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Moving Sculpture In The Solent
Photo by Kos / Click on image for photo gallery.

Westward Cup Taking into consideration their immense proportions, a large crowd of spectators in Cowes, were thrilled at the sight of an incredibly close-run finish between the Big Class yachts racing at the inaugural Westward Cup Regatta taking pride of place on Solent waters this week. The Herreshoff-designed Mariette took line honours and won on corrected time on Day two having completed the 38nm course in 4h 10m 38s, ahead of Tuiga then Mariquita and finally Eleonora in 4h 29m 45s, a mere 23 seconds behind the third placed yacht.

Mariette's Captain Charles Wroe was quick to pay tribute to the crew of Eleonora after docking this afternoon and in particular he praised the yacht's owner for continuing to put up a fine battle on the race course, in spite of Eleonora losing her top masts on Sunday and having to race with about 2/3rds less than her usual sail plan.

Built in 1915, the 42.06m (138ft) Mariette was designed by Nathanael Greene Herreshoff for J Frederick Brown of Boston, a successful wool merchant, who raced and cruised her along the North and South Boston shorelines from 1916 to 1927. Renamed 'Cleopatra's Barge' under Francis K Crowninshield's ownership, she was requisitioned by the American Navy during the war and declined thereafter. She was brought over to Europe in 1975 and underwent various major refits in 1980 and again in 1995. Thomas Perkins of San Francisco is credited with restoring her to her glorious Gaff rigged specification. Mariette is a regular and successful competitor in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and European classic events.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is a lay day and everyone gets some much needed rest before racing commences again on Friday. The final day of racing is on Saturday, culminating in the evening's presentation of the Westward Cup

STENA Match Cup Sweden
Marstrand, Sweden: The World Match Racing Tour contenders have now settled into daily winds of 12 - 15 knots running the length of the fjord and unbroken sunlight. Stena Match Cup has provided the best conditions yet experienced on this year's Tour calendar.

Mathieu Richard (FRA) French Match Racing Team, Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team and Ian Williams (GBR) Team GAC Pindar headed back into buzzing Marstrand safe in the knowledge that they have a place in the quarter finals combat. These three sailors are on a roll with Mirsky at 6-1, Williams at 5-1 and Richard at 5-2. Also with a confident charge at joining the quarter finals fray are Ben Ainslie (GBR) TEAM ORIGIN sitting snugly on 5-2 and new face to the 2010 Tour, Damien Iehl (FRA) French Match Racing Team, who has found his feet quickly and sits on 5-1.

For Adam Minoprio (NZL) ETNZ/BlackMatch Racing it was a 'must win race day' after a frustrating start to the round robin yesterday he favoured a 'no comment' approach to pre-race media queries.

Minoprio was hampered during flight 8 in his last match against Jesper Radich (DEN) Radich Racing Team, he commented on his form so far, "Yesterday we made mistakes. Today we knew we had to win all 3 to guarantee the quarter finals. We won the first 2 and then got given a penalty in the match against Radich during a water call which I still don't understand as we tacked straight back. We need a lot of luck to be able to squeeze through it's a bit disappointing really with this 2 group format. I'm going to work it out this evening and see if we still have a chance to go through".

Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing also had an anxious day watching the quick fire racing from the shore as he was not scheduled to race. Having been quoted yesterday saying, "We need a big improvement to go through to the quarter finals', this has not been a relaxing day off for the Stage 4 champion, Gilmour like Minoprio today now has to get his head down and just go for broke to have any chance at making the quarters.

Day 2: Current Round Robin Standings

Group A
Damien Iehl (FRA) French Match Racing Team 5-1
Mathieu Richard (FRA) French Match Racing Team 5-2
Adam Minoprio (NZL) ETNZ/BlackMatch Racing 3-4
Jesper Radich (DEN) Rudy Project Sailing Team 2-0
Francesco Bruni (ITA) Azzurra 2-2
Staffan Lindberg (FIN) Alandia Sailing Team 1-2
Mattias Rahm (SWE) Stena Bulk Sailing Team 0-3
Bjorn Hansen (SWE) Hansen Global Team 0-4

Group B
Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team 6-1
Ian Williams (GBR) Team GAC Pindar 5-1
Ben Ainslie (GBR) TEAMORIGIN 5-2
Magnus Holmberg (SWE) Sigma Racing Team 1-2
Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing 1-3
Reuben Corbett (NZL) Black Sheep Racing 0-2
Keith Swinton (AUS) Black Swan Racing 0-0
Johnie Berntsson (SWE) Berntsson Sailing Team 0-4

Respectons La Terre in the Velux 5 Oceans 2010-11
Click on image to enlarge.

