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Tornado European Championships
Photo by Martina Barnetova. Click on image to enlarge.

Tornado European Championships Thursday provided different conditions from Wednesday with a postponement for most of the day until 4pm.

The teams took to the water for a very tricky race with lots of shifts, the left hand side of the course close to the rocks seemed to pay which was unusual. The racing was very close even though teams took different routes they appeared at the top mark close together. The battle was as hot as ever between the Greek team of Iordanis Paschalidis and Konstantinos Trigonis and Roland and Nahid Gaebler, they match raced each other from start to finish.

The course was shortened after two laps with the wind quickly disappearing, Roland Gaebler commented saying "It was lucky we had one race today with the conditions".

There are also some other teams to be watched at the top, although sitting in 9th place the German team of Veit Hemmeter and Michael Gloor have some good results but their DNS is holding them back.

In 3rd, 4th and 5th are Martin Rusterholz and Jean Marc Cuanillon (SUI), Dieter Maurer and Peer Axel Rahn (GER) and Nikolaos Mayros and Alexandros Tagaropoulos (GRE). All teams have great results and are only separated by 5 points, I bet Peer Axel Rahn (organiser of Travemunde week and this year's Tornado Worlds) is glad to be on the water sailing this time.

Only 20 points separate 15th and 26th on the results board and everything is to play for tomorrow. With the black clouds coming over the Alps and a storm warning for tonight and tomorrow the sailors are hoping they can get out on the water.

Top ten

1. Paschalidis Iordanis / Trigkonis Konstantinos, GRE, 4 points
2. Roland Gaebler / Nahid Gaebler, GER, 11
3. Martin Rusterholz / Jean Marc Cuanillon, SUI, 20
4. Dieter Maurer / Axel Rahn Peer, GER, 24
5. Nikolaos Mayros / Aleandros Tagaropoulos, GRE, 25
6. Manfred Schonleitner / Martin Lux, AUT, 37
7. Lutz Stadtmuller / Fabian Neun, GER, 39
8. Michael Schonleitner / Philipp Rakuschan, AUT, 42
9. Veit Hemmeter / Michael Gloor, GER, 47
10. Hannes Jantke / Phillip Wetzig, GER, 48

Full results on:

Yesterday's video can be found here -

La Tour De Maddalena
Photo by Carlo Borlenghi, Click on image for photo gallery.

Rolex Swan Cup Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy: The wind and sea gods conspired in a positive way today to deliver perfect 17-18 knot west-northwesterly conditions for the start of the traditional Islands Long Race at the Rolex Swan Cup off Porto Cervo. All classes in the close to 100-boat fleet of Swans sailed the 'distance' race today, including the one-design Swan 45s and ClubSwan 42s.

The big boats in Maxi Class A went off on a 63-nautical mile excursion that only a maxi could love: from the start off Porto Cervo, upwind to round Isle di Monaci to port, a reach down to Secca di Tre Monti, up around the corner of Maddalena, a reach up and around Barrettinelli di Fuori to port, reach back around Spargi to starboard, across to a mark south of Lavezzi to starboard than a long downwind ride out around the 'back' of La Maddalena archipelago down to round Mortoriotto, and up to the finish line in the Golfo Pevero.

Grand Prix Class B, Swan 45s and ClubSwan 42s classes were all sent on a shorter 47-nautical mile version of the Maxis route save for the leg up and back to Barrettinelli. The Sparkman & Stephens Class C (Classics) sailed a 36-nautical mile course around Monaci, down and around Secca di Tre Monti, up the channel out and around Barrettinelli, and downwind to the finish in Golfo Pevero. For the Swan 45s and ClubSwan 42s, the Islands Long Race is weighted at 1.5 points.

Tomorrow is racing for the Swan 45 only, while the rest of the fleet enjoys a layday. Racing for all classes continues Friday through Sunday (Saturday is final day for Swan 45s).

