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Mini Transat Start
Cippino II triumphs at Les Voiles and wins the Rolex Trophy
Making Headway - 11th Hour Racing
INEOS TEAM UK name their first race boat for the 36th America's Cup 'Britannia'
Eivind Melleby And Joshua Revkin Win Vintage Gold Cup
EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship 2019
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine
Future Fibres is Hiring
SB20 Sailors Michael O'Connor & Davy Taylor Win All Ireland Sailing Title at National Yacht Club
Clipper Race 2: Wind Gusts and Windholes
Dragon 90th Anniversary Regatta powered by Paul & Shark
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• • Oyster 565
• • Swan 60-909 Windward
• • 2018 JPK 1180 - "Sunrise"
The Last Word: George Washington

Brought to you by Seahorse magazine and EuroSail News is a digest of sailing news and opinions, regatta results, new boat and gear information and letters from sailors -- with a European emphasis. Contributions welcome, send to

Mini Transat Start
This Saturday 5 October, at 10:38 hours, the 87 sailors competing in the Mini-Transat La Boulangere set sail from La Rochelle on the first leg to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Though the event kicked off in very manageable conditions, the competitors will face a few obstacles throughout the 1,350-mile course, starting with the initial passage of a front tonight.

It was at 10:38 hours on the dot that the impressive fleet of 87 Minis set sail from La Rochelle. It was a clean start for all the racers (no individual recalls) and no technical incidents to lament. The wind was very light (around 5 knots) and the progress upwind towards the windward mark was slow-going, making for a fine, technical navigation. The first three to round this mark were Julien Bertheleme (742), Axel Trehin (945) and Hendrik Witzmann (920). Though it was a gentle start to the race, the next stage will be no picnic...

It will be a complicated journey to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and before they can even think about hurtling along the Spanish and Portuguese coast, the racers will have to deal with several transitions in the Bay of Biscay.

* This Sunday, a day after the start of the first leg of the Mini-Transat La Boulangere, the 87 participants have been making the most of the conditions, which are currently conducive to slipping along. However, all that's about to change tonight as they have to negotiate a zone of high pressure in the Bay of Biscay, with no-one likely to escape its clutches. This could be good news for some, and a little less so for others... At 16:00 UTC, Axel Trehin was leading the fleet of prototypes whilst Italian Ambrogio Beccaria headed the production boats. No surprises for now then among the favourites...

The great news is that the 87 competitors in the Mini-Transat La Boulangere have all come off unscathed after negotiating their first front last night. There were a few little technical issues to lament on certain boats, but these have been quickly repaired and the respective sailors are up and running once more.

Top Ranking on Sunday 6 October at 16:00 UTC

1. Axel Trehin (945 - Project Rescue Ocean) some 1,160.7 miles from the finish
2. Francois Jambou (865 - Team BFR Maree Haute Jaune) 3.3 miles behind the leader
3. Raphael Lutard (900 - Arkema 3) 5.1 miles behind the leader

1. Ambrogio Becarria (943 - Geomag) some 1,174.4 miles from the finish
2. Felix De Navacelle (916 - Youkounkoun) 3.2 miles behind the leader
​​​​​​​3. Lauris Noslier (893 - Avoriaz 1800) 4.7 miles behind the leader

Cippino II triumphs at Les Voiles and wins the Rolex Trophy
Photo by Ingrid Abery, Click on image for photo gallery.

WHAT Saturday saw yet another massive day of racing for the 300 competitors in this anniversary edition, the likes of which is only possible at Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez! Tomorrow, 4,000 sailors will come together at the village Citadel for the traditional prize-giving and one last opportunity to congratulate one another and recall the magical moments out on the water and celebrate this extraordinary and timeless festival... to which they are sure to return next year. Under the leadership of Georges Korhel, the Race Committees have skilfully managed to contend with a very varied forecast, that has included gales and zones of high pressure, to set the courses at the far side of the bay as far as Pampelonne and Cavalaire. Bathed in sunshine, these same, wonderful courses will be enough to see the racers' appetites for close-contact racing and beautiful seascapes through to next year. On a competitive front, the changeable wind conditions throughout the week delighted the favourites in each group, Classic and Modern boats alike, and the list of winners for 2019 not surprisingly pays tribute to those yachts which have performed amazingly well throughout the season.

