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A Job Well Done For Team Sea Dubai
Photo by Nico Martinez, Click on image for photo gallery.

Team Dubai Unbeaten after seven flights, Markus Wieser and his Team Sea Dubai only had to avoid a penalising collision today to win the match race title of the Al Maktoum Sailing Trophy. That's what they did, winning in the meantime a difficult race against Puerto Calero and losing the last one to BMW ORACLE Racing.

However the real action was behind, in a tough contest between six teams for the second and third places overall. Leader of this "secondary ranking" ahead of the last day, Terry Hutchinson's Artemis - rejoined today by owner Torbjorn Tornqvist - started in the worse possible way by losing the first race to Team Austria. Pushed to the right of the course during the first beat, the Austrians seemed to benefit from a better pressure: they took the lead and increased it slightly throughout the match.

The points were particularly precious at this stage, and No Way Back went from a potentially difficult situation - loosing their start against Team Aqua - to a sudden solid option on the overall ranking's second place when they overtook Cameron Appleton's Team Aqua during the first downwind leg. Rod Davis (Ceeref) also won an important point against BMW ORACLE Racing, rejoining Artemis and No Way Back in the group of candidates to second overall ahead of the last race.

No Way Back and Artemis finish the event on a tie, however the Danish team gets the second ranking overall thanks to their victory in the direct confrontation. Ceeref finishes fourth on a tie with BMW ORACLE Racing.

Match-race, final results after nine flights:

1. Team Sea Dubai (Markus Wieser), 8/1, 8 points
2. Team No Way Back (Pieter Heerema / Ray Davies), 5/3, 5 points
3. Artemis (Terry Hutchinson), 5/3, 5 points
4. CEEREF (Rod Davis), 4/5, 4 points
5. BMW ORACLE Racing (Adam Minoprio), 4/5, 4 points
6. Team Islas Canarias Puerto Calero (José Maria Ponce), 3/6, 3 points
7. Team Aqua (Cameron Appleton), 3/6, 3 points
8. Katusha (Paul Cayard), 3/6, 3 points
9. Team Austria (Christian Binder), 2/7, 2 points

Microburst Blamed For Sinking Of Tall Ship Concordia, All 64 Rescued
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Tall Ship Concordia 48 students and the 16 professional crew and teachers from the Concordia, which sank 300 miles off the coast of Brazil, have been rescued successfully. The story of their rescue could be worthy of a scene in a novel, but it's also a good example of well-trained sailors.

The Concordia is a Canadian floating classroom which has taken over 1000 GAP and university students, who have earned both high school and university credits while sailing around the world.

The Concordia's Captain William Curry told the Associated Press on Saturday that the his tall ship sank Wednesday afternoon - a day earlier than previously reported. All 64 people aboard were rescued by merchant ships early Friday.

Curry said he and the Concordia's crew had prepared a day beforehand for what they anticipated would be rough but not unusual weather. He was below deck when the ship suddenly keeled over and then recovered. It was when it keeled a second time that he knew the vessel was in danger.

Curry blamed the sinking of his vessel on a 'microburst,' a sudden, vertical downdraft.

When the vessel keeled over, the entire surface area of the sails was exposed to the powerful wind, and within 15 seconds, the boat went from sailing normally, upright, to lying on its side, the window began to pop and the water pressure and beginning to sink.

Thirty minutes later it was completely underwater, Curry said. The ships radio was submerged in seconds, however her automatic EPIRB fired.

In the dark hours before dawn last Thursday, the captain of the Phillipine flagged merchant ship Hokuetsu Delight was contending with high winds and rough seas when he received notice of a distress signal from tall ship Concordia from the Brazilian coast guard.

Cpt. Edgardo Ybranez set out at 3:50 a.m local time to the last co-ordinates the Concordia had transmitted.

The mission took five hours of navigating through turbulent waters and strong winds by a seasoned crew that grew increasingly anxious as they approached the site of the sunken ship.

From, full article at

Iceland - In The Wake Of Viking
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Iceland Midnight Sun Race Are you looking for a new and fun place to visit this summer? If so, then Iceland is the answer. And it's closer than you might think: the distance from Scotland is just 440 km.

Viewed from offshore, the snow-white glaciers sparkle alongside landscapes of ruggedly awesome beauty. The sea surrounding Iceland is home to various species of whale, and seals are found in abundance resting or sunning on skerries.

Iceland Midnight Sun Race 10th of July 2010

The Iceland Midnight Sun Race is a unique yacht race - the only one of its kind in the North Atlantic and is when the sun stays aloft around the clock!

The 75-nautical-mile race starts in the town of Siglufjörður in North Iceland, and winds around Grimsey Island, which is traversed by the Arctic Circle.

Further information

Region Guadeloupe Takes Line Honors
Photo by Carlo Borlenghi, Click on image for photo gallery.