Maxi - Class A
1. Dsk Pioneer Investment, ITA, Danilo Salsi, 3-1-5, 9.0 points
2. Emma, GER, Johann Killinger, 1-4-7, 12.0
3. Mystery, Amadoo Int.Corporation, 4-2-6, 12.0

Grand Prix - Class B
1. Silveren Swaen, NED, P.H.J. Bakker, 2-1-1, 4.0 points
2. Clem, ESP, Amanda Hartley, 1-3-4, 8.0
3. Crilia, GER, Heinz-Gerd Stein, 3-2-5, 10.0

Classics - Class C
1. Monsoon Jaguar, GBR, Peter Simon, 1-1-3, 5.0 points
2. Shirlaf, ITA, Giuseppe Puttini, 2-2-1, 5.0
3. Dream, ITA, Francesco Persio, 3-3-7, 13.0

Rolex Swan 45 World Championship (Class D)
1. Earlybird, GER, Hendrik Brandis, 1-2-5-5-1-4.5, 18.5 points
2. Samantaga-Duvel, BEL, Phillipe Moorgat/Patrick Van Henr, 6-3-3-3-4-3, 22.0
3. Charisma, NED, Nico Poons, 3-4-1-1-5-9, 23.0

Swan 42 - Class E
1. Kora 4, ITA, Enrico Scerni, 1-1-1-2-3, 8.0 points
2. Cuor Di Leone, ITA, Leonardo Ferragamo, 4-4-2-1-1.5, 12.5
3. Natalia, ROM, Kdf Energy Romania, 2-2-3-3-6, 16.0

Big Finish For Melbourne's 2010 Winter Series
Ullman Sails At the prestigious Melbourne Winter Series on Australia's Port Phillip Bay, Ullman Sails customers listed multiple podium finishes, including 1st in the Sydney 38 class, IRC 1, AMS 1 and PHS 1 divisions. Congratulations to Paul Buchholz and team on DK46 "eXtasea" who won both IRC 1 & PHS 1 divisions. Lou Abrahams on Sydney 38 "Challenge" took first place in the one design class, followed by Greg Clinnick's "Audacious." Rob Davis' X-35 "Nutcracker" sealed the AMS Division 1. Hosted by Ocean Racing Club of Victoria, the seven-race series saw up to 50 boats compete.

Invest in your performance.

Groupe Bel Will Participate in the Barcelona World Race
Kito de Pavant (left) and Sebastien AudiganePhoto by Gilles Martin-Raget / Groupe Bel. Click on image to enlarge.

Groupe Bel French duo Kito de Pavant and Sebastien Audigane have confirmed that they will take the start line of the Barcelona World Race on board Groupe Bel, the IMOCA Open 60 which Kito de Pavant has already sailed the equivalent of twice around the world, and which carries the well known 'Laughing Cow' brand logo.

Kito is looking forward to race Groupe Bel around the world for the first time. "I am very happy to take part in this great race that the Barcelona World Race is and I feel incredibly lucky to have such an enthusiastic partner in Groupe Bel. Our IMOCA Open 60 is designed to race round the world and so it will be great to do it. We made good preparations for the 2008 Vendee Globe but had to retire soon after the start when the rig broke. Since then we have optimized the boat. Our team is well proven and very consistent.. We feel well set up and ready for this challenge."

Kito de Pavant is one of the most prominent French solo sailors. He has fought many battles in the demanding Figaro Class, winning three brilliant victories in the Class' most prominent races: the 2002Solitaire du Figaro, the 2006Transat AG2R and the 2006 Solo Med. In the IMOCA Open 60 Class he finished second in last autumn's Transat Jacques Vabre with Groupe Bel, (he finished third in 2005) and second in the 2009 Race Istanbul Europa Race, with Seb Audigane on board.

Among other achievements in his outstanding sailing career, which includes extensive multihull sailing, he has completed two Indian Ocean, one Pacific and China Sea and 40 transatlantic crossings.

