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Round Ireland Yacht Race Entries Top 40 Boats for June Start
Chris Nicholson: Coping strategies for social distancing
Seahorse Sailor Of The Month
Boatbuilding at Ballyholme on Belfast Lough
Sailors in lockdown - reflections of an Olympic medalist and Coach
Reducing Waste at Sea: Snacks
Royal Cork Keelboats Launch North Sails April Digital Virtual Regatta
The Ultimate Virtual Tour of Herreshoff Marine Museum
New publication: The Story of the GRP Solent Sunbeams
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Featured Charter: Sciomachen 56
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• • Charles E Nicholson 147 Ft Schooner 1910 - Orion Of The Seas
• • Swan 77-010 Mascalzone Latino
• • SW100RS Cape Arrow
The Last Word: Socrates

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Round Ireland Yacht Race Entries Top 40 Boats for June Start
Two new entries tip entries over the 40 boat mark for the SSE Renewables Round Ireland Yacht Race that is due to start off Wicklow in just over ten weeks time.

Waterford Harbour Sailing Club skipper Peter Coad skippering the Pocock 37 Black Jack is the 41st entry into the classic offshore. The Dunmore East based 1988-vintage yacht is a veteran of the 2019 Dun Laoghaire to Dingle Race.

Coad's entry follows Ross Hobson's Seacart 30 Buzz from Newcastle in the UK also entered in late March.

The buoyant entries make good on Wicklow organiser's early prediction that they could top 60-boats for the 21st edition of the race.

So far, it is the only big-ticket sailing event of the summer not cancelled due to COVID-19. The organisers say a call on whether or not the biennial race will go ahead will be made towards the end of April.

Chris Nicholson: Coping strategies for social distancing
Chris Nicholson As a veteran of six round the world yacht races Australian yachtsman Chris Nicholson knows a thing or two about the stresses of living in confined spaces for extended periods of time. Now, as families around the world come to terms with the prospect of weeks of home isolation in response to the current global pandemic, he offers up some personal thoughts and strategies on how best to cope.

I was recently asked to put some thoughts on restricted personal spaces and living in a restricted space. My occupation for the last 20 years has been as an offshore sailboat racing professional. In this time I have raced six times around the world, plus about 12 Transatlantic crossings, as well as sailing with my family from Europe to Australia (14 months on a yacht with the family). This adds up to me having spent about five years of my life in a confined space with limited social interaction. (My mates will laugh and understand why I am the way I am.)

I hope I can offer some suggestions on what it takes to not only get through the experience, but to use the opportunity to come out the other side a better person with a more enlightened perspective on friends / family and appreciating the simple things.

Firstly, you have to get your head around what you are about to do.

Our government here in Australia has lowered us into the pot slowly. We have the choice to tell ourselves that the water is either boiling in the pot or we can tell ourselves that the water is warm, and we may have a swim around for some time.

Full article in

Seahorse Sailor Of The Month
This month's nominees:

Round Ireland Yacht Race Entries Top 40 Boats for June Start Mateusz Kuznierewicz (POL)
Two-time Finn Gold Cup winner, two-time Star World Champion, 1996 Olympic gold medallist also in the Finn. Even so few saw what was coming down the track at them in Miami at this year's Bacardi Cup when, sailing in a typically competitive 66-boat fleet with his world champion crew Bruno Prada, the pair achieved a devastating scoreline with three wins and three 2nds, discarding one 2nd place to finish an unprecedented 15pt clear of the next boat

Round Ireland Yacht Race Entries Top 40 Boats for June Start Nic Douglass (AUS)
'Sailor Girl' always keeps the sailing world entertained and informed with her images, videos and very enthusiastic dockside interviews. With the help of a couple of attention-seeking J-Class helmsmen in Antigua, it was Sailor Girl who was in the right place at the right time to catch the two Js Topaz and Svea coming together in very expensive style and share it around the world. By the way, port, starboard, who cares; as Gary Jobson correctly observed, 'disqualify them both