The undisputed leader since the start of the week in the very coherent and very uniform group of Epoque Marconi Bs, a prestigious Rolex Trophy craft, the Bermudan sloop from Argentina, Cippino II, really made her presence felt in Saint Tropez. Two victories give emphasis to her superb week. Martin Billoch and his crew really got the best out of this Frers design, which excels in this type of day racing.

Cippino II is a Bermudan sloop designed in 1948 by the Argentinean naval architect German Frers. She is a sistership to Fjord III. She began her career with a degree of success in Buenos Aires before being used exclusively for family cruising by her owner. In the noughties, her owner, Daniel Sielecki introduced her to the race circuit, first in Argentina and since 2017 in Europe, much to the delight of spectators and racers at Les Voiles.

Making Headway - 11th Hour Racing
11th Hour Racing With the benefit of sophisticated external auditing 11th Hour Racing are now in a position to judge each of their multiple projects on their individual merit and tweak their support - and advice - accordingly

11th Hour Racing is on a mission to empower the sailing communities and industry to take an active role to uncover and utilise solutions to the urgent crisis facing the health of our oceans. They've undoubtedly had some great successes over the last decade supporting, funding and helping to shape more than 100 projects around the world through a programme of sponsorships, grants and ambassadors. But they're often asked by members of the sailing public: 'How do you measure the success of what you do?'

It's a fair question. It's relatively easy for a commercial organisation to measure return on investment (ROI) from sponsorships - you just look at how they affect the bottom line - but how do you measure the ROI of a sustainability sponsorship, whose goal is to effect positive change in people's opinions and behaviour rather than simply to make money?

Full article in the October issue of Seahorse

INEOS TEAM UK name their first race boat for the 36th America's Cup 'Britannia'
INEOS TEAM UK have officially christened their first America's Cup race boat from their HQ in Portsmouth, naming her 'Britannia' in homage to one of Britain's most famous racing yachts.

The day marks a landmark moment for the British challenger; coming after eighteen months of the design, build and development of one of the most complex America's Cup class boats in the 168-year history of the event.

Team Principal and Skipper, Ben Ainslie welcomed owner Jim Ratcliffe and the wider INEOS family, teammates, partners and suppliers to celebrate the naming day; "The quest to win the 36th America's Cup has required a fresh approach, a new strategy and serious support from INEOS to focus entirely on the mission in hand. I'm hugely proud of the team's commitment to design and build our first race-boat, it's taken a serious amount of hard work and now we can't wait to get Britannia out sailing on the Solent."

The name 'Britannia' was chosen by INEOS TEAM UK founder and owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe in homage to the racing cutter yacht 'Britannia' whose name in turn was taken from James Thomson's famous poem 'Rule Britannia!' written in 1740. The original Britannia was built in 1893 for King Edward VII, the then Prince of Wales.

King George V took ownership of Britannia in her final years converting her into a J Class racing yacht, the majestic class that was sailed in three editions of the America's Cup from 1930-1937. She eventually finished with a lifetime record of 231 race wins and 129 further podiums making her the dominant yacht of the time.

King George V had decreed that his yacht should not outlive him. After his death in 1936, Britannia was stripped of her spars and fittings, and towed out to St Catherine's Deep off the Isle of Wight where she was scuttled by the Royal Navy; in the same waters that the first America's Cup was raced in back in 1851. Notably, the mast and fittings of the yacht were saved from the scuttling with the wheel subsequently fitted to the wheelhouse of the Royal Yacht Britannia steering her for the next 44 years.

INEOS TEAM UK now have a busy period of testing on Solent waters from their HQ in Portsmouth, before heading to Sardinia for winter testing ahead of the first America's Cup World Series event in Cagliari from 23rd - 26th April 2020.

