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Wizard Takes Line Honors, Prospector In First Place On Corrected Time
Montego Bay, Jamaica: Peter and David Askew's Wizard crossed the finish line in Montego Bay at 9:00:15 ET Monday morning to capture line honors in the 33rd Pineapple Cup - Montego Bay Race. One hour 38 minutes and 50 seconds behind Wizard was the Shelter Island Partners Prospector, which was enough to propel them ahead of Wizard to 1st in IRC. If the results stand, Prospector will be awarded the Pineapple Cup.

Paul McDowell, co-owner, Prospector, "This was our first time doing the Pineapple Cup - Larry Landry, Dave Siwicki and I. We bought a Farr 60 a few years ago to do bucket list races. We did the Transatlantic Race, we did the Fastnet Race, we did the Middle Sea Race, some of the iconic ocean races. And we had so much fun doing that, we said 'let's buy a boat that's bigger and faster and even more exciting and let's continue to do all these different programs'.

The Pineapple Cup was one of those races that you remember from way back in the day. I used to do a lot of IOR races in the 1980's, so you'd see Kialoah and Windward Passage win [the Pineapple Cup]; some of the greatest ocean racers of all time have won this race. So we said 'this has got to be one on our bucket list that we have to do, the Pineapple Cup."

Currently in the PHRF division, Class40 Amhas leads for line honors, however Little Harbor 78 Hermie Louise is leading on corrected time. The first finisher in PHRF is expected late Tuesday evening.

The New RS:X Race Format Approved
Following the 2016 World Sailing Annual Conference in Barcelona, where all Olympic events were 'locked' confirmed back for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where it was requested to to all Olympic classes to review with proposals, their racing format in order to have the regattas more easy to understand for media and for spectators at the venue.

All Olympic classes started to work with their race formats and it was agreed that the 2017 year would be the best time to test and eventually to implement a new race format to be used at 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Following extensive review and discussion of the different suggestions and in line with the directions of World Sailing and International Olympic Committee, the RS:X Class Executive Committee approved on 24th January 2017 the proposal for new race format "PROPOSAL", to be tested at 2017 RS:X European and Youth European Windsurfing Championships & Open Trophy, to be held in Marseille (FR) between 6-13 May 2017.

After the events, the corrections to the format may be applied.

Full details of the changes:

Harken Products On Display At Helsinki Boat Show 10-19 February 2017
TEXT Pull line, crank winches, and talk tech with Harken experts. Check out the award-winning Reflex top-down furler for free-flying sails. It lets sailors get their asymmetrics out of the forepeak and into air! Finally!

The Harken torsion cable is the heart of the Reflex. It is more rigid torsionally than other cable, transferring torque to the head swivel NOW for a smooth, even, complete roll-up as soon as the furling line is pulled. Also featured is a test-for-yourself interactive display that compares the torsional rigidity of the Harken Reflex cable with other top-down cable out there.

Find this and a wide-array of other Harken products at Sail Tech Oy, stand 5 G 59. See you there!

Enda O'Coineen Will Not Be First Irish Solo Circumnavigator
The current Vendee Globe Race non-stop round the world is deservedly attracting enough attention without having to make over-stated claims on behalf of some of its participants writes W M Nixon.

The official website is today carrying a story that if Enda O'Coineen can succeed in his plan of sailing his dismasted IMOCA 60 Kilcullen Voyager from Dunedin at the south end of New Zealand under jury rig to Auckland 800 miles away to the north, where a loaned replacement masts awaits, then if he can continue the voyage back to les Sables d'Olonne round Cape Horn he will become the first Irishman to sail solo round the world.

Not so. Noted Dublin marine artist Pete Hogan, who sailed solo round the world in his gaff ketch Molly B, said today that the number of misapprehensions about who was first doing what in the Irish circumnavigation stakes is astonishing.

For instance, when he rounded Cape Horn in the 1990s, he was acclaimed as the first Irishman to do it alone, for of course Conor O'Brien had done it with the crewed Saoirse in 1925. Yet Pete Hogan found it very difficult to get anyone to listen when he subsequently tried to set the record by saying that Bill King of Galway with the junk-rigged ketch Galway Blazer was the first solo, and that was way back in 1973.

The fact that Bill King was a distinguished former British submarine commander may have projected the image of being non-Irish. But in fact he flew both the Irish tricolour and the British red ensign, and his home was Oranmore Castle at the head of Galway Bay

Benj Wins Etchells Florida State Championship
Despite multiple attempts at a start, by International PRO Stuart Childerley, the wind failed to make a sustained appearance. So unfortunately there was no action on the final day of the Etchells 2017 Florida State Championships hosted by the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, Miami.

Steve Benjamin enjoyed a near perfect day on Saturday's shifty conditions, taking his 'Terrapin' team clear from the pack to pick up the trophy on the same day as the New England Patriots picked up the 51st Super Bowl in Texas.