Sebastien Audigane is a speed specialist in ocean multihulls. He achieved the 24-hour speed record in 2009, covering a distance of 907 miles, the North Atlantic record in 2009, the 2007 Discovery Route and the 2005 Jules Verne Trophy which he has done five editions.

He has a wide experience in the IMOCA Open 60 Class, having participated in campaigns with Roland Jourdain, Yann Eliès, Marc Guillemot and Johnny Malbon before teaming up with Kito on board Groupe Bel.

Born in 1968 in Brest, Sebastien, like Kito, is an expert in the Figaro Class, having entered the Solitaire du Figaro seven times and the Transat AG2R three times.

Multihulls With Wings on CNN Mainsail this Weekend
Three weeks ago the Shirley Robertson and the CNN MAINSAIL team flew to the USA, inspired by the speculation about wings in the America's Cup.

Shirley Robertson and the Sunset+Vine|APP crew had headed to the New York Yacht Club's Newport Rhode Island headquarters earlier this month to see a unique collection of wing-powered catamaran sailing machines and to talk to their owners, designers and sailors. The International C-Class Catamaran Championships had attracted so much interest because 'rumours on the inside' were rife that it was about to be announced that the next America's Cup would be held in blown-up versions of the wing-powered C-Class speed machines.

In Newport Robertson met a group of amateur innovators who have been developing extraordinary speed machines for decades but who, after years on the sidelines, suddenly found themselves centre of attention as America's Cup designers and sailors were watching their every move and taking copious photographs and notes.

In this month's CNN Mainsail Robertson goes sailing on these extreme machines, dives into the world of the amateur sailors and watches the racing action unfold in the most unexpected and dramatic way. And this year, where the title may be worth more than the usual satisfaction and a trophy, Robertson asks if suddenly the members of this community are the next 'must have' commodity for a 2013 America's Cup team in an event that will take place in 72-foot ultra high performance catamarans powered by towering and powerful wing sails.

CNN INTERNATIONAL|BROADCAST TIMES: Saturday 18 September: 0730, 1730, 2000, Sunday 19 September: 0300, 0730, 1500 (all times GMT)

Seahorse October 2010
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine

Matthew Belcher And Malcolm Page consolidate a fierce Olympic challenge for London 2012, Andy Hemmings thinks it's time for the TP52s to man-up and Terry Hutchinson gets back to work...

World news
The first M34s for the Tour Voile roll out the door, Cammas's solo mission, the complete (Italian) sailor, Kiwi glories going unrecognised... battle lines form for a new 'mini' MedCupper and Julian Bethwaite attempts to clear his desk. Plus an American studies the Copa del Rey and sees good things. Patrice Carpentier, Ivor Wilkins, Giuliano Luzzatto, Carlos Pich, Rob Mundle and Dobbs Davis

ORC column
Allesandro Nazareth argues that there is little evidence (so far) of typeforming in ORC

Extreme Sailing Series 2011 Confirmed
The Extreme Sailing Series is set to expand as OC Events, creator of the award-winning circuit now in its 4th season, confirm a worldwide 2011 series. The expansion is part of a new five-year vision for the professional sailing circuit that has changed the way sailing is seen, becoming one of the hottest properties in the sport.

The 2011 Extreme Sailing Series will see an eight event global circuit across Europe, the USA, the Far East and the GCC region. After being approached by more than 60 host venues from around the world in the past six months, there is a current shortlist of 18 for the 2011 circuit, with 2012 discussions also well progressed. The 2010 host venues of Trapani (Italy) and Andalucia (Spain) are already confirmed as part of their multi-year contracts, and OC Events will announce the other venues during October and November.

The Notice of Race will be published in full by 31 October following the final 2010 event in Almeria, Spain, at which point the full entry procedure will open.

OC Events, the promoters of the Extreme Sailing Series have announced the acquisition of the Extreme 40 Class from Tornado Sport. The deal means that OC will own the design and build rights for the boat which the Extreme Sailing Series is built on. The agreement also means that OC Events can create efficiencies by taking over the management of the class, technical support for boat owners including those competing in the ESS and boat sales.