Eivind Melleby And Joshua Revkin Win Vintage Gold Cup
After an eight-race series with very challenging conditions, Eivind Melleby from Norway and Joshua Revkin from Boston, are the 2019 Vintage Gold Cup winners with an impressive four bullets in the score sheet.

A beautiful brisk and sunny morning welcomed the 26 teams competing at the Gull Lake Yacht Club. The wind was blowing from the southeast at about 12 knots and soon the fleet was on the water very eager to get going with the final three races scheduled on the last day.

Eivind Melleby (NOR) and Joshua Revkin (USA) were leading the series by a mere three point advantage over Lars Grael (BRA) and Arnis Baltins (USA), and the competition between the two on the race course was palpable. On the first of today's three races, the Norwegian team got the their third bullet and the Brazilian team was right behind them in second. In the second race, Olympic medalist Lars Grael was the first across the finish line. Evind Melleby scored the highest number of the series, a 10th, which was then was dropped after the last race. The playing field remained open between the two for the final race. The Norwegian/American duo did not miss their opportunity to win the race and the series, while Grael/Baltins scored a fifth that brought them into second overall at the 2019 Vintage Gold Cup regatta. Arthur Anosov and Dave Caesar (USA) are third overall, with just seven points from the winners. They were very consistent on the last two days of the regatta, winning two races and claiming two seconds out of today's three races. -- Rachele Vitello

Final top ten after 8 races:
1. Eivind Melleby / Joshua Revkin, NOR, 5177
2. Lars Grael / Arnis Baltins, BRA, 5805
3. Arthur Anosov / Dave Caesar, USA, 4985
4. Tomas Hornos / Jon Klerk, USA, 4648
5. Paul Cayard / Danny Cayard, USA, 4789
6. Larry Whipple / Austin Sperry, USA, 4736
7. Mark Reynolds / Hal Haenel, USA, 4504
8. Luke Lawrence / Bryne Milne, USA, 4583
9. Bobby Lippincott / Chad Easley, USA, 4876
10. Mylse Pritchard / TC Belco, BAH, 5093

EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship 2019
The 2019 EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship is organized by the Nastro Rosa series in conjunction with the L30 Class Association under the authority of Federazione Italiana Vela and in cooperation with EUROSAF. The start will be in Venice and the finish during the Barcolana Week in Trieste. L30 boats were selected as a one-design class.

Boat will be launched and rigged at Marina Fiorita. On 7-8 October 2019 the fleet will be moored at Marina Santelena.

Seahorse October 2019
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine

Seahorse Magazine

On the march
In a multihull marketplace previously dominated by two-hull offerings a lot of careful thought and informed-development is ensuring that the trimaran configuration is finally getting more of the recognition that it deserves...

Making headway
With the benefit of sophisticated external auditing 11th Hour Racing are now in a position to judge each of their multiple projects on their individual merit and tweak their support - and advice - accordingly

Very tidy
When looking around a modern performance yacht for some nice aesthetic details the furling boom is not usually the natural place to start... not any more however

Friendship plus talent
Vince Brun is the speed king. And the speed king is one of the most popular and respected racing sailors on the planet... Carol Cronin

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Future Fibres is Hiring
Future Fibres Future Fibres, the world’s leading supplier of composite rigging, is hiring for a Sales Coordinator to reinforce their expanding Sales team.

The full time role will be based primarily in Valencia.

For more information and how to apply please see the job posting here

SB20 Sailors Michael O'Connor & Davy Taylor Win All Ireland Sailing Title at National Yacht Club
Photo by David Branigan, Click on image for photo gallery.

WHAT Royal St. George Yacht Club's Michael O'Connor sailing with Davy Taylor of the SB20 class has won the All-Ireland Sailing Championship 2019.

As north-west winds blew to over 20-knots the championship was decided over short sharp races inside Dun Laoghaire Harbour this afternoon under Race Officer Jack Roy, the Irish Sailing President.

The championships were raced in the Flying Fifteen keelboat and drew a fleet of 16 invited champion sailors from across the Irish yacht racing scene as Afloat reported here.