The Florida State Champs was the third regatta of four counting towards The Biscayne Bay Series, the climax of which will be the Mid Winters East on the final weekend in February. This promises to be a great battle as they currently have a three way tie with Phil Lotz, Steve Benjamin and Peter Duncan, all discarding their worst weekend and taking through a 3rd and 1st into the non discardable final.

Saskia caught up with some of the top Etchells sailors including, Andrew 'Dog' Palfry, Jud Smith, Steve Benjamin, Luis Doreste and Louisa Chafee.

Results on

'Urgent' Assistance Sought To Raise Sunken Schooner In Portaferry has received an 'urgent' request for Tall Ship enthusiasts to help with a sunken 100-foot schooner in Portaferry Harbour. In a letter, William Mulhall says he wants to return the 1935-built vessel to her 'former glory'.

As previously reported the schooner contained up to 1,000 litres of diesel fuel and had been moored in the harbour for some time.

BBC news says although a diesel spill in the area will clear up relatively quickly, the salvage operation to move the Regina Caelis could take months.

It is understood specialist equipment that is capable of bearing the weight of the boat, which is more than 200 tonnes, will need to be brought in.

William Mulhall wrote to : 'I have a tall ship sunk on the 27/1/17 in 20 foot of water still tied to the harbour and lying on her starboard side, in Portaferry, Co.Down, Northern Ireland

The Schooner Regina Caelis built in 1935 is 108ft long with a 40ft bow sprit and 10 sails, she has 3 masts and an engine BMA fitted in 1955.

I urgently need a Tall Ship enthusiast to raise her and give her a refit on slip and return her to former glory. I am open to ideas, partners, groups and shares'.

Contact details supplied : or telephone at: 02844841301

Seahorse March 2017
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The (furling) revolution continues
Just in time for the next Volvo Ocean Race, Future Fibres have completed final testing of their new TorqueLite 2.0 furling cables, which should make the writhing foredeck python a little easier to bring under control when you are bouncing around and holding on tight down in the Southern Ocean (as will now be the case once again in 2017/18)

Tick tock
Ian Walker debates just how late a team can risk leaving it to start a Volvo Ocean Race campaign for the 2017-2018 edition

When heads need banging together
Rob Weiland says that some well advised government intervention would not go amiss in offshore racing

The first gold - Part I
Tim Jeffery remembers an extraordinary life with friends and family of the Great Dane

World Sailing - A rigorous partnership
Tokyo 2020 qualification! Alastair Fox

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J121 The J/121 project is in hyper-drive mode with the hull and grid mold nearing completion at CCF Composites and the deck tooling in final fairing at Symmetrix in Bristol, Rhode Island. In two weeks we'll be laying out deck hardware on the deck plug, positioning cockpit footrests and simulating boathandling maneuvers for final tweaking of equipment location before starting the mold.

In terms of simplified sail-handling for hull #1, we are working with Ubi Maior of Italy to test a very cool custom version of their innovative furling system called the "Jiber." This is a furling system that allows soft-hank attachment of the jib to a rod headstay without the need for the heavy aluminum foil system. Top offshore racers have adopted similar systems to save weight, reduce aerodynamic drag in the rigging and improve jib handling in extreme conditions at sea. Alternative systems without foils require lashing the head of the jib to a top swivel on the mast, but this prevents the jib from being able to be lowered to the deck without someone going aloft. Many Open 40 and 60 sailors use this method to save weight. The difference with the Jiber is that one can hoist and lower the jib at will (on hanks) with a conventional halyard and, of course, furl on demand.

Learn more about the J/121 offshore speedster here:


Infiniti 56C

The Infiniti 56C is a true high performance blue-water cruiser. It features a modern low drag hull form coupled with a modern deck saloon that seamlessly integrates the well-appointed interior with the cockpit sailing and entertaining spaces. As presently envisioned, the boat utilizes a lifting keel to allow for a deep center of gravity and light displacement when under sail but reduced draft for easy access to port. The boat features twin rudders to allow for excellent controllability in all conditions. Unique for a yacht of this style is the electrically actuated single transverse DSS foil that provides both significant stability and reduced displacement.

The Infiniti 56C will set a new paradigm for performance in this size range with the potential to sail at higher speeds and at lower heel angles than anything else in class, while featuring improved sea keeping and simplified sail handling.

This concept has been developed from the ground up to maximize the benefits of the DSS system. It promises to provide unrivaled performance across a broad range of conditions; able to perform well inshore and excel in offshore conditions and ocean passage making.



Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. announced that an order was received for a fleet of Cape Cod Knockabouts that will be donated to Sail Cape Cod once complete. A member of the Knockabout Class Association has placed the order with Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. and generously made the donation to Sail Cape Cod, according to the release.

"We are delighted to be building a new fleet of 18-foot Knockabouts for this local up and coming sailing program. How fantastic that these sailboats will help teach beginner sailors of all ages on the Cape," said Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. President Wendy J. Goodwin.

The Knockabout was designed and built by the founder of Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co., Capt. Charles S. Gurney in 1925. Knockabouts have been sailed at Yacht Clubs and sailing programs along the Atlantic Coast. For many years the Cape Cod Knockabout was the largest one design class ever built over a single form by one builder. In the 1950s the Cape Cod Knockabout transitioned from wood to fiberglass hulls and boats were built by other craftsmen.



