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Close Call for Warrior Trophy: 2019 Antigua Bermuda Race - Day Six
Ignazio Bonanno's La Superba Controls J/24 European Championship
New clean yacht propulsion systems set to trial in Monaco
Sail GP: Two Down And What We Know?
Solo Concarneau - Guy Cotten Trophy
Delayed start to Finn Europeans in Athens
Kezenoy-Am-2019 Cup
Faster Finishes Of Asymmetrical Gybes
Transpac 50 Class Divisions and Start Dates Now Available
Tahiti Pearl Regatta: an annual gem in the South Pacific
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Close Call for Warrior Trophy: 2019 Antigua Bermuda Race - Day Six
Six yachts are expected to finish the 2019 Antigua Bermuda Race today, Monday 13 May. Afansay Isaev's Grand Mistral 80 Maxi Weddell (RUS) is expected to finish around midday taking second place in Line Honours, but Weddell will be outside the IRC corrected time set by SHK Scallywag.

Three yachts are in a thrilling battle to win the Warrior Trophy for the best elapsed time after IRC Correction. Pata Negra (GBR) skippered by Andy Liss, Peter Grueterich's Xpatriate (USA) and Kevin McLaughlin's Rye (USA) are all in contention with 114 miles or less to go.

At 0900 AST, Pata Negra was 83 miles from the finish and leading under IRC. Xpatriate has been really catching Pata Negra over the last 24 hours, cutting an eight hour lead down to just over one hour. Xpatriate was 114 miles from the finish and second in IRC. Rye was 93 miles from the St David's Lighthouse and estimated to be just over two hours behind Pata Negra after IRC time correction.

"We are a crew that has been sailing together on various boats for many years," commented Peter Grueterich, skipper of Xpatriate. "We know each other very well and get along great. We trust each other and have great respect for one another. When we finally got the seaweed off the rudder the boat sails pretty fast! Xpatriate is not in its lightest form as we are bringing lots of cruising stuff with us to our home port in Riverside, Connecticut, but we picked a good course on the left side of the rhumb line and stuck with it. We also have a good set of complementary skills across all watches which makes it so much easier. We are really looking forward to Bermuda. To enjoy rum , ice cold beers and a great dinner at my favourite pub, and of course stick our feet in the pink sands!!"

The 10 yachts still racing on the sixth day of the Antigua Bermuda Race are experiencing super downwind conditions with warm air and ocean and bright sunshine. Atlantic Rollers will be providing a sleigh ride towards Bermuda. However, there are still some holes in the breeze and with the overall win hanging in the balance, avoiding the light patches will be crucial to the competing teams.

Ignazio Bonanno's La Superba Controls J/24 European Championship
Patras, Greece:Ignazio Bonanno's La Superba of Italy, with crew Simone Scontrino, Vincenzo Vano, Francesco Picaro and Alfredo Branciforte, only needed nine of 10 races to earn the title of J/24 European Champions for the second time. They also won in 2012 in their home country. The team logged scores of 1,3,4,3,2,3,1,2,3 for 22 net points, able to stay ashore for Friday's final duel which determined the runner-up positions. Anthimos Nikolaidis' Evniki of Greece secured the silver spot with the race win for 37 net points. Two fellow countrymen followed in third and fourth overall: Panagiotis Kampouridis' JMania (43 points) and Alexandros Tagaropoulos' Hellenic Police (46 points). German Stefan Karsunke's Schwere Jungs completed the top five with 51 points. Thirty J/24s competed May 7-10 from the Sailing Club of Patras in Greece.

Bonanno and the La Superba team from the Italian Navy race together regularly, and are working to come to Miami, Florida for the 2019 World Championship in October. Conditions in Patras were postcard-perfect every day, with winds generally starting near 10 knots and increasing throughout the day. Bonanno shared, "We prefer light breeze usually, but on the first day, we had a good day even when the wind increased to 15-18 knots." Of the venue, he added, "Really nice races and a good race area. We took the European Champion the day before, so we are really, really happy!"

