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Statement from World Sailing President Kim Andersen
Cowes Week Limited continues to work towards its August regatta
Robline Product News 2020: Flat Mooring
65+ knot Rocket Ride
New Sailing Game Released
Rocket 28 transforms into a canting keeler
No Limit - Em-trak
Second Wind, The SNOEK Refit, a Rhode Island PBS special with Onne van der Wal
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Featured Charter: GP42 - Phan
Featured Brokerage:
• • Victory '83
• • Classic 6 Metre - ANTINEA
• • YYachts Y7
The Last Word: Allen Ginsberg

Brought to you by Seahorse magazine and EuroSail News is a digest of sailing news and opinions, regatta results, new boat and gear information and letters from sailors -- with a European emphasis. Contributions welcome, send to

Statement from World Sailing President Kim Andersen
On behalf of World Sailing’s Board of Directors, a statement from President Kim Andersen is available below:

World Sailing’s Board of Directors continues to keep the finances and operations of World Sailing under very close review during the COVID-19 virus pandemic and the effect it is having on all international sports federations.

The United Kingdom Government has made available a generous financial support scheme which can be accessed by World Sailing (UK) Limited (the company which employs the World Sailing staff) to support salary costs during the crisis. Like many organisations within the UK, the Board has decided to take advantage of this scheme in order to ensure the long-term financial viability of World Sailing.

From 15 April 2020 until 6 May 2020, almost all World Sailing staff are being placed on ‘furlough leave’. World Sailing will fund any difference in pay. After 6 May, the Board will review the position with the Senior Management Team and decide whether furlough leave is extended or whether staff will return to work. A small number of senior managers will not be on furlough leave and remain at work

In addition to this measure, the Board has requested that World Sailing staff earning more than a certain amount take a 20% pay reduction until the end of the year (or earlier if possible). This requires the individual agreement of the staff and we have been consulting with the staff on the viability of this proposal. Overall, the Board continues to have frequent discussions with our partners concerning the impact of the postponement of the Olympic Games in order to ensure our financial health is as stable as possible.

Kim Andersen on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Cowes Week Limited continues to work towards its August regatta
Cowes Week 2020 is scheduled to take place from Saturday August 8th to Saturday August 15th. Despite the current restrictions, work is continuing from home on all of the organisational aspects of the week and we remain committed to running the event if at all possible.

Laurence Mead, Regatta Director, said:

"We continue to move forward with plans for the event and remain hopeful that by the time we get to mid-August - still four months' away - the necessity to socially distance ourselves will have reduced sufficiently so that we can run some great boat racing in Cowes.

"We can react quickly to changes in the Government restrictions and guidance, switching on or off various components with the minimum of lead time, and allowing us significant leeway - perhaps until the beginning of July - before we need to make any big decisions.

"The safety of participants and the hundreds of volunteers working behind the scenes is foremost in our minds of course, but providing that we can run an event that complies with all guidance in place at the time, then we fully intend to do so. I suspect there will be a lot of sailors desperate to get boats on the water by August!"

The Notice of Regatta will be issued in the next few days on the Cowes Week website (the Advance Notice of Regatta is already online and there are no changes to that document at this time) and you can register here for email updates

Robline Product News 2020: Flat Mooring
Robline Robline is thriving on a daily basis to optimize the boat life of every single one of you. This new product will make mooring and the splicing of mooring lines easier than ever. The Flat Mooring was especially developed to distribute the frictional energy to a larger area while being soft and easy to handle. These characteristics make it an ideal mooring rope for tricky and choppy mooring situations. The key feature of this newly developed mooring rope is its novel cover design.

Flat Mooring is available in black colour and comes in the diameters of 12, 14 and 16mm.

For more information please visit: or contact your local dealer.

65+ knot Rocket Ride
With so many people asking "what is it like" to sail this boat at this speed, we thought it was time to do a more 'pure' edit of our fastest, final incredible run.