* Editor: An interesting statement from OC about the AmCup 45 footer, echoing a number of industry figures who noted the obvious: is there room (and money, and competitors) for a 45 foot one design multihull circuit when there is already a 40 foot one design multihull circuit:

"While the 'New Deal' America's Cup will probably continue to be funded by rich owners who can afford to take losses in pursuit of the trophy, the Extreme Sailing Series has been based on commercial principles since its inception. Like other professional sports, including the NBA and NASCAR, the success of the teams is largely based on return on investment for the team sponsors. The larger the fan-base, and the more broad the market, the more chance sponsors have to meet their marketing goals. Teams that are run as businesses are also perhaps more focussed on controlling costs (budgets remain in the tens of thousands per market), and visiting more markets to extend the global reach of the event."

Sophie Routaboul Gets 49.55 Kts at Luderitz
Click on image to enlarge.

Luderitz Speed Week Sophie Routaboul increased the best peak speed ever recorded by a lady this past Monday (6 Sept) to just shy of 50 knots.

She managed this during her 1st session at Luderitz since arriving there, so it's safe to assume she'll improve this to over 50 knots during the event.

What's amazing is that Sophie's been kiting for less than 2 years.

She must surely be considered a strong contender for the outright woman's world record.

Class40 and the GOR Agree on a Six-Year Round the World Race Programme
In La Rochelle, France, on Wednesday 15 September, President of the Class40 Association, Jacques Fournier, and Directors of the Class40 Association, Thierry Bouchard and Sam Manuard, met with Josh Hall, Director of GOSV - organisers of the round the world, double-handed, Global Ocean Race 2011-12 (GOR) - and agreed on the schedule for Class40 circumnavigation races through to 2016. Hall and the GOSV team have extended their contract as official organisers of Class40 round the world races for the next six years with three circumnavigation races exclusively for Class40s in 2011-12, 2013-14 and 2015-16.

For the President of the Class40 Association, the formal agreement and race schedule is of immense benefit to Class40 sailors: "Since the huge success of the first Global Ocean Race in 2008-09, interest in round the world racing on Class40s both from within the class and from offshore sailors outside Class40 has been immense," confirms Fournier. "We have been impressed with the GOR Team's organisational capabilities and their vision for the future which mirrors our own and, therefore, we are proud to extend this contract for the next six years."

With just over a year until the start of the GOR 2011-12, there are already 15 confirmed entries for the race and Fournier is confident that the number will increase.

For Hall - a serial solo circumnavigator - there are exciting possibilities for the future of the GOR. "We have discussed with Jacques and his team about the potential for a single-handed round the world edition in 2013-14 with just one stop over," he confirms. "This is a very interesting prospect and the Class40 Association and the team at the Global Ocean Race are creating a series of round the world races that are attainable and attractive to all sailors," says Hall. "We are currently gauging competitor enthusiasm for these events and we welcome skipper enquires for all of these three races".〈=en

Letters To The Editor -
Letters are limited to 350 words. No personal attacks are permitted. We do require your name but your email address will not be published without your permission.

* From Paul Bayliss, RYA Marketing: Great news that Mr Marlowe and importantly his children, were engaged with the RYA Treasure Hunt at the PSP Southampton Boat Show. We had an overwhelmingly positive response to the Treasure Hunt, an idea that we've pioneered succesfully for several years at our own RYA Volvo Dinghy Show. Such was the success of the activity, that some stands ran out of "freebies" which is a shame. We'll make sure they're better prepared in future.

On the RYA stand we had face painting, free colouring sheets and pencils, the opportunity to sail the sailing simulator, and free Skandia Team GBR Support Crew stickers. Obviously we need to do a better job of making sure all our visitors are aware of these. I will ensure we have all these and even more goodies this coming weekend.

