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New Zealand Government admits Covid-19 could hit America's Cup
7 Short-Handed Sailing Tips & Tricks
Cure for Kids Bored by Endless Quarantine with Their Parents: Become a Blockhead!
Anniversary marks sailor's historic solo circumnavigation of the globe
'We Are Sailing' is the Song of Howth
Stewart Hosford: "Offshore Sailing Can Show Iself To Be A Leader"
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine
Berthon Provides a Safe Haven for Stranded and Unwelcome Boats
Greece gears up for busy 2020 boating season
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• • SW78 Ocean Horse
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• • Victory '83
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New Zealand Government admits Covid-19 could hit America's Cup
Travel restrictions in New Zealand has created uncertainty over the preparation for the race, scheduled for March next year. Cup challengers American Magic and INEOS Team UK have pleaded for more information from the Government about entering the country and beginning training.

Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford admitted that there was uncertainty over how the pandemic will affect the Cup, but said the Government is "highly motivated" to see it go ahead.

"At this stage it is hard to know the extent to which Covid-19 will affect the 36th America's Cup in Auckland, however there is likely to be some impact," Twyford said.

American Magic have gambled on travel restrictions easing and have already shipped their first generation boat to Auckland. The British syndicate is waiting on whether to send its full-sized boat to New Zealand or continue testing in Portsmouth. Luna Rossa are continuing to train in Sardinia.

Team New Zealand has the advantage of training locally, but is still awaiting the return of the AC75 Te Aihe boat from Europe after warm-up regattas in Italy and England were cancelled because of the pandemic.

All teams are now building their second-generation boats.

7 Short-Handed Sailing Tips & Tricks
Quantum Ireland's Yannick Lemonnier is a short- and single-handed sailing wizard. Get ready for your solo and short-handed adventures with these short videos explaining Yannick's top six tips and tricks.

Note: Tips 1-3 are from Yannick's live webcast "Short-handed Sailing Tips & Tricks" and are in the same video -- below...

How to get started: (at start)
Sailing at Night: (minute 6:19)
How to Secure your Battens: (minute 10:17)
Labeling Sails
Spinnaker Packing
Folding a Headsail Solo
Sail Preparation & Storage

Links to all the videos here:


Cure for Kids Bored by Endless Quarantine with Their Parents: Become a Blockhead!
Harken Blockheads Harken Blockheads, the web-based youth sailing program, gives young sailors tools, skills and confidence to better take charge of their own boat and sailing experience. And, it's FREE to join! More than 1,300 young sailors from eight countries have become Blockheads by signing up online or at regattas.

Awesome Blockheads benefits:
- Blockheaded advice on sailing, boat maintenance and rigging upgrades
- Sailing resources and insider race expert access
- Inspiring Rockstar videos, contests and events
- Free stuff
- Safety content for parents

Insider Access to Racing Experts
Blockheads recently got to check out "Ask Me Anything," an Instagram session with US Olympian Paige Railey. They also learned about Olympic gold medalist, America's Cup champion, and two-time World Sailor of the Year, Peter Burling. And soon will be viewing a video tour of the NACRA 17 lead by US Olympian Riley Gibbs.

"Kids - we created a program for you to get involved, by being more hands on," said Harken US Managing Director Bill Goggins. "We want you to have fun with your friends, be more in charge of your own sailing, learn more about your boat and the sport of sailing."

Have your young sailors join Blockheads today!

Anniversary marks sailor's historic solo circumnavigation of the globe
Photo by Janusz Uklejewski / PAP. Click on image to enlarge.

Henryk Jaskuła Forty years ago, legendary sailor Henryk Jaskuła entered the port in Gdynia to become the first Pole in history to complete a non-stop solo voyage around the globe.

Setting off on June 12th 1979, upon his arrival on May 20th 1980, the then 56-year-old captain whose 344-day voyage onboard his 14-metre-long Przemysl's Gift (Dar Przemysla) yacht saw him break the world record for most time spent at sea alone, said: "Poland, your son has returned."

Jaskuła quickly became a national hero, with songs being written about him and his hometown of Przemysl lining the streets as he made a triumphant return.

Jaskuła planned to repeat his success but this time going around the globe westward - the more difficult direction. Had he succeeded, he would have been the first person in the world to circumnavigate the globe solo in both directions. Unfortunately, his boat Dar Przemysla was not up the task. Leaking, it was taking on water too fast to last the journey.

Jaskuła dreamed of rebuilding the yacht, hoping for the necessary 500,000 zlotys to do so. The captain wanted to use the boat train with handicapped aspiring sailors.

He died on May 14th 2020 at the age of 96 seeing neither his beloved boat rebuilt nor the 40th anniversary of his success.

Still, he remains an inspiration to generations of Polish sailors, who strive to surpass his records.