This run shows Vestas Sailrocket 2 absolutely smashing the outright world speed sailing record and easily becoming the sports first true 60+ knot boat. She averaged 65.45 knots over the 500 meter course and hit a peak speed of 68.33 knots (78+ mph, 126+ kmh).

Beware, this contains the actual audio from the helmet of the Australian pilot... and there was swearing.

We had it covered from many angles and all those little cameras cost us a little bit of speed... so we might as well use all the footage that was captured. All the shots here are from the third run of the day and are edited to the actual voice recording of the pilot in real time.

The video shows the full sequence of a full run from being released from the support RIB to burning down the 500 meter course in under 15 seconds... and of course the celebration that ensued.

Some of the details to look out for are when the leeward side of the boat buries underwater whilst trying to get started and when the big, low speed rudder drops down at speed on the back float (you can see it kick the boat sideways at the start of the high speed section).

Vestas Sailrocket 2

New Sailing Game Released
Last week we released Pancake Sailor - a free relaxing sailing game in the VR Regatta universe.

In just the last 2 days, over 1000 people went for a relaxing sail virtually with the Pancake Sailor.

Sailors around the world are finding themselves quarantined at home. In response to this emerging situation the MarineVerse team decided to create something that will be fun, relaxing and accessible to as many people as possible.

Pancake Sailor offers a relaxing exploration mode with simple keyboard controls, an Easy Race with a global leaderboard and a multiplayer mode. The multiplayer is connected to VR Regatta, so flat screen players will be able to interact with sailors using virtual reality headsets.

New Sailing Game Released

Rocket 28 transforms into a canting keeler
Tony Cuschieri of Victoria, Australia, has sent Sail-World photos and video of the latest project he has got involved in. Canting keels are complicated, whether a new build or a retrofit (and we're not sure what category this belongs in, as the boat has been scraped back to it's very bones!).

We are transforming an old Rocket 28 into a canting keeler with new deck, cockpit and lots of other bits and pieces. The unique canting/lifting keel case is in mock-up stage but you can see where it will fit eventually. This video demonstrates the pivoting.

The Rocket, originally named Froth & Bubble, was in pretty bad shape when I got it, but at 26ft she will closely resemble a half-size TP52 when finished.

We intend to create a flush deck, deeper and longer cockpit, athwartship sheeting, plus a newly-designed carbon fibre keel.

With all these modifications and upgrades it seems like the boat will be reborn as an AC26! Remember we want to hear YOUR stories of boat repairs, renovations and invention too.

No Limit - Em-trak
Em-trak As AIS systems become de rigeur we have only touched the surface in terms of the information which they can provide

Collision avoidance based on AIS technology is fundamental to the safety of any offshore race boat and her crew. The world leader in AIS is em-trak, whose transceivers have been the top choice for commercial and leisure vessels for more than 20 years, thanks to their proven performance, reliability and seamless inter-operability with other navigation and display systems.

AIS B transceivers are now required on all races of Category 3 and lower in World Sailing’s Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) and the Offshore equivalent category in the US’s Safety Equipment Regulations (SER) - and will be required in the SER Coastal category from 2024.

Full story in the May issue of Seahorse

Second Wind, The SNOEK Refit, a Rhode Island PBS special with Onne van der Wal
Noted Newport based nautical photographer and sailor Onne van der Wal talks about his early days in apartheid South Africa where he grew up sailing small boats and working on commercial fishing boats as a teenager. A poor student in high school, Onne’s father encouraged him to attend a trade school and completed a three year apprenticeship as a machinist in Cape Town. His true passion was sailing and after completing his trades education, Onne went on to race large sailboats as a professional crew member and joined the famous Dutch boat, FLYER, in the 1981/82 Whitbread around the world race. Winning the race was a huge stepping stone to his long and successful career as a award winning nautical photographer.

Onne has spent 32 years photographing and traveling with various sailing vessels around the world, but always on someone else’s boat…it was time for his OWN boat. Onne took an old and tired 1972 Rhode Island built Pearson 36 sailboat and refurbished it to its former glory in his backyard. The frigid winter project put him to the test where he did all the work himself, with the help of some local vendors, and he completed the project allowing him to enjoy his own boat and sail with his wife Tenley.