Complete results may be found at

New clean yacht propulsion systems set to trial in Monaco
Monaco Around 40 teams are expected for the 6th Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge (2-6 July 2019), organised by the Yacht Club de Monaco in partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and International Powerboating Federation (UIM).

Launched 2014, today the event unites boats in 3 classes - Solar, Offshore and Energy - the goal being to support the creativity of young engineers working with industry to develop alternative propulsion systems for yachts using only clean energy sources.

Present from the start, the Solar Class has 20 entrants, each boat as inventive as the other, with average speeds up to 20 knots. The Energy Class, introduced in 2018, compares solutions (electricity, hydrogen, etc.), the challenge being to design the most powerful, durable system for one-design catamaran hulls supplied by the YCM. Out of 8 boats registered to date, 3 are working on fuel cells; SBM Offshore E-Racing Team (Monaco), HEIG VDI (Switzerland) and Hydrogad'z from Arts et Métiers (France).

Proving by example is the Offshore Class, for boats able to take 3 people (driver and 2 passengers), in 2 offshore races from Monaco-Ventimiglia-Monaco (67km), an opportunity to put a new generation of electric tenders, developed by the yacht industry, through their paces in conditions they can expect to face in the future.

Students share progress on their projects via daily 'Tech Talks' on Open Source at the end of each day.

As its reputation has spread, the event is attracting teams beyond Europe, including the Hydros Team Universitas Indonesia competing in the Energy Class. Other teams are coming to observe with a view to taking part in 2020, such as the Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club (China) and Dubai's Rochester Institute of Technology.

Finally, the YCM has thrown down the gauntlet to partners, locals and entrants to produce as near to zero emissions as possible for the week. Initiatives include; electric/hydrogen-powered bikes and cars, with recharging of electric vehicles courtesy of the Suncy vessel; eco-friendly gourdes and water fountains to reduce waste; solar ovens, etc.

Sail GP: Two Down And What We Know?
The second of the five stages of the SailGP season ended up in San Francisco with the same podium as the first event in Sydney. Victory to the Australians (Tom Slingsby) ahead of the Japanese (Nathan Outterridge) and the visibly improving British (Dylan Fletcher). Tip & Shaft reviews the new circuit launched by Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts.

After two events there seems to be a bit of a hierarchy established, two teams Australia and Japan better than the rest. The British boat is improving as evidenced by winning the first of the fleet races on the Sunday in San Francisco. The results that do not really surprise Bruno Dubois, team principal of the Chinese team who were fourth in Sydney and fifth in San Francisco. Dubois, remember, was team manager for Team France in the last America's Cup and was CEO of the Volvo Ocean Race winning Dongfeng team. "The Australians are the Oracle team of the last Cup, the Japanese are really a mix between Team Japan and Artemis. The English are really strong, with Dylan Fletcher who is a good allrounder, Chris Draper, who also comes from Team Japan. These teams have a lot of people who were strong in the last Cup and they know these boats well."

The Finals have both been a duel between Australia and Japan. And each time the Final has been won by the Aussies. That may still be a surprise as the French coach Philippe Presti, who works with the Aussies acknowledges. "It would have been logical for Nathan (Outterridge) to be in front of the rankings because he sailed the last America's Cup as helmsman and he's really the guy who developed this new F50 along with the same group he had at Artemis, he's clearly the one with the most experience on this type of boat." Franck Citeau, coach of the French team, says of Outteridge the Australian skipper who sails for the Japanese team: "For me, the most talented is Nathan Outterridge who seems to do what he wants with the boat, but does it precisely , but he tends to do too much compared to Australians who are real metronomes, very regular, very consistent."

Behind this top two the British and the Americans made a good impression on the San Francisco waters, especially the Americans who, after finishing last in Sydney, took the fourth place in their home country.

