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Gretel II turned 50 in Hobart on April 10th
RORC Lockdown Live Series | Time Over Distance
Harken's V™ Block - Highest Performing Block Ever
World Sailing President Kim Andersen replies to media criticism
PlanetSail - NEW Series - On Course Episode 2
Spinnaker Packing Videos from Quantum
How the different classes are trying to adapt their program, part 1
Plug and play - A&T Instruments
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli takes a new direction as the family dynasty continues
Calling all boat bimblers! Show us what you've been up to
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• • Swan 90-708 Alix
• • Reichel/Pugh 52 Custom - CAPE FLING II
• • Powerplay
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Gretel II turned 50 in Hobart on April 10th
Gretel II on the Derwent. Photo by Peter Watson. Click on image to enlarge.

Gretel II, the famous Australian yacht that might well have won the America's Cup in 1970, turned 50, the classic 12-Metre Class yacht sitting sedately in her marina berth at the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania on Hobart's River Derwent.

Gretel II was launched in Sydney on this day 197 for media magnate Sir Frank Packer, built by Bill Barnett to a design by Alan Payne. She was the last America's Cup boat to be built of wood.

She is now owned by NSW yachtsman Mike Maxwell who commissioned a major refit in New Zealand in 2009. Maxwell decided to relocate GII (as she became known) at the RYCT, his reasoning being that the open waters of the River Derwent were more suited to sailing a 12-Metre than on Sydney Hobart.

She recently contested the Port Cygnet Regatta down the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, winning the passage races from Hobart to Kettering and Kettering to Port Cygnet, with Maxwell flying into Tasmania to skipper the crew of RYCT members headed by Steven Shield.

Sir Frank Packer had first challenged for the America's Cup with Gretel in 1962, returning to Newport, Rhode Island in 1970 with the new and innovative Alan Payne design.

After defeating Baron Bich's France in the challenger selection series 4-0, Jim (now Sir James) Hardy took on the New York Yacht Club's defender Intrepid, skippered by US Olympian Bill Ficker.

Intrepid won the first race when Gretel II's David Forbes was swept overboard. He managed to hang onto a sheet and scrambled back on board.

Then, in a controversial second race, Gretel II crossed the finish line first, but was subsequently disqualified due to a collision at the start, a decision that angered Packer.

Intrepid won the third race, but Gretel II recorded a win in race four by one minute and two seconds. Intrepid went on to win the fifth race and retain the America's Cup for the New York Yacht Club 4-1.

Many observers, including the 1977 America's Cup US skipper Ted Turner, believed that Gretel II was a faster boat but that the cunning tactics of Bill Ficker and skills of the American crew was the deciding factor in Intrepid's win. -- Peter Campbell

RORC Lockdown Live Series | Time Over Distance
Jack Bouttell and Alexis Loison
Interview + Video & Images

Happy Easter from the RORC. For Volume 2, Louay Habib is joined by Jack Bouttell and Alexis Loison. Listen to their achievements as they talk through sailing some of the biggest races in the world.

Jack Bouttell started racing with the RORC on Piet Vroon's Tonnerre as a teenage bowman and just eight years later he was lifting the Volvo Ocean Race Trophy with Dongfeng Race Team. Achievements also include three Figaro campaigns, including Rookie of the year, and racing with Team Concise on both the Class40 and the MOD70. Jack is still under 30 and now lives in L'Orient, France and is part of the Spindrift Jules Verne Challenge.

Alexis Loison shot to fame winning the 2013 Rolex Fastnet Race overall, racing with his father on Night and Day. Pascal and Alexis Loison became the first and only Two-Handed team to lift the Fastnet Challenge Cup. Alexis was part of Gery Trentesaux's Courrier Recommande - overall winner of the 2018 Rolex Middle Sea Race, and won class in the 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart racing Gery's Courrier Leon. Alexis Loison is now set for his 15th Solitaire du Figaro with Region Normandie.

Harken's V™ Block - Highest Performing Block Ever
Harken's V™ block is currently the highest performing, most efficient block Harken produces making it essential for Grand-Prix racers. The unique v-shaped angled rollers handle both axial and thrust loads eliminating all unnecessary parts and weight. The result is a strong, lightweight block that offers efficiency at high loads.

