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Racing Underway at Rolex Osprey Cup
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA: Ten teams are fighting for the Rolex Osprey Cup title on Tampa Bay. The 2010 Rolex Osprey Cup is one of 17 International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Grade 1 women's match racing events (out of 70 women's match racing events held this calendar year).

Genny Tulloch (San Francisco, Calif.), ICSA's 2004 Quantum Female College Sailor of the Year, has jumped to the top of the results after the first two days of racing. With crew Alice Manard Leonard (New Orleans, La.), Jenn Chamberlin (Annapolis, Md.), and 2006 Quantum Female College Sailor of the Year Alana O'Reilly (Charleston, S.C.), Tulloch has been unbeaten in the matches thus far.

Close on Tulloch's heels are teams helmed by Maegan Ruhlman (Cleveland, Ohio/USA) and Giulia Conti (Toscolano Maderno/ITA). Ruhlman, winner of the 2010 Sundance Cup, is sailing with Sara Morgan Watters (Oxford, Md.), Megan Riddle (Vermillion, Ohio) and Abby Rowlands (Cleveland, Ohio). Conti is a three-time winner of the Rolex Osprey Cup (2005, 2008, and 2009) and is sailing with the same crew with whom she won the 2009 event: Alessandra Angelini, Lisa Lardani and Giovanna Micol. Conti and Micol are Olympians - having represented Italy at the 2008 Games in the 470 Women's event.

After Two Days of Racing:
Wins - Skipper - ISAF World Ranking as of 9/15/2010 - Crew names

7 - Genevieve Tulloch, USA, #11. Crew: Alice Manard Leonard, Jenn Chamberlin, Alana O'Reilly
5 - Maegan Ruhlman, USA, #38. Crew: Sara Morgan Watters, Megan Riddle and Abby Rowlands
5 - Giulia Conti, ITA, #34. Crew: lessandra Angelini, Lisa Lardani and Giovanna Micol.
4 - Katy Lovell, USA, #28. Crew: Kaity Storck, Lyndsey Gibbons-Neff and Becky DaMore.
4 - Rebecca Dellenbaugh, USA, Crew: Keisha Pearson, Kendall Reiley and Janel Zarkowsky
4 - Adrienne Patterson, USA, #77. Crew: Evan Brown, Emily Babbitt and Hilary Wiech
3 - Katie Abbott, CAN, #145. Crew: Joanne Prokop, Caroline Kaars Sijpesteijn and Joanne Abbott.
2 - Stephanie Roble, USA, #116. Crew: Katrina Williams, Darby Smith and Shannon Wilkins
1 - Rachael Silverstein, USA, #191. Crew: Stephanie Reynolds, Abby Featherstone and Alex Martinez
0 - Arabella Denvir, IRL, #118. Crew: Jessamine Lewis, Sarah Stanton and Stephanie Chaufournier

Readying For The Start
The bulk of the Rolex Middle Sea Race fleet is situated in Grand Harbour, the waterfront area of Valletta, specifically in Galley Creek, the body of water that lies between Fort Saint Angelo and Fort Saint Michael.

Piero Paniccia, skipper and owner of the canting-keeled Cookson 50, Calipso IV (ITA) is back for his 2nd Rolex Middle Sea Race. For Paniccia, it's worth the 600-nautical mile delivery from his homeport of Civitinova Marche, Italy, on the Adriatic, to get here. Tending to some last details onboard he said, "We are very happy to be here because this is the most important race in the Mediterranean.

"The forecast that we have for Saturday's start is for wind from the southeast - the sirocco - so the first leg should be a fast delivery to Messina. For us it's a good forecast because the boat will be fast in those conditions. I think the crew is okay and we have the opportunity to do a good result."

Edward Broadway on the Farr 40, Hooligan VI (GBR) is another returnee. Broadway said, "It's a very special event, this one. Last year we were surprised with the speed changes. We understand weather in Northern Europe, which is understandable because of fronts coming, but here we were not very good in reading the weather signs. We will be better this year."

Friday is another layday before the Rolex Middle Sea Race start at 11.00am on Saturday, 23 October 2010.

Guest Editorial
As always, I read Elaine Bunting's blog on Velux 5 Oceans race with great interest. I think there are a number of elements that have made it hard for Clipper Ventures to create a success of this event - this time. Times are changing. IMOCA has dropped Velux Race off their calendar. Barcelona Race is driven by strong organisers and sponsors, that have taken over from Velux as the wam-up event for Vendee. The double-handed concept makes a lot of sense, it gives interesting opportunities for sailors to learn from each other while making it more economical. It is the testing field for new designs and technology. Appealing to the audience who love the big boys (and girls) and their new toys.

