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The 1 Million Dollar Match Race
Competitive yacht racing's biggest ever first prize bonus is set to go to the winner of the 2016 World Match Racing Tour final in Marstrand, Sweden when the event concludes on 9th July.

20 teams will fight it out for the 'winner-takes-all' Tour bonus of a cool US$ 1 million. This in addition to the US$ 200,000 event prize money split between all teams with US$ 33,000 awarded to the winner.

Once upon a time when the World Match Racing Tour was backed by title sponsor Swedish Match, the Marstrand event was the stand-out event, the grand finale of the season. Now that the World Match Racing Tour is under Swedish ownership, the Marstrand event is set to return to its former glory. Never has the World Tour seen such a significant amount for one event and nor has the Tour bonus ever been awarded exclusively to the winner.

The big question is how will such a significant fiscal incentive affect the racing, that already in the season's penultimate event in Newport, Rhode Island was getting aggressive. A giant winner-takes-all bonus is certain to increase this. As World Match Racing Tour owner, Hakan Svensson, observed in Newport: "You can see there are a lot nerves already and Marstrand is going to increase that pressure a lot on the teams. So the team that holds up best to that pressure will win. There are a lot of teams that are practicing every day to get better when it comes to the sailing. Taylor [Canfield] is in a good spot but he needs to keep his nerve."

The WMRT Finals in Marstrand run from 4-9 July, starting with two days of Fleet Race Qualifying. The event will be streamed lived on the internet on all days with a live broadcast to international networks on the final day. For more info please visit: or

WMRT Final Skipper Line Up:

1. Taylor Canfield - US One
2. Ian Williams - GAC Pindar
3. Nicolai Sehested - TREFOR Racing
4. Yann Guichard - Spindrift Racing
5. Phil Robertson - WAKA Racing
6. Nicklas Dackhammar - Essiq Racing Team
7. Chris Steele - 36 Below Racing
8. Mattias Rahm - Rahm Racing Team
9. Hans Wallen - Wallen Racing
10. Sam Gilmour - Neptune Racing
11. Sally Barkow - Team Magenta 32
12. Johnie Berntsson - Flux Team
13. Matt Jerwood - Redline Racing
14. Iker Martinez - Team Espana
15. Evan Walker - KA Match / CYCA
16. Bjorn Hansen - Nautiska Racing
17. Steven Thomas - RPM Racing
18. Eric Monnin - Albert Riele Swiss Team
19. Murray Jones - Full Bants Racing
20. Keith Swinton - Team Accure

2016 WIM Series Begins Tuesday In Helsinki
The first event of the 2016 Women's International Match Racing Series (WIM Series) is beginning Tuesday on the Finnish waters of Helsinki. A dozen teams will fight in the Helsinki Women's Match, for their share of the valuable WIM Series points.

Hosting the Helsinki Women's Match is Nyländska Jaktklubben (NJK) - the yacht club that brought the exciting sailing discipline of match racing to Finland already some 25 years ago. In 2011 the European Women's Match Racing Championship was sailed in Helsinki, in 2014 the club hosted the Youth Match Racing World Championship, and finally the turn has now come to the WIM Series.

The racing begins Tuesday with the round-robin on the waters at Hernesaari (Artholmen), to be followed by quarterfinals, semi finals and then the conclusion with the final on Friday, July 1.

An overall prize purse of 50 000 USD will be distributed by the WIM Series, in addition to the prize money at each of the events included in the 2016 WIM Series (date, event name, location, boat type):

* June 27 - July 1, Helsinki Women's Match, Helsinki, Finland, J/80.
* August 8 - 13, Lysekil Women's Match, Lysekil, Sweden, DS 37.
* September 20 - 25, Women's Match Racing World Championship & Buddy Melges Challenge, Sheboygan, USA, Elliott 6m.
* October 25 - 29, Busan Cup Women's International Match Race, Busan, South Korea, K30.
* December 1 - 4, Carlos Aguilar Match Race, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, IC 24.

