World Sailing Overview:
- Every decade there are constantly changing issues that face all International Sport Federations.
- World Sailing has several acute concerns that must be addressed.
- The changes or return to the basic needs of sailor must be done with integrity over the next 4 years.

- All finances must be open to transparent scrutiny by MNA's, Classes and sailors.
- All accounts must be under one jurisdiction including sponsorship. Olympic Revenue, and all fees paid.
- Financial involvement of elected officials and staff must be openly transparent.
- Treasurer to be appointed, as previously done, so as this key person is above election politics.

- Elected officials should be an elected Executive Board with dedicated portfolios and responsibilities.
- MNA's, International Classes and the Executive will initiate new policies to be thoroughly debated.
- Executive must be the face of World Sailing and be accountable.
- Staff should be multi-national and multi-lingual and carry out the directives passed by Council.
- It will be a major challenge to address what physical location where this can best be achieved.

- World Sailing is a sanctioning body providing rules and regulations under which sailors go to sea to race
- Regattas are the responsibility of International Classes, the regatta organizers, MNAs and Yacht Clubs.
- All technical aspects of the Olympic Games, due to IOC Charter, are under the World Sailing jurisdiction

Olympic Games:
- Sailing is an IOC "Core Sport" and as such is under no pressure to be dropped from the Olympic Games.
- World Sailing must liaise with other Olympic Sports so as to assess jointly any IOC proposed agendas.
- For TOKYO2020 no major changes in events should be made unless additional medals are obtained.
- When initiating new policies Council must take into consideration what impact these changes will have.
- Kite-Surfing, if inserted, means a deletion of two of the now Olympic events which is unacceptable.
- Unfortunate deletion of Keelboats meant dropping of Sailing from Paralympics as predicted in 2003.
- The failure to keep Sailing in the Paralympics is not acceptable and must be reversed immediately.

Sailing is a very diverse sport. Sailing is like the Himalayan Mountains with many challenging peaks to climb all important. The next 4 years will be a very significant period for our beloved sport of Sailing and responsible directives must be developed after proper due diligence which effects all sailors who go to sea to race in the multitude of regattas on the Sailing calendar.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Henderson
A Sailor, Nominee World Sailing Presidency

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