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Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre
Joyon at full pelt heading towards the Cape of Good Hope
Wight Vodka Best Sailor's Bar
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ORC's 50th Annual Meeting points towards strong future
Saildrone Makes Another Record Voyage
Marlow Ropes Named Official Supplier of 11th Hour Racing Team
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Brest Atlantiques: Pending departure
Vale Cullen Keytel
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Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre
As he continued to push hard at the front of the fleet, Britain's Sam Goodchild on Leyton admitted a shiver went down his spine - and probably his mast too - when he realised what had happened to fellow Briton, Luke Berry, on the first night of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre.

"It definitely hit a nerve because it happened to me last year (in the Route du Rhum) basically in the same point in the race in the first couple of days and the mast dropped down," said Goodchild, speaking for the first time since Berry was dismasted on Monday morning, just 18 hours after the start of the race. "Lamotte were a mile ahead of us, it was night time, but we saw them on the AIS (Automatic Identification System), and all of a sudden they weren't there anymore and we saw a few flashing lights on their deck go past us.

At the 15:00 UTC ranking as they entered the fourth day of racing, Leyton were keeping pace and were just five miles behind Aïna Enfance and Avenir (Aymeric Chappellier / Pierre Leboucher), at the front of the 23-boat Class40 fleet (Beijaflore became the fourth boat to abandon this morning).

The race in Class40 looks like a battle of attrition as they exit the Bay of Biscay and approach Cape Finisterre. The conditions only eased of temporarily today - giving Goodchild a moment to talk - and dry some clothes.

The extraordinary split in the IMOCA fleet continued yesterday with a band of five mavericks fully investing heavily in the west and heading into the large low-pressure system which they hope will slingshot them into the trade winds faster than the southerners. If they are right we will almost have to turn the leaderboard upside down as it currently shows Hugo Boss in 22nd place in the 29-boat fleet, 171 miles behind the new leader, PRB.

Thomson said today (Wednesday) that heading west was not a strategy but had been forced upon he and co-skipper, Neal McDonald by sail damage - but that it might still pay off.

With Thomson in the west are Boris Herrmann (Germany) and Will Harris (Britain) on Malizia II Yacht Club de Monaco; and three French boats, Bureau Vallee II, Maître CoQ IV, and Prysmian Group. The weather files show 35 to 40 knots and a very confused sea state for ten hours awaiting them.

1. Aina Enfance & Avenir
2. Leyton
3. Made in Midi

1. Solidaires En Peloton - ARSEP

1. PRB
2. Apivia
3. Charal

Joyon at full pelt heading towards the Cape of Good Hope
There's no changing Francis. The skipper of the IDEC SPORT maxi-trimaran is at the age of 63 just as keen as ever to set new records and perform well, as we have been able to see over the past 24 hours, during which with the support of his weather advisor back on dry land, Christian Dumard, he has been examining the charts and routes and comparing them to what it is like out on the water. His goal is to catch the tail of a low-pressure system, which yesterday was out of reach, but which could propel him for more than 2300 miles under the latitude of the Cape of Good Hope.

Such a performance could enable IDEC SPORT to round the famous cape just under two days ahead of his reference time from 2009. As for the conditions aboard IDEC SPORT, the tropical air is behind him now and the wet weather gear, fleeces and foulies are out again.

"I shall be diving even further south. I'll be staying ahead of that low which will speed along towards South Africa. The second low seemed to be decent enough, but the prospect of saving two days by the Cape of Good Hope has led me to focus on how I sail to gain a few thousandths of a knot more to make the most of that low pressure system that appears to be waiting for me. The skies are clouding over and the wind getting above twenty knots. I'm where I want to be!"

IDEC SPORT left the tropical air behind yesterday. The wet weather gear is out again. "I love these latitudes » admits Francis. "This is a place that is both scary and fascinating. I feel happy here, as I know this is where the boat is able to express herself fully and she can speed along smoothly in some wonderful light."

Wight Vodka Best Sailor's Bar
Wight Vodka Best Sailor's Bar Supported by Latitude Kinsale and Seahorse magazine

This year's contest adds another element to the decision making for the final top ten, and the final winner... the best 'native' drink recipe.

Ambience, location and friendly staff are critical to becoming a beloved yachtie bar... but a unique and wonderful concoction is also a must.

Any bar would be hard pressed to top this one, from last year's winner Cloggy's in Falmouth Antigua: the Cloggy's Delight:

Wight Vodka
Elderflower liqueur
Fresh mint
And a dash of soda water

Click on the image to see our photo gallery from Cloggy's and their Latitude Kinsale 3D map, one of the prizes from last year's award.