The Same But Very Different
Seahorse TeXtreme® is taking carbon fibre to the next level

Carbon fibre is not just carbon fibre... the possible variations make all the difference from a material that is 'just' light and strong, to something that can be both super-light and super-strong when the application requires and the budget allows. And with their TeXtreme product Swedish-based Oxeon is taking things up another step with the development of a novel method of aligning fibres in carbon tapes in such a way as to further maximise the properties of a material that is already amazing but that is today too often taken for granted.

Oxeon achieves this advancement through taking an ingenious geometric approach: by spreading the individual fibre tows into flat arrays rather than twisted round yarns. With this geometry these Spread Tow unidirectional tapes thus come out much thinner than conventional tapes, and have a higher density of carbon that is also using its mechanical strength more efficiently, directly along the axis of the tape. The fibres are also more evenly distributed, with the filaments aligned in the tape to minimise the crimp that will inevitably compromise both stiffness and strength.

The result is a very flat, very thin, unidirectional tape that can be laid out on its own or further woven into fabrics.

Full article in Seahorse:

Australian Sailing Statement: Olympic Nomination Appeal To The Court Of Arbitration For Sport Dismissed
On 27 June 2016 the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissed the appeal by Tess Lloyd and Caitlin Elks against the decision by the Australian Sailing Appeals Tribunal. The Tribunal's decision was to uphold the non nomination of a crew in the 49er FX class to the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) based on the performance standards set by Australian Sailing. 

With the matter now concluded, Matt Carroll, Australian Sailing CEO, said "we have followed the process as set down in the Olympic Team By-Law, which provides all athletes with the ability to appeal a selection decision. We acknowledge the commitment and dedication of all those athletes who were vying for Olympic nomination across all classes but Australian Sailing believes Olympic Games nomination requires the highest standard of performance."

Australian Sailing thanks the athletes and their legal advisors, as well as its own legal representatives and officials, for the spirit in which the appeals were conducted.

The decision by CAS concludes the appeals process.

* Editor: This entire episode is a shameful decision with no regard to 2020, Tess' sacrifices (as in learn to walk and talk again after a serious sailing accident that was no fault of her own), or even a rudimentary nod towards sports marketing and television exposure.

To save a pittance on expenses, AUS has no representative in the 49er FX class. Australian Sailing rigged the game for their own team choice: when that didn't work out as planned, they axed the class representation for Rio.

Could someone please pay the tuition for this course and make sure someone from Australian Sailing attends it:

Carpe Diem!
What is it about THIS particular Race that touches the spot in thousands of sailors' hearts and continues to attract such huge interest around the world, including this year from a larger than usual entry of first timers and families? Everyone you ask has a different response as the J.P. Morgan Asset Management Round the Island Race means so many different things to so many different people.

The Race welcomes back Ian Bowker and friends on High Hopes, one of the regular Dubois half tonners, unmodified with original mast, keel and rudder. They have plenty of experience in this event, having completed four consecutive races up to 2014 with a regular crew.

Skipper Ian Bowker explains:

"Our best RTI result, in an increasingly competitive IRC Class 3C filled with quarter tonners, was 5th in class and 98th overall in the windy 2011 race, where we held a spinnaker from the Needles to Bembridge managing 15 knots down a wave off Freshwater.

"We enjoy the variety, challenge and beauty of the Solent and the Island, as well as the atmosphere and spectacle created by the number of boats in the RTI. We're hoping that despite our age, both crew and boat have many years left in them!"

Sadly, High Hopes didn't end up competing last year as Ian suffered heart failure the day before the Race but, with superb treatment, a fantastic network of support, and huge determination, he is back for the 2016 Race with this message:

"While other competitors may wait until the end of the race to find out how they have done, I consider I will have won if and when we cross the starting line. It will be a privilege to just take part, and a culmination of all the work from the many people involved in my recovery." 

Open HP30 & Sportsboat Nationals 15-17 July
With the first IRC based Open HP30 & Sportsboat Nationals shaping up in Plymouth it's time to have a look and the who's who in the new rising fleet of those who love fast & fun. 

The event, under the careful authority of the Plymouth combined clubs (PPSA), is the first official mixed Sportboats championship with the winner walking away with a Richard Varasey-designed perpetual trophy to honour their sailing skills.