Clipper Ventures is an outstanding organisation for amateur sailing. The Clipper race is the one of its kind and is again selling out its next edition in high speed. Perhaps Clipper should leave the professional sailing, even its "left-overs recycling version", alone and create an event for the Clipper amateur-veterans? There are hundreds of circumnavigators from either the former Global Challenge or Clipper. And thousands of "leggers". But they (the crew, and not even skippers...) are still nowhere near ready and able to jump onto the next level, which is pretty much fully professional stuff like Volvo etc. Singlehanded/shorthanded races are not necessarily what these people would like to do, but a fully crewed race on a more professional/competitive level over Clipper Race, the next level. Make it a nations challenge at the same time, to give it a bit more dramatic platform to start with.

The yachts should again be one-designs with limited entry (owned and run by Clipper organisation), but more advanced designs, faster on water and more demanding to their crews. With a professional skipper and first mate on board, the already experienced amateurs could have a ride of their lives in a race like this. With 4 past editions of Global Challenge and 8th Clipper race to start next year, there are a lot of potential takers aside of all the other amateurs with significant mileage and experience under their belts. Increasing numbers of people take gap years, retire early and have time and money in their hands - and this could be the ultimate challenge for them. The concept could be made more demanding over the Clipper event - the teams could be given the tools and maintenence kit in a container to take care of their yachts during the race. They could make their lives easier by sourcing own sponsors and suppliers on top of the given package. This would mean that the crew and team must have the technical skills and they need to co-ordinate a much more complicated project themselves. Penalties for delays and failing checks by organisers, pressure to keep things up and running - a real apprentice-program for the public to follow and a true learning curve for the teams.

Fair enough, one of the main challenges to all yachting events at the moment is shortage of corporate sponsorship. Hence the concept described above would seem expensive and complex. But it would be something totally new, hitting an existing gap within the offering by current ocean racing events. It would also be a very exciting concept for media as the "experienced amateurs" would be racing in Grand Prix style, possibly offering some hidden talents the opportunities they always wanted.

I think we need more out of the box thinking, the French aren't always wrong!

Eero Lehtinen
Former GC & Clipper skipper

Ullman Sails Gz Named First Isaf-Ihc Italian Sailmaker
Ullman Sails Ullman Sails is excited to announce its Ullman Sails GZ loft near Lake Iseo is the first Italian sailmaker to be licensed by the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV) to produce sails under the approved ISAF In-House Certification scheme. Owned by Pablo Soldano, the loft can now measure and certify 420, Melges 24, Tornado and Yngling class sails in-house, and deliver race-ready sails to customers. The FIV officially approved and granted the in-house license on September 29, a week after inspecting the Ullman Sails quality control system and the three in-house measurers.

Dedicated to your performance for over 40 years.

Volvo Ocean Race Designers
When the Volvo Open 70 class rule was introduced for the 2005-6 edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, it effectively opened the door for a new generation of designers to start with an entirely blank sheet of paper, to apply their thinking to what would get round the planet fastest, safest and in one piece.

History records that this 2005-6 edition of the race was a baptism of fire for many of the new, relatively unproven designs, especially pushing the newly introduced canting keel systems and their supporting structures. At this time, the engineering and its application to the new class was still pretty new.

This epic first race in VO70s really brought the name of Juan Kouyoumdjian to global prominence.

First-time sponsor ABN AMRO adopted a strategy similar to the blueprint previously drawn by past winners, EF Language and illbruck: funding in place early, selecting key sailors early, building two boats and developing from one to the other, and maximising training and development time; however, their choice of the Argentinian designer displayed something a leap of faith by Roy Heiner, who got the project off the ground for the Dutch bank.

With no signature high-profile global success to his name, Juan K received strong support from Heiner during the pitch for the ABN AMRO project.

"Roy knew of me from Star boat sailing and that kind of thing - we knew each other, but were not friends," he recalled, "but he was convinced all along that we could do a good job. He was especially impressed with the tools and the set up of the office that we had then. He never hesitated and asked us very early on."

The bank also did not hesitate. "They trusted Roy and asked us to go in and do a presentation of how we were going to provide this winning boat. I presented my philosophies and they said, 'let's go'."

As the race got underway it became increasingly apparent that ABN AMRO 1 - 'Black Betty' - was a real weapon in the hands of skipper Mike Sanderson and crew. ABN AMRO 1 categorically dominated the race, winning six of nine legs, while ABN AMRO 2 set the world 24-hour record of the time and Juan K's concepts set the template which has become the benchmark for the VO70 - very wide, powerful stern sections, a hard chine aft, twin rudders.

Full article at

Eight New Crews On The Longtze Circuit
Of the 15 crews registered for the final of the Longtze European Tour 2010 which will take place this weekend on Lake Constance, 8 are newcomers to the circuit. New boats, new owners: the circuit is more entrenched and grows larger with each confirmed sailor.

