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The Lifesling: The Safest Mob Recovery Method
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2019 Rolex World Sailor of the Year Awards nominees announced
The line-up of Rolex World Sailor of the Year 2019 nominees has today been announced by World Sailing, the world governing body of the sport, and Rolex, the leading name in prestige watches that includes watches engineered specifically for sailing.

Three female and four male nominees represent the success stories in the beautifully diverse and dynamic sport of sailing. Young and old nominees truly highlight the sport as one that can be participated in at the highest level throughout a sailor's career. The nominees have performed at the highest level over the last 12 months and continue to inspire globally.

The 2019 Rolex World Sailor of the Year nominees are:

Delphine Cousin Questel (FRA) - 2018 PWA World Tour Slalom World Champion
Violeta del Reino (ESP) - 2019 Para World Sailing Championship Hansa 303 World Champion
Anne-Marie Rindom (DEN) - 2019 Laser Radial World and European Champion

Antoine Albeau (FRA) - PWA World Tour Slalom World Champion
Mat Belcher and Will Ryan (AUS) - 2019 470 World, European and Hempel World Cup Series Champions
Marco Gradoni (ITA) - 2018 and 2019 Optimist World Champion
Francis Joyon (FRA) - Route du Rhum winner

The female and male winners will be announced at the World Sailing Awards Ceremony in Bermuda on 29 October 2019. Each winner will be presented with the unique marble and silver trophy depicting the globe, crowned with five silver spinnakers representing the continents, together with a Rolex timepiece.

From Tuesday 22 October 2019, members of the public will be invited to vote for who they think should be crowned the 2019 Rolex World Sailor of the Year. The public vote will contribute to 50% of the overall count with the remaining 50% to be decided by World Sailing's Member National Authorities.

Les Voiles Saint Tropez
Photo by Ingrid Abery, Click on image for photo gallery.

For the 4,000 sailors in the 20th edition of Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the message is clear, racing is on tomorrow’s menu. Monday’s scenario was penned by the all too familiar Mistral, leading to a brief but brutal breeze blowing across the race zone at over 30 knots, picking up a short and choppy seas until this evening. “The Special Weather Report from Météo France runs through to 17:00 hours local time”, explains Georges Kohrel, Principal Race Officer at Les Voiles. “The gale covers the exact footprint of the zone where our boats were set to race today, between the Levant Island and Pampelonne. The sea is building offshore and conditions are neither safe nor fair to launch our races.” Instead, the fleets of Modern boats had to make do with honing their weapons with the Classic yachts, offering the many onlookers a joyful festive spirit and the most wonderful showcase of 150 years of boating. On Tuesday, everyone will hit the racetrack, Modern craft, Wallys and Classics.

For the first time, the Maxi Yachts, one-design boats measuring from 60 to over 100-feet in length, are sailing in Saint Tropez under the aegis of a dedicated Race Committee, with specially tailored courses. They appear in the IRC A rankings, but their results at Les Voiles will ultimately rank towards their own Inshore championship, which comprises 6 meetings and will be decided here in Saint Tropez at the end of the week.

Finding his 12mR French Kiss, the legendary semi-finalist in the America’s Cup in Fremantle in 1987, abandoned in an Italian yard, Marc Pajot was inspired to refit her and sail at Les Voiles with the bulk of the crew who were a part of her historic Australian saga, including Albert Jacobson, Stan Dripaut, Marc Bouet and Denis Vanier. “We’re all delighted to return to French Kiss”, says Marc Pajot, “She’s back ‘in her own juice’ weighing in at 24 tonnes and kitted out with a winged fin keel and trim tab... we’re all happy to be back together again, accompanied by our partner back then, Mr Serge Crasnianski.” In light of recent news from French soil, America’s Cup fans will be quick to remember the key role played in 1992 by the then Mayor of Paris, one Jacques Chirac, who was very much in favour of backing a new French campaign in the America’s Cup in San Diego, managing to raise half the funding for the next boat. Marc remembers him fondly: “The sea wasn’t his universe, but he spontaneously liked sailors, top-level athletes within the context of the America’s Cup, and immediately bonded with the team. It was the Human that inspired him, getting men working together as one.”