It is the second year in a row that the All Ireland Sailing title has been won by the SB20 nominee.

Second overall was Northern Ireland RS400 ace Robert Espey. Third was Greystones Sailing Club's Shane MacCarthy representing the GP14 class.

The four-race final round was a close-fought affair over two hours which eventually saw O'Connor pitted against Robert Espey, the RS400 class nominee from Ballyholme. However, the Dun Laoghaire sailor received a jury penalty turn and finished sixth while the Bangor helm had gear damage and was awarded average points for that race depending on the rest of the series.

Final results
1. Michael O'Connor / SB20, 9 points
2. Robert Espey / RS400, 10
3. Shane MacCarthy / GP14, 13
4. John Sheehy / Team Racing, 15
5. Sean Craig / Laser Radial, 20
6. David Gorman / Flying Fifteen, 26
7. Colm O'Flaherty / J24, 27
8. Ronan Wallace / Laser Standard, 27

Clipper Race 2: Wind Gusts and Windholes
After 21 days at sea, there is now only just over a week to go until the winner of Race 2: The Commodore's Cup to Punta del Este, Uruguay, will be decided. But Mother Nature won't be making the final stretch of this 5,195 nautical mile race across the Atlantic Ocean easy for the Clipper Race teams.

The eleven teams are currently spread over 600 nautical miles (nm) along the Brazilian coastline, with the leading boats having just moved south of Rio de Janeiro. According to Clipper Race Meteorologist, Simon Rowell, the wind curving around the western end of the ridge extending towards Brazil has not only created a minefield of windholes for the fleet, but will also see the teams face sudden and sharp gusts of up to 40 knots.

The fleet is due to arrive into Punta del Este between 12-16 October and you can see the latest ETAs here. For all the events and activities planned for the Fan Zone at the Yacht Club Punta del Este, see the Host Port Page on the Clipper Race website.

Dragon 90th Anniversary Regatta powered by Paul & Shark
Sanremo, Italy - The International Dragon 90th Anniversary Regatta powered by Paul & Shark got underway in spectacular Italian style on Sunday 6th October at the Yacht Club Sanremo, with a gala opening ceremony at which the 162 participating teams were welcomed.

The fleet will initially be split into two groups. The first 30 of the IDA ranking list has been divided between Groups A and B with the rest of the entries being allocated to give 81 boats in each fleet. These two groups will race up to four qualifying races and then the fleet will be regrouped according to their overall positions with the first half of each qualifying group forming the Gold Fleet, and the second half the Silver Fleet.

There will be a briefing from competitors at 09.30 and racing will commence at 12.00 on Monday 7th October with up to two races planned for the opening day. -- Fiona Brown

Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only 2019 Oyster 565. 1,450,000 GBP.

The Oyster 565 is a yacht for all oceans; a sub-60-foot sailboat that will go places and show you something new about the world. It’s a yacht for people who want to own their adventures; choose their destination, set their course and their sails, pick their anchorages and then bring her safely home.

The At just short of 60 feet overall length, our Oyster 565 blue water sailing yacht is perfectly set up for a couple or young family to easily sail and maintain together. It’s designed to circumnavigate the planet (should you want to) in comfort and style, all thanks to Oyster’s design and engineering brilliance.

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Richard Gibson

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Raceboats Only Swan 60-909 'Windward'. 3,300,000 EUR. Located in Hong Kong.

‘Windward’ was launched in May 2014 and is ready for racing or cruising. Currently lying in Hong Kong, she is available for immediate delivery.

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Giorgio Passarella
Nautor's Swan Brokerage
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Raceboats Only 2018 JPK 1180 - "SUNRISE". 350000 GBP. Located in the UK.

A VERY unique opportunity! Ancasta Race Boats are happy to inform you that the 2018 JPK 1180 "Sunrise" is now for sale. Incredible opportunity of securing one of these boats now, rather than joining the near 2 year waiting list for a new build!

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Sam Pearson - Ancasta Race Boats
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The Last Word
Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action. -- George Washington

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