The executive producer is Eric Thorkilsen from This Old House Ventures and the film is written, produced, and directed by Thomas Draudt. The presenting station is Rhode Island PBS.

Second Wind, The SNOEK Refit,

Industry News
Niels Klarenbeek With more than 15 years of professional experience in various international trade fairs in RAI Amsterdam and with a great love for water sports, Niels Klarenbeek will succeed Irene Dros as the new director of METSTRADE. His new position will be of effect as of 14 April 2020.

Niels Klarenbeek is 42 years old and has been an avid water sports enthusiast for years. In his spare time he loves to sail with his wife and 2 children on the Frisian lakes. He studied Business Economics at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Niels had various roles in sales and business development, including 5 years of sales for the world’s leading trade show for process, drinking and wastewater Aquatech.

For the past 10 years, Niels has been in the lead of Rematec, a portfolio serving the automotive parts remanufacturing industry with tradeshows in Amsterdam, Las Vegas and Guangzhou. Under Niels’ lead, Rematec has developed into the world's most important meeting point for automotive remanufacturing with visitors from over 75 countries.

In addition to METSTRADE, Niels will also be closely involved with IBEX.

IBEX is the marine industry's largest technical trade event in North America and is powered globally by METSTRADE. IBEX is owned and produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and RAI Amsterdam.


The RNLI’s chief executive, Mark Dowie, is to take a 50% pay cut to help the charity through the coronavirus pandemic.

Mark Dowie

The charity is also planning to put an initial 30% of its staff on furlough over the next few weeks, topping up their pay to full pay during April and then in May, to 80% pay if it is above the £2,500 cap set by the government.

“The coronavirus outbreak is testing many charities and emergency services across the UK and Ireland and the RNLI is no different,” he said. “We have some reserves in place to deal with short sharp shocks to our financial situation. However, we are all facing unprecedented times and we have seen an immediate impact not just on our frontline services, but also on our ability to fundraise which is already having an impact on our finances.”

The charity has also paused its ongoing planned replacement of equipment and buildings including lifeboat station rebuilds and building new lifeboats.

New ways to fundraise online and on social media are also being looked into.


A new plan will be put in motion to adopt ’extraordinary measures’ for the 2020 edition of the Genoa International Boat Show, which will see the design of a flexible layout that can adapt to the various post-pandemic scenarios, together with new dates.


The Irish National Sailing & Powerboat School in Dun Laoghaire Harbour want to hear from those who holiday abroad on charter yachts and those who may want to. Given the travel uncertainty emanating from COVID-19 restrictions, there’s a possibility to highlight the excellent cruising and holiday options here in Ireland.

Since the sailing school re-started yachting courses five years ago the vast majority of graduates both are new, or returning to sailing, and undertook the training to charter a yacht abroad.

With travel plans less certain, and the Irish tourism sector facing a huge challenge to get back on its feet the team at the school want to help those who might otherwise have skipped a sailing holiday do so in Ireland when it is safe to do so again.

The team are keen to hear your views, either by online survey or by getting in touch with the team in the office on 01 284 4195 or .

The survey can be found here


Due to the Covid-19 epidemic’s progression and the necessary measures taken by the public authorities to protect people’s health, Groupe Beneteau says it has taken the decision to temporarily suspend its boat and leisure home construction activities in France and Italy.

”Activities at our production units in the US and Poland have slowed down to date, but have not been shut down,” says the company in a statement.

“In this exceptional situation facing our country and all our employees, this suspension of activity is necessary. We are taking all possible measures to ensure the protection of our employees in all countries and to help ensure a quick resumption of our activities as soon as the situation allows us to do so,” says Beneteau chairman and CEO Jerome de Metz.

The presentation of Beneteau’s strategic plan, scheduled for April 29, will be deferred to a subsequent date.