Among these "rookies": Amrcus Graf, Swiss importer of the Longtze, one of the first to have believed in this avant-garde sportboat ; German Michael Begher (Maycor); Frenchman Dimitri Hardouin-Deleuze (Lunanbule), partnered for the occasion with Arthur Levaillant, one of the young "pioneers" of the circuit; the Swiss Walter Schneider (Outsider); his compatriot Beat Frank (Qi) president of the very young Swiss association of Longtze owners, the Frenchwoman Beatrice Maupas Sauvage and the Turk Gordon Orhan.

Rendez-vous this weekend, from 22nd to 24th October, in Bottighoffen, on Lake Constance in Switzerland, for the Bodensee Cup, final of the Longtze European Tour 2010.

List of registrations for the Bodensee Cup, final of the Longtze European Tour 2010

AUT 815 - Nusskern Franz
SUI 816 - Ziltener Markus - Carissima
* GER 817 - Berenbach Michael - Maycor
* SUI 824 - Graf Markus
GER 824 - Kaller Eckhard -
SUI 825 - Wieland Jarmo - Shensu
FRA 830 - Asperti Georges - OVIK
* GER 832 - Begher Michael - Corvus
FRA836 - Berjon Laurent - Voiles et Voiliers
* FRA838 - Hardouin-Deleuze Dimitri - Lunambule (avec Arthur Levaillant)
* SUI 840 - Schneider Walter - Outsider
* SUI 826 - Frank Beat - Qi
FRA - Christidis Stephane - Ecole Navale
* TUR - Gorbon Orhan
* FRA - Maupas Sauvage Beatrice

(* Newcomers to the Longtze circuit)

Top ten general ranking - After 4 events
1. Eckhard Kaller (Germany) - WET FEET 43 points
2. Matthieu Girolet / Georges Asperti (France) - OVIK 28
3. Laurent Berjon (France) - VOILES & VOILIERS 26
4. Ljarmo Wieland (Switzerland) - SHENSU 23
5. Nicolas Beranger* (France) - UN MAILLOT POUR LA VIE 23
6. Markus Ziltener (Switzerland) - CARISSIMA 20
7. Pierre Mas (France) - WAZABEE 16
8. Hughes Moulin / Mathieu Roynette / Edouard Danel (France) - TCHIKK** 11
9. Stephane Christidis (France) - ECOLE NAVALE - HEC SAILING TEAM 11
10. Laurent Sailly (France) - P'TIT PIDUCE 10

The Defector by Mark Chisnell
The Defector by Mark Chisnel ‘This is a remarkable thriller - chillingly violent, full of tension and with a very original ending.’ Publishing News.

Self-interest or selflessness? This is the dilemma at the heart of The Defector - can Martin Cormac turn his back on his ruthless past as a currency trader, a player, and do the right thing? Not when he's looking for answers in a succession of sleazy bars, or running for cover on an old Whitbread Maxi...

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Industry News
* As a result of the decision of the Tribunal de Commerce in Lorient, Arthub - already 100% owner of aluminium yacht market leaders Alubat, has been awarded the business of Alliage yachtbuilders.

A new company Alliage Yachts, in the process of being created, will take over all the business of the company Alliage in order to continue and restructure its activities.

Alliage's ranges, developed with Olivier Racoupeau of naval architects Beret-Racoupeau in La Rochelle, are the Alliage yachts with integral centreboards from 50 to 65 feet, and the Azzurro, lifting keel yachts from 47 to 57 feet. These top of the range yachts, all 100% aluminium, with deck salons, can be produced with a high degree of personalisation.


South East Cruising School is no longer operating in Irish waters and in a letter to Afloat magazine, Principal Charlie Kavanagh, outlined his reasons for closure. The letter is reproduced below. The Marine Survey Office (MSO) was offered a right of reply but to date we have had no response.

Having operated my business, South East Cruising School, under the auspices of the Irish Sailing Association for the last 14 years, I am very sorry to say that due to adverse circumstances, I now find that I can no longer operate in Irish waters.

In that time, I have assisted well over a 1,000 sailors to learn about our sport and improve their skills in a safe environment. I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to each and every one for their custom and friendship over the years.

I recently submitted my boat for inspection under the Commercial Sail Passenger Boat Regulations and the Marine Survey Office (MSO) conducted an initial survey last May, which has completely stalled over a number of issues. As it is my opinion that these matters will not be resolved amicably, I have no choice but to suspend things for now and look at other options...

... In 1997, I set out to operate my school under the watchful eye of Paddy Boyd of the ISA and subsequently Tony Wright, both of whom worked hard to aid and supervise us under the ISA Cruising Scheme. My thanks go to them and all in the ISA for their help over the years. It is with a heavy heart that I have to let go of my dream, having suffered the highs and lows over the years, but 2010 has been a nightmare, thanks to the MSO.