Round Ireland Yacht Race Entries Top 40 Boats for June Start Last Month's winner:
Christian Charalambous (AUS)
'I was there, thanks, mate' - Chris Astill (seen with Christian (right) a week later); 'The kind of guy you want to go to sea with, the selflessness he displayed allowing the skipper to keep his hair dry means he gets my vote' - Simon McLean; 'What a brave young man' - Amalina Wallace; 'Christian saved lives, sorry Luca, next time' - James Kozanecki; 'Pure guts' - Tony Palmer; 'Not sure I'd have done it…' - Peter Hill; 'Nicest bloke you'll ever meet' - James Chevy; 'Terrifying!' - Brad Wynne.

View past winners of Sailor of the Month

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Boatbuilding at Ballyholme on Belfast Lough
Betty Amstrong explores past boatbuilding ventures in Ballyholme in the seaside town of Bangor on Belfast Lough.

Did you know that before Enrico Caproni built his famous 'Palais de Dance' in 1928 on Seacliff Road that there was a shipyard on that site on the corner of Seaforth Road?

In fact, there were two businesses carrying out shipbuilding and associated work in Ballyholme. In March 1919 Chesney McCormick and Francis J B Connolly together applied for permission to build a 'Workshop or shed of brick, roofed with slates' on the west side of Seacliff Road. Connolly was an architect and civil engineer and the 1911 Census shows he lived on Bryansburn Road when he was 23. There are also reports of him being elected as a student member of the Ulster Society of Architects in 1906. In December 1919 McCormick lodged plans for a temporary 'Boat house and Spar shed' on Seacliff Road near College Gardens, a terrace part of which became the Ballyholme Hotel.

Ms. Armstrong's full article in Afloat

Sailors in lockdown - reflections of an Olympic medalist and Coach
There is little doubt that the coronavirus will have a lasting effect on the sailing community - positive and negative.

Italian born Luca Devoti, now resident in Valencia, the larger than life Finn Olympic medalist, America's Cup sailor, coach, boat builder and writer shares his thoughts on the Lockdown and how it has affected him and the people in his bubbles.

The Coronavirus is a difficult beast to manage for all of us, forced into idleness and isolation while "under attack" by this virus. For few, however, the ban on active live outdoors is so hard felt as for athletes and sailors. We live by the water and by the wind. Staying inside is almost a punishment. Before this, olympic sailors and professional athletes where living in a world apart, fully focused on training and competing. In this sense, the Coronavirus and all the measures to stop it have changed our lives dramatically.

As a coach and educator, it has been difficult to get athletes to understand that they had to change completely their perspective and mental set up, and to make the best out of stormy waters. My first advice has been for all to fully obey the laws and measures imposed to contain the virus: this is no time to argue or to rebel. So: no clandestine sailing early morning or at night, in the hope of not getting caught. I was pretty brutal in pounding in that respecting the rules was a priority. My second message was that this is a "first-time" situation for all of us, and that adaptation would be the only way forward. Once this hard to swallow change had been mentally metabolized, all of them had to rely and focus on their own stationary bikes, rowing machines, weight gear, and elastics bands as the only foreseeable training tools. The open sea and the well-equipped gym are now swapped for a corner in the bedroom or the balcony.

Luca's full article in

Reducing Waste at Sea: Snacks
Fancy a little distraction? Tom Dolan has decided to show you some of the steps that we took to reduce waste during last year's Solitaire du Figaro

Now more than ever we all need to think about what we buy, where it comes from and where is goes afterwards.

Snacks are difficult to choose; they need to be high in calories while at the same time being tough enough to survive banging around the boat for a couple of days.

So, we can quickly get lazy when shopping and buy things that are triple wrapped in single use plastic, things that we wouldn't normally eat on land. So why do differently at sea? It took a bit of searching

I found this great chocolate called Grain de Sail, which is manufactured in Brittany. The raw materials (green coffee and cocoa) come mainly from the Caribbean and Central America and are sourced equitably. The company are building their own sailing boat in order to transport the raw materials under sail! Their packaging is made entirely of paper and to top it all off it is very, very good!

