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Can The Favourites Win Match Race France?
Marseille, France: Twelve skippers are headed to Yacht Club Pointe Rouge, Southern France this week for the official start of the 2010 World Match Racing Tour (WMRT).The first of this 10 event global series starts in Marseille and will count towards points for the ultimate prize of becoming the 2010 ISAF World Match Racing Champion.

With a daunting line up of skippers including seasoned World Champions, Olympic medal holders and adrenalin-fuelled youngsters, any skipper lining up to perform pre-start tactics will have to be confident of their match racing prowess and boat handling abilities onboard the J80 yachts. Tipped to win and "dark horse of the Tour" is new entrant, Francesco Bruni (ITA) who has recently won the Congressional Cup, while competitors should pay note of re-emerging helms such as Bertrand Pace racing on the waters of his home nation.

All teams including the new wild card entries will be up against the 2010 Tour Card Holders: Adam Minoprio (NZL), Torvar Mirsky (AUS), and Ben Ainslie (GBR) who finished in the top 3 standings during the 2009 Tour and have been actively training with their chosen teams prior to Match Race France.

Marseille offers excellent match racing conditions with excellent spectator opportunities. The J80 will provide a lively model for the skippers to race. A small keelboat launched by J Boats Company, the style works for dinghy sailors as well as big boat racers making tight boat manoeuvring during the pre-start achievable for all skippers. The cockpit is also spacious for the four person crew to perform their jobs to the best of their ability, involving constant alteration of sails, body weight and vantage points to see the competing boat's next move. The J80's will be raced asymmetrically for this event so it will be interesting to see if those skippers who have previous asymmetric experience will have an advantage on the downhill legs.

Official Skipper Line Up:
Adam Minoprio (NZL) BlackMatch
Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team
Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing
Mathieu Richard (FRA) French Match Racing Team
Sebastien Col (FRA) ALL4ONE
Paolo Cian (ITA) Team Italia
Philippe Presti (FRA) French Match Racing Team
Francesco Bruni (ITA) Azzurra
Pierre-Antoine Morvan (FRA)
Bertrand Pace (FRA) Aleph Sailing Team
Gian Luca Perri (MON)

Tasmanian Crew Win Dragon Pre-Worlds Regatta
Former world champion Nick Rogers and his crew of Leigh Behrens and Simon Burrows from Hobart have pulled the Easter Bunny out the hat to win the significant pre-world regatta for the International Dragon class on Melbourne's Port Phillip.

After a slow(ish) start over the first two days, the Tasmanian crew, sailing Karabos IX from the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania, won three straight races to grind down the talented Russian yachtswoman Olga White, steering Murka 11.

From eight points down in overall standings after the first two days, Rogers cut the Russians' lead to three points on Sunday and moved to the top of the leader board with a third successive win in Easter Monday morning's penultimate race, as Murka 11 slipped to an eighth place.

It was a close race, however, with Victorian Mark Woodland sailing Lyla and Prince Philip Cup current holder Richard Lynn, sailing Puff from Perth, throwing out a strong challenge. Both Lyla and Puff passed Karabos IX on the second beat to windward, but the Tasmanian boat proved too fast on the final spinnaker run to the finish.

In the end, Rogers, the current Tasmanian champion and a 10 times winner of the Prince Philip Cup, finished on 19 points from a scoreboard of 4-8-4-4-1-1-1-4, winning the regatta by six points from the Russian boat Murka 11 on 25 points (1-2-3-6-3-2-8-12) and Richard Lynn, sailing Puff, on 28 points (8-5-2-19-4-4-3-2).

White's husband Mikhail Mouratov placed fourth overall on 35 points, followed by Sydney yachtsmen Matt Whitnall in Taranui on 37 points and Andrew York in Wizzardry on 38 points, and German Thomas Muller, sailing Liquidity on 39 points.

Royal Brighton Yacht Club will conduct the 2011 World Championship for the International Dragon class next January with an anticipated fleet of between 60 and 80 yachts from European and North American nations, Australia and New Zealand. The worlds will be preceded by the Prince Philip Cup Australasian championship for the classic, three-crew yacht. -- Peter Campbell

First Morris M36 Delivered To Sydney, Australia
Morris M36 Casamajor left Northeast Harbor, Maine January 25th and was sailing in gorgeous Syndey Harbor on March 17th! Morris Yachts' Wythe Ingebritson flew down to meet the boat and to set Casamajor up for her new proud owner. For the full report go to:

As New England starts to dry and leaf out, we are starting to make plans for trucking the M29 home from Miami.