RORC Caribbean 600 Claude Thelier & John Burnie's ORMA 60 trimaran, Region Guadeloupe, finish RORC Caribbean 600 on Wednesday 24th February 18:49 03

Elapsed Time: 2 Days 5 Hours 59 Min 03 Seconds

John Burnie, skipper of Region Guadeloupe spoke dockside in Falmouth Harbour. "This year's race was more difficult in many respects, especially tactically because of the wind coming from the South. In 2009 we rarely deviated from the rhumb line but in this race we were constantly having to alter course to avoid wind shadow from islands and areas devoid of wind. We got caught in the wind shadow of St.Kitts and Beau Geste caught us up, we were swapping gybes with them for some time before they too hit a quiet patch and we wriggled free".

Probably the biggest example of how tactical this race has been was the fact Region Gaudeloupe actually went west of Montserrat on the way down to Guadeloupe, navigator Nick Lykiardopulo explains why.

"There were so many areas of no wind along the route to Guadeloupe that we decided to go far west, almost 90 miles west of the rhumb line. We had also decided that we were going to go wide of Guadeloupe and going far west gave us a better angle of aproach which really paid off for us."

ORMA 60, Region Guadeloupe crew:
Claude Thelier, John Burnie , Nick Lykiardopulo, Olivier Moal, Julian Spier, Mark Stevens, Stephane Squarcioni, James Pascall

The Race Is On
So Bruno Peyron has finally relaunched The Race, the epoch-making round the world race that created the whole maxi multihull movement a decade ago. His new race for what he termed 'the G Class' - G for giant - is planned for 2013.

Peyron's new plan is to gather up as many of the 12 giant multihulls that have been built since 2000 and run a round the world in 2013 or 2014.

The timing is the most important thing here: it not only slots The Race between editions of the Volvo Ocean Race - and with the entry of French multihull star Franck Cammas that must be carefully respected - but it clashes head-to-head with Peyron's latest rival, the Multi One Design race.

This new round the world race for 70ft trimarans definitely owes something to Peyron's one-design vision and looks as if it will garner serious entries after Michel Desjoyeaux announced this month that he is to take the first entry. There may not be a market for both but the chances are that one will succeed.

Peyron has opted for a format with existing boats to give him the jump.

However, the snag may be that a field of boats from the last decade will make an uneven playing field.

Boats like Groupama 3 and Banque Populaire V are the fourth and fifth generation: bigger, more powerful, far more sophisticated than the original Gilles Ollier Club Med designs and at full pelt a monstrous 50 per cent faster. It's hard to see how more than the latest three or four of these boats could compete on equal footing. -- excerpt from Elaine Bunting's blog,

Barraq Chants The Tune Of The Wind
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Dubai Dhow Racing The crew of Barraq helmed by Rashid Mohd. Rashid Al Rumaithi started chanting before they crossed the finish line as winners in the first heat of the Dubai Traditional 60ft Dhow Sailing Championships that ended beneath the Burj Al Arab. The chanting trend continued as Al Wasef with skipper Mohammed Hamad Al Ghashaish and his crew closed in taking second place. High spirits took over after a painfully slow start turned in to a wild race as the fleet reached the top of Palm Jumeirah and the wind strengthened making boats furl their second sail and redistribute crew and sand bags (the traditional ballast) as they were over powered.

The winning boat forms part of a dhow sailing dynasty with many family members sailing their own dhows and in this race they worked as a group to ensure a family win. It was a tough race for the crews who spent the second half of the race straining to get their body weight as far over the side of he boat as possible for balance against the strengthening wind and without the trappings of the modern sailing equipment, which the traditional rules prevent, it is not an easy task. The next heat will be the Presidents Cup in Abu Dhabi on March 13th.

Provisional Results:

1. Barraq, Rashid Mohd. Rashid Al Rumaithi Musabeh Rashid Al Fattan
2. Al Wasef, Mohammed Hamad Al Ghashaish
3. Al Iz Sultan, Ahmed Khadem Al Muhairi
4. Dahees, Khadem Rashid Kh. Al Muhairi
5. Salith, Mohammed Saeed Al Tayer HH Sh. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The Best Way To Learn The Racing Rules Is Now Even Better
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Upon finishing the 37-question test, the answers are tabulated and a score sheet with detailed explanations of the correct answers is immediately shown. Users can take the test as many times as they want.

The program costs $55, or $40 for those who are upgrading from the CD version of the program.

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Port Of Plymouth Regatta Open For Entries
Click on image to enlarge.

Plymouth Regatta The historic Port of Plymouth Regatta, which has taken place for more than 150 years, is now inviting entries for its 2010 Regatta, which will run from 24th July to 1st August.

