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World Sailing eye Tokyo qualifiers in late 2020 or early 2021
Maybird Trophy for the Round Ireland Race
Robline Rigging Service - Eyesplice in a Doublebraid
Clubhouse Upgrades And Plans In Works At National Yacht Club
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine
Introducing Code Flag Lima: Herreshoff Content for the Quarantined!
Highlights from the Collection: the RELIANCE wheel (Part I)
2020 edition of Superyacht Cup Palma cancelled
Jimmy Buffett Cabin Fever Spring 2020 Tour: Shows from the Archives, FREE
The Quarantini
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• • Swan 45-030 Yes Too
• • 85Ft Racing Sloop TAHIA
• • Cabron - Botin 80
The Last Word: Ram Dass

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World Sailing eye Tokyo qualifiers in late 2020 or early 2021
World Sailing is planning to stage Olympic qualification events later this year or in early 2021 in the wake of the Tokyo Games' postponement, the sport's governing body has said.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Tokyo Games organisers on Tuesday decided to move the July 24-Aug. 9 event to "no later than summer 2021" because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The IOC had previously granted World Sailing an extension to the qualification period to June 30 after the World Cup Series Genoa event was cancelled due to the coronavirus crisis.

But sailing's governing body has now confirmed it would not hold the remainder of the qualification events for Africa, Asia or Europe in the short term.

"World Sailing is working with the IOC on an update to the qualification system where our recommendation will be to look at hosting qualifications events in late 2020 or early 2021."

World Sailing has published a list of upcoming events and their status:

Maybird Trophy for the Round Ireland Race
Maybird When the gaff ketch Maybird crossed the finish line of the 2018 Round Ireland Race a compelling footnote to Irish yachting history was written. Maybird was both the oldest boat to complete the Race since it's inception in 1980 and the first ever to carry a gaff rig. To encourage older boats to enter future editions of the Race the Dublin Bay Old Gaffer's Association (DBOGA) has given a perpetual trophy to Wicklow Sailing Club, the race organizers, to be awarded to the oldest boat to complete the course. The trophy is made from a section of Maybird's original mast, which, like the rest of the boat was built by Jack Tyrrell, in Arklow in 1937.

Jack Tyrrell, a former RORC member, is known by yachtsmen as the builder of Francis Chichester's Gypsy Moth III in 1959. He is known by tall-ship sailors as the builder of TS Asgard II in 1979. Amongst fishermen and merchant sailors his name will for ever be associated with robust fishing and pilot boats. His grandson John Tyrrell is pictured with the Maybird Trophy at the Arklow Maritme Museum.

Maybird's first owner was Lt Col WCW Hawkes, a career soldier in the Indian Army, from Passage West, County Cork. (see pic). Hawkes learnt to sail as a boy on Cork Harbour and on retiring from the military lived in Crosshaven, County Cork. He was a member of the Royal Cruising Club joining in 1920. Maybird completed her first RORC race in June 1938 in the Falmouth to Kingstown Race finishing in Dublin Bay. She was the last boat to arrive in Dun Laoghaire, 14 hours behind John Illingworth skippering Maid of Malham. Maybird's next participation in RORC races was some 73 years later in the 2011 season. She was the final boat to finish the 2011 Fastnet Race but did win the Iolaire Trophy as the oldest boat to complete the course. Hawkes' grand neice Lucia Hawkes-Bowen is pictured below with Darryl Hughes, Maybird's current owner, with the Maybird Trophy.

Robline Rigging Service - Eyesplice in a Doublebraid
Robline Some of you might love doing this on their own, others rather give their ropes to a specialist. No matter what group you belong to we have here a small YouTube tutorial on how a double braided Eyesplice is properly done. No matter if mooring line or halyard, the principle is the same. We used the well-known Robline Sirius 500 as a sample since this is a very common type of double braided rope on the market.

Have fun watching and if this seems a little too hard but you still would like to have your rope spliced just contact your local dealer or directly our rigging service:


Clubhouse Upgrades And Plans In Works At National Yacht Club
In response to the continuing Covid-19 situation, the National Yacht Club has revised its plans for 2020 in preparation for the eventual resumption of sailing activity.

Commodore Martin McCarthy says cost and staffing adjustments have been made to complete some major maintenance works at the Dun Laoghaire waterfront clubhouse, including just-completed upgrades to the hot water system.

Another protect, the renovation of the wooden benches in the changing rooms, falls under the sustainability efforts that saw the NYC recognised as Sustainable Club of the Year (along with Bray Sailing Club) in Saturday night's Irish Sailing Awards.