Front runners in the HP30 class, Cool Runnings, Fomo, Pandemonium, Dropbear & Pegasus will be joined by a more FarEast 28's including a new team from the Netherlands under the designer watch full eyes Maarten Voogd. The new Seascape 27 owned by Steve Andrew's and Tim Cunliffe's adapted Farr 30 will also join this high octane group.

In the Mixed Sportboats, which also includes the growing Seacape 18's, we welcome keen entries from abroad as well with Irish talent Kenneth Rumball making an entry into the class as well as Nicky Schuttrups defending the female pride in the class and with a total of 8 Seascape 18's they will dominate this group. They will be challenged by J-70's as well as an Open 5.70, a smaller version of the successful Cool Runnings, as well as other Sportsboats. -- Jochem Visser

*|YOUTUBE:[$vid=RnvIbDJKEXY, $max_width=500, $title=N, $border=N, $trim_border=N, $ratings=N, $views=N]|*

Royal Ulster Yacht Club - Sesquicentennial Regatta Weekend
The annual regatta is the main sailing event of any yacht club and to be celebrating 150 years since it was founded makes it an even more special day. Over 80 boats gathered off Bangor on Saturday to take part in the Anniversary Sail Past. The sail past was presided over by Mr David Lindsay, Lord Lieutenant of Down with all the yachts sailing or motoring past the Club between the shore and HMS Archer. Nearly every yacht, motorboat and dinghy was dressed overall to make the occasion colourful. There were some outstanding sights such as Dickie Gomes' Ain Mara under sail and fully dressed overall who won the prize for Best Dressed large boat. The 12 metre Sceptre, the British challenger for the America's Cup in 1958. The fleet of Glen Class yachts from Strangford Lough Yacht Club, returning to Bangor where they were built over fifty years ago. Seven members of the Howth 17 one-design class from Howth - these boats were originally built in 1897. Howth 17 No 14, Gladys won Best Dresses Overall Small Boat.

The 150th Anniversary Templeton Robinson Regatta followed the Sail Past with the boats competing over a course from Ballyholme Bay towards the Harbour. Mixed wind patterns made for difficult racing for some but everyone did enjoy the special day on the water.

Class Winners:
Class 1 - Mini Mumm - Flannigan Family RUYC/BYC
Class 2 - Bad - Steve Atkinson - CSC
RS Elites - Storm - Messrs Gunning, Kelso and McKee RUYC
Class 4 - Mingulay - Ritchie Family RUYC
Class 5 - Hecla - K Walsh -CIBC/DSC
Class 6 - Wild Goose II - A Armour - CIBC
Glens - Glen Lark - R Aiken - SLYC
Howth 17s - Aura - A Foster - Howth YC
Class 10 - Oliver Haig - Topper
Class 12 - Robert Milligan - RS200
Class 13 - N Strain - RS400

DNA F4 The DNA F4 is a full carbon 46-foot foiling catamaran. It is designed and built to push the boundaries of distance on design racing offshore.

Just months after testing their F1 A-Class catamaran, DNA has now unveiled the new F4, the first foiling offshore one-design catamaran.

Built in Lelystad, The Netherlands, the boat is the result of an eight month design project.

It has been spearheaded by DNA's lead engineer, Pieterjan Dwarshuis and two-times America's Cup winner, Shannon Falcone.

The catamaran is aimed at those looking for America's Cup technology without the need for large shore crews and being washed from trampolines.

The F4's cockpit offers ample room for passengers in the heart of the action.

A pilothouse provides a sheltered area for long passages.



Allures Yachting shipyard is proud to announce the launching of its new reference : the Allures 45.9.

Allures 45.9 offers even more comfort, easy sailing with a small crew and better performance, all while ensuring the utmost safety. This new model is available in centreboard version for low draught, which enables beaching in total autonomy. Besides the centreboard version - a shipyard speciality - Allures 45.9 is also available in a lifting keel version, ideal for those who prefer the performance of a lighter sailboat.


Ker 46+

Hull#1 of the new generation McConaghy Ker46+ has been sold and will begin build later this month.

The deal was signed last week at McConaghy's Zhuhai facility between the new owner Mr Shawn Kang and McConaghy's MD Mark Evans. Jason Ker was also on site for the signing, as was Wade Morgan who will act as the owners rep throughout the build.

