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World Match Racing Tour Announces 2010 Tour Card Holders
London, UK: The World Match Racing Tour (WMRT) today announced the names of the nine Tour Card Holders for the 2010 season.

After developing the invite policy introduced in 2009, the WMRT has allocated the Tour Cards for 2010 to:

Adam Minoprio (NZL) BlackMatch - ISAF Match Racing World Champion (2009)
Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team - Finished 2nd in 2009
Ben Ainslie (GBR) Team Origin - Finished 3rd in 2009
Francesco Bruni (ITA) Team Azzura
Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR Racing
Bjorn Hansen (SWE) Hansen Global Team
Bertrand Pace (FRA) Aleph Sailing Team
Mathieu Richard (FRA) French Match Racing Team
Ian Williams (GBR) Team Pindar

The Tour Invite Policy, first introduced in 2009, will guarantee the Tour Card holders invites to six of the first nine events but they can compete in more events if they are able to secure wild card invites from the individual event promoters.

For teams that did not receive a Tour Card, there are still opportunities to race on the WMRT through event wild cards or through the events that make up the Tour Qualifying Series that feed into the World Tour events.

Tour Standings in 2009

1. Adam Minoprio (NZL) ETNZ/BlackMatch Racing 138 Points
2. Torvar Mirsky (AUS) Mirsky Racing Team 97 Points
3. Ben Ainslie, (GBR) Team Origin 95 Points
4. Peter Gilmour (AUS) YANMAR 93 Points
5. Mathieu Richard (FRA), French Match Racing Team 89 Points
6. Ian Williams (GBR) Team Pindar 83 Points
7. Sebastien Col, (FRA) All4One 55 Points
8. Damien Iehl (FRA) French Match Racing Team 48 Points

2010 Tour Schedule
1. April 6 - 11, Mondial Match Race Marseille, France
2. May 19 - 24, Match Race Germany Langenargen, Germany
3. June 8 - 13, Korea Match Cup Gyeonggi, Korea
4. June 22 - 27, Portugal Match Cup Troia, Portugal
5. July 5 - 11, Match Cup Sweden Marstrand, Sweden
6. August 31 - September 5, St Moritz Match Race St Moritz, Switzerland
7. September 8 - 12, Danish Open Bornholm, Denmark
8. September 21-26, Vietnam Match Cup Nha Trang, Vietnam
9. October 4 - 10, Argo Group Gold Cup Hamilton, Bermuda
10. November 30 - December 5, Monsoon Cup K. Terengganu, Malaysia

Best Described As Chutzpah
Geneva, Switzerland: America's Cup loser Alinghi doubts whether the new Rome-based Challenger of Record will act independently of new US cup-holder BMW Oracle Racing.

Club Nautico di Roma - and its team Mascalzone Latino - was confirmed as the Challenger of Record by BMW Oracle after it won the cup on Monday (NZT) in a rare match race. BMW Oracle's home yacht club, Golden Gate, wants a traditional regatta for the 34th America's Cup, and believes CNR will be a fair representative of all the challengers at the next race.

Alinghi boss Ernesto Bertarelli was sceptical today.

"The Challenger of Record has to do its work and represent us," Bertarelli said.

"It has to start speaking on our behalf and not on behalf of the defender."

"If there's a protocol - rules - and someone who represents us in these discussions so that we have a chance, and if there's a group of strong challengers, why not?" he said.

Biotech mogul Bertarelli, who led the first European team to win the America's Cup in 2003, acknowledged his hesitation to confirm a challenge could lead BMW Oracle to try and poach his best sailors.

"How can I start hiring people if I don't know what to do with them?" Bertarelli said.

Iceland - In The Wake Of Viking
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Iceland Midnight Sun Race Are you looking for a new and fun place to visit this summer? If so, then Iceland is the answer. And it's closer than you might think: the distance from Scotland is just 440 km.

