifying and clearing these to make the waterways safe,” said the EA in a statement.

“We ask all boaters currently making essential journeys to be extra vigilant of unmarked hazards.”

Assisted passage at locks will not be provided while social distancing is in place and the EA warns some maintenance work will take longer to complete.

From June 1, short stay restrictions on moorings will also be in place again.

Currently non-powered water sports can take place on EA waterways as long as they follow government social distancing guidance and are vigilant.

Northern Ireland Navigator Ian Moore on The New Rolex Fastnet Race Course
One big overall win has eluded Northern Ireland navigator Ian Moore - in nine attempts at the Rolex Fastnet Race Moore’s team has made the podium twice but failed to win the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s flagship race. Ian is fascinated by the Fastnet Race and is a leading expert on offshore racing tactics and strategy. He analyses the new route, giving expert advice on the nuances of the famous offshore classic scheduled to start on August 8th, 2021.

Moore hails from Carrickfergus but has lived in Cowes, Isle of Wight for many years.

As a navigator, Ian has a highly impressive record with big event wins literally running off the page: Volvo Ocean Race, Transatlantic Race, Rolex Sydney Hobart, Newport Bermuda Race, RORC Caribbean 600, Transpac, Rolex Middle Sea Race, Rolex Giraglia, HK Vietnam Race, and Round Ireland.

The live interview (below) with Louay Habib include stories, pictures and the 2021 Rolex Fastnet course.

Ian Moore

Letters To The Editor -
Letters are limited to 350 words. No personal attacks are permitted. We do require your name but your email address will not be published without your permission.

* From Butch Dalrymple Smith:

You mention that new rules for people arriving in England from abroad will require a period of quarantine. Presumably, if the Health department has any sense, the start of the quarantine period can be back-dated to the last port of call of the arriving yacht. There is no more solid quarantine than living on a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

Featured Charter
Raceboats Only FOR CHARTER - XP44

The XP44 combines impressive performance with simplicity of handling, appealing to all.

A highly optimised hull shape offers exemplary performance in a range of wind conditions, on all angles of sail, under both ORC and IRC handicap systems. Key elements of the hull design include reduced upright beam and wetted surface area, while the transom shape ensures that as windspeed builds and the boat powers up, the overall waterline length increases for additional speed.

For full details please visit ..

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Lucy Jackson - LV Yachting
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Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only 2008 Cookson TP52. 360000 EUR. Located in Gaeta, Italy.

Originally designed by Reichel-Pugh to fit the 2008 Audi/Med-Cup, she was built by Cookson Boats, NZ and optimized for IRC mods by Ericsson boatbuilders. Optimized for ORC 2020.

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+33 (0)467 66 39 93


Raceboats Only 2016 Ker 41. 430000 USD. Located in Turkey.

This is a full carbon pre-preg build that is based on the Ker 40+ design, but with a more offshore focus.

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Sam Pearson - Ancasta Race Boats
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+447759 424900


Raceboats Only 2009 Swan 90-708 Alix. 4,100,000 EUR. Located in Genoa, Italy

Another successful collaboration between Germán Frers and Nautor, the Swan 90S 'Alix' is the quintessential performance cruiser combining elegant and powerful lines with Finnish quality to achieve an aggressive beautyThe anthracite grey colour scheme and customized four-cabin interior with Wengé and tinted oak give Alix a modern edge while maintaining the classic and timeless appeal of a Swan yacht.

Alix is under original ownership since new and has been based in the Med with light usage during the summer months except for two winters in the Caribbean (2011/2012 and 2016/2017). She has done a few charters each year but not more than three weeks annually. The owner has carefully selected the charter clients.

Alix has been maintained to the highest level and benefits from three substantial maintenance periods in 2014, 2015 and 2018The new engine, carbon standing rigging and complete paint job have kept her looking and working like new.

The yacht is MCA LY2 coded for commercial use and was inspected by MCA in June 2018.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Lorenzo Bortolotti
Nautor's Swan Brokerage
T. +377 97 97 95 07

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The Last Word
America's always been a great place to be crazy. It just used to be harder to make a living that way. -- Charles P. Pierce

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