Competing in Saint Tropez tomorrow will be Ester, the gaffer that miraculously survived the Baltic! Ester is the story of the exceptional resurrection of a gaff sloop, which in many ways was revolutionary in her time. Indeed, back in 1901, Swede Gunnar Hellgren was tasked with designing a yacht capable of winning the Tivoli Cup. The result was both unique, thanks to her numerous innovations, and wonderfully elegant. A decade of resounding success ensued for what some would hail as the most beautiful boat in the world! Ester vanished from sight after 1915 and only reappeared again in 1935. She excelled again in Ulvoen in 1937, before suffering a terrible fate. A fire ripped through her in late 1937. The damaged yacht was towed towards Ornskoldsvik, but sank en route before reaching Normanön. It wasn’t until 2012 that Swede Per Hellgren managed to locate the wreck using sonar. In 2016, the hull was raised up out of the water. It was the start of an incredible renovation project, the dazzling outcome of which can be admired throughout the week in Saint Tropez in the expert hands of her captain, one of the rare women in this position, Laurence Rames de Moer.

Power up your winches with Harken® electrification kits
Make life easier for you and your crew by converting your boat's winches to electric. Most Harken® winches made after 1999 are designed to be converted. It's easy to make the shift by using a Harken conversion kit. Horizontal or vertical below deck winch motor options are available. Kits include: motor assembly, switch, circuit breaker, power-ready shaft kit, and dual function control box. Don't have Harken winches?

Harken makes a line of powerful electric models that operate in manual mode for racing. Here's an easy way to start the process: watch the video, and submit the form attached to the link. We'll forward your interest to the marine pro you designate. They'll make contact to power you up.

Naval Academy flexes offshore muscle
For the first time since 2005, the U.S. Naval Academy Offshore Sailing Team won the U.S. Offshore Sailing Championship, with the 2019 edition held Septembr 27-29 in Annapolis, MD. Ten teams representing their respective US Sailing Areas from regions around the country competed in Navy 44 sloops on Chesapeake Bay.

This US Sailing National Championship featured a series of challenging offshore racing formats and distances designed to test the 10 teams at their overall offshore sailing skills. Focused on the core fundamentals of offshore racing, these teams were challenged in the areas of navigation, boat handling, teamwork, and basic fleet racing skills.

In the end, it was the home team helmed by Jonathan Hitt (Annapolis, Md.) from the U.S. Naval Academy Offshore Sailing Team taking first place honors and the Lloyd Phoenix Trophy. Crewing for the Naval Academy team was Christian Hoffman (Sandy Hook, Conn.), Ben Van Duyne (Riverside, Conn.), Sean Caraher (Annapolis, Md.), Hayden Expericueta (Annapolis, Md.), Ethan Falsone (Annapolis, Md.), Zack Bauer (Annapolis, Md.), and Matt McClelland (Cummings, Ga.).

After getting a fourth in the buoy race on day one, the Midshipmen took control of the regatta on the second day by winning both long distance race (22 nm) in the morning and the middle distance race (11 nm) in the afternoon. Following a sixth place finish in an early buoy race on day three, they won the all-important middle distance race (17 nm), the final race of the regatta, to win the Championship.

Hitt grew up boating in the Lake of the Ozarks, but did not get started in sailing until just before attending the Naval Academy. However, his bio now includes an extensive list of events such as the Marblehead to Halifax Race, Newport to Bermuda Race, and many of the weekend regattas along the northeast.

Placing second overall was Hanson Bratton (Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.) representing Bayview Yacht Club of Area E and in third place was Glenn Doncaster (Raleigh, N.C.) of Area C and the Fishing Bay Yacht Club.

Event details


Road To Cagliari: the journey of the new Luna Rossa
Luna Rossa AC75. Photo by Stefano Gattini The revolutionary AC75 has traveled by land and by sea: destination Cagliari!