From Tip & Shaft, full editorial here

Solo Concarneau - Guy Cotten Trophy
It's been 24 hours since the 16 Figaro Beneteau 3 fleet of the Solo Concarneau Trophy Guy Cotten has set sail on the 270-nautical mile course. The fleet, which is currently sailing off the Glenan Archipelago, is now heading south towards the Birvideaux lighthouse off Quiberon. Martin Le Pape (Skipper Macif 2017) is currently leading, a few short distances from Armel Le Cleac'h (Banque Populaire) and Eric Peron (French Touch). With 130 nautical miles remaining, the fleet is expected tomorrow morning at the finish line in front of Concarneau.

At 16:30, Cecile Laguette (Eclisse) and Michel Desjoyeaux (Lumibird) both indicated their abandonment to the race management of the and returned directly to the start port. information on the reasons for their abandonment at the arrival of the two figarists.

Current standings at Birvideaux:
1. Martin Pope, Macif Offshore Racing
2. Armel Le Cleac'h, Voile Banque Populaire
3. Eric Peron, FrenchTouch
4. Lois Berrehar - Navigator, Team Bretagne CMB
5. Pierre Leboucher, Guyot Sails
6. Will Harris, Will Harris Sailing powered by Hive Energy
7. Adrien Hardy, Without nature, no future
8 / Pierre Quiroga - Navigator, Macif Offshore Race
9. Sebastien Marsset - Navigator, Handicap Agir Ensemble
10. Gildas Morvan, Niji
11. Tom Laperche, Team Bretagne CMB
12. Clement Commagnac, Sand Grain
13. Matthew Dmrvl, Klaxoon M
14. Cassandra Blandin, Klaxoon C

Arrivals scheduled tomorrow around 6am

Delayed start to Finn Europeans in Athens
The sailors at the 2019 Finn Open European Championship in Athens will have to wait another day before racing can commence after a long day waiting onshore Monday, with no racing possible in very light and unstable winds.

The fleet of 84 boats from 33 nations spent the day wishing for wind, but with several rain fronts passing over and often no more then 3-4 knots of wind, racing was eventually abandoned for the day shortly before 16.00.

On Tuesday, the morning conditions are expected to be similar, so racing has been put back to 13.30 on Tuesday with three races scheduled.

Kezenoy-Am-2019 Cup
The jury team of the international sailing regatta in the Chechen Republic, Kezenoy-Am-2019 Cup, will be headed by the famous Italian judge Luca Babini.

International Ampire and Judge, Ampire of the America's Cup and the 2012 Olympic Games, Luca Babini will come to Chechnya for the second time: "I am very proud to be part of the new regatta on Lake Kezenoy - Am. This is an incredible experience and a wonderful place of amazing beauty. I am very happy to be part of the organizing team. This is an unforgettable event, interesting for everyone! ".

The Kezenoy-Am - 2019 Cup will be held in Chechnya from July 23 to July 28, 2019. Competitions will be held on the lake of the same name at 1870 meters above sea level. Participants of the regatta will be Russian and foreign athletes. Currently, 15 teams are registered, some of them will represent the clubs of Germany, Italy and Estonia.

Sailing competitions will be held on SB20 class mono-type high-speed sailing boats.

The sailors will compete for the cash prize of 16 000 Euro, Kezenoy-Am Challenge Cup and a special prize from the partner Hamilton.

Faster Finishes Of Asymmetrical Gybes
This video shows two sprit boats gybing their asymmetrical spinnakers and is a good compare and contrast exercise to learn about the best way to gybe an asymmetrical spinnaker. Watch the video and listen to the commentary. The video ran on UK Sailmakers Facebook page on April 23rd and one of our Facebook followers, Long Island Sound Sailor Wes Bemus, added a lengthy but very informative and instructional comment to that post.

Wes' comments here

Transpac 50 Class Divisions and Start Dates Now Available
Los Angeles, CA - The Transpacific Yacht Club is pleased to announce that its record 100-boat fleet entered in the 2019 Transpac is now split into 12 divisions for this year's 50th edition of this biennial ocean race from Los Angeles to Honolulu. These groups will be racing against each other for perpetual trophies and take-home prizes within their divisions, as well as for historic overall awards.