Respectons La Terre She has already completed five round-the-world voyages - and now legendary French yacht Respectons La Terre is to embark on her sixth circumnavigation of the globe in the Velux 5 Oceans

A legend in the sailing world, Respectons La Terre is probably better known around the world as Le Cigare Rouge. She is one of the most proven boats in the Eco 60 Class - and will be one of the yachts to watch in the 2010/11 edition of the Velux 5 Oceans

Respectons La Terre Association, a group established to promote sustainability through adventure sports, will enter a skipper from their team of experts to sail the yacht for the 30,000-mile Velux 5 Oceans The decision on a choice of skipper will be confirmed by the end of July, at which time the new skipper will undertake the required qualification passage onboard Respectons La Terre, currently undergoing a refit programme in La Rochelle.

Respectons La Terre was built for the 1992 Vendee Globe race by French Velux 5 Oceans legend Jean-Luc Van Den Heede and sailed under the name of Groupe Sofap-Helvim finishing second. One of the pioneering Open 60 yachts, she was painted bright red and was so narrow she earned the nickname Le Cigare Rouge - the red cigar.

The boat did three more Vendee Globes after VDH's: in 1996 she was skippered by Catherine Chabaud, in 2000 by Joe Seeten and in 2004 by Karen Leibovici. Le Cigare Rouge also provided British sailing heroine Ellen MacArthur's first experience of sailing an Open 60 when she did a delivery back from the OSTAR with Alan Wynne-Thomas.

The yacht was taken on by the Respectons La Terre Association in 2008 and is now sailed by some of the top sailors in France. Respectons La Terre is a known winner that will no doubt cause a stir.

Corby Cup Winning Crew Receive the Wight Vodka Trophies
Wight Vodka Cowes, England: The Corby Cup was held this weekend off Cowes with perfect weather and the traditional Solent seabreeze kicking in each day, making for fantastic racing offshore and great parties onshore.

With a strong fleet of Corby designed yachts taking part, competition over the course of three races was very tight between Drakes Drum, No Retreat, Cracklin' Rosie, Njos and Banshee all being in the thick of it. John Corby said "All of the competitors were going for the glory as well as the Wight Vodka bottle and customised regatta caps. It was great to have the support of Ritu and Wight Vodka as it definitely added to an already fantastic atmosphere."

John worked closely with the Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club to run the racing, and because the Solent was even busier than normal due to the Dragons and Farr 45s out in force, the courses were carefully set. It all came down to the final race, which was a running start off East Cowes down to Norris. The conventionally poled No Retreat wisely decided to dip the bowspritted Njos and run straight down to the mark. Banshee probably wished they had also dipped but instead ended up in a luffing match with Njos who happily took them off to Norris Castle. A reach out to the Ryde Middle area for a short windward leeward circuit saw the toughest conditions of the day. A beat up to Cowes harbour entrance and reach to a finish off Corby's house completed the racing for the day. No Retreat reversed the first race result to beat Drakes Drum by a split second and take the overall Trophy, however because of the closeness in the corrected timings the Wight Vodka trophy was presented to Drakes Drum.

"What a fabulous evening for the final prize giving in John Corby's garden," said Ritu Manocha, owner of 50° North, the company behind the Wight Vodka brand. "It was great to work with John and it's fair to say that the competitors had a marvelous time with a bit of help from Wight Vodka!"

See Corby Yachts:

Wight Vodka: - Tack & Gybe Responsibly

Double Bullets For Man and Alvarosky
Photo by Francesco Nonnoi. Click on image for photo gallery.

ORCi Europeans Cagliari, Sardinia; Two teams experienced in light air and optimized for performance under ORCi handicapping have jumped out to an early lead in Day One of the 2010 ORCi European Championship. Riccardo Di Bartolomeo's Grand Soleil 42R0 MAN and Francesco Siculiana's Grand Soleil 40RC Alvarosky have taken two first-place bullets in each of their first two races, allowing each a slim 3.5 point lead over their nearest rivals, Raffaele Archivolti's Beneteau First 50 Saphira and Gianfranco Cioce's Comet 38S Scricca, respectively.