"We're pleased our V blocks have become the standard on AC75's, TP52's, large multihulls, and IMOCA 60's offering the performance that wins regattas and smashes elapsed time records worldwide." - Mark Wiss, Director of Global Grand-Prix and Custom Yacht Sales.

Harken V Blocks

World Sailing President Kim Andersen replies to media criticism
World Sailing President Kim Andersen has been under a lot of pressure with regard to the apparent critical financial situation of World Sailing during his tenure.

Following a highly critical article in the Norwegian Sail Magazine, the president of World Sailing has replied to the criticism in a video interview with seilmagasinet journalist Mikkel Thommessen.

PlanetSail - NEW Series - On Course Episode 2
Welcome to Episode 2 in our new series that takes a regular look at the sailing world. Like much of the world we're still in lock down here in the UK but there's still plenty to report on. In fact, so much that this episode has turned out to be a bit of a bumper special - I hope you like it.

America's Cup - Kiwi focus
The complete Ocean Race course
Whitbread archive - 1973-74 & 1977-78
Cornish Crash & Burn
Olympic view - Ian Walker interview
Cowes Week latest - Regatta Director speaks
Small tweak, big difference? How to boost a Flying 15

Spinnaker Packing Videos from Quantum
They won't really pack themselves, so brush up with our quick spinnaker packing tutorials on YouTube and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on great content.

This video: Asymmetrial Spinnaker Flake

When flaking an asymmetrical spinnaker, we'll bring the leech and luff of the sail together, halving the width of the loose sail. From there we will first fold the remainder of the luff up to the level of our first flake before flaking the sail just as we would any other sail. If the sail is filling with too much air in-between folds, just pull it tight from both sides; this will help squeeze out some of the air if you don't have a third person who can help do this manually. Once the sail is flaked, roll it up and pack it into a bag.

When To Use: This is the best way to store a spinnaker; it saves space and doesn't damage the cloth.

Full playlist

How the different classes are trying to adapt their program, part 1
After almost a month of lockdown, the different ocean racing divisions are spending a lot of time working with race organizers on the possible reprogramming of their 2020 or even their 2021 calendar, while at the same time trying to reassure their members, affected to varying degrees by this new turbulent economic crisis. After Tip & Shaft spoke to IMOCA's Antoine Mermod last week, this week we go round the houses, speaking to other key classes.

Ultim: Aim for an event in July

With only the one race on its official calendar for 2020, The Transat CIC, the Ultim 32/23 could be said not to be too impacted but the objective is to not have a blank season, particularly for those who won't go on the record trail at the end of the year. So their main aim is in line with OC Sport Pen Duick at its desire to set up some kind of replacement for The Transat CIC.

"Our position is very clear in that the class and each of the teams have responded looking to have an event during the month of July 2020, even if the event is degraded. We know full well that we will not be able to have a event of the same magnitude as that which was planned to start May 10, that is a certainty. Our boats need to sail. If we end up with nothing in this first quarter and not much on the second then the Vendee Globe takes over, then it is a blank year, which would be a mistake ", explains Emmanuel Bachellerie, Director of the Ultim 32/23 class.

Plug and play - A&T Instruments
Whatever happens to your electronics, there is a powerful and quick upgrade available

After a lightning strike or finding a race processor too difficult to maintain or configure, you're mentally ready for the large sums you know lie ahead to get fully functional again. As the system is dissected, one look at the complex of wires going into the back of a finely finished cabinet will give serious pause: do you have to rip all these out of the boat to remove an instrument system you know has failed after many years of service and is in need of replacing? Is there not a better way to fix everything that might be a little less expensive in time and money than wholesale replacement of everything? Fortunately A+T has solutions to help in these scenarios.

These solutions can provide huge cost-savings whilst also improving the functionality. All previous calibrations, custom settings and channels can be reset into the new A+T processor so setups that have been painstakingly crafted can be maintained.

A+T systems are not only electronically compatible with older systems, the displays even physically fit within the same footprint, so no new drilled holes. Input cables from all sensors and output network cables are also compatible and reduce, if not eliminate, the need to run new cables.