Viewed from offshore, the snow-white glaciers sparkle alongside landscapes of ruggedly awesome beauty. The sea surrounding Iceland is home to various species of whale, and seals are found in abundance resting or sunning on skerries.

Iceland Midnight Sun Race 10th of July 2010

The Iceland Midnight Sun Race is a unique yacht race - the only one of its kind in the North Atlantic and is when the sun stays aloft around the clock!

The 75-nautical-mile race starts in the town of Siglufjörður in North Iceland, and winds around Grimsey Island, which is traversed by the Arctic Circle.

Further information

Handle With Care
Tim Spalding is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and former chief medical advisor.

The Volvo Ocean Race is extremely tough - tough on the boats, tough on the shore crew and physically tough on the race crews.

I have been medical advisor to the race for 20 years, initially when it was the Whitbread and now in its most exciting guise in 70-foot weapons. Always the question needs to be asked: does the race impose unnecessarily harsh conditions on the crew?

The race organisers are always trying to tread the fine line of regulating safety without dumbing-down the race, but there is also a part to be played by the designers, skippers, and the teams themselves...

.... Should the boats be more protected, such as with a canopy over the hatch as seen on the Open 60s? A difficult question, but the gauntlet should be thrown down to challenge the designers to improve human performance and minimise injury.

Stop the knee injuries resulting from being wrapped round the knife-edge of the dagger boards, stop the elbow injuries from crawling, stop the pain from fighting the steering wheel when there are not enough spokes to hold onto, and reduce the fatigue from being repeatedly washed into something hard. These are some of the challenges.

The monocoque construction of the Formula One racing car was a huge innovation when developed. It may have been resisted, but now crashes at 180 mph are a walk-away phenomenon.

This medical team has spent many post-race hours assessing the lessons learned and these will form the basis for future observations from the consulting room.

Full story published in the latest issue of Life At The Extreme magazine

Saillaser Tri-Mile In Aid Of Sport Relief 2010
SailLaser's OnBoard and Race sailing Clubs at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy will be hosting a fundraising event in aid of Sport Relief. The children, aged 7-15 who attend the regular sailing club, will be taking part in the 'SailLaser Tri-Mile'. The Tri-Mile is a multi-disciplined event, involving a run, swim and a sail, The event will take place on Saturday 13th March based from the SailLaser site at Portland.

The idea behind the club is to make sailing and the necessary facilities easily accessible for the local community, encouraging as many people as possible to get on the water and have a go! The OnBoard initiative is a nationwide scheme run by the RYA, so please visit their website to find out what is going on near you

The Tri-Mile is free to take part but we hope, with the fundraising efforts of the children and the local community, to raise a fantastic amount of money for Sport Relief. If you are keen to take part please call the team at SailLaser for further information. If you wish to sponsor the children, please visit the SailLaser website ( ) or the Sport relief site ( ). Further details of the OnBoard Club and it's activities can be found of the SailLaser website.

America's Cup: Photographers
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America's Cup Photos Interview with Jurg Kaufmann and Daniel Forster

Jurg Kaufmann and Daniel Forster have combined efforts to help document the America's Cup for this Defense in Valencia, and their work can be seen at Jurg has been shooting yacht racing professionally since 1995, and Daniel's photos of Courageous, Freedom, Australia II, Stars&Stripes, and Black Magic winning the Cup are likely the very images that come to mind when you hear those names. found the time this past week to talk with them about what they've seen at the America's Cup over the years, plus how they approach the art and technique of sailing photography. If you've ever been captivated by the work of the many top photographers that bless the sport of yachting we hope Jurg and Daniel help provide an appreciation for the thought and effort that is involved in creating those images...

Heating Up In Antigua
Organised by the Royal Ocean Racing Club in association with the Antigua Yacht Club, the RORC Caribbean 600 starts on Monday 22nd February 2010.

Last night, the ORMA 60, speed machine, Region Guadeloupe arrived in Antigua and the ocean going trimaran will be looking to better the multi-hull record they set last year.