Boats racing in Divisions 6, 7, 8, 9, the Cal 40's and the Multihulls in Class 0A - 41 boats in all - will cross the start line at Point Fermin in Los Angeles on Wednesday, July 10th. Two days later on Friday July 12th the 28 boats in Divisions 3, 5 and the Santa Cruz 50/52's will start, and the following day on Saturday July 13th the 28 remaining monohull entries in Divisions 1 and 2, along with the 3 Multihull class 0 entries, will head towards the finish line 2225 miles away at Diamond Head in Honolulu.

Wherever possible, boats were assigned into divisions that represent similar size and type to keep the racing close and competitive, with about one-third of the entire fleet competing against peers. Division 2, for example, has ten ULDB Sleds, plus the Bill Lee-designed and built 68-foot Merlin, the boat that inspired the popular "Fast is Fun" yacht design craze based in Santa Cruz, California of the 1980's and '90's. Similarly the 11 boats racing in the Santa Cruz 50/52 class were from the same builder, albeit from different generations of design.

Seven Cal 40's, a classic Lapworth design regarded as a breakthrough design in its day, are also competing in their own class for this 50th Transpac. The first time Cal 40's competed in Transpac was soon after the design was introduced in 1964 - they won the race overall in 1965 and 1967.

And the three MOD 70's in Multihull Class 0 will be fun to follow as they make their high-speed chase for line honors.

The remainder of the fleet of monohulls and multihulls ranging in size and style from speedy Hobie 33's to the stately 70+ foot ketches in Division 5 will rely on handicap ratings generated by the ORR rating system.

For more information on the entries and class divisions in Transpac 50, see

Tahiti Pearl Regatta: an annual gem in the South Pacific
Click on image for photo gallery.

Tahiti After four hard days of racing, partying and relaxing, the 16th edition of the annual Tahiti Pearl Regatta finished this year in Taha'a, in the Leewards Islands of Tahiti. The Raromatai (Tahitian name for the Leewards Islands) showed their beauty to the 300+ sailors from around the world racing on a record 52 entries, with all benefitting from exceptional weather conditions and world-class scenery throughout the event.

After 4 races within and between the islands of Raiatea and Huahine, the last two races in Taha'a were needed to determine the winners in most of the classes. In the Multihulls division, the local Diam 24 Team SCEAP, skippered by Didier Arnould, who was at the top of the standings after four races, had to bow to Diam Air Tahiti Nui from Rum Road Champion Armel Tripon. The Catana 55 Selika and her French-Russian crew took the third step of the podium – this boat is a tour de force for a 55 foot boat, with its heavy and deep draft, was an interesting match with the quick light boats like the Diam 24 or Pulse 600 designs.

In Division 1, the A35 Arearea owned by Jean-Pierre Basse, a regular entry at the TPR, returned to win his class, having reached the podium at each stage.

The Va'a Taie category was inaugurated this year thanks to the inscription of 8 sailing canoes, with Teiva Veronique and her rowers on Moana Explorer at the top of the rankings, ahead of Viper Va'a Axel Pelou and Vatea Quesnot's Terematai. In the Cruising category, which brings together boats without a racing handicap, the German World ARC member Nica took first place, ahead of the local crews Sea Shepherd and Nacira.

After ten years of exchanges with the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the Tahiti Pearl Regatta is now twinned with the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. "This new partnership is first and foremost a crew exchange between the TPR and the Jack Tar Regatta," explains Stephanie Betz of Archipelagoes. "It also gives us the opportunity to promote the TPR and Tahiti at this famous yacht club, a world-class nautical destination which will organize the America's Cup in 2021."

The 2020 Transpac Los Angeles-Tahiti Race, which will take place next year at the end of May, is also part of this strategy to develop more competitive offshore racing in the Pacific Basin.

The 17th edition of the Tahiti Pearl Regatta would be held from May 5 to 9, 2020.

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