The boat will be making a couple of stops for demos so follow us on Twitter or friend us on Facebook for updates or call to set up your appointment. +1-207-244-5509

Elizabeth Walsh - Queen Of Sydney Harbour
Click on image for photo gallery.

Queen Of Sydney Harbour The Australian 18 Footers Queen of the Harbour for 2010 is Elizabeth Walsh, who teamed with Seve Jarvin and Sam Newton in Gotta Love It 7 to win the coveted title on Sydney Harbour last Sunday.

Elizabeth, or 'Bob' as she is better known throughout the Sydney 18 Footer fraternity, is the girlfriend of Gotta Love It 7's for'ard hand Sam Newton, is a regular follower of the weekly skiff racing and has a very good knowledge of the sport.

More than that, however, 'Bob' is a fine sailor in her own right and is at home on the wings of a flying 18.

Elizabeth's love of the 18s began while she was still at school.

"My Year 12 (Higher School Certificate) Art major work was on 18 Footers - '18 feet of adrenaline', a lino cut five piece series about 18 Footers".

"I went down to the park and asked one of the sailors if I could go for a sail on an 18. He said yes and I have always been an enthusiast during the six years since that day".

She currently sails on the Melbourne based Farr 55, Living Doll, in which she recently contested her third Sydney-Hobart race.

Along with those achievements, Elizabeth has also completed three Tasman crossings. Hobart to Auckland, Melbourne to Takapuna and Auckland to Sydney.

She recently started a new business venture in the marine industry. "It's called Latitude Crew Gear, which provides a variety of brands at highly competitive prices. It's only two months old and I look forward to growing it into a fun viable business".

It seems Elizabeth (or if you prefer 'Bob') is an ideal 'Queen of Sydney Harbour'. -- Frank Quealey, Australian 18 Footers League,

Butterworth: I'll Defect If It Means Crack At Cup
Brad Butterworth is determined to sail in the next America's Cup, unequivocally shunning retirement talk, admitting he would sail for a new syndicate to chase his dream of winning back the Auld Mug, should his current team fold.

Previously, the Alinghi skipper had hinted last month's acrimonious campaign, pitting him against his old mate Sir Russell Coutts, might be his last.

There's also general uncertainty as to what Alinghi owner Ernesto Bertarelli's next move will be.

In an exclusive interview with the Star-Times, Butterworth said if Bertarelli does pull the pin he's determined his illustrious sailing career won't end on a bum note. And if that meant defecting to another team, so be it.

Say what you like about Bertarelli, and for that matter Butterworth, the cup would not be the same without them.

Alinghi's absence at the recent Louis Vuitton Cup was keenly felt. The Auckland regatta lacked the fizz of last year when Dean Barker beat both Coutts and Butterworth.

We asked Butterworth what he would do if Alinghi folded, and Coutts offered him a job?

He sportingly answered: "I would look at it like any other approach.

"I have an open mind. Him and I go way back, so I don't have any issues there.

"I just want to compete in the competition and try to win.

"The ball is in Ernesto's court. He has to take some time to think about it and he has the time.

"He has to feel comfortable and right that challenging - which is a lot more fun than defending - is the right thing for him. That's what really matters." -- Greg Ford in the Sunday Star Times, full article at

Henri Lloyd Team Gear
Henri-Lloyd With such an unrivalled reputation in providing technical clothing solutions to elite yachtsmen and yachtswomen worldwide, modern sponsorship and team events have resulted in a massive increase in branded team clothing. Henri Lloyd offers a range of branding services in order to apply logos in the most effective way - ensuring the technical properties and performance of the garments are never compromised.

For more information on Henri Lloyd's branded kit service contact and make your team stand out from the crowd.

Cowes Week Opens For Entries
Cowes Week has opened its doors for entries to the world's best known sailing regatta. This iconic British event, one of the longest running in UK sporting history, looks forward to welcoming both regular and new participants to this year's regatta. From 31 July to 7 August the Solent will once again be awash with colour and vitality as Cowes Week enjoys its 184th anniversary; a true celebration of serious sailing fun at its very best.

A number of changes have been made for 2010.

Crew Lists
This year a crew list requirement has been introduced, designed to improve communications between the regatta organisers and participants. This will ensure all competitors have access to the information they need (not just the person who enters the boat) and planned improvements and amendments to the Sailing Instructions can be reported as widely as possible.