Meanwhile, many members are working on their boats and are encouraged to do so in compliance with physical distancing and Department of Health hygiene regulations.

"As a club, our primary focus is the welfare and safety of our staff and members," Commodore McCarthy said. "Observing the guidelines on physical distancing as the storm of Covid-19 blows through in the coming weeks is a top priority."

Seahorse April 2020
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine

Seahorse Magazine

New in every sense
It's not only the management that's changed at Bavaria Yachts. Race yacht designers Maurizio Cossutti and Alessandro Ganz are moving the boats steadily towards the speedier end of the performance spectrum

Opening eyes
In addition to their many high profile sponsorships, 11th Hour Racing is working quietly away giving opportunities to thousands of youngsters who would otherwise never experience the sea

Rod Davis - Hold the line
Make the plan, don't be phased, focus on the war

ORC - One for us
Building a boat for Newport but more important we're building a boat for us. Martin Billoch

TP52 - Windy start
And opening the TP52 Super Series in Cape Town has changed the game... Andi Robertson

Sailor of the Month
We're glad it's not us who has to choose

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Introducing Code Flag Lima: Herreshoff Content for the Quarantined!
According to the International Code of Signals, when Code Flag Lima is flown in-harbor, it means "this ship is in quarantine." So, while we're all cooped up and being socially distant, we want to help distract you with some Herreshoff fun! Every Monday & Thursday, we'll be publishing new and engaging content and sending it to you, our members and supporters. All new content will be organized at for your convenience.

Upcoming features include:
Highlights of new and unseen collection pieces
Hands-on activities for kids and adults
Videos of past lectures
Interviews with maritime experts
And more!

Highlights from the Collection: the RELIANCE wheel (Part I)
the RELIANCE wheel Last October, a member of a social club in Yonkers, NY sent us an email explaining that his club had recently purchased a restaurant for their new clubhouse. They bought the building with all of its contents, from fully stocked bar to stuffed freezers. As they were reorganizing and cleaning, they found a ship's wheel in the basement. The wheel was large, heavy, and dirty, with one broken spoke and a small hand-lettered plate reading "Donated to the Engineers Club by William H. Todd" fastened to the felloe. And, engraved on the hub in an elegant serifed font, the words: "RELIANCE 1903".

As soon as we could clear our schedules, Registrar / Archivist / Librarian Norene Rickson and I headed down the coast of Connecticut to see this wheel for ourselves. Was it really possible that this thing sitting on the floor of the liquor closet in the basement of a restaurant in Yonkers was one of two original 42" diameter wheels from the great rule-breaking monster and 1903 America's Cup Defender, HMCo. #605, RELIANCE? And if so, how did it get there?

We started by looking at historic photos of RELIANCE and her double-wheeled helm. As described in Herreshoff of Bristol, "Reliance was built with two steering wheels on a common shaft so that four persons could lend their strength in keeping the boat on course. According to NGH, however, Reliance steered easily and never required more than a single helmsman." Did historic photos showing both of RELIANCE's wheels more or less resemble the wheel in Yonkers? Yes, with one obvious difference: the RELIANCE historic photos did not show an engraved hub (more on this later). But this wasn't so strange - it could easily enough have been engraved after the fact.

Full Part One :

To be continued...

2020 edition of Superyacht Cup Palma cancelled
Organisers of the Superyacht Cup Palma have cancelled the 2020 regatta scheduled for 17-20 June due to the ongoing global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and in line with recommendations from the Spanish and Balearic Governments.

"This ongoing global crisis has made planning for the event impossible and so we have taken the difficult but necessary decision to cancel this year's event. We urge everyone to stay safe and we look forward to welcoming the superyacht fleet back to Palma in 2021 for what will be the 25th anniversary of Europe's longest-running superyacht regatta," said event director, Kate Branagh.

The provisional dates for the 25th anniversary edition are 23-26 June 2021.

Jimmy Buffett Cabin Fever Spring 2020 Tour: Shows from the Archives, FREE
Jimmy Buffett Well, live touring may be temporarily paused as we all do our part to socially distance, but we're all still desperately in need of some fun! Starting this Wednesday at 8PM Eastern/7PM Central (with an encore at 8PM Pacific) when we will be re-broadcasting a show from the archives "live" like we would from a night on the tour! Watch on Margaritaville TV or listen on Radio Margaritaville on Sirius/XM.