Tell us about YOUR favorite bar:

Seahorse November 2019
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine

Seahorse Magazine

Standing it up (and keeping it there)
It is perverse that one of the most critical areas of every sailing boat was also one of the last areas where appropriate attention was given to formalising maintenance schedules

Maxi - the biggest and the best
Another successful show in Porto Cervo but there’s always room for improvement. Andrew Mcirvine

Better now...
Customers of QI Composites have fared better than most when it comes to avoiding unwanted surprises

Veni, vidi...
When a young Brittany company claims a Vendée Globe victory within three years of being formed... well that is actually something to make a fuss about

Seahorse build table - Tempted?
Wiz Deas’s very special and very fast pocket trimaran is also in search of a fast new home...

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ORC's 50th Annual Meeting points towards strong future
Southampton, Bermuda: Today's annual meeting of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) marks 50 years since this organization started as the first international body to organize and develop a system to fairly handicap offshore racing yachts.

It is perhaps appropriate that in this 50th year since its formation, the ORC has also been working with the other International-recognized rating system - RORC's IRC rule - to plan the upcoming 2020 ORC/IRC World Championship being held in Newport USA at the New York Yacht Club. At the Annual Meeting it was reported there is excellent technical cooperation between the two rule systems to create common measurement standards, and there is confidence and encouragement for further close cooperation in the future.

Bid proposals for future ORC championship events remains strong, and approved for the 2021 ORC World Championship is the Kalev Yacht Club in Talinn, Estonia

ORC's International Technical Committee is developing methods to have the monohull VPP fairly rate offshore boats with complex modern foil types

Technical developments for the ORC system include improvements to the Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) to accommodate new features such as immersed foils that are appearing with more frequency on offshore yachts.

Minutes of the ORC Committee meetings are available at

Saildrone Makes Another Record Voyage
Click on image to enlarge.

Saildrone After setting the record for the fastest unmanned Atlantic crossing, the Saildrone unmanned vessel SD 1021 has now completed the return journey, beating its own record time and also becoming the first autonomous vehicle to transit in both directions across the Atlantic Ocean.

There are two typical trans-Atlantic passages: from west to east, vessels take the northern route from New York to the English Channel, benefiting from prevailing westerlies and favorable current; east to west, vessels take the southern route, from Spain to Bermuda or the Caribbean. Though the southern route is nearly 1,000 nautical miles (1,850 kilometers) longer, crewed vessels enjoy a smoother ride sailing with the trade winds and favorable current.

Saildrone unmanned surface vessels (USVs) are designed to perform in the harshest ocean conditions on the planet, including those that crewed ships often avoid. On its return trip, SD 1021 took the direct northern route, sailing predominantly upwind and against the current, completing the 3,402-nautical mile (6,301.59-kilometer) passage in just 68 days.

The vessels are powered exclusively by the wind for propulsion and use solar energy to run onboard computers and navigational instruments. They are equipped with a suite of science-grade sensors to collect oceanographic and meteorological data above and below the sea surface including wind speed and direction, air and sea surface temperature, atmospheric pressure, photosynthetically available radiation, wave height and period, dissolved oxygen, salinity, and acidity levels. In addition to the standard Saildrone sensor suite, SD 1021 is also equipped with an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) to measure current strength and direction.

Marlow Ropes Named Official Supplier of 11th Hour Racing Team
Marlow Ropes Marlow Ropes Inc., the leading manufacturer of high performance cordage, has signed on with 11th Hour Racing Team as official supplier for the team's campaign focused on the next edition of The Ocean Race in 2021-2022.

Marlow will be supplying 11th Hour Racing with high performing lines from the Marlow Grand Prix custom-made series, ensuring the highest quality and durability within sailing, as well as the new Blue Ocean Dockline from recycled materials, working together with the team to minimize waste by providing lengths that are exact to their boat's specification and needs.

Azimut Challenge last month and is in action again with Marlow on-board for the Transat Jacques Vabre.

"Marlow Ropes are delighted to be partnering with the 11th Hour Racing Team on their 2021-22 The Ocean Race campaign," said Marlow U.S. Manager Forrest Williams. "A key part of the team's mission is to highlight ocean health and sustainability, and partnering with an elite team like 11th Hour Racing to support these goals is extremely important to us here at Marlow."