With a state of the art wrapping, the new AC75 Luna Rossa departed from the Persico Marine shipyard (Nembro, BG) and traveled for two nights as an exceptional transport to Livorno. In the port of the Tuscan city, the boat was loaded on a cargo ship that, after 18 hours of navigation in the Tyrrhenian Sea, reached its destination: Cagliari.

The whole team was ready to welcome it at the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli base and lift it over the fence. She was quickly ushered into the boat hangar, where she is still hidden from prying eyes ... waiting to finally see the light at the moment of the launch.

Follow the AC75 Luna Rossa launch LIVE

October 2nd, 2019 from 15:00 UTC +2

The Lifesling: The Safest Mob Recovery Method
After multiple, well-reported incidents of failed man overboard recovery attempts, the thought leaders within the world of safety at sea are evolving their thinking regarding the best way to recover someone in the water. The traditional side pick-up method, long the primary technique taught, is being replaced by recoveries using the LifeSling. The chances of a successful MOB recovery increases when the first recovery attempt is successful. Therefore, it is now recommended to use your engine to get back to the person as fast as possible and then use the LifeSling to connect to and to pull the person back aboard. If the person in the water is conscious, the LifeSling is the safest MOB recovery method.

The Lifesling can be used in two ways. The traditional method is to drop it over your stern, let the 150 feet of polypropene line pay out while steering around the MOB to bring the tow line and horseshoe to the MOB. This is similar to bringing the tow rope to a water skier. Instead of needing pin-point accuracy, the LifeSling gives you larger window of opportunity to recover an MOB. With the long floating line, you just have to get it to the person in the water. Once the sailor in the water puts the horseshoe over his or her shoulders, they are physically attached to the boat. Then you can stop the boat, pull them in, attach a halyard and winch them back aboard.

Full story:

Less than two months to Yacht Racing Forum in Bilbao
The sports leading personalities and brands are getting ready for their annual gathering and B2B reunion.

This years' edition will take place in Bilbao, Spain, on November 25-26, and will reassemble some 350 delegates. It will once again offer an interesting mix of conferences and presentations on current topics related to competitive sailing and the business of the sport. Sailing classes and events, the sports management, rules & regulations will amongst other be discussed, alongside the latest technological developments from the America's Cup, Ultime or IMOCA classes. The latest innovations will also be presented.

More than 60 speakers have already confirmed their participation, including the sports' leading personalities from all over the world. The IMOCA, SailGP, Class 40, the Ocean Race or the Olympic Games will be presented in great detail by their key promoters, whilst a strong focus will be put on technology and sustainability.

The Yacht Racing Forum will be chaired by some of the sports' best experts and moderators, including Shirley Robertson, Andy Rice and Dobbs Davis, supported by Ken Read, Jeremy Pochman or Luca Rizzotti.

As usual, the Yacht Racing Forum also promises to be a great and friendly social event, with drinks receptions and a gala evening reception provided by our host, Bilbao Bizkaia, Consorcio de aqua, Euskadiko Kirol Portua, Real Federación Española de Vela and Valencia Sports.


IDEC Asian Tour
Click on image to enlarge.

Francis Joyon is heading back out to sea. The winner of the last Route du Rhum, who still holds the crewed round the world record (Jules Verne Trophy) set with a time of 40 days and 23 hours, is looking for new adventures with different horizons. In late October, he will set sail alone on a voyage matching his extraordinary talents aboard the legendary IDEC SPORT maxi-trimaran.

Francis will be heading east to the Far East, alone aboard his giant boat attempting to smash his own Mauritius record on the Spice Route between Port Louis (in Brittany) and Port Louis (on the island of Mauritius).

He will then shift to crewed sailing for two brand new records to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), and then Shenzhen in China, before setting off one a legendary historic course, the famous clipper route between Hong Kong and London.

An Asian Tour covering a total distance of more than 28,000 miles, or the equivalent of sailing around the world. Francis intends to do this at high speed in order to return to Europe and reach London in March 2020.