I bought dried and fresh fruit and stored it in reusable Tupperware boxes along with cold meats and portions of cheese all from the local market or shop and again wrapped in paper.

Sacrifices: Babybel, Snickers and penguin bars!
What I saved: A little under one small bin bag full of single use plastic packaging.
Shopping list: Lots and lots of reusable Tupperware!

Royal Cork Keelboats Launch North Sails April Digital Virtual Regatta
The Royal Cork Yacht Club has been sailing on Cork Harbour for the past 300 years and while boats and their crews are currently unable to take to the wonderful waters of Cork Harbour due to COVID-19 a little plan was hatched by the RCYC Keelboat Committee to bring the Keelboat Racing online and host the first Keelboats Digital Virtual Regatta.

Nigel Young of North Sails Ireland kindly came aboard to sponsor the inaugural RCYC Keelboats North Sails April Digital Virtual Regatta which will formally commence on Thursday the 9th of April and run for four weeks. Last night, in advance of the league commencing, a series of one practice race followed by six races was hosted and sponsored by North Sails to allow sailors to get used to the online system.

Using the app Virtual Regatta Inshore ® 20 of RCYC Keelboat members logged onto the racecourse from the comfort of our own homes and lined up on the start line. The boat for the evening was to be “Day Sailor” which are very similar to j70s with windward-leeward courses to be sailed for the evening.

The evening’s race schedule was to mirror that of the upcoming league commencing on the 9th of April with one practice race followed by six races with discards every 6th Race. The regatta was hosted by the Rear-Admiral of Keelboats Daragh Connolly and communication was done via a WhatsApp group. VHFs were also used by some of the racers to add to the occasion. It is rumoured, however, this remains unproven to date, that Donal Hegarty, who was at the helm of Azar for the evening, was fully geared up at home with Oilskins and buoyancy aid being worn for the duration of the races.

Next Thursday night will see the start of the RCYC Keelboats North Sails April Digital Virtual Regatta which will run from Thursday 9th April to 30th April. You can log on and watch the racing live with the first gun being 20.00hrs for the practice races, followed by first six races of the league.

Results can be viewed here

The Ultimate Virtual Tour of Herreshoff Marine Museum
Last week we took you inside the Model Room with Maynard Bray and Halsey Herreshoff in the first part of Off Center Harbor's video tour of the Herreshoff Marine Museum (ICYMI, you can click here to watch that video now).

This week, we're heading to HMM's version of Capt. Nat's workshop. You can click here to learn about the variety of tools and methods used to make all of those wonderful half-models and then to turn them into world-class boats, both power and sail.

Off Center Harbor is providing these videos free to members and supporters of HMM. If you'd like to get full access to the hundreds of videos and articles on Off Center Harbor right now, you can click here to join and get 8 weeks for $5. This new 8-week membership was created to provide wooden boat lovers with the perfect companionship for the coming weeks of isolation.


New publication: The Story of the GRP Solent Sunbeams
Solent Sunbeams Roger Wickens, owner of Solent Sunbeam V26 Danny, who is a keen enthusiast of this historic yacht as well a highly successful helm, has published an informative illustrated account of the story behind the GRP Solent Sunbeams.

The publication details the origins, ten years ago of the GRP addition to this nearly 100 year old classic Fleet, when some of the Class members realised that the fleet number at Itchenor was in danger of declining below the critical mass needed to run a successful Class. Local Sunbeam owners Alan Stannah and Roger Wickens wondered if a GRP version of the boat would attract new entrants to the fleet with the lower build and maintenance costs.

To date 11 new GRP Sunbeams have been built, including two which will be launched in 2020. Interestingly the new GRP Sunbeams have attracted a number of lady owners, who are reassured by the fact that their new yacht will float in an emergency situation. The introduction of the GRP boats to the historic Solent Sunbeam fleet has encouraged the owners of the existing wooden boats to bring them up to tip top racing condition, and the Fleet has grown to over 30 boats in commission and racing regularly.