Marlow's history in world-class British rope manufacturing dates back over 200 years, and has earned its reputation as the world-leading manufacturer of high performance rope. With its Official Supplier status with 11th Hour Racing Team, the premier sailing rope brand will now be prominently featured in the world's toughest round-the-world crewed race, starting in Alicante, Spain in Fall 2021.

Oman Sail Recognised For Decade Of Excellence By World Sailing
Oman Sail's decade of success has been recognised by the global sailing community, with the organisation receiving the 2019 World Sailing President's Development Award.

The award is a clear testament to the achievements of Oman Sail over the last ten years, and its mission to make the sport of sailing accessible, educational, and a source of immense national pride. In 2009, Oman Sail started the process of bringing this vision to life, embarking on a remarkable decade and achieving some extraordinary achievements.

Oman Sail has continually propelled the Sultanate into the yachting limelight, whether it be from hosting high-profile global events such as America's Cup World Series and the Windsurf World Championships, participating in the Route de Rhum and Extreme Sailing Series, or providing opportunities for local talent. In Oman Sail's inaugural year, Mohsin Al Busaidi became the first Omani to circumnavigate the globe, while 2020 could see the first Omanis to compete on the Olympic stage, with 49er pair Musab Al Hadi and Waleed Al Kindi campaigning for selection in March.

CEO David Graham received the award on behalf of Oman Sail and said: "This award is a result of a collective effort from teams both on and off the water. I would like to thank the Government of Oman, in particular the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Sport, for the unwavering support to Oman Sail over the past decade.

Oman Sail will continue to build upon the success of the last decade and will host the GC32 Racing Tour in Muscat from 5-9 November. Team Oman Air, which includes Omani sailor Nasser Al Mashari, will be competing for the overall championship when the high-performance foiling catamarans and world class sailors compete for the Oman Cup over five days on the open waters off Al Mouj Marina in the heart of the city.

Brest Atlantiques: Pending departure
For the past 72 hours, the race management have been closely monitoring the conditions on the Atlantic Ocean for the coming days.

We are faced with a complex situation that jeopardises the original departure date and time of the Brest Atlantiques, initially scheduled for Sunday, 3rd November, at 13:02.

A meeting will take place on Thursday, 31st October, at noon, to allow the race management to reach a final decision.

Race presentation document

Vale Cullen Keytel
Cullen Keytel The South Africa Sailing community were left reeling on Wednesday with the news of the passing of one of their finest young sailors, Cullen Keytel.

Keytel (18) succumbed to injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident last Friday.

A very talented young man, he learnt to sail at the Hermanus and Zeekoevlei Yacht Clubs. He sailed on many different classes. However, his real love was the Laser. Keytel was awarded his National Protea Junior Colours in June 2018 and was part of the national youth team representing South Africa at the Youth Sailing World Championships in Corpus Christi, Texas, USA and again in June 2019, in Gydnia, Poland. Having already achieved so much success in the sport, Cullen's ultimate goal was to participate in the 2024 Olympics.

In 2018 he was awarded the Under-19 Sportsman of the Year award for the Overberg District and this year was awarded the Rob Meek Memorial Trophy for the Junior Sailor of the Year WC.

Cullen regularly assisted in promoting the sport at boat shows, schools and events held around the country and gave back to the sport he loved so much by helping to coach and train his peers.

The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Cullen Keytel Fund for Laser Youth Sailing: Western Cape Laser Assn, Standard Bank Parow, Branch: 031110, Acc No: 078048877, Acc type: Savings, Ref: CULLEN

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A very comfortable and capable racing yacht. This Farr 60 excels offshore, with a simple and clean deck layout, bunks for 16 and comfortable saloon area. She has recently had new standing rigging, new mainsail and also generator. Running costs are minimised for the next few years.

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Raceboats Only 2017 RIO 52. 1200000 USD. Located in West coast of the states.

RIO 52 is for sale. Built in 2017, she is a flat out IRC/ORC/Pac 52, race boat that can win anywhere in the world. Three sets of sails, ( North and Quantum) full safety gear, trailer, she has everything Contact us for the details

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William Jenkins
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Raceboats Only 2014 ORMA 60 Mighty Merloe. 1,500,000 USD. Located in San Diego, CA

Mighty Merloe is turn-key and race ready. Not only did she win the Transpac in July 2017 but she crossed the finish line in only 4 days, 6 hours and 33 minutes, shattering a 20 year old record by more than a day. A complete refit of the boat was completed in the winter of 2018 including a full structural ultrasound inspection of the boat and appendages.

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Kurt Jerman 619-571-3513

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Never let the fear of striking out get in your way. -- Babe Ruth

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