Around ten years to the day after his own record to Mauritius, Francis Joyon will set off again next month to attempt to beat this very record set in 2009 over a theoretical distance of 10,300 miles between Port-Louis in Brittany and Port-Louis in Mauritius. The route may offer sunshine and smiles, but it is a long way and there are many hurdles with countless complicated weather systems to deal with, which penalise the solo sailor during the record attempt in both time and distance sailed. Francis suffered during this attempt ten years ago at the helm of IDEC 2, the boat designed by Nigel Irens, which managed to set the record averaging 16.40 knots. "This is a tricky course," admits Francis.

ACT 1: Mauritius Route: Port Louis (Brittany) - Port Louis (Mauritius): 26 days, 4 hours and 13 minutes
ACT 2: Mauritius - Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam): a new reference time to be set
ACT 3: Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) - Shenzhen (China): a new reference time to be set
ACT 4: Clipper Route: Hong Kong - London: 36 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes

IKA Formula Kite Europeans
France's Axel Mazella was crowned 2019 Formula Kite European Champion after a consummate display of controlled racing on the final fifth day of tense action amid the splendour of the Italian resort island of Sardinia.

Mazella seized three bullets from four on the Gulf of Oristano track, seeing off intense challenges from Slovenian's Toni Vodisek and fellow Frenchman Théo de Ramecourt, leapfrogging both to go top of the standings.

In shifty breezes of around 12kts on the gulf's flat waters off Torregrande beach, Mazella lost the lead to Vodisek in his day's crucial third race. But he matched the Slovenian's tacks and gybes all the way around the track, chasing him down and finally seeing him crash towards the finish to take the win that all but sealed his title triumph.

* Britain's Ellie Aldridge has been crowned Formula Kite European champion just a year after taking up the sport.

Aldridge, 22, switched from sailing the 49erFX skiff to kite foiling when the British Sailing Team launched its #kite4gold talent search in September 2018.

The initiative, in conjunction with the British Kitesports Association and the English Institute of Sport, was a response to the decision to include kite foiling at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Aldridge was one of seven talented young women chosen from hundreds to join the programme and begin training under the expert tutelage of experienced riders Connor Bainbridge and Johnnie Hutchcroft.

Full results

New Generation Falcon Rigs
Click on image to enlarge.

Monaco: On board the iconic sailing yacht Maltese Falcon, Perini Navi, Dykstra Naval Architects, and Magma Structures announce that they have established a Joint Venture named "Falcon Rig".

The mission of the partners is to work together in an exclusive manner to design, build and deliver the new generation of Falcon Rigs for the global sailing yacht world – for the Designers and Builders, as the Owners may choose.

The Joint Venture will cement the knowledge of the three partners, honed from the development and decade-long in-service experience of the two superyachts sailing the oceans. The simple, efficient and elegant Falcon Rig masts will utilise the latest state of the art materials and production techniques to enhance the easy to handle and safe operation of Dyna Rigs uncluttered by stays -without compromising performance.

Dyna rigged yachts have already demonstrated their exceptionally environmental friendly credentials, as they lower the threshold to employ sails as propulsion - even for short hops from bay to bay. Result: unprecedented potential to save fuel.

Featured Brokerage
2003 Marine Composite MC46 Race Carbon. 200,000 ex VAT EUR. Located in Liguria, Italy.

Well maintained and extensively updated high performance custom design carbon composite hulled boat from the legendary Ceccarelli Yacht Design, combining exhilarating performance with a comfortable cruising interior.

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Lead broker - Michele Antonini
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1937 Sparkman & Stephens 62 Ft Yawl - Manitou. POA EUR. Located in France.

If JFK chose MANITOU for her good looks and speed – who are we to argue ? The current owners have stopped at nothing in maintaining MANITOU to ensure she is probably as strong as she ever was and cosmetically immaculate.

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Barney Sandeman

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33 High Street
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MTC28 - Carbon Trimaran. 68,000 GBP. Located in South Devon, UK.

For Sale. Custom Carbon trimaran. MTC28 By Nic Bailey. Outstanding, lightweight, inshore, minimalist flying machine.

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