For information on how to obtain a copy of 'The Story of the GRP Solent Sunbeams' please email

If you are interested in owning a piece of yachting heritage that also has a very active racing fleet, then the class has a number of boats available for sale or part ownership, with more details available on the Solent Sunbeam website.

Industry News
Having taken considerable measures to ensure the safety of our staff, the McConaghy shipyards in Sydney and China remain fully operational. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that production schedules are maintained and that owners can continue to plan for use of their new vessels, due for delivery later in the year.

There has never been a better time to build with McConaghy and we look forward to discussing your next sailing yacht, superyacht or luxury multihull with you.


Dufour Launches 'Virtual Marina' To View Its Yachts From Comfort Of Home

French yacht builder Dufour has where customers can visit the brand's models at a safe distance, and in the comfort of their own homes.

"In this springtime period when everyone should be able to sail and go to boat shows, the priority today is to stay at home," said the company based near La Rochelle.

"Our departments are also protected and they are already preparing with all our partners the return to full activity and stay with you.

"In this expectation, we have designed this virtual marina to visit all the Dufour yachts while staying at home. It's the best way for us to continue to inspire you, to make you dream, and to share our common passion."

The Dufour website hosts the virtual guided tour not unlike the real-life experience, where you can 'walk' along a CGI jetty and explore the full range of boats, inside and out.


Ancasta will be opening the doors to The Ancasta Virtual Boat Show on Tuesday 14th April 2020. The show will include the largest ever line-up of Groupe Beneteau products (Beneteau, Prestige, CNB & Lagoon Catamarans). Visitors will be able to compare and contrast different models, take time to view details or jump onboard to take a look around via 360-degree tours.

Ancasta's staff will be on-hand to answer any questions about the ranges, spec options, delivery times and to provide quotes.

Exceptional show deals combined with stock availability makes this an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to get afloat as soon as possible. Marine Finance is available on all the power and sailboats on display and there are Shared Ownership options too on many boats.

For visitors looking to Part Exchange an existing boat, Ancasta's staff will be able to provide an accurate valuation while online at the show or beforehand if required.

Unlike normal boat shows, there're no queues, no need to remove shoes, or even leave the comfort of the sofa.

The show will be open from 8am BST on Tuesday 14th April for ten days, with late night opening on Friday 17th April with brokers on hand until 10pm BST.

Simply log onto:, take a look around, jump onto live chat or drop us a line via the enquiry form and enjoy.


The West Country Boat Show, due to take place at MDL's Queen Anne's Battery marina in Plymouth, has been rescheduled for 2021.

The organisers are looking forward to next year and creating an extraordinary show which not only celebrates all that the marine industry has to offer, but also the connections which the marine industry fosters, whether that's in leisure boats, equipment suppliers, wonderful marinas and festival spirit.

"As we all know, boating events this Spring are being cancelled or postponed," says Chris Price, manager of QAB. "And while this is absolutely the right approach, to follow Government rules and help to protect the NHS, we're also very aware of how disappointed our exhibitors will be, and all the people who were looking forward to coming, especially in this Mayflower 400 year. But we're looking to the future and planning to create an even bigger and better show next year. In the meantime, we wish everyone well over the next few weeks and we look forward to welcoming you back to our marinas."

The 2021 West Country Boat Show will take place 19-20 June 2021.


While movement restrictions to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic continue, X-Yachts is among the companies like Dufour that are stepping up to the challenge of recreating the boat-buying experience in a virtual setting.

The Danish builder has started with a video tour of a pre-owned Xc 50, Explorer, as part of its effort to give customers a more in-depth view of yachts available from its GB & IRL branch in Hamble until such time as they can be viewed in person.

X-Yachts confirms that appraisal non-destruct surveys for pre-owned yachts (with no deposit payment) are being granted during the current movement restrictions.

And purchase contracts can also be executed for new or pre-owned vessels, with a refundable deposit until yacht viewing or detailed survey where applicable.


Letters To The Editor -
Letters are limited to 350 words. No personal attacks are permitted. We do require your name but your email address will not be published without your permission.