As an Irish taxpayer and committed community person, I - like many others in the commercial marine community - am disgusted at the State's attitude towards sailing and the sea.

Yours in Sailing,
Charlie Kavanagh,
ISA/RYA Yachtmaster Instructor
Boats For Sale in Ireland

His full letter at


Inigo Aznar

The Commercial Team for the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12, headed up by Britain's Greg Miall is now complete. This is the first time the world's premier ocean race has had such a specialist division and an all-star, multi-national line up which has been hand-picked from outside and inside the sport of sailing.

The last new recruit is Spaniard Inigo Aznar, who joins the team out in the field engaging with big brands who are interested in sponsoring or partnering with the Volvo Ocean Race or wish to work with new entries in the event.

Formerly with international football team and brand, Real Madrid CF, where he worked for six years, Inigo Aznar, joins as Head of Commercial Partnerships and has been active in the sports industry for over 10 years.

Key members of the Commercial Team include:
Greg Miall (GBR) - Commercial Director
Inigo Aznar (ESP) - Head of Commercial Partnerships
Mike Marques (ESP) - Head of Business Development
Sharon Tuff (GBR) - Head of Commercial Partnerships UK
Gavin Brown (NZL) - Brand Manager
Jessica Dahlgren (SWE) - Client Services Manager
Neith Astradsson (NZL) - Hospitality Manager


Justin Taylor

Race organiser Clipper Ventures plc has appointed accomplished yachtsman and former engineer and construction manager, Justin Taylor, as the new Assistant Race Director for the for Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

Justin is no stranger to the Clipper Race, skippering Hong Kong in the 2002 edition and taking over on Hull & Humber in Clipper 09-10 after the team's skipper Piers Dudin broke his leg in the North Pacific. Justin has also spent a number of years working as a training skipper for Clipper. As Assistant Race Director Justin's responsibilities will be varied, his principal duties being the recruitment and mentoring of the race skippers, management of the race office and ensuring the safety and well being of the Clipper fleet and crews whilst at sea and in race stopovers.

Justin is a qualified RYA Yachtmaster Ocean, RYA Yachtmaster Instructor and has more than 120,000 nautical miles under his belt. Circumnavigating the globe in Clipper 2002, Justin has also crossed the Atlantic several times and the North Pacific twice. More recently he was the winning skipper of the yacht Me To You in the inaugural 2006 Round Ireland Race.


AWC Marine Group, LLC, an Annapolis based company, has recently acquired the rights to the Santa Cruz Yachts brand. AWC's acquisition of Santa Cruz Yachts sets the course for the company to succeed and grow. The management team backed by strong financials is prepared to introduce new models for years to come.

The Santa Cruz Yachts new products will include the immediate introduction of a 43/44 cruiser-racer, which you should expect to see on the water by summer. "The new boat will provide comfortable accommodations for true voyaging and be produced to the legendary Santa Cruz traditions of the Bill Lee designs.


Gaastra, a Dutch company specialising in sportswear, in particular nautical wear, has become the official partner for the Voiles de Saint-Barth, the second edition of which is due to take place between the fourth and ninth of April 2011. Used to being involved in prestigious nautical events, the Dutch manufacturer has joined the organisers and other partners with the intention of staying alongside in the long term and becoming associated with the reputation of the event by developing a product range, which will be distributed around the world.


German sailor Boris Herrmann and America's Ryan Breymaier will be sponsored by the Neutrogena brand when they compete in the second edition of the Barcelona World Race, due to start on December 31st this year. "This isa thrilling adventure in which we want to play an active part", declared Ignacio García Cano, Director General of Johnson & Johnson's Southern European Market. "The sponsorship of a Barcelona World Race team by our Neutrogena Norwegian Formula brand marks an unprecedented venture for us. It's a great opportunity to join forces with the sailors to face the challenge of an incredibly demanding competition, requiring maximum efficiency and strength when faced with the most adverse conditions. There is no doubt that these values reflect the Neutrogena identity".

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 1999 Starlight MK2 35 wing keel. 79,500 GBP Tax Paid. Located In Denmark (eta S.Devon mid Nov), United Kingdom.

The Starlight range of yachts were designed by Stephen Jones and built by Bowman Yachts to provide a powerful seaworthy cruiser/racer, blended with the latest boat building technology. The result is a family cruiser that is also capable of crossing oceans and winning races.

This particular Starlight 35 is still with her original owner and very comprehensively equipped for blue-water cruising. ALTAIR has proved a strong, reliable seaworthy yacht - now returned from Caribbean cruise and ready for sale.

Original rig was Carbospars Aerorig, converted in 2008 to conventional rig, but retaining the unstayed carbon mast

Brokerage through Mike Lucas Yachting:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
Now this is a drink for a man. -- Scott
Scotch? -- Checkov
Aye. -- Scott
It vas inwented by a little old lady in Lenningrad. -- Checkov

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