Whilst Region Guadeloupe is favourite to be first home, Karl Kowk's high-tech 80ft carbon fibre flyer, Beau Geste should not be far behind and will be looking to better ICAP Leopard's monohull record of 44 hours 5 minutes 14 seconds.

There is a wealth of high performance boats competing, including last year's overall winner, Adrian Lee's Cookson 50, Lee Overlay Partners. From Boston Massachusetts, Ron O'Hanley's Cookson 50, Privateer is relishing the rare opportunity of taking on a sistership and Richard Oland's Velo Veloce will be pushing them both all the way. Velo Veloce, a 52 ft Reichel Pugh design, has a stellar crew including; Hawaii's Andrew Lewis, New Zealander Stu Bannatyne and Canadian Richard Clarke, they will all be on board providing some world class experience.

A three way battle for the Class 40 Concise trophy will be between 40 Degrees, Ocean Warrior and Lou. The race track is ideal for the class; virtually 90% of the race course is off the breeze, a point of sail that this rapidly growing class of open boat excels in.

Rubbing shoulders with the professional sailors and campaigns are amateur enthusiasts from all over the world. Chris Jackson, skipper of First 40.7, Lancelot has an all Norwegian crew. Whilst the majority of the crew will be arriving by air, Lars Torgesen, took a little longer to get here.

"I sailed here from The Canaries in an Albin 30 which is really designed for coastal sailing back home in Scandinavia. The crew for Lancelot are looking forward to this race, we all enjoy sailing and the RORC Caribbean 600 is a fantastic opportunity to experience the best."

Nanny Cay Challenge For Round Tortola Record
Tortola, British Virgin Islands: Nanny Cay, a British Virgin Islands resort and marina, has launched the Nanny Cay Challenge for the round Tortola record. Yachts visiting the British Virgin Islands are invited to make an attempt to beat the latest round Tortola records which have been established by the monohull and multihull times set in the 2009 PegLegs Round Tortola Race.

The current multihull and overall record is held by Triple Jack, a Kelsal 47 trimaran with a time of 3 hours, 33 minutes, 27 seconds. The monohull time to beat of 4 hours, 15 minutes and 5 seconds, was set by Dave West's Jurakan, a Melges 32. It's an all-comer, any-day event, starting and finishing off Nanny Cay. The start transit will be in line with PegLeg Restaurant's upper deck at the entrance to Nanny Cay Marina. Competitors must attempt the record anti-clockwise and round Beef, Scrub Island, Great Camanoe and Guana Island to port. An entry fee of a $250 donation to a BVI charity of the challenger's choice will include two night's dockage (before and after attempt) at Nanny Cay.

Competing yachts will be provided with a Boat-Eyes satellite tracker which will be used to record elapsed times. Spectators will be able to track the challenger's record attempt on-line and it will also be broadcast live in PegLegs Restaurant. Boat-Eyes, based in the British Virgin Islands, is a satellite yacht tracking system for the Caribbean.

To enter the Nanny Cay Challenge, challengers should contact Miles Sutherland-Pilch, General Manager, Tel: (284) 494 2512,

Australians Poised To Save Clipper Ship City Of Adelaide
The Australian campaign to adopt the clipper ship City of Adelaide has gained momentum with a visit to the UK by two leading members of the group. Peter Roberts and Tom Chapman came over with the intention of "eyeballing" the ship itself - they got no further than the rusting barbed-wire fence - and the various bodies involved its its fate, where they were much more successful.

The passion behind the South Australian campaign is evident - it is founded on the City of Adelaide's original role of carrying emigrants from the UK and Europe to the new territory in the late 19th century - over 250,000 South Australians, or one in five of the population, can trace their ancestry back to, or through the ship. But the campaign also appears well-resourced in terms both of capability (both Roberts and Chapman have engineering backgrounds for instance) and state and private support.

They have costed the logistics of moving the ship at around £1.5 million, with the cost of transport to Australia, at about £700,000, less than that of getting the City of Adelaide off the slip and out of the river in Irvine. They already have about half of that, and are "ready to launch a major fundraising programme once we have control of the ship."