Upcoming : All at 8 PM Eastern Daylight Time, with an encore at 8 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Wednesday March 25: Key West 2015
Saturday March 28: George, WA1996
Wednesday April 1: Ft. Worth TX 2014
Saturday April 4: Honolulu HI 2004
Wednesday April 8: Paris, France 2017

The Quarantini
Quarantini The coronavirus pandemic has forced the closure of bars, restaurants and anything worth drawing a crowd of 10 or more.

But never fear: The "Quarantini" is here.

The increasingly important specialty cocktail is one that anybody can make at home: It's the drink you make with what you've got in your cabinets or freezer, and is best enjoyed with whomever you're cooped up with — or perhaps a neighbor in need.

"That's one of the best things we can do to spend our time in any situation, especially a pandemic," says 45-year-old Derek Brown, author of "Spirits, Sugar, Water, Bitters: How the Cocktail Conquered the World" and owner of the Washington, DC, cocktail bar Columbia Room.

In a tweet last Thursday that quickly racked up more than 17,600 likes, Brown told his 15,600 followers to send him their at-home ingredients and he'd send them drink recipes.

One user reported that he had bourbon, gin, sweet and dry vermouth, simple syrup, club soda, ginger ale and maraschino cherries. In response, Brown linked to the recipe for the Suffering Bastard cocktail, which includes bourbon, London dry gin and ginger ale.

Here's Brown's version of a Quarantini that can be made with common at-home drink ingredients.

1.5 to 2 ounces of a not-necessarily-sweet base spirit, like vodka or gin - or another of your choice

.75 ounce of citrus (such as lemon or lime juice), whose vitamin C is great for immunity

.5 to .75 ounce of simple syrup to sweeten things up. (Simple syrup, as its name suggests, is simple to make. Just boil equal parts sugar and water until they liquefy together.)

Then shake the drink with a bit of ice — if you don't have a shaker, you can grab two pint glasses and join their rims — before straining it into a cocktail glass.

* Bonus points for "salting" the glass rim with powdered vitamin C, like EmergenC.

Letters To The Editor -
Letters are limited to 350 words. No personal attacks are permitted. We do require your name but your email address will not be published without your permission.

* From Adrian Morgan:

Didn't some of the Big Class have outriggers, or channels as they were called to widen the shroud base of the standing rigging? Velsheda in her prime, for example. Most Tall Ships as well, tensioned by deadeyes.

Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only Swan 45-030 Yes Too. 285,000 Euros VAT Paid. Located in Valencia, ES

The Swan 45 is a modern classic and one of the most aesthetically appealing yachts ever conceived.

Hugely successful on the international regatta circuit over the past decade, these yachts are more popular then ever and have become the iconic performance cruiser.

Nautor's Swan 45 Yes Too is an excellent example of this hugely successful one design fleet.

Since her delivery she has only been used for class racing hence her interior is in immaculate condition.

She still has everything it takes to be competitive in the Swan 45 one-design class and is offered for sale at a very attractive price. The vessel has been completely refitted during summer 2019.

See listing details in Nautor's Swan Brokerage

Jerome Mainemare
Nautor's Swan Brokerage
T. +34 630 846 490


Raceboats Only 2001 85Ft Racing Sloop TAHIA. 389000 EUR. Located in La Rochelle, France

Under the name of Adrien with Jean Luc Van den Heede as skipper, she has been holding the record single handed non stop around the world since 2004, in 122 days from East to West against the wind. Since she was sold to Maud Fontenoy who achieved a fantastic non stop single handed voyage.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly


+33 (0)467 66 39 93

See the collection at


Raceboats Only Cabron - Botin 80. $1.550,000 USD.

‘Cabron' has recently gone through a full service and is turn key ready to race.

Designed to chase down the 100 ft Maxis, ‘Cabron' is a world-class race yacht with a build quality to match. No expense has been spared on the maintenance and the condition of the yacht reflects this.

Built by the famous Cookson boatyard, designed by Botin "Cabron" is a high powered racing yacht with Oceanic capability but geared for coastal racing as well (Caribbean 600, The Fastnet Race, Middle Sea race)

With powered winches, a canting keel this Botin designed 80 has a similar displacement of a Volvo 70 but an extra 10ft of waterline making it ultra high powered and capable of keeping up with much larger boats.

She comes with a large inventory of sails and spares and no expense has been spared during her recent complete service. Meticulously looked after by full-time professional crew and a brand new up to date racing certificate "Cabron" is turn-key ready to race anywhere in the world.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly



See the collection at

The Last Word
Rather than closing ourselves to fear, we learn to open to it, to sit with it, allowing it to arise and pass in its own time. -- Ram Dass

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