* From Dr Frank Newton `Sorebones' :

Further to the comments of Ross Hobson on the subject of too many RIB`s at events it is worth considering their evolution as competitor support.

In 1972, whilst acting as the first sailing team doctor, at the Munich Olympic event in Kiel I found we had the use,in support of the sailors, of a novel craft. This was a 4 meter Avon Searider. Complete with windscreen and front toneau cover. At this time teams used 'solid' boats. Untoward sharp contact with a racing dinghy could cause significant damage if coming alongside was required. The remainder of our support fleet was a mixed bunch. Vernon Stratton our Team Leader had 'Trout' his motor boat, I had towed an 17ft Dell Quay Dory to the event and this was used mainly in support of our Finn competitor, with spare mast poking through a forward hatch in the small cabin.

The small Searider attracted much attention in that it was unlikely to damage a dinghy when coming alongside in turbulent seas. No so comfortable was the ride for those in the two seats since these were solid plastic with no cushioning. However the advantage of this early RIB was obvious to rival teams. It performed its duties well and after the racing was sold to the Swiss Team, despite its broken windscreen, and we did not take it back home.

By 1976 in Kingston, Canada, every team had RIB`s and there was no turning back the clock. Unfortunately in my time of association with Jim Saltonstall in Youth Race Training in UK over 20 odd years more and more parents found they just had to have a RIB for father to support their future Ben Ainslie. Space for mooring parents RIB`s at the RYA Youth Championships has become a problem for host clubs.

In major off shore racing competitors have their own mega RIB`s that are moved from stop over to stop over round the globe. The RIB is now an essential part of our sport but as Ross says there must be some control of their use at some events. A rule that in the event of the official rescue fleet being overwhelmed by adverse conditions all parental RIB`s on the water shall become under the control of the Safety Officer for duties until all are tallied back ashore. Also to be used for the assistance of all in the event of flat calm in towing ashore. All too often we see a parent scooping up just their offspring,and towing their dinghy ashore at speed through those still sitting waiting.

It's not the steering wheel that causes problems with cars or RIB`s. It's the nut holding it!

Featured Charter
Raceboats Only Sciomachen 56 for charter. POA EUR. Berthed in Alicante.

Available for Mediterranean, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands crossings. Berthed in Alicante.

See listing details in Seahorse Charters

Skipper: Jorge
Mobile: +34 693756352

See the the Seahorse charter collection

Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only 1920 Charles E Nicholson 147 Ft Schooner 1910 - Orion Of The Seas. Located in Italy.

Built by Camper & Nicholson to one of the finest designs of Charles E. Nicholson; this yacht originally named SYLVANA was launched in 1910. When commissioned, Nicholson had clearly won over the wealthy yachtsmen of the period to his designs that by then were regularly beating those of Watson, Fife and Herreshoff on the race course.

Now ORION OF THE SEAS; she was completely rebuilt 2003-2005 with a total focus on keeping the original detail where possible but where modern systems were installed; then most discreetly and with effective sound insulation.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Barney Sandeman

+44 (0)1202 330077
33 High Street
Poole, Dorset
BH15 1AB
United Kingdom


Raceboats Only 2003 Swan 77-010 Mascalzone Latino. 2,200,000 EUR. Located in Porto Ferraio, Italy.

Delivered by Nautor's Swan in 2003, MASCALZONE LATINO, is the last Swan 77 built therefore benefits from the experience gained during the construction of the previous nine yachts.

See listing details in Nautor's Swan Brokerage

Giorgio Passarella
Nautor's Swan Brokerage
T. +377 97 97 95 07


Raceboats Only 2011 SW100RS Cape Arrow. 4,600,000 EUR. Located in La Spezia, Italy

Beautifully maintained Southern Wind 100 with Raised Saloon configuration, Cape Arrow was delivered in 2011 and is presented in excellent condition

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Southern Wind Shipyard (Pty) Ltd
Salita Dinegro 7/1
16123 Genoa Italy

Tel. +39 010 570 4035

See the collection at

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Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.-- Socrates

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