The yacht will be raced by Shawn and his professional team, the yacht will be named Lighthorse, and fly the flag of the RHKYC.

Jason Ker on the new design:

A lot has happened in the four years since we created the successful Ker46, of which four were built and raced successfully including class wins in the Sydney to Hobart race and many other race wins. Replacing the Ker46 as our semi-custom offering in the size range, the Ker46+ uses as its generational baseline the heavily researched Ker40+ that came out guns-blazing in 2015 winning class in the Around the Island race on its first race outing and comfortably winning the first ever 'Fast 40' regatta. 

The Ker 46+ is significantly lighter than the previous generation. The hull shape is the product of an extensive formal optimisation involving large volumes of RANS CFD data, leveraged through use of Neural Networks and proprietary optimisation techniques. The optimisation process for the 46+ benefits from real data and feedback from our recent projects.


Elan GT5

Elan Marine has launched the new Elan GT5. The GT range will offer a top yachting lifestyle, based on Elan's performance hulls, with a large and comfortable cockpit, designed for relaxation and easy sailing.

The launch of the GT series begins with the 41-foot GT5, which is based on Elan's latest model in its performance range, the S5. The first GT5 yacht will set sail this autumn.

The GT5 is designed with a short-handed crew in mind, making it easy for a crew of two to handle the yacht. The halyards and sheeting are controlled from the helmsman's position, which keeps the cockpit clean of all lines, ensuring the utmost in comfort and safety on-board.


Baltic 130

Finnish shipyard Baltic Yachts has recently launched their tenth fully custom sailing yacht measuring over 30 metres. The new Baltic 130 is the shipyard's fourth collaboration with the designers at Nauta Yachts who created the yacht's interior and exterior guest spaces. Reichel Pugh Yacht Design is responsible for the naval architecture of the vessel with Nigel Ingram from MCM having operated as the owner's representative throughout the build.

Her 40 metre length overall (LOA) carbon pre-preg hull has been designed using nine virtual CFD models to achieve the most efficient design possible. She boasts an impressive LOA/displacement ratio, where 102 tons are displaced in dry conditions by the 40 metre hull. The added high aspect ratio of her lifting fin keel, which ranges from 4.5 metre (14'9'') to 7 metre (23'), means she will undoubtedly be able to live up to her performance criteria.


Voorhees 70

Developed in collaboration with Dykstra Naval Architects, Adam Voorhees has recently revealed a brand new 70 metre sailing yacht design.

Owner's accommodation on board includes a private lounge and cockpit, as well as study and luxurious ensuite facilities. Amongst her other notable features is a spacious beach club, and two tenders of 8.5 metres and 6.5 metres respectively. With storage for both found on the foredeck, the tender well also has the capability to be transformed into a swimming pool.

Dykstra Naval Architects has drawn a fast and efficient hull shape with a versatile sail plan optimised for performance and ease of handling. Maximum weight savings will be made possible through advanced construction and materials, while hybrid energy technology and the latest sailing and onboard systems will be employed.

Featured Brokerage

Raceboats Only Raceboats Only Raceboats Only

2005 Bavaria 42 Match. 50,000 EUR. Located in Lelystad, Netherlands.

The Bavaria 42 match is a purpose-built cruiser-racer with longer lead keel, larger main sail, and a modern design and comfort. This yacht represents a perfect blend of performance and comfort.The Bavaria 42 match yacht compliments comfort requirements and racing performance. The light hull is versatile and slick with a modified keel shape with excellent handling in even the most difficult waters. The Bavaria 42 match has proven itself in racing with many victories!




McConaghy Boats MC 38. 309,000 USD.

The MC38 delivers high performance racing in a One Design Class. Designed for international, inter-state or inter-club racing, the MC38 has a removable Carbon keel-fin for ease of transport. McConaghy build and finish quality ensure strong, fast and identical boats for maximum racing, without the need for maximum crew. Strict One Design Class - No arms race


Sam Pearson - Ancasta Port Hamble



Super Fast Jo Richards 42' Open Racer
Super kanting keel boat ready for bulb flying
Full sail inventory for light and heavy wind condition


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