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High Stakes on Eve of RS:X World Championship
Strong Mistral Cancels First Racing Day at Audi 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week Porto Cervo
A laboratory to die for - Quantum Sails
98th British American Cup hosted by Royal Thames Yacht Club
Honoring 50 Years of Carina
More tough news for U.S. Olympic sailing interests
Seahorse Sailor Of The Month
Alinghi wins its eighth D35 Trophy in 16 seasons
Quentin Lucet: "On Hugo Boss, We Focused On Hydodynamic Drag"
Featured Charter: The Project - Sigma 38
Featured Brokerage:
• • Custom 42 - "Kuka Light"
• • Oyster 565
• • Dazcat 1495
The Last Word: Ivan Stang

Brought to you by Seahorse magazine and EuroSail News is a digest of sailing news and opinions, regatta results, new boat and gear information and letters from sailors -- with a European emphasis. Contributions welcome, send to

High Stakes on Eve of RS:X World Championship
The Italians have a special name for the wind for almost every direction on Lake Garda, but they don't have a name for the teasing, light, swirling and drizzle infused breeze that lingered over Torbole for most of today. With a practice race scheduled, today was supposed to be the final test session for the 245 competitors, before racing beings in earnest for the 2019 RS:X World Championships Wednesday. However, the weather had other plans and instead teased the race committee who had to abandon their plans for a practice race.

As the Circollo Surf Torbole club is filling up with hundreds of RS:X boards, sails, masts and other equipment ahead of the World Championship, there is also a growing expectation for the week ahead and the hope for better conditions to race in. For different competitors, this event represents different challenges and each sailor has set themselves different goals.

Today, the battles begin across all fleets with three races scheduled for the 130 men and for the 106 women. The women's fleet is the biggest that the RS:X class have ever had in its history and is a great showcase for women's Olympic sport for World Sailing. Due to the forecast for light winds, racing has been pushed forward for an 0800 start (local time), which means sailors will need to be getting ready from 0630 onwards - a very early start for some!

All racing will be tracked from Wednesday onwards which means the battles of the 2019 RS:X World Championships can be played out in front of you on your computer screen.

Strong Mistral Cancels First Racing Day at Audi 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week Porto Cervo
Porto Cervo, Italy: The first scheduled races of the Audi 52 SUPER SERIES Sailing Week Porto Cervo had to be postponed today due to the strong Mistral wind that peaked at nearly 40 knots on the proposed race area, and averaged 30 knots for a sustained period.

The ten teams entered for this decisive final regatta of the 52 SUPER SERIES season were stood down at just after 13:30 CEST.

With no racing today, Azzurra, who flies the burgee of the host club, the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, still holds the overall lead on the general classification of the circuit with six points of advantage over Germany's Platoon of Harm Müller-Spreer and eleven points on the defending circuit champions Quantum Racing of Doug DeVos.

Wednesday should see two or three windward-leeward races, starting at the earlier time of 11:00 CEST.

A laboratory to die for - Quantum Sails
Quantum Sails But the ClubSwan 36 is just the latest design to benefit from Quantum's refined, sophisticated sailmaking process that distils a ton of complexity down to an end product that is fast, durable... and surprisingly easy to use

What do you expect from a new set of sails? While top quality and value for money are very probably high on your wish list, what most people really want are sails that perform well the very first time and then keep performing hoist after hoist. Quantum Sails' iQ Technology and design process are a major change in the way sails are conceived, designed and made.

It's easy to promise sails that are fast straight out of the bag and plenty of sailmakers claim to do exactly that. But how many of them can back up those assertions with a coherent and demonstrable process? Quantum's unprecedented iQ Technology and design process is the result of more than 25 years of experience paired with the best sailors, sailmakers and designers in the world. It draws on this expertise and understanding of how to design and build not only the complex engineered structures that make up today's high-tech racing sails, but also the rigs and spars that work in tandem with the sails to achieve the perfect shapes that make a boat go fast.

Full article in the October issue of Seahorse

98th British American Cup hosted by Royal Thames Yacht Club
On the 19th to the 21st of September saw sixteen of Americas best team racers came over from Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club to England to face their British equivalents organised by the Royal Thames Yacht Club, at Queen Mary Sailing Club.

