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At the Sharp End: Blue Thursday
The Stig of Virtual Sailing - who is IRL55248?
R for responsible Robline
David Graham appointed World Sailing Chief Executive Officer
US Sailing Confirms Nomination of Eight Athletes to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Sailing Team
Sailing DEFIANT - AC75 Shakedown Video
How to run the pit like a Volvo Ocean Race sailor
Pulling together in the pandemic world
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The Last Word: Rhys Ifans

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At the Sharp End: Blue Thursday
The RYS Bicentenary regatta, Olympic 49ers, the J70 Worlds, Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, X-Boats through to the 52 Super Series have all provided high-octane photo opportunities in varying shades of blue.

I'll take a moment to say thank you to the NHS and all emergency services on this Clap for Carers day. And closer to 'home' thanks also go to the RNLI and Coastguard services.

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The Stig of Virtual Sailing - who is IRL55248?
Since we launched the Irish eSailing National Championship, over 600 players have signed up - and top of the Irish leaderboard is the enigmatic IRL55248. But who is IRL55248 ?

They used to say that sailing was a game of least mistakes. Until now. Enter IRL55248. The course is their canvas and we are at the mercy of their brushstrokes. They break the bias on zero, cross the fleet at full speed and onto the shortest course to the next mark. The fleet becomes puppeteered like a cat playing a mouse, bouncing them to the lesser corners of the racetrack, confused, frustrated, desperately rolling the dice.

When Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile the running world changed overnight. IRL55248 has introduced the sailing World to something we thought was unobtainable... the perfect race...

There is so much we don't know. What does IRL55248 sail? Are they a recognised champion? A sailmaker or boat builder? Man or woman? An Optimist child protegé or an old master teaching us a lesson? All they give us is that sail number, razor sharp tactics and the feeling that they giggle behind their screen at our tweaking inadequate frustrations as they teach us a lesson in sailing tactics with each passing wind shift.

In the virtual world of eSailing we are mere mortals simply lucky to appreciate such wizardry but in the real world, at sea, the 'Stig' of sailing glides amongst us, in our evening race or a wandering cruise, we pass unknowingly, like ships in the night.

Who is IRL55248?

R for responsible Robline
We want to protect this planet every day and have done so for decades. Anybody who, like Robline, mixes it at the top with the elite also has a responsibility towards society and the environment. With Robline cordage you can be assured that we will make our contribution together.

Sustainability for Robline is more than just a modern buzzword, it is in our DNA. Being part of TEUFELBERGER, owned and managed in 7th generation, it is very clear, that all our thinking, all our activities are focusing on the wellbeing of our upcoming generations. So it comes very natural to treat the environment with respect and consideration.

We are consequently analyzing all our activities and processes to reduce our global footprint. This starts by carefully choosing suppliers who share our philosophy with heavy consideration to reduce our CO2 footprint.

Robline focuses at three major aspects: recycling, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Reduce plastic
We banned plastic bags as well as plastic packaging almost 100% from our warehouse. Plastic might not be the most environmentally friendly material, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. BUT: pure plastic is very easy to be recycled, because the infrastructure worldwide is up and running. It becomes difficult as soon as you mix materials that cannot be separated in a way to be recycled. So we decided to use 100% PP for our spools to make sure they can be reused.

At Robline, we are carefully analyzing our waste to continuously reduce our levels. This includes production material or unnecessary printing of catalogues. We severely reduced our number of printed copies as well as changed our publication cycles from yearly to bi-yearly. Customers will still find all products and data up-to-date on the website.

What better way to avoid waste of energy or material by daily challenging our manufacturing processes with the clear goal to relieve the environment.

We are very much aware of the fact that we only have one planet, with limited oceans and lakes to do what we love so much (sail and kite). At Robline we are also aware, that it is the people that can make a difference, so we are starting with our own.

Robline is a very stable team that loves nature, enjoys it and is doing everything in its power to help to make the world a better place. With that mindset, we are confident that Robline will keep sustainability in its DNA.

David Graham appointed World Sailing Chief Executive Officer
World Sailing has appointed David Graham, a 20-year veteran in the sailing industry, as its new Chief Executive Officer starting 13 July 2020.

Graham's extensive and impressive career includes functions in sales, events, coaching and sponsorship, including CEO and Managing Director roles.

Graham's most recent role was at Oman Sail, a national initiative that uses the power of sport to contribute to the development of the Omani people, where he served as CEO from 2009 through to April 2020.

During his tenure, Graham was instrumental in establishing the sport in Oman, growing the national sailing team to one of the leading teams in Asia and developing the nation as a top destination for Class World Championships, America's Cup World Series and Extreme Sailing Series events. Prior to his tenure at Oman Sail, Graham managed a sailing school before spending over a decade in senior positions in the world's leading dinghy manufacturers.

His experience as an active sailor is equally as strong. An active sailor his whole life, he grew up as a dinghy sailor and was involved in major big boat series and races onboard both monohulls and multihulls. In addition he has recently taking up kiteboarding to add to his repertoire of sailing skillsets.