The main point of the Treasure Hunt is to promote our new Junior and Youth memberships which are specifically targetted towards the relevant age groups. Everybody under 12 who completes the Treasure Hunt gets a free introductory year of Junior membership, which includes a free Activity Book worth £6.99, as well as a mini-website and a regular newsletter. Older kids get a discount on the Youth Membership.

Our partners have been very generous in giving some great prizes for the daily prize draw and we're grateful to Andark, Garmin, and Southampton City Council for their contributions.

If you're coming to the Show this weekend with kids, feel free to particiapte in the Treasure Hunt. Simply pick up a card at the Andark Try-Dive stand, the RYA stand or any of the participating stands, and get stamping! It might buy you an extra couple of hours at the show...

* From Paul Larsen: There seems to be a lot myth and misconception going around about wings. In the pursuit of speed and efficiency, I have spent the last six years of my life immersed in their ways on and off the water and I think I am beginning to get a feel for what's involved when you go down the winged path. You can build wings in all shapes and forms make them simple or complex just like any other rig. You cannot bunch them all together and it is wrong to describe them with sweeping comments saying what wind strengths they can or can't handle based on one iteration. They obviously work in light winds and both Maquarrie Innovations and our Vestas Sailrocket wings can handle Apparent winds approaching 60 knots and still have a safety margin.

Let's also not forget the more common usage of wings when referring to what they can handle structurally. Of course there will be the odd failure, just like with conventional rigs where after all this time it is still a common occurence. The failures will happen for the same reason in the pursuit of small gains through pushing the limits. In the last LAC, Aethon capsized because the crew fell off the trapeze and got the mainsheet hooked around his foot as he went out the back. It was totally non-wing related and a sad end to a wing which had given fourteen years of great service (PLVI's wing is 27 years old and still racing). Wings hit the water four times during the event and three of them were back out sailing the next morning. They break but are highly repairable.

The wing we finished with on Vestas Sailrocket was the one we started with and you might recall what we put that through over its life. Same spar, same Leading edge, same ribs, same flaps. They can also be very modular only requiring the quick change of one of the flaps rather than the whole thing. After the LAC I came away feeling extremely comfortable with the wing as an overall package. They can be turned on or off with the pull of a single lightly loaded line which controls the camber, are a doddle to gybe in strong winds and really not that hard to manage ashore given some foresight. Through some clever design they could easily be made with strong, buoyant tips so they could recover from a capsize, be made to fully feather in a non-sailing mode when on the dock (6 tall, upright, branded wings dominating an inner city skyline would be give any event manager wet dreams) and even be reefed/reconfigured for different wind strengths.

They will never fully replace soft sails which are simply better in some applications but regardless of what happens in the next 'Big' Little Americas cup (humour me), wings should be accepted as one of sailings viable options.

We have the brains and technology to make a wing do what we want them to, including outperform what we are using now. They are not to be feared but should be treated fairly and with respect to the highly capable people who will no doubt design and handle them. Leave your prejudices at the door and give them all a well deserved chance. We will all stand to learn a few new tricks here.

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 1991 45' Beneteau 45F5, US$ 105,500. Located in Fort Pierce, Florida, USA.

PRICED REDUCED AGAIN. OWNER WANTS TO SELL FAST and will consider all reasonable offers. She is a well maintained Racer/Cruiser. Just had extensive work completed including New Formica, Varnish in the Galley and Salon area, deck and cockpit have been waxed, the engine has been serviced including New raw water pump. A portable generator has been installed and can be wired to the main supply to give 110V. The owner has also installed new mirrors throughout and new Radio/CD player with external speakers. Hull sides recently redone in AWL-Grip Flag Blue and bottom done with MICRON 66. location. This vessel is the only 45F5 in AWL-Grip Blue and makes a real statement racing or cruising. She is very modern in design and would suit someone wanting to go racing/cruising now. Ready for the Racing Circuit. Has proven track record in the Caribbean. WILL HELP WITH DELIVERY OF BOAT TO NEW OWNER.

Brokerage through SeaAmerica Corp. - Yacht Sales.:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. -- Benjamin Franklin

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