Tomasz Kulawik from the Przemysl Sailing Association said: "Captain Jaskuła's achievement is the most wonderful thing that fate has offered to Podkarpacie and Przemysl in the last few decades.

"We have to rebuild the yacht and our region will again amaze the world as it did on the occasion of Jaskuła's lonely cruise".

'We Are Sailing' is the Song of Howth
We'll put aside for the moment the fact that Bono's father, the late Bob Hewson, lived out his days in Howth, a place he adored. We'll let it go for now that U2 drummer Larry Mullins lives in an elegantly-restrained modern mansion along Howth's Burrow Beach, and is seen in a boat from time to time. We'll overlook, too, the fact of the peninsular port's renowned connections to James Joyce and WB Yeats and J P Donleavy. Because, as of the weekend, Howth's favourite minstrel is the Tartan Troubadour Rod Stewart.

The Plaid Pixie's battered anthem "We Are Sailing" may have passed its sell-by date a dozen times and more. But as Noel Coward observed: "It's strange how potent cheap music is". Yet maybe "We Are Sailing" isn't cheap. Maybe it is just extremely good value. And that is something else altogether, for it's one of those songs which anyone can sing, and in three words it captures the mood of the moment.

Certainly, it captured the mood of Howth this past weekend, when sailing tentatively resumed after Howth YC Commodore Ian Byrne had put in some time working out the ramifications of the Irish Sailing policy document on the various permitted stages and phases in the post-Covid19 resumption of our much-missed sport.

Stewart Hosford: "Offshore Sailing Can Show Iself To Be A Leader"
Tip & Shaft's fourth guest, Stewart Hosford, moved from the corporate world of banking in 2010 to take the helm at Alex Thomson Racing. Cork, Ireland based Hosford moved up in October last year to become CEO of Sir Keith Mills' pan global sports investment group Origin Sports, correspondingly expanding his horizons from ocean racing to a broad portfolio of other sports properties and prospects.

Stewart pre lockdown you were all over the world looking at different events and prospects, from a sports business point of view will there will be opportunity coming out of this?
The reality is that sport is incredibly resilient through great financial crises. We saw sport continue to grow and to extend and I think sport is incredibly resilient, financially, but unfortunately, it's not resilient to crowd restrictions so I think sport is absolutely going to change. I've seen a lot more e-sport investment cases coming across my desk. I have to say, for the first time ever, I've been doing quite a lot of Virtual Regatta sailing with my local sailing club which I never thought I'd do but actually it's been quite fun. Instead of our Monday night racing on the river were doing it on Virtual Regatta, which actually has been very pleasant to get people together. Between zoom and virtual regatta you're craving new sports efforts. I don't know what is ultimately going to happen. I don't really think anyone in sport can really make a sensible business plan but what I do know is there is quite a lot of investment money for sport in the world and I think people are genuinely active in looking at what the opportunities will be.

Are there any particular hotspots for that investment money?
It's coming from all over the world. I'm seeing discussions with people from Singapore, South Africa, Australia and a lot of American money, looking for really good sports assets. So, they'll look at things and they'll take a long-term view. Ultimately with sport you have to take a long-term view but if there is good businesses with good management teams and good underlying finances then people will absolutely be interested in them.

In that context where did you see ocean racing's position as a sponsor pre covid?
I thought it was fairly healthy, relative to its size and its scope to other sports. I know ocean racing offers something completely different, I've sold it for a long time and it always has to be put in context. I think now I've left running an ocean racing team you get a broader view. I think right now at the top table nobody is really interested in talking about sponsorships

How has that view changed?
My view has changed in that when you look more broadly at sport and when you see the media packages that go along with sport, whether it's football, golf or formula 1, you have kind of a baseline for all selling of sponsorship. When you look at those and you see them up close what you find is that 60/70% of the value of the sponsorship is placed on its media value and the remaining delta is 'what is unique about the property?'. When you're selling ocean racing you don't have a lot of that stuff, therefore I think that sailing sponsorships have some of the best activations in the world, purely because you have to be because you do not get the media return you get if you were an F1 team or a football club.

Full interview in Tip & Shaft

Seahorse June 2020
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The rise and rise of Yoann Richomme, the new Coutts, a black eye for a proud Aussie, tougher than tough Olympic delay, plus a not-sosilly solution to scheduling dilemmas. Ivor Wilkins,Patrice Carpentier, Blue Robinson, Dobbs Davis, Mat Belcher

The new conquistadors
Powering 100-foot supermaxis and giant superyachts, winning the Maxi72 worlds, equipping the Vendée Globe favourite and infiltrating the fastest giant French multihulls... Doyle Sails is on a mission to win everything

By Wednesday?
An America's Cup team needs a new custom furler in a hurry, not a problem when you have a pedigree as good as this...