Dufour Yachts has decided to suspend the activity of its production while the pandemic spread is under control and with a regular review according to the decisions of French government. “We hope that it will be as short as possible. The sales and communication teams, supply and customer services remain reachable and continue to work safely to provide the best services as possible during this period,” says the company in a statement.

“We are aware of the impact this may have on partners and customers and we thank you for your understanding and international solidarity. We can assure you that our teams are mobilised to find solutions to minimise the impacts linked to this global health crisis. Today, the main thing is to brave this virus all together and our teams are already working to best prepare for the return to full activity. Sales and communication teams, supply and customer service stay at your disposal for any requirement. Even if the supplies and delivery will certainly be very disturbed and we count on your understanding.”

Dufour says that all current orders will be honoured and all boats delivered. “We will inform you of the new delivery date with a new planning, as soon as we have visibility on the end of the health crisis.”

Featured Charter
Raceboats Only GP42 - Phan

Available for:
Available for: Caribbean 2020

Phan was designed by Botin & Carkeek and built by King Marine. The GP42 was designed to be a fast, offshore capable, truly competitive performance racing yacht and has had much success globally. Phan is in immaculate condition having been meticulously maintained her whole life. This summer she has been in the shed at Longitude Cero in Valencia, having some exciting modifications, including a new rudder and deeper keel.

The new keel will give greater righting moment and more up wind power, and the new rudder will be larger and with different balance, to give more low speed manoeuvrability and lower load when high speed reaching.

A full kite take down system has been added, the deck layout has been optimised with many of the control lines re-run, and the pedestal overdrive has been upgraded for better kite gybing speeds.

Phan has a full wardrobe of North Sails, B&G 3000 instruments, a smooth underwater finish and a Gori 420 racing prop.

See listing details in Seahorse Charters

Lucy Jackson - LV Yachting
Call: +44 2392 161272

See the the Seahorse charter collection

Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only 1983 12 Metre Victory 83. 900,000 USD. Located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Victory'83 - 2 Time World Champion - completely updated, fully tuned up with an extensive sail inventory. A proven Winner - add crew, water and GO!. Complete program for sale with tender and container.

Victory'83 received a complete refit and update in 2008. The first twelve to be fully outfitted and laid out for the larger crew size permitted in the current 12M Rule. The original hull, keel and tab was retained. We added new cockpits and foredeck, rudder, winches, hardware, spars/rigging, electronics, hydraulics and of course, fairing and paint - in essence a new boat! She set a new standard for the Class and has earned an enviable race record. The Owner is retiring from Twelve Metre Racing and would like to pass her on to a new custodian!

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly



Raceboats Only 1928 Classic 6 Metre - ANTINEA. 55000 EUR. Located in Hanko, Finland.

Considered to be one of the most beautiful Classic 6 Metre yachts ever built. ANTINEA (FIN-24) was built by the renowned Råholmens Båtvarva to designs by Einar Olofsson in 1928 and has been sympathetically restored and refitted by her current owners.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Jonas Renlund - Grabau international ( Scandinavia)
Tel: +358 408 098688


Raceboats Only YYACHTS Y7. POA EUR.

The Y7 was created in collaboration with US designer Bill Tripp, considered one of the world's best naval architects. Our goal was to combine comfortable sailing performance with competitive sailing performance, even on the regatta course.

In conditions where other yachts still use their engines, the sails are already set on the Y7. A displacement of only 29 tons and almost 300 square meters of sail area at wind make move the yacht even in light winds; Y7 owners don't have to worry about the perfect weather all the time.

All halyards, sheets and stretchers run hidden to the steering columns - so the helmsman can operate the Y7 alone at any time. This is not a matter of course for a 70-foot yacht and allows the owner to sail with a very small crew or even on his own.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

T. +49 3834 5858 77-0

See the collection at

The Last Word
Corso's a poet's Poet, a poet much superior to me. Pure velvet... whose wild fame's extended for decades around the world from France to China, World Poet. -- Allen Ginsberg

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