Class Changes for 2010:

J/Sprit & J/92 Championship - the J/Sprit class has been re-instated to split out the majority of fixed bowsprits from boats with moveable spinnaker poles. The first four days of Cowes Week will also be used by the J/92s as their National Championship.

Sigma 33 Championship - the Sigma 33s will use the 2010 regatta as their Class Championship.

Mixed Dayboat Class - the 707, 1720, and Sonata fleets will be amalgamated into a single mixed dayboat class. They will use the same class flag, have the same starts, courses and finishes but have separate one-design fleet results.

Sportsboat (SBR) class - If sufficient numbers of people want to race using the RYA/RORC sportsboat rule then a class will be added to the mixed dayboat class. Please contact the Regatta Office to discuss.

IRC rated fleet - To reduce the average fleet size, the number of IRC classes will be increased by two. Following your feedback last year, we will be doing splits based purely on rating.

Large, canting keeled boats - There are unlikely to be enough of this type of boat in the UK to justify their own fleet and they do not fit easily into a fleet of boats with fixed keels. However, if sufficient numbers of canting keeled boats want to race, we will consider running racing for these boats. Please contact the Regatta Office to discuss.

Cruisers - To accommodate cruisers, two choices are offered:
a) A non-spinnaker class for the whole week.
b) A class for a single day of racing on the final Saturday using the free and simple Island Sailing Club Rating System. This is offered with the low entry fee of only 40 GBP for the day's racing, regardless of boat size.

Longtze Class - We are delighted to welcome this new and exciting planing dayboat and anticipate an inaugural fleet of between 15 and 20 boats.

Read the NOR and enter online at

Baby Coelacanth Filmed For First Time
Click on image to enlarge.

Baby Coelacanth Filmed For First Time Scientists have captured the first ever pictures of baby 'living fossil' coelacanths.

Japanese marine researchers have found and successfully filmed the young fish at a depth of 528ft in Manado Bay off Sulawesi Island, Indonesia.

Video footage shows the 31cm long baby coelacanth, coloured blue with white spots, swimming slowly among rocks on the seabed for about 20 minutes.

Masamitsu Iwata, a researcher at Aquamarine Fukushima in Iwaki, northeast of Tokyo is quoted saying: "As far as we know, it was the first ever video image of a living juvenile coelacanth, which is still shrouded in mystery."

These fish typically live at depths of 150- 700m so the researchers used a remotely operated, self-propelled vehicle to film the coelacanth. Scientists believe that this fish was newly born as a similar size pup was once found inside a pregnant coelacanth.

Coelacanths exist in fossil records back to 410 million years ago were thought to have been extinct for over 65 million years until a specimen was discovered swimming in the waters off Africa in 1938.

Seahorse May 2010
What's in the Latest Edition Of Seahorse Magazine

Dave Hollom first fancied Alinghi but as Oracle refined their boat he had the courage to change tack... going on to predict the balance in remarkable detail. Now it's time for reflection

Out of control
Former Seahorse editor and another designer of courage and inventiveness, Julian Everitt says that what the Cup now needs is to continue to deliver more of the almost-unmanageable...

Scholar and gentleman
Two-time Olympic medallist Lars Grael talks to Lynn Fitzpatrick in Rio

How do McConaghy build the world's most extreme boats while acquiring a reputation for reliability? Blue Robinson and Dobbs Davis talk to Jono Morris and Harry Dunning and learn about the company's next party trick

If you haven't subscribed to Seahorse already we're keen to help you attend to that! - Please use the following promotional link and enjoy the hefty Scuttlebutt Europe discount... and it gets even better for 2 and 3 year subscriptions...

Sailing For 60 Years
Dubai: Andy Wilkins has decided that he has had enough of sailing.

Something that started back in 1952 when he was a sea scout in Barry, Wales, turned into a passion for the affable 73-year-old member of the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC). And now after nearly six decades of pursuing this passion, Wilkins has decided he wants to "ease out".

Yesterday, Wilkins pushed his Laser boat one last time out into the water for the Aggreko Laser League Sailing Championships at the DOSC, Jumeirah. And even then he has his doubts whether he would stop sailing after all.

"With all this stress and tension at work, sailing has a sense of therapy. I would be grumpy if I did not go sailing. It's wonderful to get out there where there are no phones, no faxes, no e-mails. It's just the wind that takes you away. It's just you and the elements. It's a unique feeling," Wilkins told Gulf News as he rigged his boat in preparation for what he called his "final race" here.