Set to be its best yet, the Regatta has seen a number of changes this year including improved race management and courses, and the introduction of White Sail Races. For the first time, the Regatta will also be supporting a charity - Horizons, a children's sailing charity in Plymouth. Keen to encourage young new sailors onto the water, the Regatta is holding both training sessions and racing for rookies, and is even making dinghies available for hire to those who need them. The Rookie racing will run simultaneously with the main Dinghy series, which has been growing steadily in popularity in recent years, taking place from 28th July to 1st August. The White Sail Races will take place on the 24th and 25th July, with a large fleet expected to take part. These events are aimed at the owners of cruising yachts who may never have raced before but still want the fun of taking part in the Regatta. The races will be sailed over courses of approximately 15 nautical miles taking competitors out of the picturesque Plymouth Sound and back again.

Two full days of top class back-to-back yacht racing will be taking place for IRC, PYS, and one design yachts over the weekend of 24th and 25th July.

The ever popular long distance Champagne Yacht Race, sailed over a course using coastal marks between Salcombe and Fowey, takes place on 31st July.

With a number of sponsors onboard, the Regatta is able to provide entrants with free marina berthing for yachts, free dinghy parking, and free car parking. The Regatta's main sponsor is once again the Cattewater Harbour Commission, with further sponsorship support from Mayflower Marina; Plymouth City Council; Sutton Harbour Group; Mount Batten Centre; Westways; Plymouth Yacht Haven and Ullman Sails.

It Wasn't A Sure Bet
Cape Town's selection as the first port for the 2011-12 race is a result of a lot of hard work on the part of the stopover organisers in meeting the criteria laid down by the port bidding process introduced for this edition of the race.

The formal bidding procedure began in March 2009 when letters requesting expressions of interest were distributed to potential host ports worldwide. The procurement process was managed independently by The Sports Consultancy.

More than 80 cities submitted expressions of interest in the first phase.

The head of the Cape Town stopover organisation, Bruce Parker-Forsyth, said the bar was set quite high. In an interview with Gybe Talkin', the Volvo sailing podcast, he said: "Going through the port bidding process and understanding what ports needed to supply to be awarded a stopover, we had to work hard for it and try and convince Volvo that we were still in the frame."

"You can't rest on your laurels. I know people like coming to Cape Town but the race has its objectives and must meet them so we worked hard on our bid.

"We are extremely excited that the race is coming here again. It's the next big event after the World Cup. The Volvo Ocean Race has become part of the fabric of the society. It's seen as a driver for economic, social and community uplift."

Racking Up The Miles Leading The Dash To The Horn
It's Leg 8 and the longest of Exercise Transglobe, the entire year-long expedition at 6,300 nm from Auckland to Montevideo, Uruguay. The knock-on effect of the Army yacht Challenger's recent mast track problems within days of leaving NZ and being forced to turn back for the repair job in Wellington means that the Army are going to be around two weeks behind the other two boats into Montevideo. Remember that this Expedition is actually a Training Exercise not a full-blown out and out 12-month race between the services but this delay will almost certainly mean that the Army boat won't be in the right place at the right time to compete in Antigua Race Week in mid-April. The Sydney-Hobart in December/January and Antigua Race Week are the only two bona fide racing legs that have been built into the 13-stage programme.

Current positions:

Adventure (RN):
23th Feb 2010
lat 50.652222 S lng 109.817778 W (Decimal)

Discoverer (RAF):
23th Feb 2010
lat 50.5833332 S lng 114.968611 W (Decimal)

Challenger (Army)
Challenger catching up with the fleet
23th Feb 2010
lat 45.783333 S lng 169.35 W (Decimal)

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 1977 Steven Ward 12 Meter America's Cup Yacht, US$199,00. Located in Sydney, Australia.

65' Steven Ward 12 Meter America's Cup Yacht

This is a rare opportunity to own "Australia," 12 KA-5, the recently refitted 1977 12-Meter America's Cup Challenger built by Steven Ward that was defeated (4-0) by Ted Turner's Courageous in 1977 and returned in 1980 only to be defeated by Dennis Connor's Freedom. She has been operating as a 25 passenger charter vessel, match racing against 1986 challenger, "Steak & Kidney," (also for sale), and other America Cup classic 12M yachts for half-day trips of racing or sightseeing. In 2004 she was refitted for charter and repainted to original colors. Current Australian Coast Guard Survey & Safety Certifications: Class 1E for 25 passengers, 1D for 8 passengers.

If you are looking to own a piece of yachting history, or start up a day-charter business in a year-round sailng venue, then this retired racing yacht has the potential to generate positive cash flow and an excellent income. Ideally suited for Captain & Mate, owner-operated and supplemented with part-time crew.

Brokerage through Sarasota Yacht & Ship Services, Inc.:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
Of course the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you--if you don't play, you can't win. -- Robert Heinlein

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