After a brief postponement to allow the 8-9 knot seabreeze to fill in the course area off Poetto Beach, race managers from Lega Navale Italiano Cagliari set the Race 1 course for 1.8 mile legs on a 3-lap track for Division A and a 2-lap track for Division B. This was shortened to 1.5 mile legs in Race 2 as the breeze started to waver before dying down in the late afternoon under a clear Sardinian sky.

Being the top-ranked team in the standings with an owner at the helm, Alvarosky is also currently in the lead for the ORC's Owner/Driver Trophy, new for this event.

Tomorrow racing resumes in Day Two with the start of the middle and long-distance offshore races. The middle length race is scored after turning the first mark of the long course, and the long race at the ultimate finish. Under ORC rules, this long race is intended to be 24 hours long and therefore should conclude for most boats in the early hours of Friday morning. -- Dobbs Davis

Top five results after two races, Division A:

1. MAN, GS 42R0, Riccardo di Bartolomeo, 1.5 points
2. Saphira, First 50, Raffaele Archivolti, 5
3. Verve-Dahlia TV, Comet 50, Maurizio Biscardi, 8
4. Nautilus Wave, NM 43, Valente-Stillitano-Bernardo, 8
5. QQ7, Farr 53, Maffini/Lazzerini - Hidroservice, 11

Top five results after two races, Division B:

1. Alvarosky, GS 40RC, Francesco Siculiana, 1.5 points
2. Scricca, Comet 38S, Gianfranco Cioce, 5
3. Rewind, X-37, Claudio Paesani, 8
4. Coconut, M37, Francesco Sodini, 11
5. Low Noise, M37, Giuseppe Giuffre, 11

Paying For Your Own Rescue - Coming Soon?
The most significant news story of the week for cruising sailors - whether you enjoy day sailing or are in the middle of a circumnavigation - is France's move to ask dangerous risk-taking adventurers, including sailors, to pay for their own rescues.

Certainly there is a frequently expressed opinion among experienced sailors, that if you venture into remote waters, you should not expect rescue, and should be able to deal with any emergency. Landlubbers, too, are often asking why their hard earned taxes should be used to assist those who consciously put themselves in the way of potential harm.

The devil, as usual with such grand concepts, is in the detail. How do you establish that an adventurer is taking an unnecessary risk? Abby Sunderland's recent exploits may be easy to identify and condemn because she is a minor, but what about Isobel Autissier, who had to be rescued multiple times from the Southern Ocean? Or Tony Bullimore, for whom the Australian Navy sailed to unprecedented latitudes to effect his rescue? Both of these were engaged in formally approved races.

France is the first country to approach the issue, and legislation, passed by the Senate, is still in the process of being considered by France's government. -- Nancy Knudsen in Cruising:

Oman's Gift to Singapore Arrives
Click on image to enlarge.

Jewel of Muscat Jewel of Muscat reached its new home in Singapore at sunset on July 3 2010 after an epic journey following the ancient maritime silk route from Oman. On arrival in Singapore, Omani Captain Saleh Al Jabri presented a kamal, a 9th-century navigational tool, to Singapore President S.R Nathan as a symbol of the gift of Jewel of Muscat. Jewel of Muscat is a 9th-century reconstruction based on the only wreck of an Arabian sailing ship from this period ever discovered. Built without nails, it took two years to construct and was hand sewn on Qantab beach in Muscat, Oman.

The journey to Singapore has taken nearly 5 months including stopovers in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia en route and has successfully re-charted the old trading routes from Arabia to the east.

Jewel of Muscat is a symbol of friendship between Oman and Singapore and a celebration of the close ties and ancient connections between these two great seafaring nations and Peoples across the Indian Ocean, from Arabia to China.

The President of Singapore, S.R. Nathan, said on arrival "On behalf of the people of Singapore, I would like to express my deep appreciation to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said and the Sultanate of Oman for the generous and deeply symbolic gift of Jewel of Muscat."

Mohsin Al Busaidi, the first Arab to sail non-stop around the world, was also in Singapore to welcome the crew and celebrate their achievement.

The extraordinary achievements of these Omani seamen have been preserved and remembered in stories such as those of Sindbad. The voyage of Jewel of Muscat, which has been captured in a documentary by National Geographic, adds to this rich tradition, and should be remembered as a symbol of goodwill between old friends linked by history.