Full story in the May issue of Seahorse

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli takes a new direction as the family dynasty continues
This year sees Prada launch its fifth challenge for the America's Cup, and pouring multi-millions into the cause. But, as the Financial Time's Grace Cook discovers, there's more at stake than winning the trophy

Last year, the defunct Prada Sports line got a reboot under the name Linea Rossa. Chunky-soled "America's Cup" trainers and sleeveless grey windbreakers with retro Prada branding that look strikingly reminiscent of the team kits are designed to appeal to the demographic that might otherwise be shopping at Nike. Luna Rossa also has its own fragrance collection, which includes a scent called Carbon – an environmentally astute perfume name for our times.

This change of direction is thanks in part to 31-year-old Lorenzo Bertelli, son of Miuccia and Patrizio; he joined the group in September 2017 as head of marketing and communications and swiftly shook things up. "Being a millennial, I immediately realised that sustainability is a priority," says the former racing driver. "Sometimes intersection [between our group activities] happens by chance, sometimes it is indispensable." After years of falling sales, Prada has tasked Bertelli with ushering the 1913-founded family-run brand into the next era by harnessing the interest of younger customers – and sustainability is key.

Re-Nylon was the first project to which the young Bertelli committed. "It's the beginning of a new era for Prada. Nylon was one of the fundamental products that established Prada's modern fashion identity," he says of his mother's refashioning of the synthetic fibre in the 1980s, when she turned a formerly naff textile into a covetable luxury product by putting it on the runway. The collection of nylon backpacks, belt bags and totes introduced in 1984 quickly became the brand's best sellers, and remain so today; Lorenzo says using marine waste nylon "respects the brand's heritage while looking forward to the next chapter".

Calling all boat bimblers! Show us what you've been up to
'Innuendo' after many layers of varnish - photo by Andrew Wilford. Click on image to enlarge.

If you have spent the winter engrossed in boat DIY, whether it was small modifications or massive rebuilds, would love to hear from you. We think it's time to share your story with the world. We'd like to encourage you to submit photos and a few words about what you have been up to in your workshop during the off season. We'd like to publish news of what sailors have been up to.

With racing cancelled, and many of us having time on our hands, it may be that you are just starting to contemplate some work on your pride and joy. Thoughts naturally turn to the boats in our garages, and a few ideas offer themselves up! Please do consider taking some good before-and-after photos, and letting the sailing community know that you've got your hands dirty or how you've solved a problem in a cunning way. It's almost guaranteed you will find a receptive audience at this time.

Your submission can be as simple as a few photos emailed to but ideally we'd love you to write a little about what you've done and the challenges you faced. If writing makes you feel daunted then please feel free to list in bullet points what you've achieved, or just write a longer caption for each photo.

Featured Brokerage
2009 Swan 90-708 Alix. 4,100,000 EUR. Located in Genoa, Italy

Another successful collaboration between Germán Frers and Nautor, the Swan 90S 'Alix' is the quintessential performance cruiser combining elegant and powerful lines with Finnish quality to achieve an aggressive beautyThe anthracite grey colour scheme and customized four-cabin interior with Wengé and tinted oak give Alix a modern edge while maintaining the classic and timeless appeal of a Swan yacht.

Alix is under original ownership since new and has been based in the Med with light usage during the summer months except for two winters in the Caribbean (2011/2012 and 2016/2017). She has done a few charters each year but not more than three weeks annually. The owner has carefully selected the charter clients.

Alix has been maintained to the highest level and benefits from three substantial maintenance periods in 2014, 2015 and 2018The new engine, carbon standing rigging and complete paint job have kept her looking and working like new.

The yacht is MCA LY2 coded for commercial use and was inspected by MCA in June 2018.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Lorenzo Bortolotti
Nautor's Swan Brokerage
T. +377 97 97 95 07


2011 Reichel/Pugh 52 Custom - CAPE FLING II. 550000 USD. Located in Cape Town, South Africa.

This Reichel/Pugh 52 Custom is a unique yacht - she has twin rudders and wheels, making her easy to sail inshore and for coastal racing. The majority of her controls are hydraulically powered allowing her to be sailed more effectively.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Ben Cooper
Telephone: +44(0) 1590 679222


MOD 70 POWERPLAY. 1,500,000 USD.

Newest MOD70 available. MOD hull NO.7 Built by CDK in 2012 Ex Paprec, Ex Concise 10. Highly optimized Turn-key package. Available July 2020- Europe

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Ned Collier Wakefield


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