A prime site in Adelaide has already been earmarked for a display area which would also include the preserved 1883 tug Nelcebee, built in Scotland and shipped out to provide services to the clippers, including City of Adelaide.

Pressure to resolve the City of Adelaide's situation has intensified with the demand from the owners of the slip where she sits for the return of the site. Scottish Maritime Museum, current owner of the ship, recently called for tenders to 'scientifically desconstruct' her. However, Martyn Heighton of National Historic Ships has confirmed that none of the tenders to deconstruct the ship met its criteria, and it will oppose any application for demolition. It is shortly due to to evaluate proposals, from both the Sunderland and South Australian campaigns. If the City of Adelaide is to leave the UK it would be subject to an export licence, unless declared to be of no value.

Radio Sailing Debates Future At Isaf Secretariat
Radio Sailing, its promotion, development and position within ISAF were all topics under discussion at a recent meeting between the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the Radio Sailing Division's new Permanent Committee.

The Radio Sailing Division (RSD) is an ISAF Affiliate Member which looks after the 30 radio sailing divisional members and radio sailing class associations.

Following on from the recent elections for the RSD Permanent Committee, the new Permanent Committee members met with ISAF at the offices of the ISAF Secretariat in Southampton, Great Britain. Discussion focussed on the future organization and management of radio sailing and its involvement with ISAF.

It was agreed that RSD would change its name to International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA), thus removing the anomaly of "Division". IRSA would remain at this stage an ISAF Affiliate Member. It was agreed to look into strengthening the relationship over the next two years. Both the options of class associations and formalising the terms of affiliation of IRSA to act on ISAF's behalf for radio sailing were discussed. IRSA will continue to work with ISAF to help publicise and promote all aspects of radio sailing by promoting the four existing International classes and encouraging the new up-and-coming classes to become part of the IRSA family.

Letters To The Editor -
Letters are limited to 350 words. No personal attacks are permitted. We do require your name but your email address will not be published without your permission.

* From James Richardson: What a great spectacle it would be to have both protagonists from Valencia race the original course for the hundred guinea cup. Obviously the record would be in danger of being smashed for all time, but just imagine the calls for water or room to manoeuvre from those magnificent machines as they hammer past Hurst Castle. I feel that both parties owe the sport of sailing a huge debt for the harm they have done to both it's image in the public eye and more importantly potential sponsors of any future sailing event.

After all I'm sure the owners could afford a day's sailing around the I.O.W!

Featured Brokerage
Featured Brokerage Boat 1888 59' Victorian Gaff Racing Cutter, 199,000 GBP. Located in Carriacou, Grenada.

Thalia is a truly special boat. She is in outstanding condition after a four year refit and maintenance by her shipwright owner. Built by G F Wanhill of Poole in 1888 as a racing yacht she is the last surviving yacht of his (three of the twelve yachts in the original 100 Guineas Cup (America's Cup Race) were from this builder. She was launched 'Thalia' and her name has remained the same ever since.

She is ready to race or cruise. She has raced on the UK and the Caribbean circuits in the last few years with her current owners and won silverwear at almost everything she has taken part in, including 1st overall at Grenada 2008/9, 2nd Antigua Classic yacht regatta 2008, and prehaps most impressively of all 1st overall Concourse d'elegance at Antigua Classics (the first privately owned yacht to beat all the professionally maintained super yachts). She is also a very capable blue water cruising yacht completing her first transatlantic crossing in 2007. She is quite possibly the oldest yacht ever to sail across the Atlantic. She has been lived on very comfortably by her current owners since then in Carriacou Grenada. There is also a mooring in Carriacou available with the boat if you fancy keeping her in the warmer weather.

Brokerage through Network Yacht Brokers:

Complete listing details and seller contact information at

The Last Word
I never commit to memory anything that can easily be looked up in a book. -- Albert Einstein

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