This was the Second Match of the Sixth Series of this competition to be held. The atmosphere tense, and spirits high as both teams arrived at QMSC early on Thursday morning. Unfortunately the wind was under five knots and not constant so day one of racing consisted mainly of playing ping pong and relaxing in the glorious sun

Upon arrival on Friday morning, the wind had kicked in, and although shifty there was ten knots plus. A morning's hard fought racing left the teams level pegging, but going into the afternoon the British team had edged ahead. The level of racing and intensity of the competition was felt by both teams, 'The BA cup is typically the best [among the team racing events]', said Team USA Captain Ian Storck, 'The British Sailors are typically more aggressive than our usual American competitors, which makes for very tight racing'. At the end of the days racing the British team were leading by 3.5 points to 1.5.

Saturday saw similar conditions to Friday, and a strong and consistent wind set the stage for another great days racing. It was clear that both sides were going to give no quarter and every point had to be hard earned. Jeff Borland the Chief Umpire, from the US, for the event said 'It was a level of team racing as high as I've ever seen it, and the camaraderie even higher!' The morning and afternoon saw both teams trading race for race, and by the time of the final two races, the scores were even at 4.5 points apiece.

Team GB, won race 11 however due to the unique way the scoring system works had the Americans won the last race and tied, the winner would be the team who won the last race. After two days or racing, it really had come down to this last 45 minute race. The teams were inseparable on the first two laps, with excellent tactical sailing on both sides and by the final lap team GB had secured 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and all three boats crossed the line together with their team mate coming in at 8th to secure a 6.5 to 4.5 win over Team US.

Honoring 50 Years of Carina
On Friday, November 15th at Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich, CT, you are cordially invited to join Storm Trysail Club members and their guests, as well as Carina (which will be alongside the dock) and her crew to celebrate and honor her 50 years.

1700 - Tour of Carina and a Figaro at the dock
1800 - Bar opens and Cocktails begin
1900 - Dinner, Presentations and Live Auctions

For half a century, Carina has embodied everything that Storm Trysail supports: ocean racing, offshore cruising, safety at sea, the Corinthian spirit, and the promotion of good fellowship among blue water and ocean racing sailors. She has given countless offshore sailing opportunities to families, youths and accomplished sailors over a long--and continuing--career of line honors and numerous trophies. Her legacy is an inspiration to be celebrated.

Some of the Carina 1969-1972 crew including Larry Huntington, Rudi Millard, Mike Millard, Steve Lirakis, Chris Wick, Michael Wick, Peter Cummisky, Jack Cummisky and many others will come together to celebrate Carina, her hundreds of friends and her legacy!

In 1969, a new black-hulled 48' aluminum sloop was trucked from a barge yard in Erie, PA to Connecticut. Owner Richard S. Nye and crew were well known worldwide for their successes with Carina's I and II, but Carina III was about to become the most successful yacht in the world.

In her first four years, Carina was competitive and successful. She won:

1969: Transatlantic Race to Cork and US Admirals Cup Team (as team leader)
1970: Newport-Bermuda Race, team leader for winning the US Onion Patch Team Series, Vineyard Race and Northern Ocean Racing Trophy
1972: Block Island Race and Transatlantic Race to Spain

We look forward to your attendance and support of the Storm Trysail Foundation at what is going to be a spectacular evening of celebration, presentation, history, and live auction. The event benefits junior, intercollegiate and adult safety and educational programs, as well as events that promote safe offshore sailing.

Register here for the event

More tough news for U.S. Olympic sailing interests
American-flagged sailing team has had three chiefs of Olympic sailing over the past seven-plus years and has only a single bronze Olympic medal to show for their fundraising and racecourse efforts. This certainly isn't a proud result, nor one that even comes close to representing the greatness that this team has historically demonstrated at Olympic regattas.

So, given the team's lackluster performance of late, the impact hit even harder last Thursday (September 19) when US Sailing sent out an email announcing that Malcolm Page (AUS), the team's Chief of Olympic Sailing and a double gold medalist in the Men's 470, was out.

The official US Sailing press release stated: "US Sailing and Malcolm Page, Chief of Olympic Sailing, announced that they have agreed to part ways. Page will be leaving US Sailing and returning to his home in Australia. He will be working with US Sailing Team staff and coaches on transition activities through the end of October, 2019.

Rumors are flying, and while some stories seem more solid than others, we will not trade in flaky currency. Instead, we'll talk about what matters most, namely, giving our sailors the tools that they need to best represent our country at next summer's Games. This task will not be easy, especially considering that the US Sailing press release announcing Page's departure didn't spell out a Plan B. wishes aspiring American Olympic sailors the very best of luck as they prepare for what promises to be a highly challenging Olympic regatta.