Jewel of Muscat's new home in Singapore will be at the Resorts World Sentosa's upcoming attraction, the Maritime Xperiential Museum. The museum, which will pay tribute to the maritime silk route and Asia's rich maritime history, is scheduled to open next year.

Countdown to the Inaugural Extreme 40 World Championship
Photo by onEdition. Click on image to enlarge.

Extreme 40 World Championship On 13 July 2010, the stunning bay of Portoroz on the Adriatic Coast will be centre stage for the Extreme 40 teams lining up for the inaugural Extreme 40 World Championship. Hosted by The Ocean Racing Club, the teams will be put through their paces over six days of Olympic style fleet races, starting at the world-renowned Kempinski Palace Hotel.

Five teams have formally announced their crew lists, with five more to be announced over the coming days: Red Bull Extreme Sailing, skippered by double Olympic Gold Medallist Roman Hagara and joined by his tactician, Hans Peter Steinacher; a return to the Extreme 40 circuit for another double Olympic Gold Medallist, Shirley Robertson, with Team England; Extreme 40 co-creator Mitch Booth on The Ocean Racing Club; newcomer to the Extreme 40 fleet, Team Hungary skippered by two-times German Tornado national champion Johannes Polgar and finally the French-owned Extreme 40 LUNA skippered by former Tornado World Champion Andreas Hagara, brother of Roman.

Australian/Dutch Olympic Bronze and Silver Medallist Mitch Booth, will be skippering the Slovenian entry into the inaugural World Championship, alongside Olympian Tomaz Copi. "Portoroz is a perfect venue for the long-distance races we are expecting to face," he commented. "The races are far longer than those normally held in the Extreme Sailing Series circuit. Rather than the 15 minutes sprints we are used to, these will feel like marathons, each lasting up to 40 minutes. It will test us both physically and mentally to the max."

The schedule of racing will be for six days, from 13 - 18 July, with the teams exploring every inch of the Bay of Portoroz, on the longer fleet races.

Letters To The Editor -
Letters are limited to 350 words. No personal attacks are permitted. We do require your name but your email address will not be published without your permission.

* From John Rousmaniere: A statement has been made on the NBC "Today" show that a boat was lost during the recent Newport Bermuda Race. The speaker, Laurence Sunderland, could have been referring to a report in On Scene, the U.S. Coast Guard's Search and Rescue website, that "a participant in the Newport to Bermuda Race" was dismasted and abandoned on June 15 at a position in the Atlantic 1,050 miles east of Nantucket That report is at

A boat was dismasted at that location, and, happily, its solo sailor was rescued using the Cospas-Sarsat System. But this boat was not entered in the Newport Bermuda Race. After this inaccurate report became public on June 23, On Scene was twice notified by the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee that the Newport Bermuda Race was not started until June 18, over 1,000 miles from the scene of the accident.

The report had not been changed as of July 7. The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee is continuing its efforts to have the report corrected.

The transcript of the comments on the "Today" show is at

* From Bruce Johnson, Sparkman & Stephens: re: Looking for S/Y Versatile
89' Simms Brothers Motorsailer 1950
Sparkman & Stephens Design No. 873
Click on image to enlarge.

SY Versatile

We are trying to locate the 89' double ended ketch built for Harold S. Vanderbilt in 1950. She was renamed Windroad, registered Pompano Beach. She is believed to have been purchased by Prince Rainier of Monaco but disappeared around 1974. We have a client who would like to find her for potential purchase.

If you know of her whereabouts please contact:
Bruce Johnson
Office: 212-661-1240
Cell: 646-472-6254
Company Website:

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 2001 Open 40, A$450,000. Located in Portland, Maine, USA.

ANASAZI GIRL was completely renewed and updated 2005-2008. Today the only original components are the hull, deck and keel. Ship's systems have been re-engineered, replaced, improved, and upgraded without regard to cost. Only the best technicians in each discipline were utilized. Their guidance provided state-of-the-art systems of the highest quality. With a comprehensive inventory and faultless development program, this literally is a step-aboard program. Also included are her own shipping container, shipping cradle and spares for nearly every system onboard. Available for someone who wants the one of the fastest, strongest, safest, proven 40ft racing yachts at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Brokerage through Ensign Ship Brokers:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone. -- Al Capone

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