US Sailing Confirms Nomination of Eight Athletes to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Sailing Team
The United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) released Guiding Principles for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Selection Procedures, on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. The document states, "Where athletes, or a team, have been nominated to the USOPC, in full or in part, the selection procedure shall not be amended in such a way that removes those already nominated athletes."

In accordance with the above guidance, US Sailing confirms the nomination of the eight athletes below. As of February 29, 2020, each earned selection to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Sailing Team, per US Sailing's Selection Procedures.

Riley Gibbs (Long Beach, Calif.) & Anna Weis (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), Mixed Nacra 17
Stephanie Roble (East Troy, Wisc.) & Maggie Shea (Wilmette, Ill.), Women's 49erFX
Charlie Buckingham (Newport Beach, Calif.), Men's Laser
Paige Railey (Clearwater, Fla.), Women's Laser Radial
Farrah Hall (Annapolis, Md.), Women's RS:X
Pedro Pascual (West Palm Beach, Fla.), Men's RS:X

U.S. athletes Nevin Snow & Dane Wilson also won the U.S. Olympic Trials in the Men's 49er class. Their nomination status will be made official pending country qualification.

The Trials are still in progress for the Men's 470, Women's 470, and Finn classes. US Sailing will nominate the five remaining athletes upon the conclusion of each class' Trials.

All nominations to the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team are pending approval of the USOPC.

US Sailing's Olympic Trials system

Sailing DEFIANT - AC75 Shakedown Video
In September 2019, American Magic's DEFIANT became the first AC75 to both sail and foil on the waters of Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. Since then, the first of two AC75's to be built for the U.S. America's Cup Challenger has been in a "shakedown" phase, where the complex and cutting-edge systems have been tested and refined.

Also part of this groundbreaking period has been the shakedown of the human element; the training of some of the world's first AC75 sailors. American Magic's team of grinders, trimmers, and other specialists have been recruited from the best of Olympic, foiling, and previous Cup classes, but sailing onboard DEFIANT is unlike anything else.

"Liftoff on the AC75 is surprising compared to a Moth, SuperFoiler, GC32, or the other mainstream foiling boats out there now," said trimmer/grinder Dan Morris (Newport, R.I.). "Liftoff on this boat feels like an airplane. When [helmsman] Dean Barker, [main trimmer] Paul Goodison, [flight controller] Andrew Campbell and the grinders are in sync, the boat takes off like an airplane on a tarmac. There's acceleration, the bow comes up, and the boat lifts free. In most other foiling boats the takeoff is a labored effort, with the boat 'working hard' to take off. The AC75 feels easy and smooth." -- Will Ricketson

How to run the pit like a Volvo Ocean Race sailor
While running the pit is all about establishing repeatable systems and processes that run like clockwork, Justin Slattery prides himself on being open to all possibilities. "The more organised I am in the pit, the better everything will run. But I don't like to restrict what the back of the boat wants to do. The biggest thing for me is to remain open about everything, and always to encourage conversations about how you can make it better all the time," he explains.

For Slattery, 'That's the way we've always done it' is the phrase that stands in the way of progress. With new technology coming on stream all the time, he believes it's vital to keep your mind open to new ideas and new ways of trying things. "I remember the first time putting a tracer line on a 140-footer to hoist the Code Zero and people saying 'that will never work.' Now more than half of the Grand Prix fleet are using tracers."

Five tips, article in full in

Pulling together in the pandemic world
The cruising community at large is an extraordinarily supportive community at the best of times, and the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) represents some of the most experienced and helpful members of that cruising community. But it is in the worst of times that the fellowship of cruisers shines the brightest.

The OCC would like to recognise all the people who have gone out of their way to help fellow cruisers facing challenging situations and difficult decisions when they found themselves in places they didn't expect to be as borders closed around the world. This Covid-19 pandemic was like nothing previously experienced, yet OCC members, Roving Rear Commodores, Regional Rear Commodores, Port Officers & PO Representatives and volunteers around the world pulled together to assist all cruisers regardless of affiliation or membership in the OCC. Non-members chipped in, too, helping with various functions from setting up communications channels to sharing verified information.

The Board and General Committee have approved issuing Ocean Cruising Club commendations to all those we have identified as of 1 May 2020 as having dedicated extraordinary effort in this trying time. Commodore Simon Currin remarked, "The COVID-19 crisis has created unprecedented difficulties for the entire cruising community. I am delighted that the Ocean Cruising Club has been able to deploy its formidable global support network in order to assist all stranded sailors find safe havens."

Ocean Cruising Club Certificates of Appreciation were issued to the following:

Addison Chan
Asadhulla Mohamed
Brian Murray
Daria Blackwell
Frances Rennie
Gordon Nicholl
Graham Gower
Grahame L. Brookes
Guy Chester
Hank George
Jenny Crickmore-Thompson
Jerome Belheurne
Jose Azevedo
Juan Boschetti
Julia Torres
Linda Lane Thornton
Liz & Steve Davis
Mindy Piuk
Peter Whatley
Rick Palm
Russ Owen
Silvio Ramos
Steve Kerswill
Sue Richards
Thomas Nicolaisen
Tim Goodyear
Victor Langerwerf
Steven Kirk

Take a tour through X-Yachts' Pure X Range via its 'Virtual X-perience' VR guides for the stylish X4⁹, the European Yacht of the Year winner X4⁰, and the X5⁶, the new performance cruiser scheduled to launch later this year.