French designer Philippe Briand has revealed a new concept for a 30 metre carbon fibre sailing yacht called Egoist.

The carbon fibre sloop is a fresh take on a classic Eastern Seaboard sailing yacht and can also be used to race with a small number of expert crew with only three sails up.

To this end, the naval architecture on this yacht is geared towards a fast and very responsive sailing experience, with competent regatta veterans in mind. On-board customisation is key aspect of this design, with plenty of scope for an owner to imprint their own "self-indulgent fantasy" on the yacht.

Egoist is the latest in a long line of sailing superyachts from Briand's drawing boards, including the Perini Navi yachts Sybarisand P2. Other projects currently under development at the French studio include a new 28 metre series yacht and three bespoke yachts ranging from 55 to 90 metres in length.


HH Catamarans

HH Catamarans announced the newest addition in their new line of luxury, performance, carbon fiber cruising cats Monday. Renowned naval architects Morrelli and Melvin will lead the design team, and the yacht will be built by Hudson Yacht Group at their state-of-the-art production facility in Xiamen.

Deck layout and sailing systems have been designed with the owner operator in mind. Dual helm stations aft provide excellent visibility and allow the helmsman total sail control from either side of the boat. Push button mainsheet and self-tacking jib are standard. For those who wish to optimize performance, a powerful 520sqft overlapping solent is optional.

All line handling is done from the helm stations, opening up the rest of the boat for living space. Future development will provide a new deck and interior layout, allowing for the option of a forward helm station, a popular option which allows for total boat operation from the safety and comfort of the saloon. Like in the larger HH models, the HH48 will have curved "C" daggerboards with optional push-button controlled line drivers. Fully retracted boards will yield a draft of 2.25 ft (0.68m), allowing the boat to comfortably navigate shallow waters.



Royal Phuket Marina has committed to fully-fund the first SV14 boat in Thailand - a sail boat designed specifically for the needs of people with disabilities. Part of a global crowdsourcing project, the SV14 will be built by Disabled Sailing Thailand and launched in March 2017.

Inspired by the late King of Thailand, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who introduced sailing to the Thai people, Royal Phuket Marina wish to grow boating in Thailand and make sailing easily accessible to all.

The SV14 project was conceived by marine surveyor Mr. Peter Jacops, who upon learning sailing had been dropped from the 2020 Paralympics decided to do something about it.

"While some countries in Asia were offering limited opportunities for disabled sailors, Thailand wasn't offering anything at all - mainly due to the high price of suitable boats. I sought help from the global sailing community to design and create a cost-effective and easy to build boat, and now with the support from Royal Phuket Marina we will be able to launch the first SV14 very soon."

Designed by Alex Simonis and Marten Voogd of Simonis Voogd Design the SV14 is ideal for both novice and competitive sailing.


At the boot 2017 in Dusseldorf, Bavaria Yachts presented the new flagship of their sailing yachts' fleet. The Bavaria C57 does not only convince with a new modern design but also with many new innovative details.

With 88 square metres, the Bavaria C57 offers the largest living space in this class. On the starboard side is a large lounge area. On port side, the large saloon table is ready for a big dinner party with guests and friends. The pantry is situated in the front main bulkhead on starboard and port side. The oven with stove and a sink can be found on port side. The fridge with freezing compartment as well as a large worktop are placed on starboard.

The elegant lines of the hull, the gigantic sail area and the high performance of the Bavaria C57 originate from Cossutti Yacht Design in Italy. Maurizio Cossutti and his partner Alessandro Ganz are well-known for their fast and in its lines beautiful sailing yachts. PULS Yachts who are owned and managed by chief engineer Leo Curin, are responsible for the innovative design of the interior.

Featured Brokerage
Raceboats Only 2008 Mills 37 - Crazy Horse. 95000 GBP. Located in Dublin, Ireland.

Following typical Mark Mills lines, Crazy Horse is raring to get back out on the race track. Big overhaul last year and now looking good as new.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Sam Pearson - Ancasta Port Hamble


Raceboats Only 2004 90' McConaghy Custom Racer. 1,500,000 USD. Located in Annapolis, MD United States.

RAGAMUFFIN 90 is now on the market and our latest central listing. Built as GENUINE RISK in 2004, and competing world wide from Sardinia to Hawaii, GR always was at the front of the fleet. Under her second owner, she won both the 2010 Newport to Bermuda race, and the overall prize for the 2011 811 mile Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay race, and the overall win at Antigua sailing week both under Csa and IRC leaving no question that she was still one of the fastest maxi boats sailing.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Please contact William Jenkins at 410-267-9419


Raceboats Only 2010 Corby Dale Nelson 36 - 2010. Located in Wales, UK.

From the drawing board of John Corby, the technology of a cedar strip/carbon fibre composite hull.

See listing details in Seahorse's RaceboatsOnly

Sam Pearson
Ancasta Port Hamble

See the collection at

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