Wilkins plans a holiday with his wife Janice in France later next month, something that will keep him out of the final race of the Aggreko Laser League. "It's a great atmosphere to be here at the end of the season, but I need to get some rest as well," shrugged Wilkins, also a registered consultant engineer.

Since getting involved with the sea scouts on the Bristol Channel, Wilkins's journeys on the seas has seen him sail practically all over the world.

"I had a lot of chance to go out on the bigger cruisers, but that somehow never attracted me. The smaller boats are better as you are doing something every minute."

Full article by Alaric Gomes in the Gulf News:

Long Beach To Cabo San Lucas International Yacht Race: Big-Boats Return
Long Beach, CA, USA: An opportunity to race in a major inshore buoy regatta followed by an offshore race to Cabo San Lucas 12 days later is being offered by Long Beach Yacht Club this fall.

The second annual Campbell Cup is scheduled the weekend of Oct. 23-24, then LBYC will start its race to Cabo San Lucas, Nov. 5.

With the races separated by only one weekend, the plan is to offer local moorings to boats entered in both events. This would allow time to re-configure their boats from buoy racing to offshore racing, provision the boat and then race to Cabo San Lucas.

The Campbell Cup, first sailed in 2009, is named for legendary sailor Mike Campbell, and draws the same ocean racing sleds that compete in the Cabo race.

Peter Tong, who broke the elapsed time record in the 2008 Cabo race on his Santa Cruz 70, OEX, plans to be in both events. OEX sailed the 804-nautical mile course in 2 days 22 hours 50 minutes 9 seconds to eclipse the 23-year old record set by another SC70, Blondie, by nearly 5 hours.

Ed McDowell's SC70, Grand Illusion, skippered by Patrick O'Brien, finished about an hour behind OEX in the 2008 race and took first-place honors on overall corrected handicap time.

"We're definitely going to Campbell Cup," O'Brien said, "and having the Cabo race about 10 days later will keep the interest up. November is usually a quiet time of year for us, so it should be fun.

"In 2008 the weather was quite lively. The wind came up and it was a fun race. All of the boats finished within an hour or so of each other and we ended up having a great dock party."

Entered classes will be scored on PHRF, IRC and ORR ratings and separated into two divisions. Division I will start on Friday, Nov. 5, and Division II will start on Saturday, Nov. 6. -- Rick Roberts

Toyota International Match Race for the Detroit Cup
Detroit, Michigan, USA: Toyota Motor Company has signed on as title sponsor for the 2010 Toyota International Match Race for the Detroit Cup - with sailors from up to 12 nations to race at the historic Bayview Yacht Club in August, it was announced today.

The third annual regatta, to be sailed on the Detroit River on August 18-22, 2010, has earned international status as a world class sailing event and the winner of the regatta will earn a berth in the Argo Group Gold Cup, a World Match Racing Tour event on October 5-10 at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club in Hamilton, Bermuda. Toyota, which hosted the inaugural 2008 Detroit Cup, has returned to be the title sponsor for 2010.

Sailors from Brazil, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Russia, U.S. Virgin Islands as well as Canada and the United States have requested invitations to participate in the 2010 Toyota International Match Race for the Detroit Cup. Requests for Invitation from sailors will be accepted by Bayview until May 1, 2010.

Returning for 2010 is 2009 Detroit Cup Champion and Olympic Gold medalist Anna Tunnicliffe, who was named "Yachtswoman of the Year" by Rolex and US Sailing as well as ISAF Woman Sailor of the year. Ms. Tunnicliffe is a frequent sailor at Bayview hosted regattas and said her experience sailing against the strong current in the Detroit River was helpful training for her successful bid to win a gold medal sailing in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.

The regatta will be sailed in Bayview's club-owned fleet of Ultimate 20 sailboats

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 1992 Beneteau First 53/f5, US$350,000. Located in Langkawi, Malaysia.

On deck you can see that she has been set up to race but she is very easily sailed by a small crew when not on the race course. A very well laid out cockpit and excellent transom access makes her a pleasure to sail. Down below she has three large double cabins all with new mattresses and an enormous saloon which is ideal for entertaining. The quality of fit out on these earlier Beneteau s is legendary and this yacht will be looking good for many years to come.

Brokerage through Lee Marine Co.,Ltd.:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals! Except the weasel. -- Homer Simpson

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