Using your computer, tablet or smartphone, you can step onboard and explore the important features of these luxury yachts both above and below deck.

Test your position at the helm, or go below into the saloon and discover the front and aft cabins, bath and heads.


Sparkman & Stephens 84' Sloop

Onboard the new sailing yacht from Sparkman & Stephens no detail is spared. Stunning lines, elegant sheer, 84 feet of performance underway.

Design No:2828
LOA:84.0ft / 25.6m
LWL:69.1ft / 21.1m
Beam:20.0ft / 6.09m
Draft:15.8ft / 4.8m


Dufour’s new Flagship is the sleek-looking Dufour 61. She is designed by Felci Yacht Design, who has been designing all of Dufour’s yachts since 2002. Felci is noted for not compromising on performance. So, as a result, the new Dufour 61 is quick but stable and easy to handle. Irish agents for the Dufour range is Cork Harbour's Crosshaven Boatyard.

The company has produced a new video on the 61.

All her sail controls lead back to the after part of the cockpit. Her mainsheet is on an arch which allows a better sheeting angle and is also clear of the cockpit. She has a number of sail configurations including the option of the in-mast furling mainsail and self-tacking jib.

Her many advantages include decent dinghy garage, large cockpit, loads of sunbathing areas, two cockpit tables and big windows giving loads of light down below.

She has a number of layout options below including the forward galley which Dufour have perfected with the option of an aft galley. Dufour has made an extra effort to make the boat feel even more luxurious than previous models adding extra soft furnishings and more upmarket fittings etc. The new Dufour 61 with an overall length of 63 feet will certainly turn a few heads”.

More details from Hugh Mockler at Crosshaven Boatyard on


The Goal? Making the joy of foiling accessible to every sailor. The means? The TF10.

The 10m-long one-design TF10 trimaran - also known as the foiling flying machine - was designed four years ago by renowned duo Morrelli & Melvin. The specific properties of a trimaran and foiling technique were aligned to create a one-design. The distinctive pre-preg carbon Nomex honeycomb core guarantees a pleasant racing experience for all type of maritime conditions. ”The threshold for sailing and foiling is not only in the speed but also in the comfort” according to Heemskerk. ”On a catamaran or trimaran, the foils have a big impact on the way the boat behaves in the water. For example, a multihull naturally wants to dip underwater with its nose. The foils completely eliminate this problem. The front foil provides a lift and helps prevents ‘nose-diving’ and the rear foil pulls the rudder down when the boat wants to dive. The hard slamming movements make room for a boat that almost silently flies above the water.’’

The original idea of the TF10 stems from the initiative of a group of five sailing friends on the Us East Coast (Newport, RI). TF10 sailing class was conjured up to make sailing safer and more accessible. No longer the boat, but the sailing experience of the owner/skipper must be decisive for the position in the field. In addition, costs should be reasonable and equal for everyone. It is the expressed goal of the class to avoid an ‘arms race for equipment, sails, and crew’.


The first hull of the new Swan 58, a proper Bluewater yacht which combines comfort and performance, is out of the mould. The transparent gelcoat, used on the first hull both for bottom and topsides, is employed to better detect any possible imperfection in the infusion process.

At the moment, the hull is still at the yard in Kallby where it will be completed with structural details, go through a thorough quality check and then be transported over to the Boat Technology Centre for assembly work.

The joinery shop has already started working on the interiors and pre-assembly of electrical components is underway. At the same time, the deck mould will soon be ready to enable deck lamination to start.

Featured Brokerage
2018 Botin 56. 1,495,000 USD. Located in Newport, RI, USA

Built in 2018 by King Marine, a 56’ bigger sibling of the TP52 class, but designed for regatta sailing, not to a class rule. This Botin 56 has twin wheels, twin rudder and hydraulically powered sail controls, which make her a unique and very potent inshore and coastal racing yacht.

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Berthon Yacht Sales
Tel: +44(0)1590 679222


Gunboat 60 - ARETHUSA. POA USD.

ARETHUSA is exceptionally maintained by professional crew and has benefited from significant upgrades to be the reliable and beautiful global mile-eater that she is, presented in better-than-new condition.

Her recent 2020 refit incorporates new daggerboards that improve performance and pedigree even further, for sailing that is thoroughly enjoyable both on the race track and while offshore blue-water cruising.

Turnkey ready for her new owners, ready for worldwide cruising, regattas and whatever your dream sailing plans may be.

For full details go to....

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GC32 Malizia MON 023 For Sale or Charter. 200’000 excl.VAT EUR.

Experience the foiling revolution with this 30+ knot GC32 flying catamaran, ready to compete on the GC32 Racing Tour.

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Christian Scherrer

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The Last Word
In Wales, singing and storytelling are party skills, not professions. -- Rhys Ifans

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