May the four winds blow you safely home, -- David Schmidt

Seahorse Sailor Of The Month
This month's nominees:

High Stakes on Eve of RS:X World Championship Leo Sampson Goolden (GBR)
Goolden is, as the saying used to go, a young fella from over here who’s also doing rather well over there. With a giant worldwide fan base following his rescue and restoration of the English Channel Cutter Tally Ho Goolden may also be the most famous yachtsman you’ve never heard of. Somehow this English sailor ended up restoring his English boat in Washington State... but no worries, you can find him in an instant on the YouTube apparatus


High Stakes on Eve of RS:X World Championship Stuart Childerley (GBR)
Finn Olympian, twice Etchells world champion, and now, having put similar effort into a new role one of the world’s best and most sought after professional race officers. (He also won the 2-handed class in the 2015 Fastnet by 14 seconds). And now: ‘Today is a special day for me. I will be going to the Tokyo Olympics as a race officer. It has been a long and steady journey for me and I am extremely thankful to everyone for all the support’


High Stakes on Eve of RS:X World Championship Last Month's winner:
Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose
‘Hovering over flailing masts snatching shattered sailors from peril is worth a pair of boots any day of the week!’ - Mike Broughton; ‘I have no idea how they made it through but each one of them put the lives of others before their own’ - Adrian Phillips; ‘My friends survived...’ - Rob Hardcastle; ‘I grew up with the Ace of Spades Squadron 771 always looking over me, only when I started sailing seriously did I learn about the Fastnet disaster. Every single one of them deserve recognition for the extraordinary work they did and not just in 1979’ - Miles Seddon; ‘Not only for their service but for an incredible attitude’ - Alistair Skinner.

View past winners of Sailor of the Month

Seahorse Sailor of the Month is sponsored by Musto, Harken McLube & Dubarry. Who needs silverware, our prizes are usable!

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Alinghi wins its eighth D35 Trophy in 16 seasons
The 16th and final season for the Decision 35 had seven events in 2019, but six were enough for Alinghi to register its name on the trophy for the eighth time. In which case, why race in this weekend's closing Grand Prix organised by the Societe Nautique de Genève?

Ernesto Bertarelli, helmsman:

"For this very last test of the D35 as a class - this end of an era - Alinghi's D35 could never stay at the dock with our sailors watching the other teams race! We sailed for the pleasure, tried to win, and trying also not to interfere too much on the ranking of other boats. We met competition stronger than us this weekend with Realteam winning (19 points) and Ylliam-Comptoir Immobilier who finished just in front of us, following the tiebreaker system in the event of a tie (23 points each)."

Pierre-Yves Jorand, team director and helmsman for the Grand Prix's last day:

"Ernesto offered me the D35 helm for this last day of racing. Thanks to him and to the crew who gave me good advice. We cross the finish line of the very last race in the history of the D35 in first position... pure happiness after a port start at the committee boat. "

In 2019, 37 races were launched in the D35 Trophy, including two Geneva classics, with the Genève-Rolle-Genève and the Bol d'Or.

Since 2004 and the start of the D35 championship, there have been just over 700 validated races, up to 12 one-design multihulls on the same starting line, a series of experienced sailors coming to test their skills, Bol d'Ors regularly won by the D35 in front of all other classes etc., and three teams there from the start to finish: Okalys, Zen and Alinghi.

The Decision 35 was born thanks to the will of a group of owners wishing to sail on equal terms on one-design boats, affordable and designed to perform on Lake Geneva. Following the 2003 Bol d'Or and its devastating conditions, the order book for the first eight boats was signed on a piece of tablecloth. Architect Sebastien Schmidt conceived the D35 in close collaboration with experienced sailors and its construction took place during the winter of 2003/2004.

After 16 seasons, we can say that the bet has most definitely paid off and wish equal success to the new TF35 class that will take off in 2020.

Closing Grand Prix, ranking after nine races (the worst score being withdrawn):
1. Realteam Sailing: 19 points
2. Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier: 23 points
3. Alinghi: 23 points

2019 D35 Trophy final ranking after seven events (the worst score being withdrawn):
1. Alinghi: 9 points
2. Ylliam Comptoir Immobilier: 14 points
3. Realteam Sailing: 22 points

Full results

Quentin Lucet: "On Hugo Boss, We Focused On Hydodynamic Drag"
The new Hugo Boss that everyone was so keen to see was launched in early August in Gosport before being officially presented and christened in London yesterday. It was an opportunity for Tip & Shaft to talk to Quentin Lucet, who is in charge of the project at VPLP. For this interview, he was accompanied by Vincent Lauriot-Prévost.