Smart, versatile (and dependable)
When you are building luxury semi-custom performance yachts 7,000 miles away from your main market you'd better get everything right first time. So far so good

Another day at the office
Nevertheless for the skilled and experienced composites team at King Marine in Valencia the recently-launched Botin 85 Deep Blue was their biggest project yet. But only just...

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Berthon Provides a Safe Haven for Stranded and Unwelcome Boats
We were dismayed to read Susan Smilie's article in the Guardian last week announcing that "an estimated 500 boats are crossing the Atlantic to Europe in the coming weeks. From the South Pacific to the Indian Ocean, thousands of people are trying to sail home or find shelter".

The pandemic has left many yachts stranded far from their home ports or at least wondering where they may be permitted to make landfall.

Many countries have closed their ports and marinas to yachts or imposed draconian testing or quarantine measures. Whilst some of these measures may breach international maritime law, private yacht owners will have little choice but to comply with them.

However, in the UK, there are no such rules prohibiting entry, but some ports require yachts coming from overseas to submit a health declaration. Whilst lockdown is now easing and boating activities are once again permitted on open waterways in England, the UK government may soon introduce a quarantine period for all land, air and sea arrivals, making it more important than ever for yachts to check their planned place of arrival well in advance and to establish what facilities will be available.

Berthon Lymington Marina Safe HavenHere at Berthon Lymington Marina, we are well ahead on this front and can assure you of a warm welcome... we can aid boats by isolating them whilst we provide fuel, water, and even provisions in a managed distanced manner, until you have successfully complied with local quarantine rules which appear to be changing daily. Having travelled long distances at sea, you should be considered to have already self-quarantined for however many days you have been at sea. As long as customs are correctly informed, we can make the rest easy, whether in transit or seeking longer-term shelter ashore or afloat.

Stay safe, and fair winds in these tempestuous times; call Luke Machin (Berthon Lymington Marina Manager) on +441590 647405 or email for further details.

Greece gears up for busy 2020 boating season
Greece ended its lockdown on May 4 and is still successfully dealing with Covid-19, so businesses are gradually reopening - some sooner than initially expected.

Referring specifically to tourism and yachting:

May 25 will see the opening up of domestic yachting. All yachts already in Greece prior to Covid-19 are allowed to arrive/depart from Greek ports and sail/stop within Greek territory

Greece's 2020 tourist season will begin on June 15, coinciding with the date the country's seasonal hotels open their doors for business. Greece's year-round hotels will open on June 1

On June 15, Greek yacht charters for foreign guests will begin. Greece will be welcoming international flights from 20 countries with positive epidemiological data, initially only at Athens International Airport

Greece's incoming tourists will not need to have a coronavirus test upon arrival and there will be no quarantine period. Travellers will only have to comply to airlines' rules before leaving their own country

Visitors to Greece will undergo sample tests when required and must abide by the country's general health protocols (to be announced soon)

On July 1, all Greek airports will be open to flights from abroad with the exception of some countries with negative epidemiological characteristics. -- Manos Roudas

Featured Auction
Raceboats Only 66' S&S 12 Metre 1977 - ENTERPRISE

Bidding Opens: June 19, 2020 3:30 PM
Bidding Closes: June 25, 2020 3:30 PM


See auction details at Boathouse Auctions

Paul Buttrose, tel +1 (954) 294-6962

Boathouse Auctions

Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only 2004 - Refit 2015 SW78 Ocean Horse. 1,800,000 (VAT Paid) EUR. Located in Genova, Italy.

Ocean Horse is the fourth hull of the 78’ miniseries, one of the most successful Southern Wind projects, that boast the design partnership of Reichel Pugh Design and Nauta Design.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly


Tel. +39 010 570 4035


Raceboats Only 1977 Nautor Swan 65 'Eden'. 590000 USD. Located in St. Martin, Caribbean

This Swan 65 has been extremely well cared for throughout her life. Her list of upgrades is endless and her previous owners have all treated her incredibly well. In recent years she has had sails, bow thruster, generator and rebuilt engine.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Ben Cooper
Telephone: +44(0) 1590 679222


Raceboats Only 1983 12 Metre Victory 83. All Reasonable Offers Considered USD. Located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Victory'83 - 2 Time World Champion - completely updated, fully tuned up with an extensive sail inventory. A proven Winner - add crew, water and GO!. Complete program for sale with tender and container.

Victory'83 received a complete refit and update in 2008. The first twelve to be fully outfitted and laid out for the larger crew size permitted in the current 12M Rule. The original hull, keel and tab was retained. We added new cockpits and foredeck, rudder, winches, hardware, spars/rigging, electronics, hydraulics and of course, fairing and paint - in essence a new boat! She set a new standard for the Class and has earned an enviable race record. The Owner is retiring from Twelve Metre Racing and would like to pass her on to a new custodian!

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

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The Last Word
So many Bruce Springsteen fans have come from New Jersey. You can tell because of the smell of weed mixed with Axe body spray. -- Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

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