Quentin Lucet: Our overall philosophy was to work to reduce the drag to a minimum on the boat, focusing on the hydrodynamics and the foils, as we are relying on their power to sail the boat in the points of sail usually found in the Vendée Globe.

Can you give us some more detail about that?
Quentin Lucet: It involves work on several levels. Firstly, the optimisation of the mass, which we really insisted upon and the centre of gravity, which corresponded to Alex's request to have a cockpit a long way forward. We came up with the geometry, in particular the shape of the deck line, with volume spread around the centre of the hull, which really meant gains in terms of the mass. That means we could come up with the boat that has the lowest floor to the cockpit in the whole fleet. The second matter was about the aerodynamics, with a lot of design work around the coach roof, both concerning the forward section and the back around the mainsheet traveller. We carried out windage tests using an IMOCA, which showed just how much the traveller acted as a brake. Consequently, we no longer have a coach roof and then a protective cover over the cockpit, but with a coach roof that stretches from the foot of the mast to the transom. That adds to the protection of the skipper with the cockpit entirely closed off.

Was this closed cockpit the result of these thoughts or something requested by Alex Thomson?
Quentin Lucet: It was more or less him that came up with that idea. Setting up such a cockpit is completely linked to the sailor who is going to be aboard: does he feel at ease or not with that option? He moved us in that direction.

In practical terms, how does Alex sail the boat with this closed cockpit?
Quentin Lucet: Everything is centralised, and so he doesn't need to go outside or to expose himself to the elements to ease the sail or see what the sails are doing. There is everything he needs in terms of openings to allow him to have a view ahead, behind and see the sails, so you could say it's a sunroof. On top of that, he has installed cameras to allow him to see 360° around the boat. The other advantage is that means he will avoid filling the cockpit, the hollows in the deck and the lines with 400 litres of water: the gains in dynamic mass are huge.

Full interview in Tip & Shaft

Featured Charter
Raceboats Only The Project - Sigma 38. A racer-cruiser with a brand new suit of racing sails and a highly experienced skipper: Andy Budgen. Available for full-boat charter (max 8 ppl) and ideal for everyone from sailing enthusiasts to complete beginners.
Barbados Sailing Week / 16th - 24th January
Grenada Sailing Week / 26th - 31st January
St. Maarten Heineken Regatta / 5th - 8th March
St. Thomas International Regatta / 25th - 29th March
BVI Spring Regatta / 30th March - 5th April
Bequia Easter Regatta / 9th- 13th April
Antigua Sailing Week / 26th April - 1st May

Join us on board the beautifully-maintained Sigma 38 for the 2020 Caribbean Racing Season.

See listing details in Seahorse Charters

Andy Budgen
Tel:+44( 0) 7866 589824

See the the Seahorse charter collection

Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only 2012 Custom 42 - "Kuka Light". 350000 EUR. Located in La Spezia, Italy.

Less fat, more speed" was the ethos taken when designing and building KUKA LIGHT. This is a special machine, crafted by a very talented and passionate team, with a pure focus on creating a boat that delivers performance and enjoyment in equal measures, thriving in offshore conditions.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Sam Pearson - Ancasta Race Boats

+447759 424900
+442380 016582


Raceboats Only 2019 Oyster 565. 1,450,000 GBP.

The Oyster 565 is a yacht for all oceans; a sub-60-foot sailboat that will go places and show you something new about the world. It’s a yacht for people who want to own their adventures; choose their destination, set their course and their sails, pick their anchorages and then bring her safely home.

The At just short of 60 feet overall length, our Oyster 565 blue water sailing yacht is perfectly set up for a couple or young family to easily sail and maintain together. It’s designed to circumnavigate the planet (should you want to) in comfort and style, all thanks to Oyster’s design and engineering brilliance.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Richard Gibson

+44 (0) 7590 183240


Raceboats Only Dazcat 1495.

The Dazcat 1495 really is our champion. Not only has she won numerous RORC and MOCRA races, including her class in the Fastnet 2017 and the 2-handed Round Britain & Ireland 2018 as well as twice MOCRA Nationals Champion (2017 & 2019), she’s also the perfect yacht for long distance cruising or family weekends, ensuring comfort and safety wherever you are.

You’ll be able to follow two of our D1495s in this year’s Rolex Fastnet as they race against three of their smaller sister Dazcats, including the 1295. We’ll be posting live to our Facebook page from on board one of the 1495s.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly


See the collection at

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If you sincerely desire a truly well-rounded education, you must study the extremists, the obscure and "nutty." You need the balance! -- Ivan Stang

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